Rarely Seen Photos From The 70s

By | 18/08/2022

Rarely Seen Photos From The 70s

Unedited photo of Jamie Lee Curtis and her ageless mother Janet Leigh at Studio 54…details of her visits to the hedonistic club are reserved for mature audiences just 😈🕺

Photos from the 1970s simply take a certain vibe that you tin’t ignore. You can almost feel the good times flowing off of them and you definitely don’t want to look away. These cute pictures from the 1970s show usa how different the earth really was but a few decades agone. Beautiful pictures like these tin can change your perspective for the improve… particularly if you’re seeing them for the get-go fourth dimension.

Each of these photos has a niggling secret something that you’ll miss if you don’t wait closely. What looks like a simple photo of Lynda Carter actually has much more than meets the heart… y’all just have to know where to expect.

You lot’ll want to have a long look at these cute photos from the 1970s. Just remember that they’re for your eyes only…

Source: Wikimedia Eatables

It has to be strange to exist the child of a glory, fifty-fifty more than so when you’re a celebrity yourself. When Jamie Lee Curtis was coming into her own in the 1970s and ‘80s she managed to forge a friendship with her mother, probably considering they were both in the very unique position of being super famous for starring in groundbreaking horror movies. Speaking thoughtfully about her mother after she passed away, Jamie Lee Curtis put things succinctly:

Janet Leigh is a fabricated-upwards person and she did great, but Jeanette Helen is who I knew. I chosen her Jeanette Helen.

Rarely seen photo of Lynda Carter hanging out in 1976…look closer 🌺

Source: Reddit

By 1976 Lynda Carter was on the wall of every teenage boy’due south bedroom thanks to her starring role in
Wonder Woman
. Fifty-fifty though she started out as a pageant queen and a vocalist, Carter hands slipped into the function as the Amazonian princess with a knack for fighting law-breaking. While discussing the grapheme’s vesture selection in the ‘70s Carter explained that there was more than meets the centre. She told the
New York Times

I never really thought of Wonder Woman as a super-racy character. She wasn’t out in that location being predatory. She was saying: ‘You have a trouble with a strong woman? I am who I am, get over it.’ I never played her equally mousy. I played her being for women, not against men. For fair play and fair pay.

Remember Susan Sarandon as Hattie, in the 1978 classic movie Pretty Baby? 😍

Source: Google

Susan Sarandon has ever been a kind of journeyman actor. She’south played romantic leads, frightening heavies, and similar in the flick
Pretty Baby, women on the verge of a breakdown. She credits some of the intensity that she displayed in the film on her surroundings at the fourth dimension – a haunted business firm. She said:

I got pneumonia. Likewise in New Orleans. When nosotros were filming
Pretty Babe
we worked in an erstwhile house on St. Charles Street named the Columns Hotel. They said information technology was haunted. They were gonna tear information technology downward, but we fixed information technology upward for the film and they saved information technology. I loved the wallpaper. Everybody said it was haunted. It had real big bathtubs you could float full-length in.

Unpublished photograph of 21 year old Madonna, 1979 💋

Source: Google

When she was young Madonna wanted nothing more than to go far front of millions of people and perform. Initially she wanted to be a dancer but she as well acted in her friend’s films. She grew up in a family total of kids, she was the oldest of viii, which fabricated things difficult on her as well every bit her parents. She oft took intendance of her siblings while they her parents were at work, which meant that she cooked, cleaned, and fabricated certain her brothers and sisters had everything they needed to survive. Even though she was taking intendance of important business organization she still resented existence saddled with such adult responsibilities.

Tanya Roberts knew how to habiliment a strategically placed loincloth amend than most. Can you guess the picture show? 🙈

source: pinterest

Tanya Roberts may accept never transitioned to what nosotros call up of as mainstream success, but she remains a cult favorite among fans of the
Tourist Trap, as well as the original
film. While speaking with
she explained why she chose to announced in a fantasy moving-picture show virtually a barbarian who can control animals. She said:

I chose
The Beastmaster
because it gave me the run a risk to skid into movies without getting the while book thrown at me. The movie wasn’t built around me. I was simply an player in it, and it was a good hazard to be seen.

Spooky photograph of Charles Bronson and his wife, English extra, Jill Ireland, 1971 in Santa Monica, California 🌴🌴

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Is there any libation couple than Charles Bronson and Jill Republic of ireland? This pair of slap-up actors were an excellent match for i another both onscreen and off. Afterward the two got together Bronson did everything in his power to make sure that Ireland played his onscreen romantic interest just then he could keep his family together. The ii were together from 1968 until she passed away in 1990 in Malibu, California. Fifty-fifty afterwards her passing she stayed with Bronson, she was cremated and her remains were placed in a cane that Bronson kept on him and that he was cached with in 2003.

The photographer caught more than he expected…Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith on the set of Charlie’s Angels, 1970s 👀

Source: Pinterest

Charlie’s Angels
premiered in 1976 no ane realized that it would exist the cultural touchstone that information technology became. That outset trio – Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson – were overnight stars and even through cast changes the women remained close friends. While speaking in a documentary nigh the show Smith explained that the matter that drove the series is their friendship on and off ready. She said:

In my mind, what
Charlie’south Angels
was about was the bond of the girls… That’s what’south interesting nigh friendship—once somebody is really in your center, yous can go all these different ways but when you come dorsum together…we came dorsum together really strongly at the end of [Fawcett’s] life.

Vintage photo of Christie Brinkley, 1978…and nosotros can’t stop staring 🐠

Source: Reddit

The iconic Christie Brinkley is one of the few supermodels who turned heads in the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. During her first decade in the modeling world she accept been a fresh faced surfer daughter but at that place was something nearly her that was impossible to ignore. She says that it was curvy that fabricated her a star. She told

It was the fact that I wasn’t skinny or sophisticated that fabricated my career. I was a California surfer girl. When I first got out on the set, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, nobody here has hips like mine, let me movement my hips to the side like this,’ and the photographer was like, ‘Oh my God you move so well.’

Ann-Margret fearlessly posing for the photographic camera, 1970s…rarely seen photo of her not suitable for all eyes 🔥

Source: Google

Even though her heyday was in the late ‘50s and the 1960s Ann-Margret has never been one to rest on her honour. This Swedish born starlet goes where the wind takes her. If she wants to sing she sings. If she wants to ride her motorcycle through the desert that’s what she does, and if she wants to human action onscreen with Elvis then she gives that a whirl. In the 1970s she stopped appearing in blockbuster films but she did gain critical acclamation later her function in Carnal Cognition. It’s crazy that information technology took so long for the world to effigy out that Ann-Margret was a legit talent.

A wet Lynda Carter battling information technology out on Tv set’s Battle of the Network Stars in 1976 stole the attending of every fan watching the evidence… 💦

Source: Wikimedia Eatables

Were you ane of the many viewers who sabbatum glued to your idiot box for the
Battle of the Network Stars? The primetime contest programme that pitted actors from the big iii networks against ane another in Olympic style games was a massive hit, and much of that was thanks to Carter – people merely loved watching Wonder Woman do her thing. Carter’s team included Farrah Fawcett, Penny Marshall, and Ron Howard – a grouping that completely dominated the games. For her function Carter won her pond relay with ease. Which makes sense – she does have super powers afterward all.

Dick Cavett interviewing Raquel Welch on his testify in 1972 😍

Source: Reddit

Even though Dick Cavett was more often than not known for interviewing artsy luminaries and rock gods 1 histrion who appeared on his show the most was Raquel Welch. Not only was she a break from the Lennons and Bowies of the earth but she could hold a fascinating conversation. Her appearance on Cavett’south testify in 1972 was booked so she could promote her moving-picture show
Myra Breckinridge, a stylistically dissimilar moving-picture show from the residue of her oeuvre, just she also wanted to see Janis Joplin. Welch says that she was a huge fan of the singer and that she just wanted to say hey.

Jacqueline Bisset during the filming of The Deep, 1977 🌊

Source: Reddit

Jacqueline Bissett has appeared in numerous films, and even though she’southward thought of as a kind of movie infant, she’southward really someone who takes her work seriously. In an interview from 1982 she explained that if she’s on set she treats her job similar it’s the almost important thing in the world. She said:

I work hard, and I tend to play hard. I very seldom rest difficult. When I am working on a film, all I want to talk about is the moving-picture show. All I want to exist with are the movie people. It’s like a clan. If I’chiliad asked to people’s houses for dinner, I hate to go, considering they’ll talk about other things . . . and all I want to talk well-nigh is the flick. How a shot was shot. Whether it worked. I think information technology must sound to other people a lot similar somebody discussing golf game putts. Information technology’s very hard to be interested in a golf putt if it wasn’t your putt.

Brigitte Bardot fabricated a towel look amazing 🛁

Source: Pinterest

Throughout the 1950s and ‘60s Brigitte Bardot was the apple of every eye on the planet. Beginning with her outlandish roles in European cinema and later in her time in America, Bardot created a kind of character trope that actresses are notwithstanding playing into today. However, in the 1970s she retired from the motion-picture show manufacture after acting in 47 films and recorded lx songs. Post-obit her retirement she moved to St. Tropez and established the Foundation for the Protection of Distressed Animals. She used her iconic status to signal heave her foundation and has been working with animals ever sense.

Hugh Hefner and company at The Mansion, 1977 👯‍♀️

Source: Reddit

If there’s someone who had a better go of information technology in the 1970s then we don’t know who they are. In this groovy decade Hefner was running his ain magazine, hosting Saturday Night Live, and traveling the globe with a bevy of bunnies. This guy knew how to live. In the 1970s he purchased a Gothic Tudor Revival–style belongings where he lived, worked and partied until he passed abroad in 2017. Hefner definitely knew how to do things right, don’t you wish you lot were hanging out in a silk robe right now before taking a dip in your grotto? Maybe we should all try to exist a little more Hef.

Cheryl Tiegs poster from 1977 👖

Source: Google

Cheryl Tiegs was omnipresent in the 1970s. She was looked out at united states of america from Sports Illustrated covers, posters, and fifty-fifty the boob tube. She says that she wanted to exist a librarian, but later on she was featured in a layout in
Seventeen Magazine
she was jolted to super-stardom almost overnight. She told
Naples News

magazine called and said, ‘We want that daughter on a plane to St. Thomas.’ I did my own hair and makeup then. Today’due south information technology’south all different…

From there on out she went on to become one of the virtually desired cover models of this slap-up era.

The pretty Sharon Tate modeling a Betsey Johnson dress

Source: Reddit

This beauty barely had time to figure out her career before she was taken from this world in a night moment for the groovy era. Born in Dallas in 1943, Tate was an Army brat who moved from Texas to Washington and even Verona, Italy. She went onto take the pageant globe by storm and it’s obvious why. Later marrying Roman Polanski following her role in the Fearless Vampire Killers she and her husband hung out with actors equally varied as Peter Sellers, Yul Brynner and Warren Beatty. According to friends Tate and Polanski were “head over heels in love,” it’southward a shame she didn’t survive to experience more than groovy fourth dimension.

Raquel Welch in a publicity photo for the flick Hannie Caulder (1971)

Source: Reddit

Raquel Welch has had a varied career. She’s appeared every bit manifestations of mythological creatures, she’s tempted Ringo Starr and she appeared in the revenge western classic
Hannie Caulder. In the pic Welch plays a woman who seeks revenge against a group of scoundrels in the one-time west. She works with a compensation hunter who teacher her how to shoot and ride before she goes out on her mission. The film is a must-see for western fans, or if you just similar down and dirty revenge films. Welch gets a chance to flex her acting muscles and she looks cool in a cowboy lid.

Morgan Fairchild was known In The ’70s For Playing Jennifer Step on the soap opera Search for Tomorrow

Source: Reddit

Morgan Fairchild is known for playing heavies on all of your favorite soap operas from the 1970s, but she initially got into acting because she didn’t want to practise her school work. She explained:

I got involved in theater because I was too shy to make a fifth grade book study. My mother started making me take drama classes, to bring me out, never knowing she’d be stuck with actors. My sister and I both started taking acting classes, she wanted to go, but I would throw up every Sat earlier the classes. Simply we really liked it… Afterward, I started auditioning for local theater and getting parts. Considering I was doing a lot of theater piece of work then people started request me to do commercials.

The grooviness of Dawn Wells in 1970

Source: Pinterest

Gilligan’s Isle star Dawn Wells stole the hearts of millions as Mary Ann, just in the 1970s she appeared in a series of genre films that are absolutely iconic.
The Boondocks That Dreaded Sundown
Return to Boggy Creek
are must-meet films for anyone who loves ‘70s b-horror and of course she returned to the island on
Rescue from Gilligan’s Isle
Rescue from Gilligan’s Isle. While speaking near the show that made her famous Wells said that in that location’due south no manner
Gilligan’south Island
would be as wholesome as it was in the ‘60s. She said:

They couldn’t even show my navel. We’ve come a long style. If we were doing the show today, nosotros’d all exist living in the same hut.

Farrah Fawcett posing on her bike in 1977

Source: Reddit

It’s hard to believe that Farrah Fawcett was 29-years-old when she took a starring role on
Charlie’s Angels
as one of three female person detectives. The prove transformed the airwaves and gave young women their own heroes to root for. Fawcett was perhaps fifty-fifty more well known for her hair, those flowing blonde locks that people have been trying to recreate for decades. Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson told the
Huffington Mail

Information technology changed the way women wore their hair because it was a new soft hairstyle and worked on everyone in some shape or form. It was definitely a time of the late ‘70s, disco, shiny, wide legged pants – it all worked together.

Jamie Lee Curtis, 1970s

Source: Google

Jamie Lee Curtis was a fresh face up in the belatedly ‘70s. She appeared
Quincy, M.East.
in ’77 and in 1978 she appeared in her breakout role John Carpenter’s
Halloween. Following her starring function in 1 of the most important horror movies of all time she popped upwards all over television – it was difficult to miss this young starlette. Curtis afterward said that living in the 1970s was tough considering she felt like it was a glum time in America. She told the
Chicago Tribune

Growing upwardly in the `70s was tough. Our office models were pictures like
Saturday Night Fever. It was really a lethargic time in way and music and movies. Information technology was all then unfocused. There was no protest. So perchance in that kind of surroundings all you take is your own torso to develop. It`south sort of sad.

Madonna, 1974

Source: Reddit

Madonna is a ubiquitous star and even when she was a young woman she was a performer and willing to exercise annihilation for the camera. In high school she “starred” in the student moving picture
as a human frying pan. The short pic saw her lying on the hot sidewalk equally an egg is croaky over her breadbasket. Thank you to some smart editing information technology looks like the egg cooks on her skin. Information technology’south definitely one of the weirder things she’s ever done – and Madonna is famous for doing a lot of weird stuff. This proves that she’due south been going out of her fashion to shock people since she was a daughter.

English language actress Madeline Smith in the 1970s

Source: Wikimedia Eatables

Whether you know her from
Live and Let Die
or the Hammer Horror classic
Taste the Blood of Dracula
yous definitely retrieve Madeline Smith. Equally a immature actress she appeared in a series of b-movies but she doesn’t await dorsum on that fourth dimension equally something to be embarrassed about, but rather a time when she learned from the people around her. She told the
Irish Examiner

I did learn so much working with icons like Chris and Peter, and while horror was clearly good for my career, I actually preferred comedy. Horror movie sets are, past their nature, very serious, rather grim places, not a lot of fun going on backside the scenes.

Beautiful actress Maren Jensen, 1978

Source: Reddit

After getting her commencement as a model Maren Jensen made a pivot to television where she appeared on
Battlestar Gallactica
as Athena earlier making appearances on The Beloved Gunkhole. At the time she was in the early stages of Epstein Barr Syndrome – an illness that completely drains a person’s energy. At the time she was also taking acting lessons and doing her best to fit in on gear up. Unfortunately her illness increased as the decade pressed, and while she stopped acting she worked with young man ‘70s fable Don Henley of The Eagles on his solo albums. His first album “I Can’t Stand Still” was dedicated to her.

A near groovy Raquel Welch, 1970

Source: Pinterest

Fifty-fifty though she had a storied motion-picture show career with a number of dramatic roles, Welch was mostly known as a beauty icon for much of her career. She’southward said that looking back on the ‘60s and ‘70s she didn’t realize that she was going to exist marketed for her looks. She told

I didn’t know I was going to “outburst on the scene every bit a sex symbol. I mean the outset role that I played under my contract at 20th Century Play a trick on was
Fantastic Voyage
where I played a scientist! I was going to exist reduced to microscopic size and injected in the human bloodstream traveling in inner-space to examine how the torso really works, what happens with antibodies, blood cells and so along. And then to jump from that to a dinosaur motion-picture show [One Million Years B.C.] I thought, my gosh, I’1000 getting whiplash hither.

A pretty and young Emerge Field in 1975

Source: Reddit

Emerge Field was a genuine star in the 1960s merely she didn’t feel like she was being taken seriously by the acting customs. With roles in Gidget and The Flying Nun Fields was essentially seen as a goofy gal who wasn’t set for the big time. She proved everyone wrong in the 1970s. In the early ‘70s she studied with Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio and started trying to movement by her girl next door image.In 1976 she starred the television film Sybil, well-nigh a woman dealing with multiple personality disorder. Field’south portrayal was so affecting that she won a best dramatic actress Emmy Award in 1977. From there on she was taken seriously.

Lynda Carter was crowned Miss World USA 1972

Source: Pinterest

Audiences know Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, but she got her showtime in acting in the globe of Beaty pageants. Earlier that she trying to get into the music industry. She sang with touring bands just goose egg actually came of it. When she stopped touring she didn’t know what she was going to do, and co-ordinate to Carter the pageant world just kind of popped upwards:

I had stopped singing on the road and gone back to Arizona to regroup. I didn’t desire be a singer in a group on the road, and I was going to go study acting. And and then this Miss World contest roughshod in my lap. I’d never been in a beauty contest, merely 3 weeks afterwards, I was walking down the runway at the Hampton Coliseum.

Claudia Cardinale in the film The Legend of Frenchie King (1971)

Source: Pinterest

This Italian Tunisian actress was famous for her stark looks, which should be a surprise – she was crowned the “Nearly Beautiful Italian Daughter in Tunisia.” Subsequently winning the crown she traveled to Italy where she found herself bombarded with film contracts. In the ‘60s she appeared in films like
viii ane/ii
The Pink Panther
just in the 1970s she appeared in a comedic duo with Brigitte Bardot in the movie
The Fable of Frenchie Male monarch. The film is a bit of a revenge comedy western and information technology’s definitely fun for fans of cult films or over the top capers.

A young and pretty Jane Seymour, 1970s

Source: Google

In the 1970s Jane Seymour became a beauty icon rivaled by no other. He function as Solitaire in
Alive and Let Die
burned its way into the brains of young men everywhere. Seymour was only xx years quondam when she won the role of the evil psychic that did battle with James Bond. Fifty-fifty though they were mortal enemies in the film Seymour says that she and Roger Moore got on like brother and sister:

Roger was fantastic to me. When I was in new Orleans or in Jamaica, he made sure every night that I was OK and condom, checked to come across whom I was with, he’d include me in any social affair that happened.

Goldengirl Susan Anton in the lxx’south

Source: Google

This young pageant queen took the 1970s past tempest after appearing in a serial of ads for Muriel Cigar where she sang:

Let Muriel turn you on / That is my want / Muriel lights a flame in me / Where there’southward Muriel smoke, in that location’s fire.

Subsequently these ads made her a star Anton appeared on variety shows throughout the era and even scored hits on the state music charts. The 1970s were definitely her decade, and she capped things off with a starring role in
Cannonball Run Two. Anton’southward career didn’t finish in the 1970s – she’southward since transitioned to singing in her own show in Las Vegas.

Suzanne Somers of Three’s Visitor in 1978

Source: Pinterest

In 1978 Suzanne Somers was 1 of the most beloved actresses on the planet. She was starring in
Three’s Company
for which she earned a People’s Selection Award for “favorite female performer.” I year later she earned a Golden Earth nomination for best TV extra in a comedy, but her career slowed downwards in 1980 when she was fired from the testify after asking ABC for a enhance that put her on par with John Ritter. Rather than explain her exit ABC replaced the Somers’ character “Chrissy Snowfall” with her cousin “Cindy Snowfall” and the show was never the aforementioned.

Legendary Bond girl, Jill St John in 1971

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Diamonds Are Forever
and so is our dearest for Jill St John. She began her career as a child player on the radio at the age of six and past the time she was 16 she signed a contract with Universal in 1958 and appeared in a series of comedic roles where she was able to polish as a femme-fatale with a goofy streak. In 1971 she became the first American to play a Bond daughter in
Diamonds Are Forever, reverse of Sean Connery. She was initially offered the role of Plenty O’Toole, but concluded up with the much meatier part as the diamond smuggler Tiffany Case.

Actress Pamela Hensley in the flick Cadet Rogers in the 25th Century, 1979

Source: Pinterest

This California daughter studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London for three years before Universal Pictures offered her a 7 year contract – that’s not bad for a gal just out of school. Initially she appeared in shows similar
McMillan & Wife,
The Rockford Files, and
The Law
but she went on to star in a few cult classic films that people are still watching today. In 1975 she played Mackie in
and in 1979 she took on the curl of Princess Ardala in
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
– a office that all the same has fanboys sweating.

Extra Susan Dey, 1972

Source: Reddit

Partridge Family unit
beauty started her long career in the 1970s as Laurie Partridge at the age of 17 shortly after working every bit a model. Even though the show was a massive hitting Dey didn’t love her function and according to her costars she was injure past co-star David Cassidy after he didn’t return her romantic feelings. Her mother on the show, Shirley Jones wrote of Dey’s disdain for the series:

She and David had grown autonomously, and nowadays they are completely out of touch, which hurts David tremendously… I was also hurt that out of everyone on the evidence, only Susan consistently refuses to have role in whatsoever Boob tube reunions of
The Partridge Family unit.

Angie Dickinson as Sergeant Suzanne “Pepper” Anderson in the law drama Constabulary Woman bankrupt new ground with its portrayal of a woman in a leading office and every bit a law officer

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Coming from North Dakota Angie Dickinson didn’t accept a articulate cutting path to stardom, but in the 1970s she broke ground as the star of
Police Woman
– Pepper Anderson. Before that she appeared in classic TV hits and even
Rio Bravo
aslope John Wayne. Even though her role may accept seemed like a bit of an outlier at the time she ended upwards inspiring a lot of young women to bring together the constabulary. When asked if there were more than female applicants than usual subsequently her time on the serial she said, “Yes, there was a surge. And a lot of fan messages with that –
I became a cop because of you.”

Barbi Benton, 1970s

Source: Pinterest

Barbi Benton was a television mainstay in the 1970s with multiple appearances on
Hee Haw
Fantasy Island, the latter of which she appeared in 16 times. Like any adept star in the ‘70s she likewise made guest appearances on
The Love Gunkhole. For a time she was married to Hugh Hefner, who oversaw her musical career with his personal record label. 3 of her albums charted in the top 50 on the country charts in the mid ‘70s and she had a number five single with “Contumely Buckles.” Even though she never broke out of her cult status she definitely fabricated a fun go of it in the 1970s.

Bernadette Peters didn’t make a splash as a movie star until 1976, in Mel Brooks’ Silent Flick

Source: Google

Believe it or not but this theatrically trained, singing, dancing, and comedic bombshell was substantially shut out of Hollywood until Mel Brooks bandage her in
Silent Movie. Afterwards appearing in that moving picture she was nominated for a Gilt Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and it was as if the floodgates opened and producers figured out where they could bandage her. She went on to co-star in
The Jerk
while popping up on shows like
Love American Style
The Muppet Evidence. Peters hasn’t stopped working since the ‘70s and she regularly appears on goggle box and in concerts across America and Europe.

Blondie, 1978

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the 1970s Blondie was a role of a New York Urban center scene fabricated upwards of art kids, punks, and rockers looking for a good time. Deborah Harry was the coolest of them all, fronting this poppy group of punks and scoring hits while she knocked down barriers. With songs like “Eye of Glass,” “Dreaming,” and “Hanging On The Phone” the ring shouted out anthems that you can pogo to while you sing along. Even though she was everywhere at the fourth dimension, Harry ever had a bit of a mystique. No matter if she was dressed upwards or in a t-shirt and jeans she could cast a spell over everyone in the audience.

British extra Jenny Agutter looking corking in the 1970s

Source: Reddit

Cinephile and Anglophiles akin know this saucy young upstart every bit Jessica six from
Logan’s Run, but her BAFTA accolade winning function came in 1977 when she appeared in the motion picture accommodation of
Equus. While speaking to
The Guardian
, Agutter explained that she never idea there was anything strange about appearing in science fiction and cultured fine art:

One of the things about acting that I beloved is that if you cease upwardly doing really low-budget stuff where you take no money, you capeesh how funny it is to have that much of a budget. For me, it just delights me going from 1 extreme to the other. It’s like being allowed to have fish and fries ane night and caviar the next. Fish and chips is actually proficient just and then is caviar.

Carly Simon, 1971

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This ‘70s folk stone goddess crafted some of the about memorable hits of the 20th century. During the almost groovy decade she and her so hubby James Taylor lived in a tiny shack on plot of lan with no bathroom door and tools hanging from the wall. Even though the two divorced in 1983 she nevertheless looks back on her fourth dimension as 1 of the coolest vocalist-songwriter couples with fondness. She told the
LA Times

I call back of that fourth dimension a lot. It’south part of my claret, my basic, all the liquid in my body. I’ve just taken him in and then he’s in my core.

Catherine Bach every bit Daisy Knuckles on The Dukes of Hazard

Source: Pinterest

In the 1970s you lot’d be hard pressed to find anyone who was as famous equally Catherine Bach. Thank you to her time on
The Dukes of Hazzard
she was on posters all over the walls of teenage boys. Nonetheless, Bach almost turned downwardly the part of the short short wearing cousin of the Knuckles Boys. She explained:

My husband at the fourth dimension was very connected with show business organisation and worked with Bob Clark, who was writing with the prove’south creator, Gy Waldron. He must accept told him my stories because Bob called me and said, ‘I’m working on this project and I’ve been thinking nearly you. I bring you upward about your stories. I would love for you to try out for this role, Daisy Duke.’ I went, ‘No, no, no.’ They went to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Georgia and California. Nothing. And so I said, ‘That’s very overnice of you to think of me, and I know you lot’re doing this as a favor to my husband, only you don’t take to.’ I just didn’t think I had a chance. Just he goes, ‘I really want you to come in.’

Charlotte Rampling back in the ’70s showing off some leg

Source: Google

This English icon was a mainstay of the swinging ‘60s who appeared in some of the near fascinating arthouse films of the groovy era. Ane of her most interesting films was John Boorman’s
, a dystopian scientific discipline fiction film starring Sean Connery star was released in 1974. Her chilly look and droll English voice has fabricated her one of the rare female heavies in the cinema. At the time she was all over the movie theatre and living life as a wild child. She told
Interview Mag

I mean, nosotros could park anywhere. I just dropped the motorcar off anywhere, nobody hassled y’all. We did what we wanted, we were vaguely rebellious, just nobody really took much detect of usa.

Cher at the infamous Bunny Club, 1970s

Source: Reddit

Cher has been giving the American people her all since the 1960s when she performed with Sonny and Cher. Past the 1970s she was deep into her solo career merely no 1 took her seriously considering of high cheekbones and ageless expect. She knew the fashion that people thought about her and tried her best to continue from letting the negative press get her down. She explained:

It’southward been hard for me. I’ve been fabricated a joke all my career life. I’ve been 1 of the most popular women in America and a joke and somehow inside of me. And then my private life got to exist and so much bigger than anything that I could do as a career thing that everybody simply thought I was a total idiot. I am an idiot, but I’m not a total one.

Cheryl Ladd, 1970s

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As Kris Munroe on Charlie’s Angels Cheryl Ladd had the unenviable task of replacing Farrah Fawcett on one of the virtually pop shows on the big three. Initially she didn’t want to practise it because, duh, but after Aaron Spelling begged her she signed on. She told

I had worked for Aaron Spelling on a couple of things, so when Farrah was leaving, he called me and said, ‘Cheryl, I desire you to replace Farrah. I want y’all to come in and be on the show,’ And I said, ‘Oh, thank you, simply no thank you. I appreciate it, but, no.’ I’1000 sure he was quite upset with me, because he had given me work before and just didn’t understand. Then he went off and looked at hundreds of girls and finally called me back and said, ‘I can’t discover the girl I want. I want you, Cheryl. But come up in and talk to me?’ And so I did.

Deidre Hall may exist best known for her role as Dr. Marlena Evans on the soap Days of Our Lives, a part she took on 1976

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Deidre Hall has been playing Dr. Marlena Evans as a series regular on and off since 1976, she’s 1 of the near long running characters on the show. Fifty-fifty though Hall’due south given and then much of her life to
Days of Our Lives
she spent the ‘70s popping upwardly all over television. Whether you prefer
Kung Fu,
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, or
she’due south been there. Information technology’s rare that an player is able to find such solid work throughout their career, she must be a solid person to work with and just a cool person to be around. Information technology’southward a shame that she didn’t get to do
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
for some other 30 years.

In 1978, Jayne Kennedy bankrupt into the male-dominated world of professional football game when she became the kickoff female sportscaster on NFL Today

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Every bit the first woman to piece of work as a sportscaster for the NFL Jayne Kennedy bankrupt barriers and became an icon to women everywhere. This former Miss Ohio wanted to get into the entertainment industry from a young age, and even though she was nervous nearly getting into the globe of sports she jumped at the risk to work for the NFL when the called. She said:

When I found out The NFL Today had an opportunity, I was excited. First of all, I’d always loved football… Sports had ever been a huge function of my life. I knew I could do the job, and I knew it would take been a passion project for me: to be able to work with all of these sports figures who had been my heroes. I managed to convince the caput of sports talent for CBS out of New York to give me an audition. When I walked in, there were 15 girls at that place with blond hair and blue eyes, and then there was me. I said ‘Here we get over again. I’m never going to get this job, I’k non what they’re looking for.’

Oh how incorrect she was…

Jaclyn Smith in the early 1970s

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Every bit the but original actress to stick around on
Charlie’s Angels
throughout the entire run of the series Jaclyn Smith is in rarified air. As Kelly Garrett, Smith appeared on posters, bubblegum cards, and even dejeuner boxes. Afterward she cemented herself equally one of the most popular character actresses on goggle box throughout the ‘70s she got into pattern and style and began marketing her own line of clothing and bedding products at K Mart. She was initially seen every bit taking a step down from interim, but little did anyone know that she was creating the blueprint for today’south modern celebrity branding.

Linda Ronstadt in the ’70s

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After fronting the Stone Poneys in the late ‘60s Linda Rondstadt finally struck out on her own as singer. Actually, what else could she practise? According to Rondstadt that’s the only thing she ever wanted to practise. She said:

I never knew, 1 way or the other, if I could sing or not sing or be a professional singer. I only sang. There’southward a existent deviation between that, and I don’t know how to explain it. I just couldn’t terminate singing. I knew that I was a singer. I didn’t know that I was a star or that I was successful or that I was a professional. When I was 6 years sometime, or fifty-fifty 3 years old, I knew I was a singer.

Loni Anderson equally Jennifer Marlowe, the intelligent and sexy receptionist on WKRP in Cincinnati. She played the role from 1978 to 1982

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WKRP In Cincinnati
did two things: it made everyone desire to get into radio and it made Loni Anderson into a bonafide star. She played secretary Jennifer Marlowe, a character who looked similar the classic blonde stereotype merely who secretly made certain her dominate didn’t look like a fool. Anderson says that what made the testify and then cracking is that all of the actors were and so shut to i another. She told AJC:

[In 1978] nobody was a big star. Nosotros all started at the same level. There was a existent esprit and closeness, kind of like a first kiss. Information technology was special.

Marilu Henner In The ’70s For Playing Elaine O’Connor Nardo on the Tv set show Taxi

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Henner said that working on
was similar hanging out with her family. The writers were happy to take suggestions and the cast was a lot of fun, but that when it came to working with Danny Devito she had to railroad train herself to conceptualize his comedic whims. She told
The Hollywood Reporter

My negotiation scene with Louie in ‘Shut Information technology Down, Part 1’ was my favorite. I couldn’t become through it all week without laughing because Danny was the devil. When I’d finally get used to what he was doing, he’d add together something else. Eventually he was leaning frontwards on the word ‘stallion,’ flaring his nostrils and stomping his human foot. I wore painful boots in that scene to requite myself a stomach ache so that I wouldn’t laugh.

Model Jerry Hall partying at Studio 54 in the 1970s. (Photograph by Helmut Newton)

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Jerry Hall is one the political party girl icons of the 1970. Photos of her taking in the nightlife showed up in London and beyond the pond in New York Metropolis. She was so pop for her antics that she became a thing of more than passing involvement for the public and it wasn’t long before she started modeling. She thought virtually being an extra for a while, but she told
The Guardian

that modeling just offered more money:

I’d always wanted to act. I did go to drama school in New York, Los Angeles and London, and I did minor parts hither and in that location, but I never really had the fourth dimension. Modeling was always paying more than.

Naturally beautiful Lindsay Wagner, 1974

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As the
Bionic Woman, Lindsey Wagner fought law-breaking for 3 seasons starting in 1976 and continued with the graphic symbol on a series Telly movies. Co-ordinate to Wagner the network was nervous about putting her on television because they were worried that audiences wouldn’t connect with a female protagonist. She explained:

They saw that people liked the movies. They didn’t plough them off. They came dorsum for the adjacent 1 and the next one. It didn’t take the companies long to realize that there was a market for them in that generation, and people were not going to turn the station. Then it became a whole large thing, and I started doing more and more of them.

Olivia Newton-John’due south iconic leather outfit from ‘Grease’

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One of the greatest moments of the 1970s was Olivia Newton John’s transformation into a Pink Lady at the end of
Of course, her version of a Pink Lady is dressed completely in blackness. The ha cha cha look is Russ Meyer meets Broadway and information technology’s legitimately jaw dropping. This outfit was and then popular with fans that information technology ended up selling at an auction in Beverly Hills for $405,700, more than double the expected price. According to John, the pants John was wearing in the scene were so tight that she had to exist sewn into them before filming.

Stevie Nicks back in the 1970s

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In the 1970s Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac were the biggest stars on the planet. With their drama fueled album “Rumours,” the group allow the world into their individual lives and Nicks became the avatar for every woman with a cleaved center. The anthology sold millions of copies and the band went on tour for years, simply that didn’t hateful that things were fun for Nicks and the rest of the band. Nicks told
Harper’s Bazaar


Christine [McVie] and I didn’t become out. We didn’t choice up guys. We’d hang out, play cards, and watch movies. Information technology wasn’t that much fun.

The e’er costless-spirited Goldie Hawn showing some leg, 1970s

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Goldie Hawn has been maligned as a extra throughout her career because of all the over the top goofy and giggly characters. Even so, she knows that in order to be good at something yous’ve got to exercise, you tin can’t simply want to be good. She told her daughter as much in 2017:

I believe you lot have to kickoff with a arts and crafts; you don’t just start with a dream. You’ve got to put a lot of work in. If you want to pursue acting, then you get to interim form. If you lot desire to be a dancer, then yous learn to trip the light fantastic toe, which is what I did. If you desire to be a ventriloquist or join the circus.

Caroline Munro is an English extra and model known for her many appearances in horror, scientific discipline fiction and action films of the 1970s

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By the time this English cult actress starred in
The Spy Who Loved Me
she was used to being onscreen. She started modeling as a child and in the ‘60s she picked upwardly bit parts in genre films that shot in England. Her first major moving picture was the Hammer Horror camp classic
Dracula Advertising 1972, from then she threw herself into acting and appeared in some of the biggest horror and science fiction movies of the ‘70s. Even though she’s well known for her jaw dropping scene in
The Spy Who Loved Me
where she flew a helicopter information technology turns out that she didn’t movie that moment – that was a stuntman in a wig.

The groovy Jacqueline Bisset back in the 1970s

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Jacqueline Bisset is truly the face of 1970s glamour. When she appeared onscreen with Steve McQueen in
it was similar lighting struck the audience, but most audiences from the ‘70s remember Bissett emerging from the water in a t-shirt during
The Deep. Really, how could you lot forget? Bisset isn’t the kind of actress that appeared in every other movie, she says considering she but wanted to work on things that she loved. She told Roger Ebert:

I’m doing only the roles I really want to do. I’grand looking for proficient roles. That’s why I produced Rich and Famous myself . . . I read the script, and I thought it should be made, and it was a good office. In the terminal few years, I’ve only fabricated that, and an Italian moving picture named Together, and Inchon.

Who remembers Raquel Welch as The Nun in the movie Bluebeard in 1972

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When Raquel Welch was at the tiptop of her fame she was one of the most photographed stars in Hollywood and Europe. She and her barely clothed frame were constantly all over magazines and on posters. Her office every bit a very saucy nun in
was just the cherry on top of her iconic sundae. At the time of filming she actually had a cleaved arm from her time on the set of
Kansas City Bomber. Even though her outfit leaves picayune to the imagination information technology does encompass her arms so it’south not as if anyone would see her cast. When asked about the broken arm she noted that the producers didn’t really care.

Beautiful British actress Jane Seymour in the early 1970s

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If you can’t tell, Jayne Seymour has heterochromia which ways that she has ii different colored optics. Her eyes make her all the more mystifying, and that’due south got to be 1 of the reasons why she was all over the identify in the 1970s. Growing up she and her sisters were all alike save for the optics and what they wanted to do with their lives. Seymour told
The Guardian

We wore the aforementioned dress and went to the same places. The only difference was that I was obsessed with ballet and they weren’t. Then I went to professional ballet school, and they went to a unlike schoolhouse. We’re very, very close.

Stevie Nicks, 1976

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Throughout the 1970s Stevie Nicks had her shares of ups and downs. Even when she had major highs with Fleetwood Macs she was dealing with heartbreak. She went through a serial of relationships with members of her group and a couple of guys from The Eagles, although she doesn’t think that she made many mistakes at the time. She told
Rolling Stone

I understood men pretty well in my twenties. Lindsey [Buckingham] and I lived together like married people. I had one girlfriend in Los Angeles in those years, so I really had a lot of unlike types of men in my life that I really got to know and respect.

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