Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Camera List

By | 18/10/2022

Sony has one of the best mirrorless camera lineups out there and with the abiding release of their new mirrorless cameras, the Alpha series that combines the professional person functionality in a smaller compact torso, each year, in that location are more options for you to choose from than ever before.

That said, with more options, comes the overwhelming feeling for you to pick the correct Sony mirrorless photographic camera that fits the type of travelers you are. That is why I decided to write this guide, to help you choose which Sony mirrorless cameras from the Alpha Series is perfect for you.

Outset, let’due south begin with why yous should consider ownership a mirrorless photographic camera from Sony instead of the regular DSLR offered by other players like Canon.

The Best Travel Lenses For Sony a7III, a7C, a7RIV, and More

The All-time Travel Lenses For Sony a7III, a7C, a7RIV, and More

  • Quick Summary: The Best Sony Mirrorless Cameras to Purchase
  • Why Choose Mirrorless Over DSLR?
  • Why Choose Sony?
  • Differences Betwixt Full-Frame and APS-C Cropped Sensor Cameras
  • Understanding Sony Mirrorless Photographic camera Lineup

    • The Sony APS-C Cameras
    • The Sony Full-Frame Cameras
    • The Sony Vlogging Cameras
  • Then Which Sony Mirrorless Camera is Perfect for Me?

    • The Cheapest Sony Photographic camera
    • The Best Sony Camera for Extremely Light Travelers
    • The All-time Value Sony Camera for Vlogging
    • The Best Sony Camera for Enthusiasts
    • The Best Sony Camera for Lite Travelers and Enthusiasts
    • The All-time Sony Photographic camera For Professional Lensman
    • The Best Sony Camera For Professional Filmmaker
    • The Best Sony Camera Coin Can Buy
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Quick Summary: The Best Sony Mirrorless Cameras to Buy

Why Choose Mirrorless Over DSLR?

Throw away that DSLR setup and join the mirrorless movement

There are 2 chief things you need to learn virtually camera lens specification that volition help you pick the correct lens for you lot, focal length and aperture.

This debate tin can accept days to discuss but to sum it up without going into technical detail, it all boils down to the compact size and cheaper toll that comes with picking the mirrorless camera arrangement over DSLR.

DSLR used to reign supreme for ages when it comes to cameras of choice for professionals but with the new mirrorless technology and its fast-pace evolution spearheaded past Sony, the mirrorless cameras have since take hold of upwardly and even surpasses DSLR in many fronts.

The mirrorless is likewise new technology with many companies investing heavily in its research and development. It is the time to come of photography and since ownership a camera is like investing in an asset, who wouldn’t want to invest in a future-proof asset like the mirrorless engineering?

This is why I use a mirrorless camera and why I would recommend anyone to brand the switch especially if you are a traveler and are looking for a professional-course camera in a more compact size than the DSLR cameras.

Why Choose Sony?

Me taking a photo of myself in a car side mirror on a Sony a6500.

When yous are buying a camera from a brand, you are likewise investing in its ecosystem by ownership lenses and accessories and it tin be very expensive if yous want to switch from i ecosystem to another.

That is why picking the right brand to invest your money in is 1 of the hardest decisions you will have to make when yous are buying a new photographic camera. There are quite a few options out there simply no brand has developed as fast as Sony when it comes to mirrorless technology.

Canon may exist the #1 photographic camera brand in the DSLR world, but no one tin compete with Sony correct at present when it comes to mirrorless cameras as they have many years of experience developing and refining their cameras while Canon stuck to their guns until only recently where they caved in and released their mirrorless camera lineup.

It is due to this delivery by Sony at an early stage that allowed them to propel and lead anybody in the mirrorless industry and with its fast release cycle, nosotros are sure to expect more than and exciting features from them every year.

When it comes to lens selection, Sony used to lack behind the others but not anymore. Equally Sony mirrorless cameras gained popularity worldwide, and so is the lens option with manufacturers similar Sigma and Rokinon jumping on the bandwagon equally well as the forever-expanding list of official lenses past GMaster and Zeiss that they created for the Sony E-Mount organisation.

All in all, if you are looking for a new mirrorless camera to buy, Sony is the style to go.

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Differences Between Total-Frame and APS-C Cropped Sensor Cameras

Full frame cameras and cropped cameras all on one table

Without existence too technical, the primary difference betwixt full-frame and cropped is the field of view the sensor can capture. Full-frame refers to a sensor size that is equal to 35mm format, a gold standard used since forever and any smaller sensor size is referred to every bit cropped.

The cropped sensor Sony used on their a6XXX series is called APS-C and it has a ingather factor of 1.5X. Basically, this ways that the field of view you get from the APS-C cropped sensor is smaller than what you will get from its full-frame counterparts.

The lenses of a full-frame camera gets bigger and bigger

Full frame cameras
are generally better than the cropped cameras with the sensor being bigger assuasive you to capture more than. It will also let in more light allowing for a higher quality image and a meliorate low-light performance than the cropped cameras.

But with great ability, come up great responsibility and that responsibility comes in the money you will have to spend on it. Full-frame cameras and their lenses are normally more expensive. It is also larger and heavier than cropped cameras so information technology might not be platonic if y’all want to travel light.

The smaller form factor of the Sony cropped camera

Cropped cameras, on the other hand, are more compact, much lighter and more affordable than full-frame cameras. The sensor is smaller on the cropped sensor then the paradigm quality may non be every bit great and low-calorie-free performance not as good equally total-frame cameras.

That said, I take used the Sony cropped sensor extensively for the by 2 years and I have to say that the quality is more than enough for traveling. The images are crisp, the videos are equally abrupt as information technology gets, and best of all, the size of the camera and its accessories are however manageable especially for a calorie-free traveler/backpacker similar myself.

Now that nosotros have laid the background for Sony cameras, let’s explore more than most what Sony has to offer in its extensive list of mirrorless cameras.

5 Reasons Why I'm Sticking With the Sony APS-C Camera

v Reasons Why I’m Sticking With the Sony APS-C Photographic camera

Understanding Sony Mirrorless Camera Lineup

A bunch of Sony Full-Frame mirrorless cameras on a table.

With every new release, the Sony photographic camera lineup gets more and more than confusing, just in all this madness, there is actually a pattern to information technology and once you understand them, information technology becomes a little easier to grasp which should help you decide which to buy.

Outset, nosotros can dissever the Sony Mirrorless Cameras into 2 categories, the APS-C cropped sensor and the Full-Frame Sensor. You tin can easily recognize this by its naming convention where the names of APS-C cameras start with a6XXX whereas the names of their full-frame cameras outset with a7.

The Sony APS-C Cameras (a6000 – a6600)

Let’s begin with the APS-C cameras every bit it is the simplest one to sympathise. There are basically iii main cameras for the APS-C series, A6000 for beginners, A6300 for enthusiasts, and A6500 for advanced users.

These 3 cameras released in 2014, early 2016 and late 2016 respectively were the iii base models that had been the face of Sony’s APS-C cameras for years, until they release the new and confusingly named cameras, Sony A6100, A6400, and A6600 in 2019.

Their goal is to discontinue the A6000, A6300, and A6500 and replace the APS-C lineup with the newer A6100, A6400, and A6600. Simply put, the A6100 is the newer version of A6000, A6400 is a newer version of A6300, and finally, A6600 is a newer version of A6500.

The Sony Full-Frame Cameras (a7, a7R, and a7S)

Now, if you recollect the naming convention for APS-C cameras is disruptive, you are in for a treat. With full-frame cameras, Sony decided to apply a unlike naming convention. Now the camera lineup is divided into a7 (the basic model), a7R (loftier-resolution), and a7S (loftier-sensitivity).

The a7 is the balanced or the basic model that is basically the jack of all trade full-frame camera, smashing for enthusiasts and avant-garde users who are looking for an affordable full-frame camera.

The a7R is the high-resolution model that offers the all-time in grade resolution and paradigm quality, and a smashing all-around camera for most purposes.

The a7S is the high-sensitivity model that focuses on capturing keen videos especially in low-low-cal but not much else.

The a7C is a new series of a7 cameras Sony is releasing with the accent on keeping these high-operation cameras compact.

For every iteration of these Sony full-frame cameras, they will add a roman numerical version number to it. For example, a7 becomes a7II, and a7R becomes a7RII, etc.

And so if y’all expect at their current total-frame photographic camera lineup, y’all would meet that the latest balanced model is a7III (tertiary generation), the latest high-resolution model is a7RIV (fourth generation), the latest compact model is a7C, and finally, the latest high sensitivity model is a7sIII (third generation).

14 Best Sony Zoom Lenses to Buy in 2022

14 Best Sony Zoom Lenses to Buy in 2022

The Sony Vlogging Cameras (ZV-1 – ZV-E10)

This is a new series of cameras Sony is releasing with the emphasis on vlogging features like production/person priority mode, flip-out screen, etc. They are built specifically for vloggers and they come up in a mix between other Sony camera sensors I mentioned in a higher place with the Sony ZV-ane camera which uses the small 1-inch sensor they used on their RX100 series and the Sony ZV-E10 camera, which uses the APS-C sensor similar the Sony a6000s serial.

Other than its vlogging-specific feature list, the cameras in this serial are also more affordable than tall the other cameras in this article which, I would say, are geared more towards enthusiasts and professionals. If you are looking for a camera to vlog with, the Sony ZV series is the best way to become.

8 Best Cameras For Travel Vlogging To Buy

8 Best Cameras For Travel Vlogging To Buy

And then Which Sony Mirrorless Camera is Perfect for Me?

Me holding a Sony a6500 camera being split in a mirror.

Everything in photography all boils down to the budget you are willing to invest in your photographic camera. You tin expect to spend from 550 USD all the manner to 3500 USD for a mirrorless photographic camera these days.

With the equipped noesis of the Sony Mirrorless Photographic camera lineup, let’s explore the best mirrorless cameras out there and find the perfect one that fits your needs the most. Allow’s begin with the cheapest Sony mirrorless camera yous can get at present:

What's In My Camera Bag in 2022?

What’due south In My Camera Bag in 2022?

The Cheapest Sony Camera

The Sony a6100, the cheapest Sony Camera

The Sony a6100, released in 2019, is now the most affordable Sony mirrorless camera you can purchase especially with the Sony a6000 being retired and the recent discount that matches the price of the Sony a6100 and its predecessor of three years, the Sony a6000.

At kickoff I recommend the Sony a6000 but always since the disbelieve I have been seeing on the Sony a6100, the Sony a6000 is no longer a good option equally the newer a6100 has a much improve processor, a faster autofocus, swivel screen for selfies, and less than a hundred dollars more, making information technology a better option right now.

If you can alive without built-in image stabilization and LOG color profile, the Sony a6100 is the all-time you tin get for 598 USD. If not, and then our next recommendation might be a better fit for y’all if y’all don’t mind spending more than 598 USD.

Check Toll

10 Best Camera Accessories Travelers Should Buy

12 Best Sony Camera Accessories Y’all Should Buy

The Best Sony Photographic camera for Extremely Low-cal Travelers

The Sony a6400 laid in the grass

If you are looking for an affordable withal avant-garde Sony mirrorless camera packed with features in a compact torso, you can’t crush the Sony a6400. The Sony a6400, released in February 2019, comes with a 24.2mp APS-C cropped sensor, a new processor, a 4k video recording capability, extremely fast autofocus, a LOG flick profile system, and many more.

Even though the Sony a6600 is a improve model, it is also 1,200 USD, almost 300 USD more than the Sony a6400. The Sony a6600 has the same sensor and processor equally the a6400 but without the in-body stabilization which can exist compesated with buying lenses that take already come equipped with optical stabilization.

Personally, I think the benefit you proceeds from getting the newer model is minimal and not worth the 300 USD more than that you lot can spend on lenses instead.

I used to recommend the Sony a6500 (1,190 USD), the predecessor to the Sony a6600 that I currently ain. Yes, the Sony a6500 is cheaper and comes with an in-body stabilization just it is as well released in 2016 and the former processor is no longer competitive in this day and age and and then if you lot are looking to buy a new camera, you might also buy i that is future proof hence why I recommend the Sony a6400.

Check Price

8 Best Sony a6400 Lenses for Travel to Buy in 2022

8 All-time Sony a6400 Lenses for Travel to Purchase in 2022

The All-time Value Sony Camera for Vlogging

Sony ZV-E10 Camera

If yous are looking for an affordable and lightweight vlogging camera that comes with vlogging-specific features so you lot are going to love the Sony ZV-E10 photographic camera and its vlogging-specific feature list, unlike whatsoever other Sony camera on this listing.

The Sony ZV-E10 camera comes with an APS-C sensor and an interchangeable lens system that allows y’all to be more than flexible and suit your vlogging way to match the situation you are in, all the while remaining relatively lightweight and compact.

Combining this camera with the Sony 10-xviii F4 lens, and you have one hell of a vlogging car that can shoot wide-angle which is a must for vlogging, comes with image stabilization, and nevertheless, it notwithstanding maintain its compact size.

Not to mention all the features that come with newer Sony cameras like a flip-out screen, excellent autofocus system, and best of all, an electronic multi-interface shoe that supports Sony’s meaty digital shotgun microphone making vlogging as hassle-complimentary as it gets.

If y’all are looking for a slap-up vlogging camera that is adaptable to different use cases, all in a compact form cistron, y’all won’t be disappointed with the Sony ZV-E10 photographic camera. Hit the link beneath to check its recent price.

Cheque Price

8 Best Sony ZV-E10 Lenses for Travel to Buy in 2022

8 Best Sony ZV-E10 Lenses for Travel to Buy in 2022

The Best Sony Camera for Enthusiasts

Sony a7IV camera

If yous are the blazon of person who enjoy taking photos equally much as shooting videos while traveling as I am and y’all are looking for the best photographic camera that tin do both really well, you can’t go wrong with the Sony a7IV, the newest of the Sony a7 lineup with features similar all-time-in-grade autofocus arrangement, can shoot 33 mp photos, 4K 60p 10-bit four:ii:ii videos with 7K oversampling, and the long awaited, 4k 120fps (in crop mode), assuasive y’all to tiresome downward your videos without losing epitome quality.

Information technology also retains its cracking low-light capability as its predecessors while being able to cramp in all the astonishing features from more expensive models like the Sony a7RIV and a7SIII. If you are looking for a camera that will allow you to exercise both photos and videos really actually well, the Sony a7IV is i of the all-time cameras you tin get right now. Hit the link below to see if at that place’s any discounts running at the moment.

Check Price

13 Best Sony a7IV Lenses for Travel to Buy in 2022

thirteen Best Sony a7IV Lenses for Travel to Buy in 2022

The Best Sony Camera for Calorie-free Travelers and Enthusiasts

The Sony a7C Mirrorless Cameras

If you are looking for a compact camera that is as advanced as the Sony a7 Iii but in a compact size of the Sony a6400, Sony has just released a new photographic camera that bridged the gap, the Sony a7C.

With the Sony a6400, yous are getting a compact size but you are sacrificing the quality with a smaller APS-C sensor than what you lot go from the Sony a7 series. With the Sony a7C, you are getting the a7 series sensor but in a meaty body of an APS-C camera, creating a camera that are the all-time of both worlds.

If you lot are a low-cal traveler and are looking to buy a new camera that will allow you lot to grow into a professional or if you are just looking for a more than meaty version of the above recommended Sony a7 III, the Sony a7C is highly recommended.

Bank check Cost

13 Best Sony a7C Lenses for Travel to Buy in 2022

13 All-time Sony a7C Lenses for Travel to Buy in 2022

The All-time Sony Camera For Professional person Lensman

The Sony a7RIV camera for professionals

If coin is no object for you and yous are looking for the all-time-in-class mirrorless camera, the Sony a7R IV is the best camera money can buy, period.

Priced at 2,998 USD, the Sony a7R Four comes packed with a whopping 61 megapixels. That is 9504 x 6336 max resolution! It too comes with the best-in-grade autofocus arrangement, ameliorate processing power, better battery life, amend duo SD cards support, all-in-all, improve everything.

Aught comes close to this camera, non even the best total-frame cameras from other competitors and and so if you are looking for the well-nigh advanced mirrorless photographic camera out there for your travels and do non mind carrying heavy loads, the Sony a7RIV is the 1 to go.

Check Toll

7 Best Sony a7RIV Lenses for Travel to Buy in 2022

seven All-time Sony a7RIV Lenses for Travel to Purchase in 2022

The Best Sony Camera For Professional Filmmaker

The Sony a7S III Mirrorless Camera

If you are a professional person filmmaker and practise not actually need the photo-centric capability and all those megapixels from the Sony a7R IV but would rather have a camera that can have videos in every situation, Sony has just released their highly anticipated camera for filmmakers, the Sony a7S III.

Priced at 3,498 USD, the Sony a7S Three is the all-time Sony filmmaking powerhouse money tin buy. “S” stands for sensitivity and the camera actually delivers on that front with an ISO range from lxxx to a whopping 102,400! Yup, a handheld camera that tin can shoot in the night, making it the most versatile consumer filmmaking camera out there.

With its 12.1 megapixels full-frame sensor, the Sony a7S 3 may not be equally smashing of a photography camera as the Sony a7R 4 merely with smaller sensor comes a better quality video with more features packed than anyone could ever demand.

Yous tin shoot 4K sixty FPS uncropped videos with x-bit four:2:two internal capture and y’all tin can fifty-fifty become upwards to 4K 120 FPS for that crispy slow motion videos. There is also no record limit with this camera different other video-centric cameras from competing brands. It is highly reliable, comes with a more user-friendly menu system, and simply a ton of video-axial features that will help you create better travel movie.

If you are a travel filmmaker or a documentary filmmaker, the Sony a7S 3 is the all-time option for you.

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7 Best Sony a7SIII Lenses for Travel to Buy in 2022

seven Best Sony a7SIII Lenses for Travel to Buy in 2022

The Best Sony Photographic camera Coin Can Buy

Sony a1

If y’all are looking for the very best Sony camera that are great for both photos and videos and money is no object, the best Sony camera money tin can purchase at the moment is the Sony a1, the nearly accelerate hybrid photographic camera Sony has ever released.

It brought all the best features of the photo-centric Sony a7RIV and the video-centric Sony a7SIII cameras and combined them into one tiny body, making information technology one of the nigh accelerate and compact-sized camera out in that location. It’southward like Sony is showing off all its latest technology and what information technology tin do, all in this ane camera.

The Sony a1 has a 50 mp full-frame sensor, it has the latest CPU that allows you lot to shoot thirty pictures per second without black-out making it keen for sport and wildlife shoots, best of all, it tin shoot up to 8K video resolution, the highest resolution out of all the Sony cameras here, fifty-fifty higher than the video centric Sony a7SIII.

If you are looking to purchase a Sony camera that tin practice both photos and videos actually well and a camera that will likely final you many years to come up, you tin’t get wrong with the Sony a1 camera. That said, with a great set of features come a great price tag. The Sony a1 costs about six,500 USD but if you are looking for a little discount, you lot can check information technology out with the link below:

Check Price

And there you accept it, a complete guide on how to pick the all-time Sony mirrorless camera for all types of travelers. What do you recall of the recommended cameras? Do you own 1 of these mirrorless cameras and have some feel or thoughts to share? If and so, please do non hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

How To Take Great Pictures of Yourself

How To Take Slap-up Pictures of Yourself

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