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Position: How Tos – Backup & Restore – How To Clone Larger Hard Drive to Smaller SSD/HDD Gratis?

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Nearly cloning a larger difficult drive to smaller SSD/HDD

Tin can I clone a bigger HDD to a smaller SSD?

“I have an quondam estimator and I’m using about xxx% of the 500GB difficult drive. I’m agape that the hard drive volition fail to piece of work someday, and it is really slow to load arrangement or perform whatsoever tasks. The desktop is running Windows ten and stores photos transferred from my mobile phone. I bought two disks, a 1TB hard drive and a 256GB SSD. I’yard planning to clone the 500GB hard drive to SSD so that the computer can boot from SSD and become a faster speed. However, I have no idea how to clone or migrate OS from a bigger HDD to a smaller SSD! Is there free and simple software that can do this for me?”

An SSD is no doubt faster than a traditional hard bulldoze, and many of us would like to upgrade computer past replacing difficult drive with an SSD, for example, install Windows 10 on an SSD volition profoundly increment the booting process and the speed of reading/writing data. The recommended and referred mode of swapping out a disk is via cloning deejay, past which we tin easily move content like operating organization, settings, programs and information to another disk. However, the fact is that currently an SSD’s capacity is usually smaller than a HDD’southward. So the question is how to cloning a lager HDD to a smaller SSD, for case, clone a 1TB HDD to 500GB SSD, clone a 500GB hard drive to 256GB SSD? The answer is using costless deejay cloning software.

Benefits of cloning HDD to a smaller SSD

Why exercise people want to clone hard bulldoze to some other smaller SSD/HDD? Here are some benefits of doing this:

  • Create a backup: It is never a bad idea to create backups for important information, as difficult drive can get damaged due to diverse reasons. Data loss will be a painful experience, which can be avoided if you accept a recent backup.
  • Upgrade hard bulldoze: Any storage device has a lifespan, and information technology is necessary to bandy out a hard drive which starts to develop problems. Past cloning content to a new disk, you tin continue everything stored on the original deejay.
  • Improve figurer performance: it has been proved by many people that replacing system disk with an SSD can improve estimator performance. Cloning system disk, including Windows arrangement, settings and installed program, can save you the effort of reinstalling OS.

Get prepared for the disk cloning

  • Prepare the SSD: since the SSD is smaller than the HDD, you lot should make sure the SSD capacity is larger than the used space of the HDD.
  • Clean useless files: delete files y’all are non going to use from the HDD to reduce the time taken by cloning process.
  • Clone disk VS migrate Bone: Make the decision betwixt disk cloning and system migration. When y’all want to clone Windows 10 to a new SSD, yous are recommended to attempt system migration, which guarantees there is non booting issues virtually the target disk; whereas, if you want to re-create everything from a data deejay, you can just try disk clone.
  • Notice the costless disk cloning software: A tertiary-party cloning program will be used to complete the task, and yet you may find many paid programs past searching on Google. There is no need to spend money on such software, as there is totally gratis software to clone disk and migrate system.

Gratis hard bulldoze cloning software complimentary download

DiskGenius Free edition is the recommended software to clone HDD to smaller SSD.
This free edition provides multiple backup solutions, including cloning disk and system migration, both supporting cloning bigger deejay to smaller SSD/HDD.
“Clone disk” function enables users to re-create the entire disk likewise as data to some other deejay, and a sector-by-sector copy tin be made if the target disk is not smaller than source disk. System migration can assistance user transfer operating organization and data from system disk to SSD/HHD.

DiskGenius allows users to arrange partition size on target deejay before cloning process to better make use deejay infinite. It also enables users to determine whether to clone a certain partitioning. Moreover, 4K alignment will be carried out during disk cloning and arrangement migration, which means partitions on target disk volition exist 4K aligned. Apart from disk cloning, DiskGenius Free edition also supports to clone sectionalisation, backup segmentation to paradigm file, copy sectors, backup segmentation table, etc. Hence, you tin either fill-in a specified sectionalization or entire disk. Free download DiskGenius Complimentary Edition now and you lot can offset the deejay cloning task.

Guide #1: How to clone a larger hard bulldoze to a smaller SSD/HDD?


  • If y’all want to clone organization deejay to SSD and make SSD bootable, it is recommended to follow Guide 2 to migrate system.
  • If you want to create a sector-by-sector copy, please brand sure the target deejay is no smaller than the source disk.

Stride one. Click
menu and choose
Clone Disk
detail to open the deejay cloning wizard.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Step two. Select source disk and click

The disk selecting window shows 3 disks, and the 2TB deejay is the source disk that we are going to clone, and the 932GB disk is the destination disk.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Step 3. Select destination disk and click
button. Hither you should select your new SSD.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Step four. Configure deejay cloning settings.

1. Y’all can make up one’s mind whether to clone a certain sectionalisation, for case, right-click on a partition from source disk, and you can cull “Do not migrate this partition” option which can remove the corresponding partition from target disk.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

ii. Sectionalization size on target disk can exist adjusted. Place the mouse on the arrow area between partitions and elevate mouse. In that location is possibility that the partition size on source disk are not platonic, and you tin conform the size on destination disk to get better apply of disk space.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

3. Disk cloning modes: when target disk is smaller than source deejay, just “Copy all files” is bachelor. If y’all want to use “Copy all sectors” to create a sector-by-sector clone, the target disk’south capacity should be equal to or larger than source deejay.

Pace five. Click
push button to start HDD cloning process. Then click
button to go on.

Warning: all partitions and files of the target disk will exist removed and overwritten. Be sure there is not important files on target disk before clicking OK button.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Step six. Select disk cloning methods between Hot Migration and Hot & Execute.

Hot migration is the recommended option, as it can clone HDD to SSD without endmost current system or running programs.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Step 7. Wait for the process to consummate.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Guide #two: How to clone Windows 10 to smaller SSD without reinstalling OS?

Do y’all want to clone Windows 10 to a smaller SSD so that y’all do not have to reinstall Os? Here is the solution. DiskGenius Costless Edition supports to drift Windows OS to smaller SSD via simple steps. Connect your SSD to computer properly and you tin can showtime to migrate OS to SSD now:

Footstep ane. Click
menu and cull
System Migration

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Step 2. Select destination deejay and click

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Step 3. Configure settings for the Os migration.

1. You can decide the partition size on target disk to brand better utilise of disk infinite. 2 ways of change partition size: enter the exact number or drag mouse.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

2. Boot settings. As to UEFI-based organisation, y’all tin can cull whether to change computer kick sequence immediately afterwards system migration completes. It is OK to leave this selection unselected, as y’all tin change boot sequence in BIOS manually when you need that.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Footstep 4. Click
push button to start the migration. And so click
to continue.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Footstep 5. Select Hot Migration button.

Hot Migration enables yous to clone Windows 10 to SSD without closing current system or reboot to WinPE surroundings. If you choose Reboot to WinPE button, computer volition reboot and enter DiskGenius WinPE edition to consummate balance task.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

Step six. Look for the proves to consummate.

clone hard drive to smaller SSD

If yous did not select “When finished, change computer kick sequence” option during migrating system, you will have following options regarding booting from source deejay or target disk:

1. The reckoner boots from source system deejay by default.

2. If yous want to boot from the new SSD, yous demand to change the boot social club in BIOS: restart computer > press the specified cardinal such as F1, F10 to enter BIOS > select the new SSD as the boot disk > save changes and exit.

FAQs on cloning larger HDD to smaller SSD/HDD

1. Can I clone a larger HDD to a smaller SSD?

Yes, cloning a larger HDD to a smaller SSD is available now. DiskGenius Costless edition can help you clone disk or drift Os to a smaller HDD/SSD. But you need to make sure the SSD is larger than the used space of the HDD.

ii. How do I clone my hard drive to smaller SSD free of charge?

You tin use DiskGenius Free edition to clone disk:

Stride i: Open up DiskGenius Gratuitous edition, click Tools carte and select Clone Disk.

Step 2: Select source and destination disk.

Pace three: Click Starting time button and look for the cloning process to complete.

iii. Can I clone a 1TB HDD to a 500GB SSD?

It is possible to clone a 1TB HDD to a 500GB SSD and information technology is likewise possible to clone a 500GB HDD to a 250GB SSD. The merely status is that the SSD’s capacity is larger than the used space of the source HDD. At this point, you lot can apply DiskGenius to either clone disk or migrate OS.

4. How to migrate Windows 10 Bone to a smaller SSD?

Post-obit steps show how to drift or clone Windows 10 OS to a smaller SSD:

Footstep 1: Launch DiskGenius and click Organization Migration selection on the master interface.

Pace ii: Select your SSD equally the target disk.

Step 3: Click Start button to beginning the migration.

For more information about Windows 10 migration, refer to the guide: How to migrate Windows 10 to SSD?

5. How to clone GPT deejay to a smaller SSD?

DiskGenius Complimentary edition offers complete backup solutions and it tin clone GPT disk to a smaller SSD for you gratuitous of charge:

Footstep 1: First DiskGenius Free edition, then cull Tools > clone disk.

Step 2: Select source deejay and target deejay.

Step 3: Click Start push.


DiskGenius Free edition supports to clone disk besides equally OS migration, making it possible to clone larger HDD to smaller SSD and clone Windows x to smaller SSD complimentary of charge. At present you won’t find whatever hard in upgrading your computer or replacing HDD with SSD. If y’all feel this article useful, feel costless to share it to your social communities. Should you have whatsoever questions or demand help regarding cloning HDD/SSD, feel free to contact our support team.

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