Red And Green 3d Pictures

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Older (but still cool) stuff

Click hither for all these pics (and lots more!) at full size

Note that if all these surrounding pics don’t look quite right (they should go into the screen – not
come out of), try reversing your specs – that should practice the fox.
Click the above link for cool wireframe ‘bob sleigh’ pictures and other 3D designs.

It’s a shame they rarely do the ruddy/blue glasses, because these would exist more effective. The reason they would be more effective is because the monitor light-green element is not very pure – containing contamination of the other ii primaries (quite a bit of ruby-red and a little blue). This means that the red see-through plastic in the lenses is not entirely filtering out the ‘green’ pixel lite on screen. For those more than interested in the universal green trouble on monitors, encounter the Low-cal and Colour Trivia page.

3D Tunnel! (needs 3d glasses).
If you lot want to come across a much amend, smoother version of this tunnel, then download this AVI movie.

True stereoscopic pics

It’s very rare that you’ll get the other type of stereoscopic 3D, which is strange, because the format has then much to offer. For example, images tin can be in total colour and aren’t restricted to the usual wireframe scenario. Obviously, it’due south harder to meet the issue properly, merely if you can persevere, the results are spectacular. Before y’all attempt to view the images in this section, see if you tin can first see the flick below in 3D (remember, you can’t use 3D spectacles for this). You’re meant to cross your eyes to get the left/right pictures to ‘merge’ into each other. Endeavour to focus in front end of the screen. If y’all’re having difficulty, then try putting your finger in between your eyes and the screen.
First await at your finger, and then shift your gaze to the screen. Yous’re aiming to get both of the crystal images to slide ‘into’ each other – to form a third, 3D epitome betwixt them.
If you’re still stuck and you really desire to see the illusion, effort this site to help practise seeing 3-D stereo.
Give it your best shot. If y’all tin manage information technology, your reward is a ticket into the gallery which is accomplished by clicking on this crystal pic!

Dorsum to the one-time 3D specs method, here’due south something interesting. Have a look through your 3d glasses at these two pictures. The left movie demonstrates the original picture with red on the left and cyan on the right. With your specs the correct way round, this should look as though the biggest text is closest. Which is does – fine and then far. But at present, take a look at the right moving-picture show – here, the cyan colour is on the left and the blood-red is on the right. Logically, this should brand it look as though the biggest text is further in the background – but information technology doesn’t! A real mystery – see if you tin can piece of work information technology out. It took me a while.

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