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By | 09/11/2022

Quick reference (or cheat sheet) for the Alpha 6000

Switching from a Canon DSLR a while dorsum, I plant my new Sony a6000 difficult to larn. A big reason for this is that the last decade has brought many new features to cameras, only the other problem is that the Sony menu system doesn’t guide me to an pick I demand. As a long-fourth dimension tech writer, I’ve made many quick-reference cards and guides, and I needed one for this camera. The i I made gets revised to evidence the features I currently need to look upwardly, as other settings become second-nature and tin be omitted.

1 location to use this would be a smartphone, only that may let it become too long — I desire my sheet to fit on 1 phone screen, or on a bill of fare that fits a shirt pocket or, in my case, taped inside the top parts of my gear bag and camera case. Notation that these unlike ways to view it need somewhat different dimensions.

A flick of i a6000 card is below. This is pretty close to the native or default configuration, though information technology has a few custom settings. It as well includes options a new user will need commencement (and may want to remove later).

If yous think this idea would exist useful, you would demand a way to change the content as your usage changes. I tin send anyone the PDF for the card shown. I was also thinking of selling (cheap) my Word document, which contains all the needed symbols correctly sized and adapted for height on the line. (In writing, I never refer to menu icons by words.) Merely it appears there’s no rubber way to send Word documents. If anyone can tell me how to do it, maybe this thought has potential.

In the following example quick-ref, notation how the options for the monitor (4th line) and autofocus options (next-to-last line) each accept options from very different parts of the menu system. Those illustrate the problem that made me demand this reference.


a6000 Quick Reference Sheet oriented to newer users

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Re: Quick reference (or crook sheet) for the Blastoff 6000

This is prissy, just I detect it not much useful (at to the lowest degree for me). I agree that learning Sony menu system is painful, so I set up my camera to avert menu as much equally possible. Some menu deportment are still needed though, so I set remaining used functions to My carte.

Thanks for back up of community anyway!

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Office Menu and Custom Button Settings


Hi chrBrewster, I made this chart to record function bill of fare and custom push settings for a6000. Thought you might find it useful. Regards!

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