Ship And Sold By Amazon Fake

By | 24/10/2022

If you lot’ve establish yourself recently questioning the actuality of the goods sold by Amazon, either because yous accept been a victim of inferior quality products, you didn’t get what you ordered, or considering you have heard one-also-many horror stories, you might want to accept some fourth dimension to read this commodity.

We understand how frustrating it tin be to spend money on something only for it to be zilch yous expected. So, we’ll have you through everything you should know nearly the items that are sold and shipped by Amazon and their authenticity.

What does Ships from and sold by mean?

Opposite to popular beliefs, a large pct of the products sold on Amazon are actually not Amazon’s products, and when you come beyond products that are listed as Ships and Sold By Amazon, what that means is that Amazon only has buying of the inventory of that production, but the product has been purchased from 1 of their manufacturers.

Are Items Shipped And Sold By Amazon Authentic

The Shipped and Sold past products are the products that are shipped and likewise sold directly by Amazon’s Retail teams either via Vendor Central or via Vendor Limited. It means that the manufacturers send the products to directly and at a specified toll, with the guild processed through the traditional PO process.

Oftentimes, these products are to exist trusted because Amazon thoroughly vets the manufacturers they piece of work with to ensure skilful quality products. Information technology doesn’t, all the same, mean that these products are safe from counterfeiting. This is because, despite the best efforts put in identify, the products will frequently exist mingled with the residual of the FBA stock, where they have to be pooled together by utilize of the bar code, regardless of who sent them to the warehouses. And then, even when buying a product that is sold by Amazon, technically and under Amazon’s make name, you lot may yet end up with a product supplied by a different third-party seller/ merchant, meaning that the product may be existent or not.

If, on the other hand, the product in question is one that is sold by Seller X, for example, and the society is Fulfilled past Amazon (FBA), information technology would mean that the product sold on Amazon was purchased by Seller 10, who is a third party seller in this case, and after the purchase, they sent the inventory to Amazon – Amazon then ships the products to customers – hence the fulfillment by Amazon bit.

Are all items sold by Amazon authentic?

Are Items Shipped And Sold By Amazon Authentic

In a utopian globe, all the products that are sold by Amazon would be accurate, and yous’d never have to worry about counterfeits.

But in the existent earth we currently alive in, not all the products sold are authentic. And the sorry bit is that most people neglect to realize that a large percentage of the product listings on Amazon are actually not for the items that are sold by Amazon but by tertiary-party sellers from different markets beyond the globe.

It’south not all grim, though, and despite a large number of tertiary-party sellers on Amazon, you will exist happy to know that at that place is a good number of upstanding 3rd-party merchants, with just a few of these sellers peddling fakes on the site. Unfortunately, the tertiary-party sellers that deal in counterfeits are the reason why brands similar Nike are pulling their products out of Amazon.

Are items shipped and sold by Amazon authentic?

Are Items Shipped And Sold By Amazon Authentic

As mentioned above, the products that are shipped by and sold by Amazon are sourced by specific distributors who evangelize the products to Amazon, where they are sold as authentic products backed past Amazon. So, given this arrangement, there is a likelihood of most of the products being safety and authentic, and you can almost trust them completely.

Unfortunately, this is not always the instance because similar items are grouped in the same warehouse, where they are pooled together thank you to the barcode.

This would mean that regardless of the source or the distributor of the appurtenances, they will all be mixed up, and since Amazon will grab the nearest product when shipping, it is possible for you to end up with a production that is a counterfeit from a third-party seller, even though you placed an order for an item that is sold and shipped past Amazon.

The hazard of the false products being mixed in with authentic items is just likewise loftier, and you cannot say with 100% certainty that the items shipped and sold by Amazon are always authentic.

How do I know if something is shipped and sold past Amazon?

Now that yous know not to expect 100% authenticity from the items shipped and sold by Amazon let’southward accept a look at some of the things you should expect out for to know that an item is really shipped and sold by Amazon.

Are Items Shipped And Sold By Amazon Authentic

First, it’s worth noting that there are three ways in which a product is sold and shipped to you from Amazon – Sold and Shipped past Amazon, Sold past Third parties and fulfilled by Amazon, and the products that are sold and shipped by the third parties. On to the starting time arrangement, how practice you lot know the products actually sold and shipped by Amazon?

Well, all the items that are sold and shipped by Amazon always are conspicuously marked – Sold by, or if you’re not in the United states of america, the Amazon extension will be for the state you are shopping from. You tin see this more than clearly right below the Secure Transaction clickable where information technology is indicated that the item Ships from and is Sold By

For the products that are sold by third-party sellers, you will run into the seller’s data right under the Add to Motorcar and the Buy Now buttons.

And for the products that are fulfilled past Amazon and sold by tertiary-party sellers, you will run into the name of the tertiary-political party seller nether the Add together to Cart and Buy Now buttons. This is followed by the Fulfilled by Amazon specified.

Tips for buying authentic Amazon products (non products sold by the tertiary-party seller)

While Amazon acts every bit the middleman for millions of sales of goods from their platform, all from thousands of production vendors from around the world, the quality of the goods sold is quite variable. However, you could reduce the concerns you lot have nearly the third-party sellers past choosing the products that are owned, procured, and sold/ shipped by Amazon. This is one of the best means of ensuring the authenticity of the products you are buying. To practise this, we recommend following these steps:

Are Items Shipped And Sold By Amazon Authentic

  1. Keep your eyes peeled – Sold past Amazon vs. Shipped by Amazon.

As mentioned higher up, appurtenances sold on Amazon fall under 3 chief categories, and when it comes to third-party products, Amazon volition ship the products from their warehouses to customers, even with super-fast Prime shipping. In such cases, Amazon gets a percentage cut from the auction. It’south not e’er safe, and it also means that yous should never presume that the Prime items are all authentic.

Simply to ensure that you have authentic products or to lower the run a risk of buying counterfeits, you may want to take advantage of the Search button, looking out for the items that are sold by Amazon.

The only catch is that you tin only run this search from your web browser. Then, load upwards beginning, then blazon in what y’all are looking for and hit enter. Once the results popular, get to the sidebar on the left side of the screen, go to the Department section, and then click on the specific department that you are looking for. This will narrow downwards your search results. Thereafter, keep scrolling downwardly to observe the Seller Section the check the mark adjacent to equally the seller. When y’all practise these, the search results reload, and the new items listed are the ones that are owned, procured, sold, and shipped by Amazon itself.

Just that is non all; you should as well double-bank check the details of the product during checkout. Look under the Add to Cart and the Purchase Now buttons and ostend that yous tin see the Sold By You could also notice these details under one sentence – Ships from and sold by Amazon. These will tell you that the product is not from a 3rd-party seller.

  1. Product Details

If you are buying from Amazon, you volition notice that Amazon is quite detail/ professional about its product descriptions and the images used. Then, if you discover the apply of garbled-up language, poor grammar, or misspelled words, or even inaccurate or low-quality photos, these would be huge reddish flags that you demand to be aware of. In such cases, have a step dorsum from the products and wait for something that looks more believable and existent.

  1. Reviews

We cannot say this plenty times – the production reviews for the products you are interested in ownership will always tell you all that you lot need to know nigh the quality of that item and whether you lot should buy it or reconsider that purchase. Expect for reviews that wait and feel real rather than the ones that seem to be selling or marketing the products. So, if you are buying jewelry, for example, expect for guiding words that tell more about the quality of the jewelry, for example, how the posts feel on the skin, if they cause whatsoever irritation or green discoloration, or if they tarnish afterward some time. And for clothes, comments like the sizing is off, the quality of the fabric feels off or non as expected will guide y’all on the quality and the reliability of the seller.

Also, on reviews, it is important to cheque out the reviews left past some people. If the review looks/ feels skeptical, simply you lot cannot find any other reviews by that person, y’all could write them off as bogus reviewers.

  1. Contact customer service

If you need any kind of clarification on the item and you cannot find the necessary data on the product page, contact Amazon. The client services team should be able to hop on to things, offer guidance and the information you are seeking, and as well advise you on what to practise about your purchase in case of a problem.


Amazon is the biggest global eCommerce platform with a large reach and an even wider product variety. They offer groovy products but are imperfect, and the products sold tin can be counterfeits.

There is a lot that you could do to determine the actuality of the products, although you may still cease up with fakes.

However, we recommend buying the products that are shipped and sold by Amazon because the risk of counterfeiting is lower with such products than with the products from 3rd-party sellers, even when they are fulfilled by Amazon.

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