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By | 10/11/2022

The Sony α7 III is an interchangeable-lens mirrorless camera with a 35mm full-frame image sensor, 24.2MP resolution, 5-axis stabilization, fast automobile-focus response, and full-frame 4K HDR.

Is it good for video, vlogging, video production, videographers, videography?

Sony a7III Price in Singapore

As at March 2019…

  • Body Simply (ILCE-7M3) Due south$ii,899.00
  • Trunk + 28-70mm Zoom Lens (ILCE-7M3K) S$three,299.00
Source: Sony Singapore

SD Carte du jour

4K recording employs XAVC South format at bitrates every bit high as 100 Mbps. A Class 10 or college SDHC/SDXC bill of fare is required for XAVC South format movie recording. UHS Speed Class 3 or college menu is required for 100 Mbps recording.

Recommended Memory Cards:

  • SanDisk Farthermost Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I V30 U3 Class10 95MBPS Card (for slots 1 and ii, must have V30)
  • Sandisk Farthermost Pro 128 GB SDXC UHS-II U3 Class10 300MBPS Carte du jour (for slot i just, for 4K recording)

Note: 128GB is only comfortable to shoot a long event video. 128GB holds well-nigh 2.five hours of video. 64GB is too modest, hence you need to keep changing cards. 256GB is possible, but it’southward a personal option. At that place are other brands, but I have been using Sandisk for years without problems.

Sony a7 III vs Sony a7 Ii

Sony a7 3 Sony a7 Ii
Mar 2019 US$1998
Mar 2019 Us$998
Released Feb 2018 Released November 2014
24.2MP 24.3MP
10fps silent (photograph) 5fps (photo)
ISO 50-51,200 ISO 50-25,600
693 stage notice points 117 stage notice points
Faster Auto Focus
Better Battery Life
Touch-screen Focus No Touch-screen Focus 😟
FHD 120p, 4K 30p max FHD 60p max 😟
2 SD Menu Slots one SD Card Slot
— same —
Microphone Input Microphone Input
Headphone Output Headphone Output
5-centrality stabilisation 5-axis stabilisation
thirty-min video limit 😟 30-min video limit 😟
No Flip Screen 😟 No Flip Screen 😟
— extra info —
Best SD Card:
SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I V30 U3 Class10 95MBPS Carte (for slots 1 and 2, must have V30)
Sandisk Farthermost Pro 128 GB SDXC UHS-II U3 Class10 300MBPS Card (for slot 1 only, for 4K recording)

Best SD Bill of fare:
SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I V30 U3 Class10 95MBPS Card

Sony a7 III fives Sony a7R III

The Sony Blastoff A7R Iii combines a loftier-resolution sensor with an impressive 10fps continuous shooting speed and powerful 4K video features.

But the new Sony Alpha A7 III matches information technology in practically every respect except resolution, has a ameliorate autofocus arrangement and buffer chapters in continuous shooting mode, and sells for less than two-thirds the toll.

The a7R III costs $2000 more, but the A7 III has better AF and better depression light performance.

EVF = Electronic View Finder

vs a6500

VS Panasonic GH5

GH5 is lighter, with camera and lens, x-bit codec, and deeper depth of field, and will tape until the SD card fills
The A7III is heavier, camera and lenses, 8-bit codec, shallower depth of field, better continuous autofocus, better dynamic range, and better high ISO performance, and stops recording after 30 minutes.

VS Canon EOS R

The Canon EOS R is nigh the same price but doesn’t take 5-centrality stabilization, no dual SD menu slots, 4K cropped at x1.74.

VS Canon M50

The Canon M50 4K is only 24fps with crop.

Sony A7III Best Video Settings

Universal Setting

  • Go to Menu tab5 screen7.
  • Setting Reset | Initialize | OK (Do this just once when y’all take over the photographic camera from someone else who may have messed up the setting)
  • — SETTING TO VIDEO Manner —
  • Gear up Manner Dial to video mode.
  • Ensure Exposure Compensation Dial is at 0.
  • Insert the SD Card.
  • Press the MENU button.
  • Get to Menu tab5 screen5.
  • Format SD CARD. (Do this once for every new project to ensure sufficient storage space)
  • — SETTING UP Bill of fare SLOTS —
  • Become to Menu tab5 screen6.
  • Rec. Media Settings | Prioritize Rec. Media: Slot ane | Recording Fashion: Simult (video) | Auto Switch Media: On
  • Get to Bill of fare tab5 screen2.
  • Auto Pwr OFF Temp.: High
  • Touch on Functioning: On
  • Go to Menu tab2 screen3.
  • Motion picture w/ shutter: On
  • — SETTING MONITOR Effulgence —
  • Get to Menu tab5 screen1.
  • Monitor Brightness | Brightness Setup: Sunny Atmospheric condition
  • Go to Menu tab2 screen4.
  • SteadyShot: (Off when using tripod / On when handheld)
  • — SETTING Transmission EXPOSURE —
  • Go to Menu tab2 screen1.
  • Exposure Mode: Manual Exposure
  • File Format: XAVC S 4K / XAVC S Hd / AVCHD
  • Record Setting: 30p 100M (XAVC South 4K) / 30p 50M (XAVC S HD)
  • FIX the shutter speed to i/sixty past adjusting the Rear Dial.
  • Press Fn.
  • Ready ISO: 800 (the native limit in S-Log)
  • Press DISP.
  • Turn on Histogram and Level.
  • Printing Fn.
  • Focus Style: Continuous AF
  • Focus Surface area: Expand Flexible Spot
  • Get to Menu tab1 screen6.
  • Set. Face up
    in AF: On | Face
    Frame Dsp: On
  • Press Fn.
  • White Balance | Custom Setup | Point the photographic camera at a white or greyness object | Press the control wheel
  • — SETTING Artistic Way —
  • Get to Menu tab1 screen12.
  • Artistic Way: Standard
  • — ADJUSTING Discontinuity —
  • Set the aperture for exposure depending on the scene by adjusting the front dial.
  • — SETTING Audio —
  • Go to Carte du jour tab2 screen2.
  • Audio Recording: On
  • Sound Rec Level: Adjust and so level won’t hitting the red.
  • Go to Bill of fare tab2 screen9.
  • Audio Signals: Off
  • Go to Menu tab2 screen6.
  • Zebra Setting | Display: On | Level: seventy
  • Get to Menu tab1 screen13.
  • MF Aid: On
  • Peaking Setting | Display: On | Level: Mid | Colour: White
  • — SETTING Motion picture Profile —
  • Go to Menu tab5 screen1.
  • Gamma Disp Assistance: Auto
  • Go to Menu tab1 screen12.
  • Picture Profile | PP1 to PP2 | Personal Preference

Picture Profiles

  • Motion-picture show Profiles:
    • Cine4 Profile for dark shoots | From https://youtu.exist/wSesP08LCcs | Black Level: +5, Gamma: Cine4, Black Gamma Range: Middle, Blackness Gamma Level: +6, Knee Mode: Manual/Point:fourscore%/Gradient:+2, Color Mode: South-Gamut3 Cine, Saturation: +3, Color Phase: +3 | Color Depth: R+ane/1000-2/B+iii/C+iii/G+3/Y0 | Item Level: 0
    • S-Log2 Profile for daytime 120fps shoots | From | Blackness Level: +5 | Gamma: S-Log2 | Blackness Gamma Range: Wide, Level: +v | Knee Fashion: Manual, Point:lxxx%, Slope:+2 | Color Fashion: S-Gamut3 Cine | Saturation: +iii | Color Phase: +3 | Color Depth: R+2/G-0/B+3/C+3/M+2/Y+two | Item Level: 0
    • S-Log3 Profile for daytime 120fps shoots | From https://youtu.exist/wSesP08LCcs | Black Level: +v | Gamma: S-Log3 | Black Gamma Range: Wide, Level: +5 | Knee Way: Transmission, Betoken: 80%, Slope: +2 | Colour Mode: S-Gamut3 Cine | Saturation: +3 | Color Phase: +3 | Color Depth: R+1/Thou-0/B+3/C+3/Chiliad+2/Y+2 | Detail Level: 0
    • Gear up dial i custom setting for regular 4K shoots | File Format: XAVC S 4K | Record Setting: 24p 100M | Shutter: i/fifty | Aperture: Widest if possible | ISO: 800 (the native limit in S-logs)
    • Ready punch two custom setting for slow motility 120p shoots | File Format: XAVC S HD | Record Setting: 120p 100M | Shutter: 1/250 | Aperture: Widest if possible | ISO: 800 (the native limit in Due south-Log3)
    • AF bulldoze speed: Normal
    • AF Track Sensitivity: Responsive
    • Audio Recording: On
    • Sound Level Brandish: On
    • Grid Line: Rule of 3rds Grid

What is BT.2020?

Rec. 2020 or BT.2020, defines various aspects of ultra-loftier-definition tv (UHDTV) with standard dynamic range (SDR) and wide color gamut (WCG), including picture resolutions, frame rates with progressive scan, bit depths, colour primaries, RGB and luma-blush color representations, chroma subsampling, and an optoelectronic transfer function. –

What is HLG?

HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) for instant HDR workflow. The HLG motion-picture show contour supports instantaneous HDR workflow. Movies recorded in HLG flick mode will appear true-to-life with minimized black-crush or blown highlights that tin can deteriorate gradation and details, without color grading.

ONE Complaint

No flip screen. Vloggers need that.

Sony a7iii Operating Manual


  • https://world wide
  • https://world wide
  • Maarten Heilbron’s Sony A7 Iii Best Video Settings

To exist continued…

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