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Smoke bomb photography has been a big trend in 2019, and it’southward not going abroad any time soon. Photographers are using smoke to create atmosphere or add a quick pop of color in portrait, landscape, and abstract photography. When used safely, smoke bombs are a fast, piece of cake, and impressive way to elevate your photos.

To add this technique to your repertoire, here’south a quick guide to finding the right smoke bomb, planning the perfect shot, and snapping it safely and efficiently.

Finding the right smoke bombs

First, exist aware that there are many different types of fume bombs. Some come in a can, others in stick or grenade form. Each blazon and brand will work differently, so wait at the features of each before you lot purchase:

Burn time

Some smoke bombs will concluding longer than others. If you are but getting started, observe something that will requite you close to a infinitesimal of active output for each smoke bomb so that you lot have time to make adjustments.


The density of the smoke volition impact its opacity in your image. Decide ahead of time if yous want sparse coverage for a mist-like outcome or fuller, more opaque coverage.


Practise you need a lighter, or do you but pull a wire? A wire pull is more than straightforward to apply, but information technology can add to the cost. Simply make sure you follow the instructions, no thing which type you choose!

A quick roundup of smoke bomb brands

Best value

Smoke Fountains are a cost-efficient choice that come in stick form and give you approximately 45 seconds of burn time per stick. They’re non recommended for hand-belongings (like near smoke bombs), only have a lot of colors to choose from, including some color-changing options.

Easiest to use

Peacock Smoke is a great entry-level choice. It’s a pace higher up Smoke Fountains in price, but still affordable enough to experiment with. You don’t demand a lighter to activate them, and you go up to 90 seconds of consequence from 1 smoke grenade.

Highest quality

Enola Gaye is the selection of many commercial photographers and videographers (simply ask Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey). They have an impressive lineup packed with features—and for their high output models, a price tag to match. Purchase in majority to cut down on the toll per unit if you feel confident this will be the make for you.

Enthralled by Ian Danda on

Budgeting for a fume bomb photoshoot

If you have everything you’ll need for your fume flop photography except for the actual smoke bombs, they are piece of cake to budget for. To go started, employ these guidelines.

Plan some test shoots

Use your test to run into how long the fume bombs y’all like concluding for, and how many you’ll need to use at a time to become the desired coverage. This volition help y’all make a more educated gauge when you buy smoke bombs for a specific shoot later on.

Consider buying in bulk

This can help with shipping and handling costs, and many manufacturers volition give y’all a discount per unit if yous buy a certain amount in one gild.

Wait for a big auction

Smoke bombs go on sale, just similar whatever other product. Then buy when the toll is right and store them properly for a longer shelf life. In a absurd, dry out location, most will last well over a year.

Gear up to spend betwixt $six and $20 for i fume bomb. A lower-output, upkeep option is always good to outset with if you lot are a truthful beginner, which will give yous leeway to move up to the fancier types when you are confident.

Smoke Bomb by Egor Sukhinin on

Running your fume flop photoshoot

In addition to your normal photoshoot routine, you’ll need to have some new things into consideration when adding smoke bombs to the mix.

In the planning phase,
consider your color choices advisedly. A smoke bomb will introduce a high volume of new color into your setting, which you lot tin can use to your reward. Want your smoke to feel out of identify and in-your-face? Shoot nearly its complementary color. Trying for a calmer, more cohesive effect? Seek out coordinating color schemes.

Make sure you programme for weather weather.
Wind will misemploy the fume more apace, and you won’t be able to control the effect. If you desire your smoke to blow around a bit, bring your own wind in the class of a fan. Even a mitt-held, bombardment-operated version volition practise, and it shouldn’t price more than $ten-$15.

Once you get started, yous’ll need to make the most out of the short amount of active smoke time.
Get your metering and composition out of the way as much as possible earlier you activate the effect.

Don’t forget the lighting!
Your smoke volition be largely opaque, which ways y’all can really make information technology pop with a speedlight or a set of strobes. The fume that is not entirely opaque may requite you lot some interesting light streaks to play around with.

If you choose to concur your fume flop during the shoot,
move it around slowly to get distinctive trails rather than shaking it in one spot.
If you take your model do this, ask him or her to walk across the scene with the smoke bomb before settling into place to get better coverage. You can operate information technology yourself if yous are shooting with a tripod or have a friend or assistant practice the fan work.

Breatharians by QIURII on

Some fume bomb photography inspiration

500px is i of the best places to look for fume flop photography. When you’re setting upwards your shoot, look around at the unlike ways photographers have already used this effect.

Cristian Negroni did a colorful serial of friends running with smoke bombs on the embankment. THANAT used fume bombs to add a haze of mystery to a serial featuring traditional Thai dress. Armaan Sharma lets the smoke bomb accept center stage, photographing information technology without a model in frame.

To find more inspiration, type “smoke bomb photography” in the search field at the top correct of the 500px website.

flare by Piotr Wypar?o on

How to manage the risks of smoke bomb photography

Fume bombs are essentially pyrotechnics, so care for them with a healthy dose of respect. There are some risks associated with this type of photography, so take rubber measures during your shoot.

Prevent fires and explosions with safe use

Shop your smoke bombs away from humidity. Moisture can cause malfunctions inside the fume bomb, which may event in an unexpected explosion. Conversely, don’t plan to use fume bombs if information technology’southward especially dry out, or if there is a burn down ban in your surface area.

When you’re done with a smoke bomb, dispose of information technology responsibly. Bring a metal saucepan to agree the used smoke bombs until your unabridged shoot is over. Make sure to douse each 1 with water equally yous cease.

Avoid burns

Whatever form you cull to buy, grip your smoke bomb abroad from the business terminate. Ever signal it away from faces and other body parts when igniting. If zippo happens a second or two subsequently lighting it, back away and look. This could exist a sign that moisture has gotten into your smoke bomb, and it may be almost to explode.

Only in case, ever have a first aid kit with yous and make sure you have a way to phone call for aid in the event of an emergency.

Keep from staining habiliment and other fabrics

To reduce the risk of staining clothes (and the balance of you), never point a smoke flop directly at a person. Yet, even if you accept every precaution, there’s a chance that colorful powder volition end upward on your model’due south article of clothing. Any powder that does remain will be more obvious on a lighter colour, then plan a wardrobe that’s on the darker side or apply clothing that isn’t a business organisation to stain.

Stay away from the fumes

The fume tin can be irritating if inhaled. Take your model hold his or her breath when stepping directly into the smoke, or etch your photo so that the model can aim his or her nose and mouth away from the natural menstruation of the smoke. As the photographer, you might also consider positioning yourself away from the natural flow of the smoke. Information technology’south hard to be creative when you’re cough.

Don’t crusade a panic

Fume bombs tin alarm people who aren’t expecting them, and for good reason. Only employ smoke bombs for your photography where it is legal to practise so, and always go permission. If at that place’s a chance someone could happen upon your shoot unexpectedly, warn them beforehand (if you know who information technology could exist), or put up a handmade sign (if you lot don’t).

Too, don’t surprise your model with this technique. Inform him or her beforehand of the risks and the precautions you lot plan to take.

Smoking Birdcage by PJ Accetturo on

Fume bomb photoshoot equipment list

We’ve discussed a lot of things you’ll need for your smoke bomb shoot, so hither’due south a quick checklist you can refer back to as you plan:

1 or more fume bombs*

A lighter, if you lot are using a blazon of smoke bomb that does not self-ignite*
to make your smoke color pops
A fan
to blow the fume into position
A tripod
(to go along your camera steady while you move around) or an banana or friend (to help direct the smoke if you are hand-holding your camera)
A metal bucket*


* These items are absolutely necessary.

Now that you have the cognition, it’s time to get the tools and plan your shoot. Remember to test different brands equally you get to find the fume bomb that’s right for you. Employ the right safety measures, keep an middle on your colour theory, and enjoy your brand new photography technique.

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