Senior Pictures On The Beach Ideas

By | 07/08/2022

Senior Photo Ideas for Girls and Guys

Discover creative senior picture ideas for girls and guys, and unique photograph locations. Learn what to wear and how to pose during your senior photoshoot. If yous are looking for amazing senior flick ideas for girls or simple senior photograph ideas for guys, you need to outset looking beyond pictures on Pinterest, Google and Instagram.

At that place’s already a lot going on in your senior twelvemonth of high school. The concluding thing you want is to exist overwhelmed by all the senior picture options universe has to offer. So let’s become to the most practical steps of finding senior film ideas that would work for girls and guys.

In this post, you volition find creative loftier school senior picture ideas for girls and guys. Learn about What to Clothing for Senior Pictures, Makeup Tips, Location Ideas, and When is the Best time to take your senior pictures


The 12th-graders today can’t deny that pictures are an important part of their lives. Their Instagram feed is often picture-perfect; they know how to take a great “selfie” and are naturally photogenic. Nonetheless, just because they accept so many great pictures of them on their phones, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need professional person senior photos taken.

How about cap-and-gown photos or schoolhouse headshots, y’all may ask. There’s non enough personality in these portraits for a modern senior, peculiarly when all of their friends do personalized senior photoshoots. They need more “outside of the box” ideas for senior pictures.

Both loftier schoolhouse senior girls and guys should have their senior pictures taken with a professional photographer. It is a good idea for many reasons, some of which are ofttimes disregarded.

Reasons to Have Professional Senior Portraits

Share your senior pictures with your family. They saw you growing up into an astonishing young developed, and they deserve to be a part of this special milestone. Embrace who yous are at this indicate in your life and what you have achieved during your school years.

Express your manner in your personalized senior photoshoot and celebrate all the great things the future has in shop for yous. Boost your self-confidence during your high school senior photoshoot, because information technology is much needed to finish your senior twelvemonth strong.

Employ your high school senior pictures for graduation announcements and sorority recruitment. Keepsake these first professional photos of you every bit a young developed; they will concord very high sentimental value over the years, especially when they show your personality.

Lastly, the side by side time you volition take professional photos taken might be at your wedding. So don’t miss out on documenting this significant milestone as a office of your story.



If you are a urban center girl or guy, urban style senior photos might be an splendid idea for you. For example, if you programme to go to an out-of-town higher when you graduate, taking photos on the streets so familiar to you volition add deeper meaning to your senior pictures.

When taking urban manner senior portraits, await for stairs, doors, alleys, sidewalks, benches, rooftops, and parking garages.  Unique ideas for senior pictures can come up to you when yous are already on location.

You tin can also take your senior pictures in the downtown of the city where you are planning to go to college and embrace the new chapter in your life. Your future college campus will make a perfect backdrop for your senior photos. Wouldn’t it exist ideal if you could add your higher campus senior pictures to your graduation announcements?

Is there a metropolis out in that location with the vibe that speaks to you? Is at that place a city you lot’ve traveled to a lot and cannot wait to come back to? Why not come back for your one-of-a-kind senior pictures?

Downtown Charleston has been a popular photoshoot spot for seniors from across the country. Its celebrated buildings, Southern-style mentions, and cobblestone streets create a unique downtown vibe. Where else can you lot notice waterfront city streets, enchanted alleys, and surreptitious gardens?

Downtown is also a perfect location to bring your car or motorcycle for senior pictures. Or you could easily stumble upon a cool prop, similar a scooter parked on the street, every bit nosotros did during Kalie’south senior photoshoot in downtown Charleston, SC.


Our high school senior photography studio is based in Pawleys Isle, Due south Carolina, which is known for its beautiful alleys of moss-draped oak trees. Many seniors travel hither every year for this fantastic properties in their senior pictures. Out of all ideas for senior portraits, this might be one of our favorite ones because oak trees look timeless and regal in senior photos of girls and guys.

Parks and gardens are very versatile locations for senior photos and will await different depending on the season. If you love lush greenery, bright blooms, and walking paths, you should definitely consider a park or a garden for your senior pictures.


Loftier school seniors who live on the coast dear beach pictures considering information technology has become a role of their personal story.

Embracing the surround where you grew upwards and spent your summers is such a keen idea for your senior photo location. However, many seniors too travel to the beach for their senior pictures to bring back the photos that their friends won’t accept, and it is a great idea as well.

Besides that, photographers love to photo at the beach. The astonishing lite before dusk and bang-up photographic opportunities all around make the embankment 1 of our most favorite spots for senior photoshoots.

We love to photograph our high school seniors by the ocean, under the pier, by the sandy dunes, and sometimes even in the water. If you live by a river or a lake, you should consider senior pictures by the river banks for added variety.


If you love country music and the countryside, then senior pictures at that place would exist an excellent idea for you. Fields of tall grass and sunflower fields create cute surroundings for senior photos in the summer.

For autumn senior pictures, consider a cotton field. Blooming tree farm is perfect for jump senior pictures. You lot can also incorporate barns and rustic buildings into your senior photo shoot.


If you are involved in sports during your high school years, so it’s a slap-up idea to take senior photos at your sports venue. They volition make your photography experience very personal and memorable.

Embracing the sport that you lot honey and which has become a large part of your life will create boosted sentimental value to the photos. For example, a baseball field, a football game field, or a golf game grade are all outdoor natural low-cal venues that would be perfect locations for senior pictures.

Please, consider that yous will accept to adjust formal permission for your lensman to take your photos at the sports venue.

Also, coordination timing between the lensman’s schedule and the venue schedule might be catchy. Merely all the planning piece of work involved will be worth information technology when you see your astonishing pictures.


Another great idea for senior pictures by the h2o is a boat dock. Senior guys like this location because it’s unique and not overrated.

Girl seniors frequently choose a marsh dock instead. Both locations are perfect for a relaxed expect and add a great diverseness to your collection of senior pictures.


Your dog is a role of your family, and you will miss him or her when yous leave for higher. Why not bring your dog to your senior photograph session and create some amazing portraits that yous volition cherish forever?


You will already be dressed, and if your parents and siblings arrive dressed for your photoshoot, we will have that iconic family portrait that volition warm your mom’s centre when you are in college.


Best friend from your loftier school years is a friend forever. Embrace this fantastic friendship you accept and invite her to your senior photo session to have fun and to accept a few photos together. And when she gets her senior portraits taken, be sure to support her besides.


What to wear for senior pictures?
Loftier schoolhouse seniors frequently inquire this question as soon equally they volume their photo session with the states. Start, we help them pick their photoshoot locations, and so we starting time exploring dissimilar senior movie outfit ideas.

We normally piece of work with one to three outfits depending on the senior photo session’southward length and the number of locations. We believe that every senior picture outfit should be elevated yet comfy and organic to the senior and the photoshoot surround.

That’due south why instead of going for a very dressy outfit similar a prom gown, or very casual like jean shorts and a tank height, we recommend choosing 2-3 dressy casual styles. Dressy casual style strikes a nice residual between laid back and overdressed and perfect for an outdoor photoshoot.


Ideas for Senior Pictures by Pasha Belman Photography


Are yous a high school senior looking for senior motion picture ideas for girls, model portfolio ideas, or fashion photography ideas? As one of the tiptop Charleston Senior Photographers, Pasha Belman offers some of the most iconic senior photoshoot ideas for girls in Southward Carolina and the The states.

Pasha Belman is an accolade-winning Myrtle Beach senior portrait photographer for Due south Carolina, serving Myrtle Embankment, North Myrtle Embankment, Murrells Inlet, Garden City, Surfside Beach, Georgetown, and Charleston, SC. As 1 of the best Senior and Teen Photographers, we will show yous how to pose during your senior photoshoot and recommend the best outfit ideas for senior pictures.

Here is a list of senior outfits that yous should consider for your high school senior pictures:

Jumpsuit; dress (mini, midi or maxi, but maxis are our favorites!); brim, pants, or shorts with a cute top; add accessories like hat, scarf, loftier-heel sandal.


Slacks; Dress shirts; Blazers; Sweaters; Khakis, High-quality solid color T-shirt without logos; make sure your watch, belt and shoes become well with the outfit.

As your high school senior photographer, nosotros would hash out with you which manner would work all-time for the location you have chosen.

When shopping for a senior outfit, exist sure to go with colors that complement the photoshoot location. Nosotros dear pastel and neutral colors considering they let you to stand up out better against a lush greenery backdrop and await soft and dreamy on the embankment.

They also don’t reverberate the color onto the peel and wait great on the wall when your pictures became wall art. We recommend solid or mostly solid color outfits.

Nearly chiefly, choose several outfits and effort them all on earlier the your senior photoshoot. Make certain everything fits well, and you lot love the image y’all see in the mirror.

The rule of thumb is, if y’all don’t love the outfit when yous put it on for the first time, you will about likely not love your pictures in information technology. So be extra critical, accept a mirror selfies in your outfits and discuss them with your photographer.

At Pasha Belman Photography, nosotros offer virtual shopping assistance to our seniors and guide them towards styles that will photo well. For case, a maxi dress is our number 1 outfit choice for senior pictures of girls. But when choosing a maxi dress, remember that it is best when information technology is flowy.


The fabrics that provide great motion in photos are: tulle, satin, chiffon pleated material, sheer organza, and layered fabric. These fabrics photograph well and help the states create the most stunning senior photos for our senior girls.

If you lot are into sports and would like to have role of your high school senior photograph session to be at the sports venue, wear your sports uniform and bring sports accessories.


The clothes you wear for your senior photoshoot can make information technology or interruption information technology.  Our job every bit photographers is to help you wait your best in photos and guide you through an outfit selection process. Hither are several tips on what not to wear for your senior pictures:

Avoid stripes of any kind for a slimmer look. Stay away from neon colors. They will overpower you and volition stand out in photos instead of you. Don’t article of clothing to your senior photoshoot any wearable that does not ascertain the waistline, aka white potato sack. Overbranded wearable is never a good idea.

Call back, wrinkled habiliment shows in pictures. Incorrect size clothing (too big or likewise small) will non only show in senior photos, but it will also make you lot feel uncomfortable and self-conscious during your senior photoshoot.

These outfit tips and ideas volition help you stay away from certain outfits and shop more confidently. Remember, if you work with Pasha Belman Photography, we will shop with you lot



Great makeup is one of the key ingredients to amazing senior portraits. That’s why we highly recommend hiring a professional pilus makeup artist.

They know how to tastefully highlight your best features and make certain you lot await your best in pictures. If a makeup creative person is not an option and you decided to do information technology yourself, yous should brainwash yourself on the do’s and don’ts of DIY makeup for professional photoshoot.


When it’s time to decide how to way your hair for senior pictures, you tin can either hire a professional or do it yourself. How your hair looks in senior pictures is very of import. Hiring both a makeup artist and a hairstylist can seem plush, but often it is the same professional person, and they may offer a bundle price for both services.

Even so, if you accept to choose between professional hair or makeup, we recommend going with a makeup creative person. No worries, these tips will help you decide how to way your hair on your own if you have to.


It depends on your natural hair. Located in Pawleys Island, Due south Carolina, we photograph our seniors in a mostly humid environment. Afterward 20-thirty minutes of taking senior pictures outside, the humidity will bear on your pilus, bringing it dorsum to a more natural style.

That’south why if you accept naturally curly or wavy hair, you should not straighten it for senior pictures. Instead, comprehend your curls, waves, and your natural hair texture.

On the other hand, keeping directly hair await as natural every bit possible for senior pictures would be the best thing. However, feel free to add light waves to frame your face and add some book.

What hair products should I utilise for my senior photoshoot

Hairspray is a must for your senior pictures. It helps y’all avoid fly-aways and keeps your hair styling in place. But make sure yous use a very lightweight hairspray.

Utilize it earlier the session and during outfit changes to keep your hair look great throughout the photoshoot. Less is more than when information technology comes to hair products for your senior session. Steer clear of too much product fighting against your hair’s natural expect and encompass it instead.

Anti-frizz products will help you lot minimize the frizz in your hair during high school senior photoshoot, peculiarly in a humid environment.


There is no correct or wrong time of the twelvemonth for scheduling your senior pictures, but surely there is the best fourth dimension for you and for the look you envision. As well, seasonal weather tin can vary drastically between dissimilar parts of the country.

For example, in South Carolina, where nosotros create our High Schoolhouse Senior Portraits, the winters are very mild, bound starts early on, and the autumn is mostly warm. Every season is splendid for senior photos hither.

Still, your senior photos in South Carolina will look different from winter senior pictures in snowy Colorado or fall senior photos in W Virginia with colorful foliage as a properties.


As Myrtle Beach and Charleston High School Senior Photographers, nosotros photo in an expanse that draws visitors from all over the country during the summertime months. No doubt, summer senior pictures are the most popular among our seniors. Girls and guys interested in unique senior photos await for locations different from what their friends can find.

When they discover our portfolio of senior photos taken on the South Carolina coast, they look no farther. Here they can find a peachy diversity of picturesque backdrops, from sandy beaches and purple tree alleys draped with Spanish moss to cobblestone streets and celebrated buildings in Charleston, SC.

When seniors decide to travel to Due south Carolina for their senior pictures, they usually choose summer. During the summer months after their junior twelvemonth, it is much easier to detect time to travel.

They tin as well brand a vacation out of their trip as a bonus! Plus, the weather is perfect for summer dresses and fun photos in the water. All of this makes the summer an platonic time for your destination senior pictures.


We would also recommend doing your session in the summer, before school starts, if you plan to apply these photos in a yearbook.

When classes begin, there volition be plenty of deadlines to go on rail and you don’t want to stress about fitting your senior session before a yearbook photo submission borderline, which tin be as early as October.

If you play sports, exist prepared for a schoolhouse calendar full of games and practices! Any planned concert performances, shows and competitions will also require a lot of time and effort. Planning you senior pictures around a busy school schedule might be tough. That’s why many senior’s would rather accept their photos taken in the summer.

Nosotros absolutely love autumn for senior pictures in South Carolina. Y’all tin style your summer outfits with boots and hats in September and October and add layers like jackets and scarfs for your portraits in November. The weather is not as humid anymore, and the sunsets are the near amazing.

Since most seniors have their photos during the summer calendar month, going for fall senior portraits might be i of the manner to stand out in the crowd.


Depression temperatures during the winter months and high school calendar filled with tests, college applications, and homework may continue seniors from planning a fun senior photograph session.

Still, nosotros oft get very warm days in the winter, and seniors also need a pause from hard work. Why not lift your spirit to stop your senior twelvemonth strong? Senior pictures are perfect for that.

Jump SENIOR Motion-picture show IDEAS

Spring of your senior year is the final chance to get your senior photos taken, and you should accept advantage of it if you are still looking to document this special fourth dimension in your life.

Past spring, many seniors already know which college they will go to. That’due south why it would be a perfect time for taking your senior photos on the college campus.

You tin also use these symbolic campus photos for your graduation/college acceptance announcements.

If you love jump but don’t want to expect till the concluding run a risk for senior photos, you lot tin can take them during the leap of your inferior twelvemonth.

Spring is perfect for your senior portraits if you would honey to run across flowers in your pictures. Likewise, if you are not a fan of hot weather, do not wait till summer and take your senior photos in spring.

This is when yous tin can vesture warm and cold weather outfits for the same session and still exist comfortable.


Most of our senior pictures start two hours before sunset. Showtime, we photo at a more than shaded location and work with the first outfit.

We normally reserve the last hour during senior session before sunset for a more open location like a beach or marsh and piece of work with the second outfit.

Notwithstanding, if we have to travel between different locations or our senior is interested in three locations and more outfits, we start our senior photoshoot fifty-fifty earlier.



Posing for senior pictures is nothing new for high school seniors today. In the age of Instagram, both girls and guys are incredibly photogenic and already know their best angles when they arrive at their senior photo session.

At the same fourth dimension, our seniors are everyday people, and posing in front end of a professional photographic camera is often new to them. Our chore as senior photographers is to make them look similar models and bring confidence into their senior portraits.

Practicing different poses in front end of the mirror volition help y’all boost your confidence ahead of the photoshoot. Consider these senior posing tips that will brand any pose look more natural and flattering.


1. Shake off your easily throughout the photoshoot to brand sure your fingers are relaxed at all times and not stiff.

two. Bring your chin a fiddling bit downward and frontwards to create a potent jawline.

3. Be mindful of your hand position and make certain they are not symmetrical.

 4. Lift your elbow an inch or 2 away from your body to make certain your arm does not press against the torso.

5. Plow 1 of your shoulders away from the camera for a slimmer look.

6. If you lot have long pilus, brand sure it covers both ears. Also, identify your hair in forepart of one shoulder or bring information technology on i side.

7. For looking away pose, motility your chin in the same direction you volition be looking. This way, the whites of your eyes won’t bear witness too much.

8. Lastly, practice relaxed but not sluggish posture by bringing your shoulders back and elongating your neck.

Hopefully, you found these senior picture ideas and tips helpful. If y’all are however looking for a high schoolhouse senior lensman in Myrtle Beach or Charleston, SC, who offers amazing location ideas and tin can help yous create the look you envision for your senior photoshoot, don’t hesitate to reach out.

As 1 of the top high school senior photographers in Southward Carolina, we offer some of the almost amazing senior portrait photography feel.

Our senior portrait studio is located on the coast of Southward Carolina. We photograph our seniors in the most beautiful locations from Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Isle, and Georgetown, SC, to Charleston and Folly Beach, SC, and nosotros would honey to work with y’all too.