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Shutterfly Photo Book Paper Options

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The 7 Best Customizable Online Photo Book Sites and Services

Mixbooks is our tiptop choice for creating photo books online

We independently research, exam, review, and recommend the all-time products—learn more about our process. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a committee.

Although storing photos on your phone or online is convenient, in that location’s something wonderful nigh having an sometime-school, tangible photograph anthology.

Nosotros researched more than a dozen online photo book sites and services, considering factors like ease of assembly, pic and newspaper quality, page count, and durability. After narrowing downward our peak picks, we deemed Mixbook equally our all-time overall photograph volume site. The customized service offers a wide multifariousness of designs and cover types while being affordable and piece of cake to navigate.

Hither, our favorite online photo books of 2022.

Mixbook Photo Book

Courtesy of Mixbook

What We Like

  • Variety of book shapes, sizes, and themes available

  • Easy to create and collaborate with others

What We Don’t Like

  • The editing software may perform better on a PC than a Mac

Mixbook offers three volume shapes (landscape, portrait, and square) and several sizes, as well pre-fabricated templates or blank canvases and so you can commencement from scratch. One time you’ve selected your volume, you tin upload photos from your estimator or phone, as well every bit social media sites and Smugmug. Then, utilise Mixbook’s piece of cake-to-employ editing software to resize photos, change the layout, and add stickers and text.

Simply the real entreatment of Mixbook is that you can create and collaborate with others. For instance, if you and your siblings desire to make an anniversary album for your parents, you tin all add photos to and edit the book without being in the same room. This expands the options for creativity and collaboration that other options don’t offer.

Once your book is designed, you can select your newspaper choice and embrace. Mixbook even lets y’all add text on the spine of your book, which is a overnice feature if you’ll be printing books on a regular basis.

Volume Sizes: 8×6, 11×8.5, 14×11, 6×6, eight.5×8.5, 10×10, 12×12, 8.5×11 inches |Available Covers: Soft cover, Hardcover glossy, Hardcover soft matte affect, Leather |Starting Price: $16

Walmart Photo


What We Like

  • Aforementioned day pick-up and delivery options bachelor

  • Affordable

What We Don’t Similar

  • Thinner pages brand the photo volume more than prone to tears

Walmart offers a lot of the multifariousness and editing capabilities of other online photograph books simply for a fraction of the toll. The site offers six sizes, as well as multiple options for covers, templates, and themes.

Uploading photos is simple, though you can simply pull from your computer or an online photo-storage site, like Dropbox, Instagram, or Flickr. You lot can even edit the photos past calculation a filter, cropping, zooming, tilting, adjusting brightness, or eliminating carmine eye.

With books costing every bit footling as $10, Walmart Photos has the about affordable online photo volume on the market. This may, however, mean the quality is non on par with pricier options. Some users noted the pages of their book were thin and, therefore, less durable. But if you’re looking to brand multiple copies of a photo book or aren’t as concerned well-nigh emblem quality, then the cost may outweigh the risk of tears.

Book Sizes: 5×7, 8×6, 8×8, 8×11, 11×14, 12×12 inches |Available Covers: Hardcover, Soft cover, Layflat, Premium layflat |Starting Cost: $sixteen

Chatbooks Photo Book

Courtesy of Chatbooks

What Nosotros Like

  • Minimal endeavor required

  • Monthly subscriptions

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited creativity

Chatbooks offers a quick, hands-off approach to creating an album for people who lack the time and want to design one themselves.

To start, pull in photos from your computer, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Google Photos, and Dropbox. From there, Chatbooks arranges them in chronological order, placing one photo on each folio. You lot tin can movement photos effectually and add together captions if desired.

If you find that you are oft documenting life’s moments, you may be interested in one of Chatbooks’ iii monthly subscriptions, each providing xxx-page photo albums: Hardcover Calendar month Books ($fifteen/calendar month), Softcover Month Books ($10/month), and Monthly Minis ($5/month).

Book Sizes: 6×6, 8×8, 10×10 inches |Available Covers: Hardcover, Soft encompass |Starting Price: $15

Artifact Uprising Signature Layflat Photo Album

Artifact Uprising

What Nosotros Like

  • iPhone app for on-the-go creating

  • 50-page minimum

What We Don’t Like

  • More expensive than other online photograph books

Antiquity Insurgence albums utilise thick, high-quality pages that are also environmentally friendly, and options similar premium textile binding and custom stamping truly elevate your photo volume.

Get this—high quality doesn’t mean a long wait time. Albums volition be set up in three to ten days. You can create your album via Antiquity Insurgence’s desktop editor, which allows you to upload photos directly from Instagram, Dropbox, or your computer.

Alternatively, y’all can employ the brand’south iPhone app. This is a bully option if your featured photos live exclusively 1 your telephone, saving y’all the problem of transferring them.

Book Sizes: 6×8, 7×7, 8.5×8.5, 8.25×11, 10×10, 12×12, 14×11, inches |Available Covers: Layflat, Hardcover, Soft cover, Scrapbook |Starting Price: $17

Shutterfly Photo Book

Courtesy of Shutterfly

What We Like

  • “Design” service allows for quick, easily-off turnaround

  • Editing available on pre-fabricated templates

What We Don’t Like

  • Software may non be as intuitive as others

Shutterfly has been around since digital cameras starting time became available, and is even a household name for photo books. The site allows users to customize a book with their own blueprint and offers pre-baked templates for those who aren’t as creative. With Shutterfly’southward editing tool, yous can move and resize photos, besides every bit add text, colors, and more than to customize your book.

For those who desire to take a completely easily-off arroyo, there is the site’s “pattern” service. After you upload photos and instructions, the designers volition select photos, design the book, and send you a proof. Once you corroborate, they mail y’all the final album.

Photos can exist uploaded from your computer, as well every bit Facebook and Instagram. The arrival fourth dimension of your volume volition vary, simply the standard timeframe is five to vii business days.

Book Sizes: 8×8, 8×11, 10×10, 11×8, 14×11, 12×12 inches |Available Covers: Hardcover, Soft comprehend |Starting Price: $20

Blurb Photo Book


What We Similar

  • Premium paper and binding

  • Automated sorting for more hands-off cosmos

What We Don’t Similar

  • Software is a bit more advanced than others

Although Blurb is geared towards professionals looking to showcase their work, the site can be used by anyone who wants a high-quality album. The site offers square, portrait, and landscape books, with the latter two coming in two sizes, allowing you to make an album that suits your needs.

You tin can use either the free Bookwright app or the web-based software Bookify, though by customers have noted it’s more glitchy and offers less diverseness. From there, yous choose your book preference and templates, and upload your photos, which y’all can conform yourself or have Bookify sort for you. In one case everything is to your satisfaction, you ship it to Blurb which uses premium paper and bounden to create an album that will last for years.

One thing to continue in mind: Amatuer photographers and designers said the software was a bit confusing to employ at times. To help, many recommend watching Blurb’s YouTube tutorial before getting started.

Volume Sizes: 7×7, 8×10, 12×12, 13×11 inches |Available Covers: Hardcover, Soft comprehend, Layflat |Starting Price: $14.99

Amazon Prints Photo Book

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Similar

  • Gratuitous shipping for Amazon Prime Members

  • Like shooting fish in a barrel-to-utilize software

What We Don’t Like

  • No in-software editing tools

Amazon offers four different volume sizes and ii comprehend types, giving you plenty options without overwhelming you. Equally with other album creators, yous can add photos from your computer, phone, or social media accounts. The software and so puts the photos in chronological order, though yous can move them around if desired.

The process is fast, like shooting fish in a barrel, and affordable. There is i downside: Amazon Prints does not provide any image editing tools, meaning you have to brand all adjustments beforehand. But that may not matter if y’all are an exceptional photographer and accept a quick turnaround.

Book Sizes: 5×7, 8×8, 8×11, 12×12 inches |Available Covers: Hardcover, Soft cover |Starting Price: Not Listed

Concluding Verdict

We love the diverseness that Mixbook Photo Book offers, from shape, to size, to theme. And it doesn’t hurt that the affordable, piece of cake-to-apply site allows you to collaborate with others to create a quality keepsake that volition last for years. If, nonetheless, you’re looking for a cheaper, faster production, Walmart Photo books outset at but $10.

Shape and Size

Determining the shape and size of your photo volume is one of the first steps to creating it. With shape, for example, if you are mostly using horizontal images, then choosing a portrait- or square-shaped book volition make it hard to accommodate images.

Y’all’ll also want to pick a photo volume site that will crave minimal image resizing. Resizing photos tin often lead to blurry or pixelated images.

Editing Capabilities

Unless y’all take the perfect photos, chances are you’ll want to edit your images before displaying them for all to run into. If you’re an gorging photographer and have editing programs at the ready, then you may simply crave the bones functions, like resizing and zooming, in your photograph book software. But if you are more of a creator, you’ll want a program that allows you to alter brightness and color, add filters, and remove red-center.

Newspaper Quality

The point of a photo book is to capture and preserve memories forever, so information technology makes sense that the book’southward pages should last just as long. Make sure your book is made from a premium course newspaper, equally that implies it is thicker and more durable than your typical press newspaper.

But don’t confuse paper quality with paper finish. The latter, which includes options like gloss, pearl, matte, and luster, is related to appearance of the pages, not their durability.


  • What is a photo book?

    A photograph book is similar to a photograph album, in that it is a way to display photographs from important moments in your life.

    That, even so, is where the similarities finish. While photo albums are typically fabricated of plastic inserts that store physical photos, photograph books are actual books where images are printed on paper and jump.

    Additionally, photo books allow for a trivial more than inventiveness. Similar to scrapbook pages, y’all can arrange the photos in unique means, include text to tell a story, or add graphics and stickers to brand it more than custom.

  • What is a layflat photo volume?

    Most bounden techniques create infinite betwixt pages known every bit the gutter, which creates that small page arch near the spine. Because of this, images are usually restricted to a single page.

    Layflat, nevertheless, is a special binding that makes it possible for the pages to open and lay completely flat. This allows 2 consecutive pages to course one continuous sail of newspaper, making it possible for photos to bridge across more than 1 page. This is the ideal option if yous want your photograph volume to contain panoramic images.

  • What shape should my photo volume be?

    This decision ultimately comes downwards to the shape of your images. If most of your photos are horizontal, it makes sense to go with a mural photo book. If the majority are vertical, a portrait shape is the best choice. If there is an fifty-fifty split and you program on putting multiple photos on a page, y’all could go either way.

    Additionally, if your photo volume is based solely on photos from your Instagram feed, your best bet is a foursquare album.

  • How many pages should my photo book be?

    Choosing the number of pages in your photo volume may require some arithmetic. But don’t worry—information technology’s like shooting fish in a barrel stuff. But count out how many photos y’all want to include in the book, and separate past the number of photos you want to characteristic on a page. (Most experts recommend no more than three photos per page). Although nigh photo books come with a predetermined number of pages, you can add together more pages for actress coin.

This article was written by Leah Rocketto, a lifestyle writer and editor for a decade. To select the all-time picks for your consideration, she sorted through dozens of client reviews and product ratings.