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Trek Patagonia°

virtual team building survival race

A virtual escape room that takes you lot to the heart of Patagonia

Hosted by a live human, Trek Patagonia° is a survival race where survival experts need to traverse across ice fields, rivers, deserts, and snow peaks in 60 minutes without burnout, injury, or getting lost. Up to 100 players across ten teams tin support each of their on-the-ground contestants via supply drops, remote control tools, and real-time communications. Although the offset squad to cross the stop line will exist the winner, any team that completes the entire form will take truly achieved the exceptional

Take function in the ultimate survival race over video conference

Session times are listed in PST (San Francisco Time)


AI Assistant

Each team is paired with an survival specialist to compete in the confront.


Remote Control

Operate survival tools straight from your estimator.


Survival Race

Large-scale remote squad edifice from 12-100 players.

icon of a hat representing the chill and worry-free state of mind

Alive Host

Interact with a charming and knowledgeable race host.

live broadcast

Bachelor Anywhere

Beam into Patagonia from anywhere with an net connection.

A survival challenge for teams of 12-100

The journey will encompass a variety of adventure disciplines including climbing, glacier trekking, off-road driving, kayaking, mountain biking, mountaineering and rappelling. Patagonia is nature’s purest form. The teams that accept the challenge and are able to comprehend the planet in its well-nigh wild land will be rewarded with the feel of a lifetime.

The most ballsy one-hr race ever conceived

Feel the raw power and beauty of Patagonia

Mountain cycle the tundra landscape of lake Laguna San Rafael

Trekking northern patagonian ice field

Traverse the Northern Patagonian Icefield

Rio Baker – Wild Planet Photography | OpenSea

Jump off Monte San Valentín in a wingsuit

Marmol Cathedral rock formation, Carretera Austral, HIghway 7, C

Explore marble caves in Lago Gral Carrera

4x4 in rain shadow of patagonia desert

Offroad the Eastern dessert of the Patagonian Steppe

level 6 rapids kayak rio baker

Kayak level 5 rapids of Rio Baker

Run across the contestants

Propel your champion cross the finish line

10 expedition contestants
Up to 88 boosted players can be added

Booking guidelines

  • Time slots are in Pacific Fourth dimension Zone (San Francisco)
  • This is a new format escape room where players practice not have to be physically present
  • Each Player occupies one Player Slot
  • Booking is private and comes in a packet of 12 Player Slots
  • 88 additional players can be added at bank check out
  • No one else will be matched to your booking
  • You will demand a computer with cyberspace connection.
  • Delight be ready and join the session on time.
  • Headphones highly recommended.
  • No prior technology experience required
  • Teams are randomized by default (pre-consignment available with an additional cost, but not recommended)
  • Bookings are not refundable but transferable (you can have someone else play your game instead)

Rebooking or cancelling

All sales are final and not-refundable.

One fourth dimension courtesy reschedule possible up to 7 days before result engagement.

No rescheduling possible for no shows or last minute cancellations.​

Boldly go.

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Proficient game, super host, all around really not bad integration of absurd applications. I liked how unique & challenging the tasks were – skillful mental practice. Our team had a boom and nosotros found the format to work well nearly. Great activity for remote teams.

Abhishek Malani
Engineering Manager at Dropbox

I simply recommended it to my sister. Information technology was a fun fashion to get to know the people you piece of work with. I started this chore during COVID and then I didn’t go much of a take a chance to meet anyone outside of a work context. Didn’t wait this to work this well, impressed! Would definitely desire to do it once more in a new room. Great work!

Liz Heaney

Plan Director at Google

So much fun! Great adventure to work together equally a team. High free energy, fast-paced, and challenging. Superb for team bonding and loads of laughs.

Danielle Dannenberg
Principal of Staff at Atlassan

Our lx+ person squad just completed the Moonshot experience and had a great fourth dimension. Emily was a fantastic host and Mike was a huge help getting us all gear up and answering questions earlier/after our feel. Highly recommend – particularly for smart, tech-savvy and competitive teams. Nosotros expect forward to working with Reason again.

Andy Miller
Sr Director, Data & Identity Partnerships at T-Mobile

I wasn’t sure how you lot would do a virtual escape room, merely Reason pulled it off! It is difficult to find things that are as interactive in a zoom room setting and as a newly fully remote team I am always looking for new team building activities. I’ve already posted it to my network’due south slack channel recommending it. Thank you agin for a fun issue!

Fallon Carroll
People Ops at IrisVR

I recently booked 2 team-edifice virtual escape room events with them and everyone had a boom. The missions were well thought out, the hosts were engaging and very in-theme. Excellent client service and super responsive. A+ to them for adapting to remote events and making booking like shooting fish in a barrel and user-friendly. I can’t wait for them to come up up with new concepts and themes.

Kei Baron
Ops at NFX Venture



A limited-run remote squad experience ​

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“With the Reason, the bar for what to look [in an escape room] has simply been astronomically raised.. with the integration of drone, virtual reality, 3D press and more into their high-tech escape room!”

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“One way to humanize modern engineering? Get trapped in a room with it and try to escape. A “future technology” game leaves u.s. ready to hug our Roombas!”

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“Past placing teams in an alien environs, Reason’s space encourages strategic thinking, trouble solving, and thinking outside of the box!”

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“The Future Technology Escape Room in San Francisco is an innovative concept that brings technology exploration and team building adventure together!”

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“At Reason, players tin use new technologies to aid them escape, such as a 3D printer to fabricate an object that volition aid their progress.”

Global race back up teams

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