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Sony A7 Ii Vs A7s Ii

By | 24/08/2022

Sony a7S II vs a7S III: What’s new and why it matters



The five-yr gap between the launch of the a7S II and the announcement of the a7S 3 had some people wondering whether Sony had given up on the idea of a video-focused a7 model. The enhanced video adequacy of the core a7 line fabricated that seem plausible (the a7 Three does many of the things the a7S II did).

But the Mark III is hither and it represents more than just a Marker 2 brought up to competitive spec. Instead information technology’due south the most serious video photographic camera the Sony Alpha range has ever seen and makes the older camera look rather bones, past comparison.

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Source: https://www.dpreview.com/articles/1661784063/sony-a7s-ii-vs-a7s-iii-what-s-new-and-does-it-matter