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In 2014 I selected the original A7s as 1 of my favourite cameras of 2014, not simply for its stunning low-light capabilities for both stills and video simply too because at the fourth dimension, it felt like the most mature A7 model. The thing about Sony, however, is that information technology has become harder and harder to pick a favourite given all the new cameras constantly flooding the marketplace. I mean, what other company has managed to release 7 full-frame cameras in less than two years?

With the new generation of mark 2 models, I admit that my impressions near the A7s take slightly changed. The low calorie-free capabilities are still first-class but afterwards using the A7r marker Two for over a year at present, I’ve started to wonder merely how necessary the extra operation of the A7s Two at high ISOs really is.

So when I had the chance to test the latest Sony “low-light monster” camera, I took the opportunity to perform a comparison between the two flagship models.

Is there really a relevant difference in terms of paradigm quality and performance between these two cameras? Let’s notice out!


since these two cameras share many aspects and functionalities, I’ve merely highlighted the near relevant differences in this article.

A7s II, 1/400, f/8, ISO 100

sony a7r ii vs a7s ii
A7r II, ane/60, f/8, ISO 100

Ethics statement:
We own the A7r 2 and rented the A7s II for a calendar week. We were not asked to write anything about the cameras in exchange for the opportunity, nor were we provided with any sort of compensation. Within the commodity, at that place are affiliate links. If you buy something after clicking the link, we volition receive a minor commission. To know more well-nigh our ethics, you tin can visit our full disclosure folio. Thanks!

Sony Alpha A7S II vs A7R Two – Master Specs

  • A7s marker II

  • Sensor: 12 megapixel 35mm full frame Exmor CMOS
  • Lens system: east-mount
  • Weatherproof: Partial (Splash and dust proof)
  • Internal Stabilisation: Yes (5-axis)
  • Autofocus: Contrast detection AF with 169 contrast detection areas
  • Continuous shooting: 5 fps (Speed), 2.5fps (focus)
  • ISO Sensitivity: 100 – 102400 ISO (extended 50, 204800 and 409600)
  • Shutter Speeds: ane/8000 to xxx seconds
  • Viewfinder: XGA OLED electronic viewfinder with two,359k dots, approx. 100% FOV coverage and 0.78x magnification
  • LCD Screen: articulated 3″ LCD monitor (one,228k dots)
  • Moving-picture show recording: XAVC South 4K upward to 30fps, Full Hd upward to 120fps
  • Congenital-in Flash: No
  • Actress Features: WiFi, NFC, Panorama, HDR, Multiple exposure, S-log2, S-log3
  • Dimensions: 126.9 x 95.7 x 60.3mm
  • Weight: 627g (including battery and retentiveness carte)

  • A7r mark II

  • Sensor: 42 megapixel 35mm total frame Exmor R CMOS BSI
  • Lens arrangement: e-mount
  • Weatherproof: Partial (Splash and dust proof)
  • Internal Stabilisation: Yes (five-axis)
  • Autofocus: Dissimilarity detection AF with 25 dissimilarity and 399 phase detection areas
  • Continuous shooting: 5 fps
  • ISO Sensitivity: 100 – 25600 ISO (extended fifty, 51200 and 102400)
  • Shutter Speeds: 1/8000 to thirty seconds
  • Viewfinder: XGA OLED electronic viewfinder with 2,359k dots, approx. 100% FOV coverage and 0.78x magnification
  • LCD Screen: articulated iii″ LCD monitor (1,228k dots)
  • Pic recording: XAVC S 4K upward to 30fps, Full Hard disk drive up to 60fps and 120fps in 720p
  • Built-in Flash: No
  • Extra Features: WiFi, NFC, Panorama, HDR, Multiple exposure, Due south-log2
  • Dimensions: 126.ix x 95.7 x 60.3mm
  • Weight: 625g (including bombardment and memory card)

Design, ergonomics and ease of utilize

The design of the cameras is identical so at that place is basically nothing to compare. Sony updated the trunk of the marking II generation and I acknowledge I adopt it to the mark I series. The shutter release button is easier to attain, the grip is more comfortable and the extra custom push on top is a welcome addition. Both cameras are well-congenital with a magnesium alloy body that features conditions-sealing against dust and wet.

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii

So permit’s start with what I like about both cameras:

  • The grip is comfy fifty-fifty when using a telephoto lens such as the FE seventy-200mmm f/4.
  • The amount of customisation available on both cameras is enough for a proficient user feel but it takes some time to familiarise yourself with all the options available. Some features are hidden and can only be activated if you assign them to a custom button (similar the Eye AF mode). Once you’ve found the optimal customisation, the photographic camera becomes more intuitive and you will be less frustrated by the very unorganised menu organization (information technology’due south a mess).
  • The EVF is excellent thanks to the 0.78x magnification ratio and the Zeiss T* blanket. It is definitely i of the all-time electronic viewfinders on the marketplace right at present. My only complaint concerns the magnification focus aid which decreases the resolution.
sony a7s ii vs a7r ii

Now let’due south see what I dislike and what could be improved:

  • The two dials to command shutter speed and aperture on the front and rear of the camera are a little besides small. The rear one especially is often hard to reach. I prefer the metal dials of the first generation. They were thicker and easier to use.
  • The shooting mode punch on top has an unlock push and you have to press it each time you want to rotate it which is very uncomfortable. Information technology feels like a chore half washed. They could accept given us the option to manually lock or unlock the dial like on other cameras.
  • Some extra customisation would be welcome like the ability to start movie recording with the shutter push in motion picture mode. It would likewise reduce the frustration of using the dedicated movie recording button on the side of the thumb rest which is in an uncomfortable position.
  • The control bike on the rear moves also freely.
  • I don’t find focus peaking precise enough in some situations, no thing which colour or intensity I choose.
  • The heart sensor that automatically activates the EVF is still a niggling scrap too sensitive. It is becoming even worse on my A7r 2 that I’ve owned for more than i twelvemonth at present, so I decided to assign the EVF/LCD switch to the correct button of the command bike and alter it manually.
sony a7s ii vs a7r ii

I don’t really have much to add. The LCD screen is the aforementioned as the other A7 cameras and tin be tilted up or down. I wonder why Sony didn’t opt for a multi-angle monitor on the A7s 2 since the latter is designed mainly for video. It could take been a welcome update. The monitors lack impact sensitivity and that could exist some other welcome add-on (Sony has the technology because they implemented it on the a5100).

Both cameras come up with a proper battery charger and ii batteries. Both cameras tin can also be charged via USB. Don’t await much from the bombardment performance though: these are the two worst A7 cameras in this regard particularly if you lot shoot 4K video. Two is the minimum but I recommend at to the lowest degree three or iv. Optional battery/vertical grips are available to aggrandize the battery life. There is the official Sony VG-C2EM ane (takes 2 batteries and has 3 custom buttons) or the third political party MK-A7II from Meike (2 batteries and includes a wireless remote).

Also included in the box is a cablevision protector for the microphone and headphone ports, useful when shooting video with external accessories connected to the camera.

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii

Sony A7R II vs A7S II – Image quality

While both cameras accept a 35mm (full-frame) sensor, the offset principal difference concerns the resolution and sensor type.

The A7s mark 2 has a 12MP Exmor CMOS sensor with an ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 204800 ISO and two extended values (pull l, push 409600 ISO). It is the full-frame camera with the widest ISO range forth with the Nikon D4s and excluding the Nikon D5 (upward to ISO 3,280,000).

The A7r mark 2 has a 42MP sensor with BSI (Back-Side Illuminated) that it supposed to provide better dynamic range and depression-lite operation since the construction of the sensor allows it to gather more than light than traditional CMOS sensors. The ISO sensitivity goes from 100 up to 25600 with 3 extended values (pull fifty, push button 51200 and 102400 ISO).

Given the difference in sensor resolution, I won’t go into too much detail concerning sharpness and item in good light and at low ISOs since the A7r II has a articulate advantage. However, I would similar to remind you that despite the megapixel race that has gripped the digital photography earth, the 12MP of the A7s Two is however more than than enough for many purposes including small and medium sized prints.

Once thing I can point out is that I establish a slightly different color rendering betwixt the two sensors even when the settings are exactly the same on both cameras, including the colour profile. The A7s marking Ii tends toward a more “yellow” tint in comparison to the A7r Two. It can as well exist noticed in bogus low-cal and at high ISOs. Information technology is likewise worth noting that both cameras share the same artistic style (colour profile) options.

Apropos dynamic range, here again the difference is not that relevant. Both sensors are really adept and can handle highlights and shadows very well. I took a comparison shot with very stiff contrast as you can see below. I opened the shadows to the maximum (+100), recovered the highlights completely (-100) and raised the exposure by 3EV in Lightroom. Sharpness and noise reduction were gear up to 0. The RAW file quality was set to uncompressed for both cameras. Every bit you lot can see at that place is racket from both cameras in the shadows. The A7r Two retains a little more particular only also tends toward a dark-green tint.

a7r ii vs a7s ii
A7s Ii, 1/1600, f/11, ISO 100
Click on the paradigm to open the full res version.

a7r ii vs a7s ii
A7r 2, 1/1600, f/11, ISO 100
Click on the image to open the full res version.

If I postal service process the ii shots in a normal style, the results look fine and comparable on both cameras, albeit with that slight difference in tint I mentioned in a higher place.

Sony A7R II vs A7S II – Depression Light and ISO

The chief departure between the two cameras has to do with high ISO performance as expected. Nonetheless the results are closer than we might think at commencement especially if we analyse information technology in terms of usable images.

Below is a comparison with a shot taken at 12800 ISO. This is the sensitivity I consider the very limit on the A7r mark Two but it is still usable. I resized the A7r II version to match the 12MP of the A7s II. Every bit you lot tin see, the difference is non that big. The A7s 2 has less color noise while the A7r 2 has slightly more sharpness. Now remember that this is without whatever noise reduction practical to the Raw files. With +10 or +15 colour dissonance reduction in Lightroom, both images would await even improve.

sony a7r ii vs sony a7s ii
A7s II, i/v, f/, ISO 100
Click on the image to open the total res version.

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii low light
A7r 2, ane/v, f/5.6, ISO 100 – 12MP resized
Click on the prototype to open the full 12MP res version.

At present if I include the 42MP version of the A7r 2 image, it might announced that is has more noise. Nevertheless, you lot also get virtually 4 times the resolution. This is to me an advantage for ii reasons:

  • You can downsample to reduce the noise perception while keeping an first-class resolution (xx or 24MP for example).
  • A higher resolution will give yous more detail when printing.
sony alpha a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7r Two, i/5, f/5.6, ISO 100
Click on the image to open the total 42MP version.

So where is the real reward of the A7s II?

Well, I find the A7s II usable up to 51200, with 102400 ISO being the very limit for extreme situations. From 25600 the A7r mark II really starts to lose some detail and noise simply becomes likewise invasive. So there is a 2 or 3Ev advantage at extremely high ISO values. If you click hither you can admission a total ISO comparison gallery from ISO 800 upwards to the maximum accomplish of each photographic camera.

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii low light
A7s Two, 1/20, f/v.half-dozen, ISO 51200
Click on the prototype to open the full res version.

sony alpha a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7r II, ane/20, f/5.half-dozen, ISO 51200
Click on the image to open the full res version.

Having two or 3 stops of usable ISO could exist seen as a neat advantage at first but as far as stills are concerned, I realised that I rarely need to go beyond 12800. I’ve shot in diverse low-light situations with the A7r mark II and I rarely felt the need for amend performance. Usually a fast lens is enough to compensate or if you don’t need a fast shutter speed, there is as well the sensor stabilisation (more on this further below).

Sony A7S II vs A7R II – Video

What could be amend than a proper comparison video to show you the differences apropos the 4K and Full Hd capabilities of the 2 cameras? Beneath yous volition observe a v minute clip that compares the two cameras in terms of their colours, dynamic range, ISO, autofocus, stabilisation, rolling shutter and more.

If I were to summarise briefly the key differences when it comes to video, I would say that:

  • The A7s Two is designed to give the best quality in full frame mode while the A7r II has full pixel readout in APS-C/Super35 mode.
  • The A7s Two has better loftier ISO capabilities but the A7r Two holds well up to ISO 12800 in Super35 mode.
  • The A7r Two has a faster autofocus.
  • The A7s Two can do 120fps in Full Hard disk while the A7r Ii can only do this in 720p.
  • The A7s II has an extra South-log gamma profile (S-log3).

Note: in the video above I mention a black spot effect on the A7s 2. This is no longer a problem since Sony released a firmware update (1.10) that solves the result.

Autofocus and 5-axis stabilisation (Stills and Video)

Concerning the autofocus capabilities, I institute that the A7r mark 2 was conspicuously superior even in depression-light. By dissimilarity, I expected something more from the A7s II given its great low-light sensitivity (-4Ev). Of course the two AF systems are dissimilar and then that explains the discrepancy and shows how phase detection points can provide better results.

The A7s has a dissimilarity detection AF arrangement with 169 points. The nine key AF points are divided into 16 segments. The continuous shooting speed is 5fps with speed priority and 2.5fps with focus priority.

The A7r 2 has a hybrid autofocus system with 25 dissimilarity and 399 phase detection points. The 399 phase detection points make the camera more compatible with A-mount and EF mount lenses. The camera tin can shoot up to 5fps with focus priority.

In good light, both cameras focus fast in Unmarried AF and overall the performance is similar since the A7r II uses contrast detection in S-AF. In Continuous AF, the A7r 2 has a articulate advantage considering it switches to phase detection and so y’all don’t take that annoying back and along motility of the lens. In the simple test below, you tin run across how the A7r Ii managed to rails Heather running more accurately. The A7r II too has some other advantage and that is its flare-up speed of 5fps with focus priority. By dissimilarity, Sony reduced the speed on the A7s Two to ii.5fps.

Note: the green label means that the shot is perfectly in focus. Yellow means that the outcome is slightly soft and cerise means that it is out of focus. You can bank check out the full sized images in the Smugmug gallery here. The shots were taken with the Iron 55mm f/1.eight.

sony a7r ii vs a7s ii
A7r II Continuous AF Test: out of 22 shots, 8 were slightly soft.

sony a7r ii vs a7s ii
A7s Two Continuous AF test: the slowest speed in burst mode and in tracking focus gave me simply four shots equally a result. Only one (the first) is perfectly in focus.

In low-light, the A7r II focuses faster if you leave it in C-AF. With the A7s Ii no matter which focus mode you choose the lens will still chase. Information technology also suffers from specular highlights and sometimes focuses on the background instead of the subject area even when using the pocket-size or medium flexible spot area. I had the gamble to shoot a lantern parade recently with the A7s marker II so I was able to compare the feel with a similar consequence I shot 1 calendar month ago in another boondocks. Overall I institute the A7r II faster and more accurate while with the A7s II struggled more. In the end I brought back good shots from both cameras.

I wouldn’t hesitate to apply the A7r Two for this kind of low light event, taking into consideration everything I’ve written and so far about the IQ and AF.

sony a7r ii vs a7s ii
A7s II, ane/100, f/four, ISO 5000

sony a7r ii vs a7s ii
A7r II, 1/100, f/ii.viii, ISO 6400

Sony implemented 5-axis sensor stabilisation on all the mark Two models. Here over again I ran a quick test to see if there was a relevant departure in operation. Both cameras have the same shutter mechanism (500,000 cycles) and they also have an electronic first drapery and a total electronic shutter. The latter can help to reduce shake.

With the A7s Ii, I managed to take a perfectly sharp shot at 1.6s (electronic shutter) and an about perfect shot at 2s. The A7r Ii struggles more because more than megapixels hateful that the sensor is more sensitive to micro shakes. I managed to button the A7r 2 downward to 1s using the electronic shutter and I got an almost perfect result. Overall I also needed fewer attempts with the A7s II than with the A7r II to get skillful results.

sony a7s ii vs sony a7r ii
A7r II, 1s, f/2.8, ISO 100 – Hand held
Click on the prototype to open the full res version.

sony a7s ii vs sony a7r ii
A7r II, 1/5, f/2.8, ISO 400 – Hand held
Click on the paradigm to open the full res version.

sony a7s ii vs sony a7r ii
A7s II, 2s, f/4, ISO 100 – Hand held
Click on the image to open the full res version.

sony a7s ii vs sony a7r ii
A7s Two, 1.6s, f/three.5, ISO 100 – Hand held
Click on the image to open the full res version.

The examples to a higher place are farthermost. In a normal situation I would suggest to stay higher up 1/2s at the very to the lowest degree. The keeper rate improves considerably above 1/5s.

Determination – Sony A7S 2 or A7R Two ?

In 2015, I wholeheartedly recommended the A7s for its bang-up low-light capabilities, but now that the A7r 2 and A7s Ii are out, I discover myself hesitating more. I think that for most situations, the A7r Two is a more complete photographic camera. Most of the time, the needs you lot might have in depression-light situations are met with the v-axis stabilisation, the corking performance of the 42MP BSI sensor and a fast lens.

If low-low-cal situations are what you detect yourself encountering on a daily basis, and so the A7s II can become a amend option if you know y’all will frequently use it between 6400 and 51200 ISO. If you lot work with Sony cameras already, it tin also become an first-class second trunk for stills in poor light.

My opinion of these two cameras isn’t the same for video. While the A7r 2 has excellent 4K capabilities, the A7s Ii was born to shoot movies to a higher place all else and the footage I recorded with it is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen from a mirrorless camera. More than for photographers, this camera is a bully tool for filmmakers. Withal if your video needs are not that desperate, the quality of the A7r 2 is more than enough.

One last thing: What about the Sony A7 II?

ILCE-7M2, 1/800, f/ xi, ISO 125

With all the recent announcements, the A7 2 seems to have faded into the background, even though it isn’t much older than the other models. The truth is that this camera is still an splendid choice and is maybe the nearly balanced of the three if we take toll into account.

Its dynamic range and low-light performance can exist just equally good and it features the same design and the 5-axis stabilisation organisation. Information technology lacks some useful features such as the electronic shutter but there is a firmware update that brings uncompressed RAW and the power to choose phase detection points manually to raise compatibility with A-mount lenses and the LA-EA3 adapter. The only major difference concerns the video capabilities where the other 2 cameras are clearly superior.

Check price of the Sony A7r II on:
Amazon | Amazon UK | B&H Photo | eBay

Bank check cost of the Sony A7s 2 on:
Amazon | Amazon U.k. | B&H Photograph | eBay

Second-hand Sony cameras on


Sony A7R Ii vs Sony A7S 2 – Sample Images

A7s marking Two

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7s II, one/200, f/five.6, ISO 200 – Atomic number 26 55mm f/1.8

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7s Ii, ane/125, f/two.8, ISO 4000 – Fe 55mm f/one.viii

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7s II, 1/250, f/viii, ISO 100 – Fe 55mm f/1.8

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7s II, 1/1600, f/8, ISO 100 – Fe 55mm f/i.8

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7s 2, one/5, f/4, ISO 4000 – Sigma 35mm Art

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7s II, 1/100, f/two.8, ISO 8000 – FE 55mm f/1.eight

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7s Ii, 1/100, f/two.eight, ISO 20000 – FE 55mm f/1.viii

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7s Ii, 1/100, f/2.8, ISO 16000 – FE 55mm f/ane.eight

A7r mark Two

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7r II, 1/100, f/8, ISO 200 – FE seventy-200mm f/4

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7r 2, 1/400, f/two, ISO 100 – Milvus 100mm f/2

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7r II, 1/1000, f/4, ISO 100 – Atomic number 26 70-200mm f/iv

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7r II, 1/2000, f/6.3, ISO 400 – Sigma 150-600mm C

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7r II, ane/2500, f/1.4, ISO 100 – Sigma 24mm Art

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7r II, 1/3200, f/eight, ISO 100 – Ultron 21mm f/1.8

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7r 2, 1/fifty, f/ii.eight, ISO 6400 – Sigma lxx-200mm f/2.8

sony a7s ii vs a7r ii
A7r Two, 10s, f/1.8, ISO 3200 – Ultron 21mm f/ane.8

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