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Sharper Image Drone App For Android

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A number of drone companies in the marketplace are seeking to meet the different needs and preferences of the various industries. Attracting these industries are drone companies that make upkeep priced drones. These include companies such as Sharper Image, Hubsan and Udirc.

Their drone models deliver on light functions. The Sharper Image drone aims at
boosting a user-friendly feel for users.
Hubsan designs drones to suit different objectives with four brands (Flying High, Night Walker, Accept Flight, and Angry Swarm).

These are themed to meet their different objectives and camouflage into the current environs. Udric on the other paw focusses on the capability and performance of their drones while minimizing on the overall size.


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Sharper Image is outdoing itself. With a series of outstanding budget friendly models such as the
DX-ane, DX-2, DX-3, and the DX-4,
with each successor leaving a better drone with improved features. Improved features translate to ameliorate vision with better range coverage.

Even at this, they take upheld their objective of designing affordable drones. All the model offering drone Sharper images that are clear and detailed whether
you demand to take a video or capture photo.
Just every bit the proper noun suggests, they capture precipitous images and videos.

From Sharper Image, the Sharper Image Drone DX-four is not only affordable merely too delivers excellent functionality. Its overall design is outstanding making it easy to transport likewise as store away when it is not in use. It allows you to take shots, videos, as well as audio that are clear and precise.

Other than recording and opting to view the content later, you tin can too stream alive HD
video to your smart device
or whatever other Wi-Fi continued device thus having fun moments with your friends and family unit.

With this Sharper Image photographic camera drone you and take shots over heights that would exist rather dangerous to obtain. This model is sturdy with ease in maneuverability thanks to automation features.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sharper Paradigm DX-four

What’southward the resolution of its photographic camera?

It has a 3MP camera.


What is the battery life?

This drone is powered past a rechargeable 3.7V 800Mah Li-Po battery. Once it is fully charged, it will operate for near 10 minutes before the need to recharge it.

What are the battery’due south volts and/or mAh?

It has 3.7V and 800mAh battery capacity.

Where can I become extra parts?

The recommended place to go actress parts is the official website of the company. This is because they will assist you to identify the right parts for your drone.

Could y’all fly two DX-iv drones at the same time?

If y’all have two controllers, you lot tin can fly two DX-four drones. All you have to do is pair them.

What is the range for the device?

It has a range coverage of virtually 450 feet in either management. Simply watch out for whatsoever barriers.

Can I utilize it with my tablet?

Yes, you lot can. Information technology should be able to able to connect with Wi-Fi enabled devices such as your smartphone likewise as tablet.

What operating systems can back up this device’south app?

It is supported by both Android likewise as IOS.

Does it require whatever assembly?

Aye it does. However, it is not complicated as some parts are pre-assembled.

Sharper Prototype Drone DX-iv Hard disk drive Video Streaming Drone Review

The Sharper Prototype Drone DX-4 delivers on both performance, functionality, likewise as service in the long-term. Information technology allows for shooting of shots, videos, equally well equally sound with clear and precise results. Other than tape and view content afterwards, you lot tin can too stream live HD video to your smart device be it a smartphone, tablet, or any other Wi-Fi connected device. You lot no longer have to climb trees or gamble accidents with this drone. Below is the Sharper Image Drone review to aid you better sympathize its capabilities and strengths.

The packet comes complete with the drone parts that require assembly, a USB charging cable, as well as replacement props to help deliver on functionality. With time, you lot may need to replace some parts for one reason or another and these are made easily available on the company’s official site.

Key Features of the Sharper Epitome Drone DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone

It comes with outstanding features to meet its functions. The following are key features that make this Sharper Prototype Drone stand up out amidst its straight competitors.
• Auto take off, landing, too as machine hover adequacy

In an effort to heave ease of use, this drone comes with some automated capabilities. It features car take off which enables you to have a smooth lift off preventing possible accidents as it takes off. It also features auto hover when it is in use to ease the process so yous gain stability as yous savour the view of the surrounding. With stability come up better and clear videos, as you will not keep shaking.

After use, you lot tin can use the auto-landing feature that volition help you with flight also as in landing it smoothly. This will ensure that fifty-fifty subsequently it captures the footage you want, you will not destroy it. The automation makes this a key feature as it allows you to use information technology even every bit a beginner. All yous have to practice is understand what each push button on the control is responsible for.

• Multi-directional remote with 360-degree stunt rolls

It comes complete with a remote control just like every other drone. Notwithstanding, this remote is multi-directional which is responsible for a shine hover when it is in use. In improver, it allows for 360-degree stunt rolls to capture images every bit well as videos just as you like it. You do not demand some special consequence button to change your content tanks to this feature. With a single push, yous volition be able to perform a 360-caste butt roll, which is easy, user-friendly, likewise equally efficient.

• Features streaming Hard disk video also as nonetheless shots

This Sharper Prototype drone with camera has the power to take photos every bit well as capture videos and audio. All you demand are the right settings on the remote and you can make the all-time of the moment. It does not stop at this as you lot tin can as well stream Live HD video straight to your Wi-Fi enabled device such as your smartphone or tablet. With this, yous can share the videos every bit well equally photos y’all take with your drone. Your loved ones will always be upwardly to engagement on what is happening around y’all.

• 3-speed command

In an effort to boost maneuverability equally well as ensure that you lot capture your desired content, you have the power switch between 3 speeds. Beginners are brash to piece of work with slow speeds as they larn how to control the drone. As they perfect their flying skills, they can work with either speeds to see your ideal preference.

• Long lasting Li-poly rechargeable battery

Rather than constantly replacing batteries and work with the hassle of finding batteries that fit, this Sharper Paradigm Drone model a long lasting li-poly rechargeable bombardment. It takes around an 60 minutes to fully recharge it. This means you can employ it repeatedly without the worry of running out every bit long every bit information technology is within its lifespan. All you lot demand is a power outlet to recharge information technology for your next shot.

• 2.4 Ghz transmitter

Information technology features a 2.4Ghz transmitter that includes 4 replacement blades. This transmitter ensures that the content you view is upward to standard to see your desired expectation on results.


Tech specifications

• 21 x 14 x 4 inches of product dimensions

• Has 6 centrality gyro stabilization

• 360-degree stunt rolls

• 2.4 Ghz transmitter

• 4 LED lights for ameliorate viewing

• iii-speed control

• Motorcar accept off, auto hover, besides as motorcar country

• Li-poly rechargeable battery


• Like shooting fish in a barrel to maneuver with automatic features
• Power to change speed for better follow-up
• Y’all can share live videos with Wi-Fi enabled devices
• Smaller dimensions for easy storage and transportation making it reliable
• Allows for a 360-degree view with the employ of but one button
• Long-lasting rechargeable battery
• The device remains stable when capturing content


• Information technology can just capture content for almost 10 minutes before the need to recharge it. This just allows for short videos.


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Conclusion About Sharper Image Drone DX 4

The to a higher place Sharper Image Drone Review highlights the strengths that with the assist of advanced applied science have helped the Sharper Paradigm camera drone stand out in the market place. In addition, you will be able to bespeak out a few companies that aim at designing upkeep-friendly drones for different markets. While the DX-4 is taking the marketplace by storm, it comes from a brand that has released other models. The cardinal objective is to understand the Sharper Image Drone DX-4 strengths and capabilities. While some people have raised queries about the drone, solutions and answers are provided to assistance guide users on how to obtain the best feel when using it. Sharper Image drone with camera lives to its promise.