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Anaconda is a bundle director used in scientific computing and data science. It’south designed to provide scientific libraries and dependencies in the Python programming language. Anaconda is usually used for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

This footstep by step guide will bear witness you how to install Anaconda on an Ubuntu eighteen.04 or Ubuntu 20.04 system.


  • A user business relationship withsudoprivileges
  • Access to a control line/final window (Ctrl-Alt-T)

Steps For Installing Anaconda

Our tutorial on installing Anaconda on Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 20.04 includes downloading the latest version, verifying data integrity of the installer, and running the bash install script.

Step one: Update Local Parcel Director

Start by updating the local packet director. Open a terminal window and enter the following:

        sudo apt-go update

If your organisation doesn’t have
curl, install it by entering:

        sudo apt-go install curl

Step 2: Download the Latest Version of Anaconda

At the fourth dimension this commodity was written, the latest version of Anaconda is 2020.02. Cheque the developer’south download page to view the newest version.

Download page where a version of Anaconda can be selected.

Note the URL and apply it to download the correct version.

Switch to the
directory and use
to download the installer using your control last:

        cd /tmp
        curl –O

This version is designed for Python 3.7. If yous are using Python 2.7, utilise the appropriate URL.

Pace 3: Verify the Download Checksum

Checksum is a security tool used to verify the authenticity and integrity of a downloaded script.

Enter the following:

        sha256sum Anaconda3–2020.02–Linux–

Your organisation will display a series of letters and numbers:


Compare those to the advisable checksum (or
hash) in the Anaconda documentation. If you have chosen a dissimilar version, make certain to check the documentation for that version’due south checksum.

Stride iv: Run Anaconda Installation Script

The Anaconda installer is a
bash script. To run the installation script, apply the control:


A license agreement will announced. Apply the
fundamental to review the agreement.

welcome to anaconda screen version 2019.17

At the lesser, blazon
to agree to the terms.

The installer will prompt y’all to accept the default location, or install to a different location. Apply the default path unless you have a specific need to change information technology. (Y’all may cancel the installation here if needed.)

select the installation destination folder for anconda2

The installation will finish. Later sucessful installation, the following will appear:

        installation finished. Exercise you wish the installer to prepend the Anaconda3 install location to PATH in your /abode/user/.bashrc ? [yes|no]

This determines if you desire to apply the
command without changing the directory. Type
and striking
enter, unless yous have a specific demand to do otherwise. The system will respond as follows:

        Appending source /home/user/anaconda3/bin/actuate to /dwelling/linux4one/.bashrc A backup will be made to: /home/user/.bashrc-anaconda3.bak For this change to become active, you accept to open up a new last. Thank you lot for installing Anaconda3!

(Optional) Pace 5: Install VSCode Editor

The organisation will ask if yous want to install Microsoft Visual Studio Lawmaking Editor. It will display the post-obit:

        Anaconda is partnered with Microsoft! Microsoft VSCode is a streamlined lawmaking editor with support for evolution operations like debugging, job running and version command. To install Visual Studio Code, you volition need:     - Ambassador Privileges     - Cyberspace connectivity Visual Studio Code License: Practice you lot wish to continue with the installation of Microsoft VSCode? [yep|no]

Decide by typing
to continue.

Step six: Actuate and Test Installation

Once finished, activate the installation past inbound:

        source ~/.bashrc

Use the
command to exam the installation:

        conda info

The organisation should display a list of data similar to:

        active environment : None     user config file : /home/user/.condarc populated config files :         conda version : 4.5.iv     conda-build version : 3.10.5         python version : iii.7.0.concluding.0     base environment : /home/user/anaconda3  (writable)         channel URLs :                                                                                                                  bundle cache : /dwelling house/user/anaconda3/pkgs                         /home/user/.conda/pkgs     envs directories : /home/user/anaconda3/envs                         /dwelling house/user/.conda/envs             platform : linux-64             user-agent : conda/4.five.four requests/2.18.4 CPython/3.6.5 Linux/4.15.0-22-generic ubuntu/18.04 glibc/2.27                 UID:GID : 1000:k             netrc file : None         offline mode : False

How to Update Anaconda on Ubuntu

To update Anaconda on Ubuntu, start past updating the

        conda update conda

Next, run the Anaconda package update control:

        conda update anaconda

Create and Actuate Anaconda Environments

Create a Python 3 environment named
by entering the post-obit:

        conda create ––proper name test_environment python=3

Activate this environment:

        conda activate test_environment

The command prompt will change. This indicates that you are now in a crush environment using Python 3. You can now work in this environment.


You now take a working Anaconda installation on your Ubuntu System for use within your Python environment.

Get started with scientific computing, information processing, and predictive analytics with over 1,500 open source packages available from its repository.

You tin also install Python independently by following our step by step guide on installing Python on Ubuntu eighteen.04.

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