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It’s that fourth dimension of the year again—as 2021 winds down, we look at the buzzing pot of current packaging design trends to predict what volition exist blooming across the manufacture this coming year. As another catchy year of the pandemic comes to an end, it’due south become credible that consumers are looking for sweetness and light in their everyday products.

Mischievous characters that make yous smile, serene colorways and harking back to simpler times by way of nostalgic design trends; these are simply a few of the themes that are beginning to play out in 2022’south packaging blueprint trends.

Here are the xi biggest packaging design trends for 2022:

  1. The new era of ’60s psychedelia
  2. Eccentric text-axial pattern
  3. Finding repose in packaging
  4. Faux 3D deco
  5. Mesmerizing color mists
  6. Maximal inside, minimal exterior
  7. Perfectly imperfect raw materials
  8. Cutting ‘due north’ paste color layering
  9. The Y2K aesthetic lingers on
  10. The reign of rubber hose characters
  11. Mischief illustrated

1. The new era of ’60s psychedelia

Some pattern trends are then sacred that they never slink out of style, and 1960s psychedelia definitely falls under that category. The contemporary take on the resurgence of ’60s psychedelia reminds us of a time of free love, peace and happiness which we can’t deny we demand more than of as nosotros head into the deeper waters of the pandemic.

Packaging blueprint by Joni Luhtala via Behance.

Distorted typefaces, ‘not bad’ waves and popular colors set against contemporary products help these ’60s inspired packaging designs stand out and go out usa with a feeling of peace and love, man.

pschydelic can packaging design
Design past Trickstore
‘60s style juice label
Packaging design by Orchidea Agency, Lera Shaposhnikova and Akim Karpach via Behance.

ii. Eccentric text-axial design

Sometimes people forget that type blueprint is an intricate fine art class in its own right, which is celebrated in this current trend for text taking center stage as a form of standalone fine art.

text centric packaging design
Packaging pattern by goopanic

All signs of photography and illustration is set bated to make room for standout typefaces, often using contrasting colors to give the design a boost of energy. This trend challenges everyday perspectives of fonts, where the font is seen as a piece of art over prioritizing readability.

Thanks to the ever-increasing visual smog in our surroundings and streets, creating purity in pattern with a minimal aesthetic is, in my optics, the best way to go. It’s a fragile game to play with typography, white space and playful colors—but this approach is the future.

goopanic packaging design
Pattern past goopanic

3. Finding serenity in packaging

2022 continues to be a turbulent time in the world, which makes the packaging design trend of finding serenity perfectly timed and simply the at-home we need in our homes right at present. Muted and complementary colors give us that initial sigh of relief, whilst simplistic copy and minimal typefaces make for unfussy readability.

Post-COVID, everyone is peckish peace and calm. This trend of gentleness is characterized by light, comforting colors, and minimal elements that create an airy feeling.

– Elly Brady, Creative Managing director Vistaprint

white chocolate packaging box
Packaging design by Deborah Dalla Palma, Minjuan Yao and Fabio Verdelli, via Behance

The popularity for calming miracle ASMR even finds itself translating into packaging design, where shiny smooth or deliberately textured packaging surfaces add together another dimension of repose in packaging.

4. Faux 3D deco

This innovative  fake 3D graphic illustration brings a sophisticated and contemporary edge to this packaging design trend. Playing with depth and illusion is a certain-burn down way to get consumers to terminate and look, nigh literally jumping out at you lot demanding your attending.

mock 3d packaging design
Packaging blueprint past Alpha_Creative

As faux 3D is such a technical event to create, it shows the consumer that you’re at the forefront of trends and engineering science, which basically translates into ‘this production is worth the money’—it’s an platonic pattern idea for tech products on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

5. Mesmerizing color mists

Plain white packaging is given an injection of life with sprayed misted colour pops.

Arguably made famous by graphic designer Tessa Forrest, the trend for color mists has taken over the Instagram design globe, mayhap because of its calming issue which stops you in your tracks mid-scroll.

blue color mist packaging
Packaging design by Adamk.
multi color mist straw packaging
Packaging design by Choongwei, NG via Behance

This design result is so mesmerizing and enigmatic that it’s hard to place how a designer might create this effect, however a mix of over-blurring and adding noise to a color pop on Photoshop might just do the trick.

I am currently fascinated by rather high-chrome, bright shades and flashy colors—you need to combine them with sans-serif typography and monochrome, uncomplicated elements to really bring out the sophisticated, eye-catching border to them.

6. Maximal inside, minimal outside

Minimal and marble packaging design
Packaging design by Tijana G.

You know a jacket is special when its lining is just as beautiful as the outer shell? Well, the same can be said for packaging design. What a treat it is when you lot open up your minimalistic packaging to reveal a maximalist and beautifully crafted interior.

​​With millions of packages delivered every day, making packaging an experience is more of import than ever. Every bit packaging designers, we have to bring the excitement and adventure of shopping to your door—when yous, the customer, open that nondescript box y’all take ane foot in the door of a make.

– Justin Hamra, Art Director at 99designs

box packaging colorful interior
Packaging pattern by TikaDesign

Simplistic and minimal logos are carried through from the outside-in, to reveal vivid colors and maximalist illustrations, leaving consumers delighted and with your brand top of mind.

seven. Perfectly imperfect raw materials

Bawdy imperfect textures remind consumers where brands are getting their materials from, a must for brands that desire to push their eco-friendly ethos and tap into the consciousness of consumers’ concerns with the climate crisis (excuse the tongue twister).

raw material packaging
Packaging pattern by Julia Due south.

Sustainable packaging is a must; I love to work for projects that I believe in and we need to recollect of our planet. In 2022 I believe people will pay even closer attention to how they consume everyday items and the impact that they have on nature.

As the industry is rapidly irresolute to favor brands with sustainability at the cadre of their offering, ethical and compostable packaging is 1 of the many things you lot can do as a brand to show you’re serious virtually your sustainable positioning.

Off-white, recycled textured materials also provide a cute backdrop for printed ink, creating a delicate distortion of colour.

raw material packaging
Packaging blueprint by Lenor

8. Cut ‘n’ paste color layering

The love for collage lives on as an integral form of design, this year with more of a focus on geometry and the layering of colors. The ripped raw edges of newspaper give a nod to recyclable materials which is handy for tapping into the eco-conscious market place.

Where collage is still very much on-tendency in the contained scene, using collage in your packaging design allows you to connect to that specific high-earning creative audience.

9. The Y2K artful lingers on

The Y2K artful was huge betwixt the mid-1990s and 2005 where people were obsessed with engineering and the millennium, characterized past a ’90s take on cyberpunk.

The 2020s were one time considered the future of design and technology. Nosotros are now turning our backs on the polished minimalism of the now and are looking to the past for inspiration. Specifically, the Y2K boom of the 2000s in all of its kitschy, metallic glory.

– Justin Hamra, Art Director at 99designs

y2k inspired packaging design
Packaging design by COOOT . via Behance.

The Y2K trend is fascinating as it is normally seen as a inexplainable (albeit charming) bleep in the fashion and blueprint world. But as all trends recycle themselves later xx years, just similar clockwork the early on millennium trend is back with vengeance.

The dazzler of the Y2K resurgence is the mannerly irony where in the early millennium we were obsessed with futurism, now this old view of futurism is nostalgic, in a similar vein to retro-futurism. Pale dejection, silvers, white and pale neons set the backdrop, whilst geometric shapes add together a dynamic edge.

10. The reign of rubber hose characters

Only WHO are these jaunty guys strolling their way all over our packaging? Condom hose characters were made famous in 1920s U.s. cheers to creators like Bill Nolan and Walt Disney, and have been modernized in recent years by illustrators all over the world with elevated brush strokes and more sarcastic and playful expressions.

Their friendly demeanorss instantly make yous smile, which is the ultimate goal of packaging design, right? Compared to the original rubber hose characters of the 1920s, you tin can often find the 2022’south diverseness in caps, sneakers and tattoos, which visually brings the artful into the gimmicky.

xi. Mischief illustrated

The mischievous illustration trend gives a knowing nod to its viewer with its ironic childlike drawings and teeters on the edge of meme culture with its satirical mode.

Hand-drawn, imperfect lines and eccentric 2D characters, this ’80s-’90s style of design feels somewhat rebellious: it emphasizes street manner where imperfection really represents uniqueness.

mischievous packaging
Packaging design by goopanic

As with the prophylactic hose characters, these youthful drawings get out y’all smiling, if not a bit puzzled how they’ve fabricated their way onto your packaging. After all, humor is one of the quickest means into someone’s heart.

colorful packaging design
Packaging design by Vlastislav

Excited for 2022’s packaging design trends?

Serene colorways, charming characters and nostalgia; if in that location’s anything we tin learn about 2022’s packaging design trends it’s that consumers are looking for positive vibes.

If your product is in need of a refresh or if you lot’re planning on releasing a brand new product, check out our amazing list of designers ready to repackage your product.

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