Sport Photos That Went Too Far

By | 15/08/2022

The Grossest Pictures in Sports

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    There are some times when sports and body parts collide in ugly fashion.

    Every bit you might imagine, the results usually don’t plough out to look like laurels winning artwork.

    But the pictures practise.

    In fact, they’re kind of like a bad car accident: hard to look at simply hard to look away.

    And these images will exist forever ingrained into our minds…fifty-fifty if we don’t want them to.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the grossest pictures in sports

25. Fedor Emelianenko

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    Surprise, surprise, this isn’t the only picture of an MMA fighter you’ll run across on this listing.

    The guy in this moving picture is Fedor Emelianenko, who is widely considered to be one of the—if non the—all-time MMA fighters on the planet.

    And I tin can’t help but recollect that the cut higher up his heart resembles something.

    Tilt your head to the correct a fiddling, look at the picture of Emelianenko, so look at this.

    Come across the similarities?

24. Ben Roethlisberger

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    Ben Roethlisberger somehow managed to finish the game despite his nose taking a incorrect turn.

    Get the joke?

    Large Ben looks like he might desire a spot on that wreck of a reality show,

    Because if they can make some of those girls look good, then they tin can certainly assist Roethlisberger.

23. Sid Vicious

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    So pro wrestling is false? Wrong.

    It’s staged. Just ask Sid Fell.

    Later jumping off the turnbuckle and landing awkwardly on his left leg in a 2001 match against Scott Steiner, Vicious suffered a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula.

    I guess that’s why the big guys tend not to jump off the ropes, Sid, even if it is only the heart turnbuckle.

22. Evander Holyfield

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    In 1997, Mike Tyson was probably on his way to a loss at the hands of Evander Holyfield, and so what did he practise?

    Well, if you can’t beat ’em, bite ’em. And that’s exactly what Tyson did.

    He took a snap at Holyfield’s ear, he was deducted two points, the fight continued, and so Tyson took
    bite of Holyfield’s other ear.

    This time he connected, ripping a large clamper of the part of the ear known as the helix, then spitting information technology onto the canvas.

    Just Tyson can practice that and still take a legion of fans 13 years later.

21. Destry Wright

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    Destry Wright was playing in a preseason game for the Pittsburgh Steelers dorsum in 2000 when he broke his correct leg and dislocated his right ankle.

    I was simply 12 at the fourth dimension, so I’one thousand not certain what exactly happened to this guy after.

    But the good thing most Wright is that he can he can exercise something you or I will never be able to do: walk forward and backward at the aforementioned time.

twenty. Joe Theismann

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    Every time I sentinel
    Thursday Nighttime Football
    on the NFL Network, I wonder why the hell I accept to put up with Joe Theismann.

    This is why.

    Subsequently Theismann’s playing career was cut short post-obit this tragic leg injury, he headed straight to the announcer’s booth.

    And at present nosotros all have to pay for it.

19. Bryce Florie

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    Who’southward Bryce Florie? Yeah, that’due south exactly what I was thinking.

    Merely he’s apparently some journeyman pitcher who got
    in the face with a line drive while with the Boston Carmine Sox back in 2000.

    The hit bankrupt his cheekbone and orbital socket, and too did damage to his retina.

    Merely Florie miraculously returned to the Red Sox a year subsequently…and then was subsequently released by the squad just 7 days after making his return.

    The atmospheric condition isn’t the only thing that’south cold in Boston.

18. Jessica Dube

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    I’ve always thought figure skating has the potential for disaster, and what do you know? Information technology does.

    Jessica Dube’s partner Bryce Davison slashed her face with his skate during the pair’s routine, and she brutal to the ground with blood spewing out all over the place.

    This is what she looks like today.

    What a shame.

17. Shaun Livingston

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    This is how Shaun Livingston went from promising immature NBA star to the No. 1 patient at his local concrete therapy heart.

    And Wikipedia breaks downward what the missed layup resulted in: “Livingston injured nearly every part of his genu, fierce the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), and the lateral meniscus, desperately spraining his medial collateral ligament (MCL), and dislocating his patella and his tibia-femoral joint.”

    That’s gotta be every ligament/tendon in his knee joint, right?

16. Joe Stevenson

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    I don’t know what makes me desire to hurl more: the amount of blood or the fact that Joe Stevenson’s blood and tears are combining to form some type of icky liquid substance.

    Oh, in instance y’all were wondering, Stevenson did indeed lose this fight, which took place at UFC 80 against B.J. Penn.

    That was probably the terminal of his worries, though.

15. Willis McGahee

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    Someone delight explain to me how Willis McGahee is nevertheless playing football?

    How his leg didn’t just interruption off continues to boggle my heed to this twenty-four hour period, but I’m even more surprised that all McGahee suffered was a torn ACL.

    After witnessing that, I would take imagined his leg looking something like this.

xiv. David Busst

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    David Busst’s proper name is rather fitting, because his leg looks busted in this picture.

    I’d exist lying if I said I was familiar with any of these soccer players, only I know a nasty injury when I encounter i.

    And Busst’southward injury—compound fractures to his tibia and fibula—certainly fit that description.

13. Allan Ray

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    Y’all know how, in
    The Three Stooges,
    Curly, Larry and Moe always poke each other in the middle?

    You chuckle, “Hahaha,” because it’south funny, right?

    Not if y’all’re Allan Ray.

    In 2006, the Villanova guard literally
    had his eye poked out.

    Huh? I didn’t know it was possible, simply apparently it is.

12. David Lee

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    Remember when David Lee missed an eight-game stretch in November?

    Yep, well, this is why.

    The Golden State Warrios forrard/center got a pretty disgusting infection in his elbow.

    Something tells me it’s gonna have more than rubbing alcohol to make clean that thing up.

11. Marvin Eastman

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    They call Vitor Belfort “The Phenom” for a reason.

    At UFC 43, Belfort took on Marvin Eastman and gave him that horrific gash you’re seeing above his right middle.

    Is it merely me, or does that wound look exactly similar an eyebrow?

    Maybe a little devil’s horn, too.

ten. Napoleon McCallum

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    If I told you Napoleon McCallum never played in the NFL again subsequently this injury, would you be surprised?

    Didn’t think and then.

    McCallum’s injury is 1 of the most well-known, devastating football game injuries nosotros’ve ever seen.

9. Antonio Margarito

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    They say size doesn’t thing…or so I’ve heard.

    And Antonio Margarito is proof positive of the truthfulness of that statement.

    He was
    bigger than Manny Pacquiao, but that didn’t stop the Pacman from giving him some unexpected facial reconstruction surgery in their recent fight.

    Ouch. How long do y’all recall information technology took Margarito to come across again?

8. Tyrone Prothro

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    Y’all might recall Alabama broad receiver Tyrone Prothro for his jaw-dropping catch against Southern Miss.

    Or you lot might remember him from that pic above.

    Prothro snapped both his tibia and fibula on this grab and never played football once more.

    I notwithstanding blench when I see this injury. Man, that had to hurt.

vii. Djibril Cissa

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    Of all the pictures on this list, none of them limited sheer agony quite like this one.

    That man is Djibril Cissa, a striker for the French national soccer squad who showed that sticks and stones volition suspension his basic and so will awkward ground.

    Seriously, I don’t fifty-fifty know what’south going on with his leg.

    Information technology’s been called a “fractured right tibia and fibula,” but it looks like something nosotros’d take to create a whole new term for.

six. Borje Salming

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    In 1986, Detroit Cherry-red Wings defenseman Borje Salming fell to the ice in front of his team’s ain net and had his face up slashed by the skate of Gerard Gallant.

    Afterward getting over 200 stitches and having facial surgery, that picture show was the horrifying result.

    But afterwards countless hours of facial reconstruction surgery, he’due south looking better these days.

5. Marcin Wasilewski

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    Um, I’m no doctor, but I’one thousand pretty certain that your leg isn’t supposed to do that.

    Marcin Wasilewski’south shin snaps similar a tooth choice in this one.

    Doesn’t that normally but leave cleat marks?

4. Chasity Melvin

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    Alright, guys, we are officially no longer allowed to make fun of the WNBA.

    That includes you,
    Family unit Guy.

    Much like that Allan Ray injury, I didn’t realize this was possible.

    But thank you to Chasity Melvin, I’m well aware that your optics should be protected no matter what the sport.

    Amar’e Stoudemire has the correct idea.

3. Corey Hill

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    Who remembers this toy from way dorsum in the twenty-four hour period?

    Aye, that’s Stretch Armstrong.

    But the guy above is UFC fighter and
    The Ultimate Fighter
    Season 5 contestant Corey Colina at UFC Fight Night xvi.

    Can you tell the difference between the two?

    Neither can I.

2. Clint Malarchuk

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    I never watch hockey, partly considering we don’t accept it where I’m from merely even more and then considering of stuff like this.

    I had previously heard the phrase “he took one in the jugular,” only I never quite understood information technology.

    Thanks to Clint Malarchuk, I exercise now.

1. Kazushi Sakuraba

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    Huh?! Who?! What?! How!?!!

    That was my immediate reaction to this picture before spewing my breakfast all over my front lawn.

    But that dude’s got an egg in his eyebrow and a nice case of cauliflower ear, and then at least he got a full repast out of this fight.

    On the real though, I have no idea who Kazushi Sakuraba is…but I’m glad I’k non him.