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By | 27/08/2022

The iPhone 12 launched a revamped pattern featuring apartment sides reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and v (and the new iPad Pro). It also sports slimmer bezels, a narrower notch, 5G support for the first time, and the powerful A14 Bionic processor. But even if it features Corning’s new Ceramic Shield glass, its crisp brandish isn’t immune to damage. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best iPhone 12 screen protectors available. Regardless of your upkeep, these volition boost the durability and force of your iPhone’s display.

L K Privacy Screen Protector

LK Glass screen protector

Yous always want to repel prying optics from your iPhone screen, and the L Chiliad Privacy Screen Protector is more than up to the task. It keeps all personal information shielded from strangers with its anti-spy, non-glare, nighttime protective covering. It also serves to protect your screen from bumps, drops, and other common impacts. When using this screen protector, screen brightness will be reduced, so be sure to boost the display brightness while it’southward installed on your phone.

Spigen EZ Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12

The main thing you want from a screen protector is protection, and with a hardness rating of 9H, this tempered drinking glass screen protector from Spigen fits the beak perfectly. Sold in a pack of two, it also includes an auto-alignment kit, with the frame making it very piece of cake to apply to your iPhone 12. Bated from being hard plenty to resist scratches from a knife, it’s remarkably transparent and articulate, while it has been cutting finely to fit the outline of the iPhone 12’southward screen. It besides has an oleophobic coating (i.e. it’southward fingerprint-resistant), repelling the kinds of smudges that can make your screen look more than a little grotty and grimy.

FILUV iPhone 12 Screen Protector

FILUV iPhone 12 Screen Protector

Another tempered-glass iPhone 12 screen protector with a 9H rating, this encompass from FILUV is scratch-proof, fingerprint-proof, and waterproof. It will protect the phone from minor scuffs as well as more loftier-bear upon impairment, such every bit falls and collisions. Non merely does information technology protect the iPhone 12’s screen, merely it’due south designed to be highly transparent and sensitive, allowing you to use your iPhone 12 only as normal. It’south sold in a pack of three, is designed to provide a i:1 fit with the iPhone 12’southward screen, and even has its ain installation tutorial video to help yous apply information technology.

ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12

ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12

ESR’s tempered-glass iPhone 12 screen protector offers an impressive level of protection. It has a hardness rating of 9H, like many of the protectors listed. All the same, ESR claims the screen protector’south three-layer construction organization tin can tolerate v kilograms/approximately 11 pounds of forcefulness. It’s incredibly resistant to impact and protects confronting scratches and fingerprints. This screen protector comes with an installation frame to ensure an like shooting fish in a barrel, grit and bubble-gratis application process. It’s sold in a 3-pack and includes a cleaning kit also.

Floveme iPhone 12 Screen Protector

FLOVEME iPhone 12 Screen Protector

The iPhone 12 screen protector by Floveme also comes in a iii-pack and is the thinnest protector listed. At but 0.25mm, this protector is almost completely transparent, providing touchscreen accuracy of 99.9%. Information technology might be paper-thin, but its 9H hardness rating means it can take quite a beating while keeping your screen protected. An oleophobic layer also prevents the presence of unsightly fingerprints. Finally, this protector comes with an installation frame, a useful, though not entirely necessary to utilize cleaning kit, and improved ABS glue to fit itself to the iPhone 12 screen securely.

Ailun Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12

Ailun Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12

Another ultra-thin screen protector is the iPhone 12 screen protector, which measures simply 0.33mm thick. Its tempered glass has a hardness rating of 9H, so this protector too does an excellent job of preventing fries and cracks on your brandish. Its oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings protect the brandish from water harm, warding off smudges and fingerprints. The laser-cut cover is a perfect fit for the phone screen and is as well equipped with 2.5D curved edges to brand gripping and applying the protector an like shooting fish in a barrel application procedure. You can purchase this in a three-pack with a transparency rating of 99.99%.

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