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Conduct is a roughshod, all devouring entity that overran the world faster than anyone could’ve anticipated. Bear only needs to become lucky once, while y’all must get lucky every single time.

BEAR *’due south description.

soon, my friend.

BEAR *’southward original clarification.

Comport *

is a survival horror game and is the third and 2d main installment of the
Franchise developed by Cheedaman, Croutonium, Mysto9786, SweetPain, PapaDoomsday, and biscuitpuff01.
Comport *
was released on Roblox on September 20th, 2020. The goal for the players is to either survive or escape BEAR while doing puzzles to decrease the time, while BEAR has to impale all players before the time runs out. The game is chronologically set every bit the sequel to
BEAR (Alpha).


Bear *, in that location are two roles that the game selects for you and there are five Game Modes to change how the round works and functions.


As a Survivor, you must complete puzzles, survive BEAR, and survive the circular to win.

Every bit BEAR, you must kill all Survivors within the round’s fourth dimension limit.

Game Modes

In a Archetype circular, BEAR is randomized between whichever players are in the server that has a high Deport Risk. BEAR must kill all Survivors within the time limit, while Survivors must consummate puzzles whiling avoiding BEAR and survive the circular. If BEAR fails to kill all of the Survivors within the time limit, the Survivors win. If Carry manages to kill of Survivors inside the time limit, Carry wins.

Double Down:
In a Double Downwards round, it is basically the aforementioned equally a Classic round but with the exception that there are ii players that are chosen every bit BEAR and in that location is a larger advantage for winning as a Survivor, The time limit in this Game Mode is at v minutes.

One Bounce:
In a I Bounce circular, 1 histrion is a Survivor, while the rest of the players are Conduct. The Survivor at present has 300 stamina instead of 100, thus extending the time the Survivor can dart. The fourth dimension limit is shorter and there is a larger reward for winning as a Survivor wins. The player still has 100 health during this Game Fashion.

In an Infection circular, it is basically the same equally a Classic round but with the exception that when a Survivor has 0 wellness, instead of dying they will be turned into a BEAR for the rest of the round. The BEARs must infect all of the Survivors into a BEAR while the Survivors must avert getting infected for the remainder of the round. The time limit in this Game Mode is at 5 minutes.

In a Escape round, it is basically the same as a Archetype round but with the exception that there is now an exit in the map and the Survivors have to practice seven puzzles to escape the map, while Carry has to impale all of the Survivors and to prevent them from escaping. When the exit is open, BEAR volition receive a substantial speed boost and Conduct is now able to see where all of the Survivors are at by a white marker is placed higher up the Survivors heads. The time limit in this Game Mode is increased to seven minutes.

Evolution History

Early on Stages

Early on Stages
started on March sixteen, 2020. Cheedaman, the creator of BEAR stated that BEAR * or known as BEAR 2 at that time was said to release on April 2020, but nevertheless BEAR * was delayed due to Manny stealing avails from the game. Then later on, Cheedaman stated that Carry * will release on September 20th, 2020. And so near BEAR *’s release, BEAR (Alpha) received a small update showing a inaugural for Bear * in the Lobby. And then on September 20th, 2020, BEAR * was released to the public.


Alpha Version
is the version that was offset released to the public. In early Alpha, the Lobby was brownish and yellow coloring instead of a bluish and greenish coloring that is shown today. There was no Obby in the Lobby, then there was no way to get Quidz will waiting for the side by side round. Also, in early on stages of the game, your Roblox avatar scaling tin can be whatsoever y’all desire instead of the game scaling you, and as a side notation in the tunnel way at that place wasn’t any B.O.B. eyes that would stare at you. Just when the 2020 Halloween Event came and by, the Vestibule was left a blueish and dark-green colour way and the B.O.B. eyes from the Halloween Update stayed. And so the game would scale you came a little while the Halloween Update finished.

Electric current Stage


  • When Comport * wasn’t released to public, information technology used to be called “The 2nd Game”, and the old description used to exist “presently my friend”.
  • BEAR * was originally supposed to be BEAR ii just it was changed to Deport* when the game released, merely after after it was and then changed to BEAR *.
    • The reason for this small title change may been of Roblox’south poor moderation.
  • Some of the skins in Bear (Alpha) have been remastered, similar Rockstar or Strawberry.
  • It features a new currency that looks similar gems. There is no way to obtain them nevertheless.
  • Ane of the icons is a reference to the 2018 Yandhi icon, with another existence a reference to Kanye’s MBDTF anthology, more specifically in the Sam Update.
  • If you brighten the fourth thumbnail with BEAR in Yoricks, you lot can see B.O.B. face in the kitchen room.
  • When Conduct * was near to release, there was a delay in the BEAR (Alpha) timer where the game would release three minutes early and not at the 0 Seconds mark.
  • The thumbnails got changed the day 3/5/22 along with the Yikes Update.


Old thumbnails.

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