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When information technology comes to artificial lighting sources, there are many to cull from with each serving a specific purpose. One particular light that is popular amongst YouTubers, makeup artists and photographers is the very functional ring calorie-free!

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Why are these lights so pop in 2020?

Well as I touched on higher up, they can be used for such a wide range of uses which means they are accessible to more people. Whether information technology’southward YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, online meetings, etc., a band low-cal is going to be an absolute life saver.

Ring lights are also quite inexpensive which makes them a goto lighting source!

So What Is a Ring Light?

who uses ring lightsAs the name suggests, a ring light is just a hoop of light which is typically lit by LED or fluorescent lights. Generally they come in sizes of 12″, 14 and eighteen″ in which you tin can put your camera in the centre of the circumvolve of light which is typically held by the included lighting stand.

This is one of the biggest advantages of using a ring lite equally your camera is directly in the middle of the low-cal. Equally a results of this, ane gets an extremely vibrant and shadowless light on the subject. If one was to utilize a soft box or umbrella light, the camera would accept to be at and bending which makes lighting a little tricker.

When it comes to the lights within the ring light itself, you tin can cull from LED’s or fluorescent bulbs. Personally I prefer LED’s as they produce a more vibrant calorie-free, have a longer shelf life, are color temperature controlled and can be dimmed.

Who Uses Ring Lights?

As I mentioned at the get-go of this article, there is a long listing of artistic people that choose these lights. For my ain personal use, I use
ring lights for YouTube, Tik Tok and photography.

Band lights are exceptional for makeup/beauty videos, particularly when you pair the
light with a good camera.

Portraits, product reviews, photography, studio lighting, back lights, makeup application, vanity lights and interviews.

I’yard sure I’ve missed some uses, but you get the picture, these lights tin exist used for a wide variation of uses! If you have come up up with any other uses, please allow me know then I can add them to this article.

Popular Uses For Ring Lights

Ring lights are popular because they accept and then many different applications. They’re nigh commonly used in photography and videography but tin can have other applications. Hither’southward a quick await at some of the best uses for your quality band calorie-free.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photographers love to use ring lights for studio photography because they offering a diffused and softer light that enhances the appearance of the photograph subject. There are no harsh shadows to highlight imperfections and the profile of the face up isn’t altered.

You can tell if someone is using a ring light for portraits or selfies past the circular reflection of white lite in their eyes. The cute highlights in the eyes likewise brand the portraits look more captivating and attentive.

These LED lights are certainly a worthy investment if y’all’re looking for a way to improve your selfies for social media or if you need a good portrait photo for your resume.

Macro Photography

Taking pictures of modest items or stills can exist challenging if you lot don’t have a high-quality camera at your disposal. A ring light will focus the low-cal output on your macro photography subject field and distribute the light evenly over your photo subject. No dark shadows are created and the color temperature tin can exist altered for a natural look.

Band lights are ideal for small business concern owners who want to photograph their products. This type of lighting equipment forth with a photo box is ideal for capturing gorgeous photos of jewelry, food, craft products, clothing items, corrective products, beverages, plants, and just most anything else under the sun.

Videography Content

Ring lights are extremely affordable. They’re used by all sorts of content creators who want to make videos for popular social media sites like TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, or even Facebook.

With a circular light, you lot tin create high-quality video content or vlogs that look well-lit, even if the content is recorded within a room or on a poor quality device similar a simple webcam or phone camera.

Video Calls

People working from home and influencers often need to make video calls or create live streaming videos for their social media channels. A band lite is an platonic tool to enhance your advent for video conference lighting when yous’re engaged in virtual meetings or for whatever type of live session.

Makeup Application

A ring light is a handy tool whether yous’re a makeup artist or simply desire to utilise professional person quality makeup at home. The bright low-cal is ideal for enhancing your facial features and for creating realistic peel and makeup product colors.

These lights are ideal for morn makeup sessions because you’ll get a very realistic idea of what your makeup and hair volition look like to others in the natural light.

Skincare Routines

These circular lights are platonic tools to use in the bathroom when you’re trying to care for your pare. The soft calorie-free will highlight your confront and skin and give you a very clear view of skin imperfections. You tin can check your pare for blemishes, pimples, expressionless skin cells, dirt, oil buildup, and unwanted hair.

How Much Do They Toll?

ring lightsAt the end of the day, price plays a very of import role when seeking out a skillful light source. Unfortunately nosotros aren’t all made of money, so picking a
light that is accessible to everyone is of import.

When it comes to ring lights, you can choice one up for your smartphone for equally low as $15!
But for a more substantial unit of measurement, they range from $60-$150.
It commonly depends on the size of the band and the amount of watts and LED’s that information technology has.

How To Use a Ring Light For Makeup, Video & Portraits?

Using and setting up one of these units is an incredibly elementary job! Out of the box they take well-nigh 5 minutes to setup so one can start recording in no time!

To setup, follow these below instructions or follow the manual for your specific light.

  1. Unfold and extend the
    light stand to the desired height
  2. Attach the band light to the stand via the thread or clips
  3. Mount the camera shoe to the stand
  4. Attached your camera to the screw thread and tighten
  5. Turn on the
    light and dim the seedling to your desired level
  6. Some quality ring lights allow you to choose from colored light options or tin can be set to scatter light in different means.

For more than thorough instructions and steps you can check out this video below!

What Is The Best Band Light?

Neewer Dimmable 18 Inch Ring Light kit

Hopefully I have helped y’all better understand these hooped glowing devices that so many creators love. Merely and then the nested question has to exist asked… What is the all-time ring light?

Personally I have been using a Neewer 18″ LED Band Low-cal for merely over a yr now an I absolutely love information technology! For such an inexpensive product, it really does give me a lot of versatility and benefits for my video and photographic hobbies.

You can fix your DSLR or phone with the mount and signal it through the light. Y’all’ll get a remote command also, which makes it super uncomplicated to turn on your camera and manipulate the light without having to get up!

Information technology’southward definitely one of the best bang-for-your-buck products out there. Neewer is an cheap just reliable brand, and their products will definitely satisfy your needs.

I highly recommend this light for new video creators, Tik Tokers or anyone who appears on photographic camera!





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