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So you lot desire to delist one of your NFTs on OpenSea?

Did one of your favorite NFT collections but enter a new bull market and
you’re afraid that the current list price of your NFT is besides low?

In that location are many reasons why one would want to delist an NFT.

In this article, you’ll larn multiple ways you tin delist your NFTs on OpenSea including which methods will cost you gas and which ones are for gratis.

Allow’s get started.

Table of Contents
  1. Can You Delist on OpenSea?
  2. Does It Cost to Delist on OpenSea?
  3. How to Delist on OpenSea
    1. Method 1: Cancel Your Listing Right Now
    2. Method two: Expect for the Listing to Expire
    3. Method iii: Delete Your NFT Completely
  4. Delisting by Transferring to Some other Wallet
  5. Determination
Cardinal Points (tl;dr)
  • You lot can delist any NFT
    that you lot’ve previously listed on OpenSea. Some listings volition automatically expire while others demand to be actively canceled.
  • Actively canceling a listing on OpenSea comes at a cost.
    You will have to pay the gas fees for processing the transaction.
  • There are
    three recommended ways to delist
    on OpenSea.

    • Method 1: Proactively cancel and pay gas
    • Method 2: Wait for the list to elapse past itself
    • Method 3: Delete the NFT completely (if you lot’re the creator)
  • There is a 4th method which involves
    transferring the NFT into a unlike wallet. However, this is
    non recommended
    every bit the old listing still remain active in the old wallet.

Tin can Yous Delist on OpenSea?

Yes, you can delist an NFT from OpenSea.
The exact procedure of how to delist on OpenSea depends on whether y’all created the NFT yourself and how you lot listed it in the first identify. This too determines whether you volition incur whatsoever costs for delisting or not.

Infographic explaining how to delist on OpenSea.

y’all decided to list your NFT for auction on OpenSea
at a price of ane ETH.

You assumed that a 10x render on your initial investment is absolutely dandy and if the floor price of the collection ever reached that point, you’d exist ecstatic and take profits.

But then the project really started to take off, much more than you had ever expected.

In a massive bull run, the floor rises to 0.8 ETH and then 0.nine ETH.

You start receiving the first unsolicited bids and that’s when yous showtime to go nervous.

You start to think about how disappointed you’d exist if y’all sell your NFT for ane ETH
and the flooring price eventually reaches iii or maybe even 4 ETH.

So you inquire yourself:
Can I delist my NFT from OpenSea
then that it doesn’t sell at the current price?

And the respond is: Yes you tin can.

At that place are multiple means to exercise this and nosotros tackle all 3 of them in this commodity.

Does It Price to Delist on OpenSea?

Yes, information technology does.
Unless you are the creator and owner of an NFT or listed information technology with an early on expiry date, delisting on OpenSea will cost you lot gas fees for processing that transaction on the blockchain.

Infographic explaining the cost of delisting an NFT on OpenSea.
Infographic explaining the cost of delisting an NFT on OpenSea.

Delisting sounds like a really easy process and technically it is.

Y’all see while listing an NFT for sale on OpenSea is gratis, proactively
canceling an existing listing will cost y’all gas fees.

And depending on the current price of gas, that might turn out to be an extremely costly conclusion.

Before you brand that decision,
you should always check the current price of gas.

There are means to avoid these costs, but that depends on whether you originally created the NFT yourself or listed it with a short expiry date.

In most cases, actively canceling a listing will come at a toll.

How to Delist on OpenSea

So let’s show you how to delist on OpenSea.

Delisting an NFT on OpenSea is a lot easier than you might remember.

However, the exact method you must follow depends on your specific circumstances.

Here are 3 methods that teach you how to delist on OpenSea:

  • Method 1: Cancel Your Listing Correct Now
  • Method 2: Await for the Listing to Expire
  • Method iii: Delete Your NFT Completely

Method i: Cancel Your Listing Right At present

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1
Step-by-Footstep Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1

The easiest and most firsthand way how to delist on OpenSea is to but cancel the listing.

Doing this requires a gas fee in guild to make the particular unavailable for purchase to other users.

Hither are the steps you need to take if you desire to abolish your listing:

Footstep 1: Click “Cancel listing”
Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1 – Step 1
Step-past-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1 – Stride 1

Browse to the NFT’south item page and click the “Cancel listing” push in the top right corner.

Step 2: Confirm the cancellation
Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1 – Step 2
Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1 – Step two

Once you hit the “Abolish listing” push button, y’all’ll be presented with a popup window asking you to confirm whether you really want to cancel the list.

If y’all want to proceed, click the “Cancel listing” push over again.

Stride 3: Confirm transaction

After confirming the cancellation, your wallet will exist triggered.

It will estimate the gas you’ll have to pay and yous must confirm the transaction.

You can withal modify your mind at this point and simply reject the transaction.

You might think it’south expensive to cancel your listings but bear in mind that active contract approvals tin also be an assault vector for malicious actors.

Method two: Expect for the Listing to Expire

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 2
Footstep-by-Pace Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 2

Allow’s move on to the side by side style how to delist on OpenSea.

If you desire to
avoid paying gas for delisting
an NFT you can do then
by simply setting a brusk expiry engagement.

A lot of people observe this inconvenient because it requires them to re-list their NFTs on a regular basis.

However, since listing an NFT is for free on OpenSea, information technology’s probably the best solution out there.

In fact,
you actually shouldn’t be list your NFTs unless you really desire to sell
them soon.

List NFTs long-term is actually detrimental to price action because it generates an artificially high supply and creates toll ceilings that act every bit resistance.

We recommend that you lot just list when y’all really desire to sell and
limit the list’southward decease date to 3 days or 1 calendar week at most.

Method 3: Delete Your NFT Completely

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 3
Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method iii

Now information technology’s time to expect at a very different way how to delist on OpenSea.

Things get extremely easy when you’re non just the possessor of an NFT merely also the creator.

If you’ve created an NFT using OpenSea’south ready of tools and listed it for sale, it’due south extremely piece of cake to delist it by
merely deleting the NFT altogether.

Obviously, this only makes sense if you don’t want to keep the NFT in your wallet.

But if y’all were simply experimenting with creating your ain NFTs and now desire to remove them, deleting the NFT will not only cancel the listing only also burn it completely.

Delisting by Transferring to Another Wallet

You should never endeavor to delist an NFT by transferring it to some other wallet
unless y’all are admittedly certain that y’all will never use the original wallet again. If you do, you are putting your NFTs are at risk.

This is NOT how to delist on OpenSea. This method is NOT recommended because you could lose your NFTs to “hackers” who know how to exploit this technical weakness.

It seemed advantageous to do then because the associated gas fees were much lower.

the trouble with this method
is that the listing in the original wallet (wallet A) is never really canceled and remains active indefinitely.

And then, as soon as you transfer the NFT from
wallet B
back to
wallet A, the old listing is valid again and can exist executed.

This is precisely how a lot of lazy owners of Bored Apes lost their precious NFTs.

The NFTs were sold at ridiculously low prices and not at market place value, simply because the one-time list price has never been canceled.


So information technology’s absolutely normal for them to listing their NFTs on OpenSea.

The problem is that sometimes you change your mind and actually want to hold on to your NFTs for as long as you can.

That’s why
information technology’south of import that you understand how to delist on OpenSea.

And it’southward fifty-fifty more of import that you know which methods will cost you gas and which ones are for free.

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