Sony A Mount Full Frame Lenses

By | 13/10/2022

Sony has become one of the leading names in the world of digital cameras, especially in the full-frame division. Their A-series cameras have been pushing the frontiers of digital photography. Each release sets a new standard for mirrorless cameras.

Just what nigh their lenses? They may non have the renown of Nikon and Canon in the lens department, merely their FE lenses are truly fantabulous. There’s a high standard of build quality and image creation throughout the series.

Nosotros’ll become through the all-time Sony Iron lenses in this mail.

shallow depth of field photo of a Sony camera
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What is the Sony FE Lens Series?

Sony FE lenses are compatible with Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras. In that location is a series of E lenses, which are fabricated for Sony’s APS-C crop sensor cameras. But the Iron series is specific to their total-frame camera range.

The Sony total-frame cameras are those from the A7 and A9 ranges. And they are some of the most powerful mirrorless cameras on the market place.

All Sony FE lenses can be swapped and changed with whatever Sony Atomic number 26-mount photographic camera. At that place’southward an splendid assortment to cull from if yous’re a Sony shooter.

You can use Sony E-mount lenses on Fe-mount cameras, but the prototype will be cropped due to the different sensor sizes. The camera automatically switches to ASP-C way.

FE lenses are also compatible with Sony ASP-C cameras, such as the a6000 series. But they will have 1.5x the focal length and maximum discontinuity multiplication.

At that place is a keen deal of flexibility when it comes to Sony FE lenses. You tin bandy one lens for another. And you lot have a wide range of lenses to cull from. There’s everything from prime number and zoom lenses to macro and telephoto lenses.

a Sony a7 held in the photographers hand with an all red background
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12 Best Sony FE Lenses

Now nosotros’ll get stuck into the best Sony FE lenses. Nosotros’ll take a look at the details and then you can make an educated decision when ownership your next FE lens.

Call back, information technology’south impossible to define i lens as the absolute best. It depends on what y’all want to shoot. All Sony’s lenses are of excellent quality, but we’ll help you navigate the jargon so you can make the correct decision.

Sony FE 24-105mm F4 M OSS

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS

For our top pick, nosotros’re going for the best all-rounder. Information technology’s a standard zoom lens that gives you lot a wide range of shooting options. If you lot were simply immune to leave the house with 1 lens, this is the lens yous’d want to have.

Information technology’southward a zoom lens with a focal length range from 24 to 105mm, giving you a lot to play with. It’south a powerful zoom, so y’all can go those shots that are usually out of reach. Information technology likewise gives you a minimum focusing altitude of 38cm. It’s not macro, merely that’s still close upwards.

The lens is comprised of seven glass elements. Four of which are aspherical, and iii are extra-depression dispersion elements. The elements are fabricated with precision applied science, giving you corner-to-corner resolution.

The quality of the glass elements means there’s minimal if whatsoever, chromatic abnormality throughout the zoom range. No matter what yous’re shooting, the image quality will be pristine and clear.

The transmission focusing band is responsive and smoothen. And the autofocus system is excellent, using Sony’due south unique direct drive supersonic motor system (DDSM). It’s fast, tranquility, and precise.

The minimum aperture is f/22, while the maximum aperture is f/four. It gives you enough to play with, allowing for varying depth of field and bokeh effects. Just it might struggle in darker situations.

The Sony FE 24-105mm lens is a get-to lens for many photographers. You can switch from street photography to portraits without having to modify lenses. Information technology’south a height quality and versatile piece of equipment.

2. Sony Fe 35mm F1.viii Prime number Lens

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony FE 35mm F1.8 Prime Lens

35mm prime lenses are often perceived equally limited or chore-specific. Merely the FE 35mm is a recent release from Sony, and it’south turning out to be a must-have prime lens. With its f/ane.8 large aperture, this Sony EF prime number lens is turning heads.

The lens quality is excellent. The special aspherical drinking glass chemical element ensures superb optical performance, with no distortion or abnormality. But it’s the 9-blade discontinuity that sets this lens apart. This unique design allows for a wider maximum aperture.

35mm lenses are great for everyday shooting out in the street. But the f/1.8 discontinuity opens this lens up to new styles and techniques. Not simply does it allow you to shoot in low-light situations, simply it besides gives y’all a cute and soft bokeh event.

The autofocus is fast and precise. And it’s powered past a linear motor that makes very trivial noise. The focus hold button is a handy characteristic, assuasive you to fix the focus position if yous need to recompose the scene.

One of the most hit things about this Fe lens is how compact information technology is. Information technology’s 6.5cm broad and 7.3cm long. And the whole affair weighs only 280g. Sony has kept things tight, but they made no compromises in build quality.

three. Sony Atomic number 26 12-24mm F2.8 Chiliad Master

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony FE 12-24mm F2.8 G Master

The Sony Fe 12-24mm GM is a broad-angle zoom lens. Or rather, it’s an ultra-wide-bending zoom lens. It gives an extraordinary wide angle of view, making it highly desirable to photographers in many areas.

Focal lengths don’t get much more broad-bending than 12mm. And when set to its widest setting, you tin can create some dynamic perspectives. You tin emphasise distances and showcase expansive spaces.

This lens has a constant f/2.8 maximum aperture. It’s great for working in low calorie-free, and so you don’t have to compromise with shutter speed or ISO.

The outside of the lens has a basic design, merely information technology hides a lens system of the highest composure. Within the lens lies three extreme aspherical elements, with another aspherical chemical element for extra clarity. From 12mm to 24mm, this lens delivers superb paradigm quality.

The autofocus organization is impressive, even by Sony standards. The AF is driven by four linear motors, making it fast and accurate. It also has tracking abilities, and then you don’t lose sharpness when shooting moving subjects.

The Sony Fe 12-24mm F2.eight G Master isn’t cheap. But if you lot can afford it, you won’t regret it. It’s a sublime piece of equipment.

4. Sony FE 85mm F1.4 G Master

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony FE 85mm F1.4 G Master

The Iron 85mm Thou Chief is a Sony E-mountain lens specifically crafted for portrait photography. If you’re a portrait photographer and you’re looking for a portrait lens to go with your Sony
mirrorless camera, this could be the one for you.

This Thousand Master lens has an aperture range from f/1.iv to f/16, giving you flexibility in the studio or on location. The lens has a constant f/1.four max aperture that will help you maintain exposure. And it allows yous to achieve an splendid bokeh effect.

The round aperture system enhances the blurred bokeh issue. It uses 11 blades that maintain a circular gap through which the light can pass. This gives backgrounds and light sources a softer mistiness than many other lenses.

Optical quality is never in question with this lens. Information technology uses a combination of actress-low dispersion (ED) and super ED drinking glass elements. Even at the edges of your shots, chromatic aberration is not something you’ll have to worry about.

The autofocus is powered past a supersonic wave motor. That may sound complicated, simply all you need to know is that it’southward fast and precise. And y’all tin barely hear information technology. If yous want to change to manual focus, you can flick the switch in one second.

The Sony Iron 85mm F1.4 M Chief lens is a portrait lens by nomenclature. But we shouldn’t pigeonhole it too much. Information technology’s a versatile piece of equipment that can too be used for production, mode, and fine art photography.

five. Sony Iron 90mm F2.viii Macro Thousand OSS

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS

The Sony FE 90mm is the master macro lens for all of Sony’s full-frame cameras. It’due south perfect for capturing precise and detailed subjects. The lens gets you shut and gives you excellent prototype quality throughout its range.

It has a vivid f/2.8 maximum aperture, reducing down to an f/22 discontinuity. That’s an excellent range for a macro lens. It also has the circular blade arrangement found in many Sony E-mount lenses. This arrangement helps achieve superb bokeh and focusing effects.

The autofocus is driven by a Direct Bulldoze SSM system. There are two “floating focus” lens groups, each powered by its own motor. And despite having two motors, y’all won’t hear a thing. The near-silent motor makes it perfect for insect photography.

You also get a focus range limiter, allowing you to narrow down the search area of the autofocus. It can save fourth dimension and makes the AF organisation fifty-fifty more precise.

One of the primary selling points of this FE lens is the optical stabilisation system. Paw-held macro photography is tricky, equally the slightest amount of milkshake can have a huge effect. But this system maintains excellent image quality fifty-fifty if you’re shooting by manus.

This is the best macro lens for Sony East-mount full-frame cameras. The build quality is superb, as yous would look from Sony, but the price isn’t out of this globe. The FE 90mm G OSS is the lens yous need for macro photography.

6. Sony Sonnar T 55mm F1.8 Iron ZA

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony Sonnar T 55mm F1.8 FE ZA

The Sony Sonnar T 55mm is a high-quality lens with a broad appeal among Sony full-frame camera users. It’s an first-class choice for street and travel photography. And the 55mm focal length gives an alternative await to a 35mm, giving y’all a narrower field of view.

You go an fantabulous discontinuity range, from f/1.8 to f/22. You won’t need to modify lenses or push your ISO when weather condition modify. The aperture organization uses ix blades that maintain a circular aperture.

The bokeh consequence is not something often associated with prime lenses of this type. But when the aperture is wide open, you can attain a beautiful burred issue. This is helped past the Sony blade system for the lens discontinuity.

That said, these types of furnishings aren’t the speciality of this lens. You might feel some light rings towards the edges if y’all push it besides far in this direction. Merely for an everyday lens for Sony mirrorless cameras, it’s fantastic.

The size is slightly large for a prime lens. And this might put off some street photographers who similar to keep a low contour. But for epitome quality and versatility, information technology’due south of the highest order.

7. Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 G Main OSS

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 G Master OSS

The price of a telephoto lens can often put people off. But for specific fields of photography, information technology’s an essential piece of equipment. And if y’all’re a Sony user, the Iron lxx-200mm Yard Master lens is the best in the business.

Information technology’south a telephoto zoom lens with a focal length range of 70 to 200mm, giving you a huge diverseness of telescopic to piece of work with. The glass elements are beautifully synthetic, giving you lot pristine optimal quality. They take a Nano AR coating that prevents reflections and flare.

The lens has a constant maximum aperture of f/2.8, which maintains exposure quality and depth of field control. The circular bract discontinuity system likewise helps create a fabled bokeh upshot.

The autofocus system is terrific But it’s the optical steady shot image stabilisation that takes this lens to a new level of precision. Whether y’all’re experiencing
camera milk shake
or shooting a subject that won’t hold all the same, the stabiliser keeps everything precipitous.

Telephotos are perfect for wildlife and sports photography. Just the features and functions of the Sony Iron lxx-200mm make it ideal for portraits and telephoto macro photography. The dust and moisture-resistant build means you lot can accept information technology out into the field.

This Sony FE telephoto lens isn’t inexpensive, so it’s not something to purchase on a whim. But if you’re a professional person with a Sony
mirrorless camera, yous tin can consider this an investment. The Sony Atomic number 26 70-200mm G Master won’t disappoint you if you need a telephoto lens.

8. Sony Sonnar T FE 35mm ZA

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony Sonnar T FE 35mm ZA

The Sony Sonnar T Atomic number 26 35mm ZA is a pancake lens. It’south a prime lens, so it has no zoom capabilities. And information technology has a fixed 35mm focal length.

It’s categorised every bit a pancake lens considering it’s shorter than it is wide. It’s a compact prime lens that’s lightweight and like shooting fish in a barrel to carry. This pancake lens is perfect for street photographers who like to stay unimposing.

But despite its small size, information technology’due south a versatile piece of equipment. Information technology gives you a wide discontinuity range, with a maximum aperture of f/2.8. This goes down to f/22, giving y’all a lot of room to manoeuvre. This pancake lens gives you lot a wonderfully wide angle besides.

This Sony E-mount lens uses a Carl Zeiss T* coating for its optical elements. It practically eliminates lens flare and ghosting, giving you lot superb resolution right to the edge of the shot.

The lens uses the circular discontinuity organisation we meet on many of Sony’s Iron lenses. And it’s dust and moisture resistant, significant you tin can take it out shooting even when conditions aren’t perfect.

The Sony Sonnar T 35mm pancake lens is a cracking piece of kit. It’s small and lightweight. Only there is no compromise in quality. Information technology’due south a perfect lens for photographers that don’t desire too much attention.

9. Sony Fe 24-70mm F2.eight 1000 Primary

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 G Master

The Sony Atomic number 26 24-70mm G Master lens is a versatile zoom lens. Information technology’s fabricated for precision photography for any of Sony’s high-resolution full-frame cameras.

Information technology doesn’t have the biggest zoom range. Simply the range from 24 to 70mm gives you a lot to work with. And the image quality is excellent throughout that range.

The quality of the glass is never in doubt with Sony FE lenses. But this zoom lens uses an extreme aspherical chemical element in combination with the other extra-low density elements. It gives you precision with no aberration. And the nano AR blanket also helps to prevent any distortion.

The lens gives you an excellent constant maximum aperture of f/2.8, with the aperture range reaching f/22 at the other end. That’southward impressive for a zoom lens with such a large focal range. It gives you fantastic depression light command.

You have a direct drive SSM motor for the autofocus system. Information technology works smoothly with very footling noise. And it works well for video equally well as stills. The focus hold mode is another great do good when using this lens.

The Sony FE 24-70mm M Master is a zoom lens of the highest quality. It isn’t cheap, simply you are paying for an excellent zoom lens. It’s versatile and holds upwardly when it comes to precision image capture.

ten. Sony FE 28mm F2

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony FE 28mm F2

The Sony FE 28mm is a handy little prime lens. It’s meaty and light, and the image quality is excellent. Information technology has become an ‘everyday’ lens for many Sony photographers.

It works well with all the Sony Due east-mount cameras. But it partners particularly well with the Sony a7 serial.

The focal length is fixed at 28mm, pregnant in that location’due south no zoom. But that’s perfect for street photography. And the weight, which is only 200g, makes it ideal for travel photography too.

The glass element quality is non in question. And the lens uses the circular aperture system that is starting to set up Sony lenses apart from the competition. The apertures range from f/ii to f/22, so y’all have fantastic artistic control.

Sony lenses aren’t known for their low prices. That is in function due to their build and operation. This prime lens has build quality associated with Sony lenses, but y’all won’t have to break the bank to buy one.

11. Sony Iron xvi-35mm F2.eight K Master

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 G Master

The Sony Atomic number 26 16-35mm One thousand Master is a broad-angle zoom lens at the peak of its field. Information technology’s perfect for mural and real-estate photography. And you can fifty-fifty use it for astrophotography with impressive results.

The discontinuity range is first-class to work with. The maximum aperture is f/two.8, and the minimum is f/22. That’s plenty of space to work with. And shooting close-ups with the f/2.8 will give you a beautiful bokeh event.

Again, we run into the Sony circular aperture system, only this time with 11 blades. This gives your soft-focus furnishings smoother edges without losing colour. And as well as the usual extra-low density glass elements, this lens also has two extreme aspherical pieces. Baloney is rarely a business.

You get a solid autofocus organisation. And in that location’south the focus hold button that is another bonus. But one problem is the weight. It’s a hefty piece of gear that y’all’ll feel in your artillery if you lot’re shooting by paw.

But despite the heft, the Sony FE xvi-35mm GM lens is one of the best broad-angle zoom lenses on the marketplace. Maybe non quite as good as the Fe 12-24mm GM, but it’s up there. Unfortunately, quality like this doesn’t come up cheap.

12. Sony FE 100-400mm F4.5 GM OSS

best sony fe lenses: product photo of the Sony FE 100-400mm F4.5 GM OSS

If you demand of a heavy-duty telephoto lens for a Sony East-mountain camera, this could be the lens for you. The Sony FE 100-400mm GM lens gives you tremendous scope ability with your Sony camera.

The focal length range starts at 100mm and goes all the fashion up to 400mm. That can alter the rules of photography. You can capture animals at a distance without disturbing them. And y’all take sports shots from outside the arena.

As with all the other lenses on this list, this lens has excellent glass quality. And there’s the circular blade aperture. Merely the optical steady shot stabilisation system makes their telephoto lenses stand out. It ensures sharp and well-baked images even when shooting from hand.

The lens has 2 supersonic wave motors to ability the autofocus organisation. It’due south precise and reliable, even when y’all’re shooting sports or animals on the move. And you tin switch to transmission focus in the blink of an eye. The focus concur push button is another great feature.

A telephoto lens like this one is an investment. Information technology isn’t inexpensive, but if you demand a telephoto lens that has power and precision, the Sony Iron 100-400mm GM lens could be the i for you.

a close up shot of the Sony A7 III with blue lighting effects
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Sony is making some of the all-time lenses for total-frame cameras right now. If you’re a Sony E-mount camera user, lens quality isn’t something you lot’re going to have to worry almost. At to the lowest degree not if you stick to the Sony brand.

But there is a toll tag to this standard of lens. Of course, this will depend on what you demand. A prime lens volition be cheaper than a telephoto lens. But there is an first-class array of Sony FE lenses to choose from.

I promise this list has pointed you in the right management to select the best Sony Atomic number 26 lens for you.

If you lot’re looking at one of these telephoto lenses for wild fauna photography, check out our Wonderful Wildlife class to make sure yous become the best shots possible!