Tcl Tv Stuck On Red Screen

By | 10/07/2022

Roku TV black screen is not a rare issue at all. That ways many users accept already experienced the
TCL Roku Tv blackness screen error and looking for solutions.

If y’all are ane of them, don’t worry; just go along reading and larn how to fix it.

The Nature of the TCL Roku TV Black Screen

TCL TV black screen is a pretty annoying error. In some cases, users can notice a black screen, but they hear some sound. Also, some users say that they experience Roku Television blackness screen after a couple of minutes.

In addition to that, some users report that they experienced the error after a flickering screen. Regardless of the nature, still, it is always an annoyance to notice such an error to disturb your entertainment.

So, permit’s go ahead and bank check out the fixes that are mentioned below.

Reasons for TCL Tv set Blackness Screen

In fact, the TCL TV black screen can appear due to several reasons. Having a piece of knowledge on those reasons can be handy when information technology comes to finding a solution.

That said, let’due south accept a expect at those reasons for the Roku Tv blackness screen mistake.

  • You have non plugged in the Roku stick properly.
  • There is a minor, temporary error on the TCL Roku Goggle box.
  • There is something wrong with the internet connectedness.
  • Your TCL Roku Tv set has an issue with its backlight.

And so, those are the most common reasons that can trigger Roku Boob tube’s black screen. If you notice the TCL Roku TV black screen, information technology could be due to one of the reasons above. Then, let’s go ahead and read the solutions.

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Methods to Fix Roku TV Blackness Screen Mistake

Now that you know the reasons for the higher up error. Let’s jump into the solutions section. The good news is that all those errors are so easy to perform.

01. Power Cycle Your Roku

In some cases, you might experience a TCL TV black screen due to a pocket-size software glitch. If that’s the case with y’all, that can be fixed only with a power wheel. Mentioned beneath is how to do it and go rid of this mistake in a couple of minutes.

  • Offset, cheque whether the Telly is turned on. In order to do that, yous can use the volume push button. Merely press it so yous volition hear the TV’s sound.
  • Now, you are supposed to pull your Idiot box plug out from the power socket. That volition disconnect information technology from ability.
  • Y’all should keep the TV unplugged for about xxx to 60 seconds to proceed.

  • And now put the plug directly into the power socket and switch the Tv on.
  • You can see the dancing Roku logo on the screen.
  • Afterward that, you are supposed to stream content on your Roku TV unit. If the set has worked, you will not see the TCL Roku Television black screen anymore. At this point, you should ensure that all the wires attached to your Telly are stock-still the right fashion. If there’south a bad connection, that will cease up causing the TCL Roku Tv set to have a black screen. However, if the effect is persisting, you will take to try the next solution.

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02. Restart the Television set with Its Remote

Do yous withal get a TCL Roku TV blackness screen afterward a power cycle on it? In that case, yous may have to perform a restart on information technology. In fact, the restart has helped plenty of users to overcome this issue without much endeavour.

So, to fix the TCL Goggle box black screen with a restart, the below-mentioned is what to follow.

Delight notation that this method requires the assist of the remote controller.

  • Hitting the “Habitation” push button 5 sequent times.
  • Then, press the “Upward” button for in one case.
  • And then, hit the “Rewind” button 2 consecutive times.
  • Later that, striking the “Fast Forward” button twice consecutively.
Restart TV to fix TCL Roku TV Black Screen 

That will begin the reset procedure, and all you lot need is to wait for a while. You lot should note that it may have about 30 to 60 seconds for the reset process to be completed. Once the procedure is completed, you can stream content on the Television set and run across if information technology works.

For many users, this method may work. All the same, if you lot even so see Roku Boob tube’south black screen, go to the side by side solution.

Important: Please note that you lot should readjust the brightness settings of the TCL Roku if it is besides loftier. That volition besides assistance you in fixing the potential errors pertaining to your Roku Television receiver.

03. Ability Cycle Your TCL Roku Goggle box using an Alternative Method

We take another option to power cycle the TCL Roku Boob tube. Mentioned beneath is how to perform power recycling using a different method compared to the first.

These steps are pretty easy, and then even a novice tin can perform them.

  • First, you should disconnect your TCL Roku TV from the wall power outlet.
  • Afterward that, yous should find the physical reset push located on the TV.
  • Then, you are supposed to press that button and concord information technology for almost thirty seconds at the least.
  • And so, plug the Boob tube back into the wall power outlet and allow information technology to start.
  • Hopefully, this solution might fix the potential glitches.

Please notation that you lot tin reset the “Audio/Video” settings. And, that can fix the TCL Roku TV black screen error. To do that, follow the steps beneath.

  • Go to the “Home” button and cull “Settings“.
  • Then, get to “Advanced Settings” and choose “Factory Reset“. Then, yous should choose “Reset TV Audio/Picture Settings“.
  • After that, printing the “Play/Suspension” push three consecutive times.
  • That volition get the audio/flick settings to reset.

04. Reconfigure “Fast Get-go”

In that location are many users who were able to ready the Roku TV blackness screen using this simple solution. As per this option, y’all can enable or disable the option called “Fast Start” and run across if information technology works.

If you are non clear nearly how to perform information technology, mentioned below are the steps.

  • First, you should discover the home push button on the Roku remote.
  • After that, get to the option called “Settings“.
  • Choose the option called “System“.
  • Then, cull the pick labeled “Power“.
  • Well, if you lot see the “Fast Start” option disabled, you lot are supposed to enable it. If it is already enabled, only disable it.
  • Now that yous have made the changes, you tin run across if the TCL Tv black screen is gone.

05. Perform a Factory Reset

Exercise you lot run into the Tv is working perfectly for about v minutes and and then experience TCL Tv black screen? If then, yous may reset the TCL Roku Tv set to its factory settings and run into if it works.

However, you should note that this method will erase all the existing settings from the Roku TV.

  • Kickoff, you should locate the Home Button. It is located on your Roku remote controller.
  • And so, you lot should go to the option called “Settings“.
  • Later that, yous should select the selection labeled settings to continue.
  • Then, you should select the option labeled “factory reset” and choose “mill reset” once once more.
  • You can enter your PIN to confirm it.
  • Wait for a while to confirm the process.
  • Now, you should configure the TV in one case again and see if it works.
Perform a factory Reset

At present, you should see if the Roku TV black screen is gone.

06. Fix TCL Roku TV Black Screen using the Roku Streaming Stick

If you are yet to succeed with the above solutions, you tin can try the below-mentioned option every bit well. This specific method should be performed on the Roku remote and get the Television restarted.

Mentioned beneath are the steps you should perform to go it done.

  • Starting time, you lot should hit the habitation button twice to start the process.
  • Then, press the “Upwards” fundamental and then hitting the “Correct” key.
  • One time again, hit “Upwardly” and and then hit “Correct“.
  • Striking the “Down” key three consecutive times.
  • Then, hitting the “Right” central and then the “Upwardly” central one time.
  • Press “Right” again and press “OK“.

If y’all have done the higher up correctly, you lot are probable to run into the “Roku” logo. And so, y’all will non experience Roku Tv black screen errors.

07. Reinstall the Streaming Stick

You can experience a TCL Roku Idiot box black screen error when the streaming stick is not installed properly. If y’all feel this outcome due to improper installation of the stick, the solution is elementary. All you need is to unplug the stick and re-plug it.

Just make sure that you push button it slightly further to avoid potentially loosened connections. Then, you may turn your TV on and run across if the “TCL Roku TV black screen” error is gone. In addition to that, you tin effort an HDMI as well.

08. Update the System

If cypher has served properly so far, y’all may go for a system update as well. If you are unaware of how to perform a system update, y’all can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Accomplish the Roku remote out and press the button labeled “Dwelling house” to proceed.
  • Now, you should press the down or upwardly keys and scroll to the settings you have selected.
  • Y’all can locate the pick called “System” and so go to the option called “System Update“.
Update System to fix TCL Roku TV Black Screen 

  • You will be able to locate the “Roku” system software as well as the build version. That will exist displayed forth with the date. In this instance, you should select the option chosen “Bank check Now“. If you lot see any newer updates, those will be installed automatically.

09. Await for Help

Exercise you withal experience the TCL Roku Television set black screen afterward trying all those solutions? If so, the best you can do is to ask for assistance.

In this case, you lot should choose TCL Roku and get their help. They will get into your request quickly and provide you lot with the best possible solution.

We promise at least one of the above options volition solve the
TCL Tv black screen error. If you accept whatsoever doubts pertaining to this matter, please let us know, and we will attend to it.