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What is your backup process?

Backing upwards photos is something we think well-nigh often, but oftentimes fail to do! Perhaps your information is not critically important and information technology wouldn’t be the stop of the world if it was lost. More than ofttimes than non things are now stored in a cloud, and the responsibility for us individuals to back up our data is no longer our responsibility.  Rest assured, the could information is very safe, while information technology may non exist private, information technology’s probable to be prophylactic with redundant fill-in systems that far exceed anything a home owner could expect to achieve.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Do you have a process in place as a wedding photographer for the photos that are stored onto your Compact Flash or SD cards? [/pullquote]

What about situations where cloud storage is not regularly bachelor? Specifically, do you have a procedure in place as a wedding photographer for the photos that are stored onto your Compact Flash or SD cards? How reliable is that process? If your someone getting married, considering a wedding photographer, what lengths do you expect the photographer to go to insure your pictures are safe?

[pullquote marshal=”total” cite=”” link=”” color=”” grade=”” size=””]What lengths practise you await the lensman to go to insure your pictures are safe?[/pullquote]

There are a few things y’all
must invest in to protect your clients work.

Day of the Wedding

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]A retention card could become bad or a drunk could spill a drink on your gear trashing a carte du jour.[/pullquote]

If you backup your photos from your memory cards when you go home at the end of a long wedding day shoot, y’all’re putting yourself at a huge risk. There are many variables that can occur during a mean solar day that leads to loss of data. A photographic camera could exist stolen, you lot could get in a car blow on the manner home, a retentivity carte could go bad, a drunk could spill a drink on your gear trashing a carte du jour. At that place are a ton of scenarios that puts your irreplaceable data at risk, and information technology’south non entirely uncommon either. A quick google search of ‘wedding lensman nightmares’ will demonstrate many of the scenarios that can occur throughout such a long and exhausting twenty-four hours.

Wait… Morn of the Wedding

There is always a scenario exists where your data is at risk. There could be a giant solar flare that turns into a huge EMP that wipes all information in the world! The best we tin hope for, is to minimize that gamble to the best of our ability. Bankroll upwardly data at the finish of the day is not to the all-time of our power.

Typically, a nuptials progresses in phases. Yous may start by taking photos at the house of the bride getting ready. From here you travel to a church for a ceremony which would be the next phase. Then traveling from the church to a reception hall would be another stage where portraits and group photos are done. The last stage may exist photographing the reception itself. There are many ways the day unfolds and each wedding is planned differently, but regardless of the plan there is usually some downtime in driving, waiting, setting up, etc.

Use Multiple Memory Cards (and Cameras)

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]If a photographic camera and card were to somehow go trashed, I still have something to evangelize to a client. [/pullquote]


I shoot with two cameras, I currently use a Canon 5D Mark 3 and a Canon 5D Mark II equally a backup. In all honesty, I shoot far more pictures on the Canon Mark Iii, just I always take some with the Marking II. There is a twofold purpose to using two cameras on a wedding; kickoff I don’t need to switch lenses, I keep my long lens (seventy-200MM) on the 5D Mark III, and a my trusty 24-105MM on the 5D Mark Two. More chiefly if a camera and card were to somehow get trashed, I still have something to evangelize to a client. I could lose lxx% of my pictures, and withal have between 500 and 1000 photos in which to create the memories of the day.

Next, I fill-in all my retention cards after each stage of the wedding day. It only takes a few minutes to dump my cards using a USB 3.0 bill of fare reader. The cards are dumped to my Macbook Pro very quickly. From there, I also fill-in all the pictures to a small external USB powered external difficult drive.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Diversify your card usage, and backup mediums to minimize your risk![/pullquote]

I repeat this process at the finish of each segment of the twenty-four hours. I endeavor to manage memory cards and storage like I would investments in a retirement account. Diversify! Nosotros diversify investments to minimize risk. Diversify your card usage, and backup mediums to minimize your risk!

Shooting a wedding ceremony I prefer to take an assistant, and I recall it’s well worth information technology to accept an extra gear up of hands. Be information technology helping organize people into a row, double checking everyone looks corking during portraits and lastly and most chiefly, the assistant takes the external hard drive home with them. If my firm burns downwardly, or I explode in a car wreck the customer will still have a prepare of photos from the day.


The total for all the equipment, less an actual laptop which many already ain, is under $500 including a several high capacity, highest speed retentivity cards available. If yous are a professional person photographer charging $1000’south of dollars for a wedding, using $g’s of dollars worth of equipment, so spending $500 to protect your clients investment should be a drop in the bucket. If you lot don’t accept a backup organisation this reliable for a wedding than yous should consider a different photography niche.

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