Turn Photos Into Time Lapse Video

By | 02/10/2022

In this guide, nosotros’ll show you how to make a fourth dimension lapse video on iPhone using 3 methods. You’ll learn how to shoot a time lapse video on iPhone directly, how to slice together notwithstanding photos to time lapse video, and how to time lapse a normal video.

The iPhone time lapse feature was first introduced in iOS 8 (2014) equally one of the two new features in the Photographic camera app. Since then, Apple tree made it easier than always for people to tape and share their ain timelapse videos.

Want to know more ways to make fourth dimension lapse video on an iPhone? You’ve come up to the right place! Here we will show you how to shoot a time lapse video on iPhone and create a timelapse video from a series of photos taken in sequence and normal video.

Let’southward intermission downwards the steps for each method!

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Part one How to Capture a Time Lapse Video on iPhone

Take a time lapse video on the iPhone is just as like shooting fish in a barrel as recording a video with the built-in time lapse model. Here are the simple five steps to brand a time lapse video on your iPhone:

Footstep 1

Open up up your iPhone’due south camera app, and select the time-lapse shooting fashion by swiping right until time lapse is selected.

iPhone Time Lapse

iPhone Time Lapse

Stride 2

Tap on the screen to set the focus and exposure point for the part of the scene that yous want to record.

Step 3

When you’re set to start recording your time lapse video, merely press the red record push button to commencement your filming. (A rotating signal appears around the shutter button when your iPhone is recording.)

Pace 4

Tap on the red record button to finish the recording, and so the video will automatically compress and appear on your camera curl.

Also shooting a fourth dimension lapse directly, there are besides two popular ways of making a time-lapse video: using series still images and using a normal video. Keep reading to learn how to brand a fourth dimension lapse from still photos and normal video.

Quick Tip:
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How to Make Time Lapse Video from Photos in iMovie

Want to make time lapse from photos on an iPhone? As far as we know, in that location’s no easy fashion to do this on iPhone just yet, but you tin can achieve the task of creating a time-lapse from still photos in iMovie on Mac.

iMovie is a free and built-in app inside every Apple device, so it is a actually good selection if y’all’re starting to create timelapse from still images. Follow the simple steps below to brand a time lapse video from photos in iMovie:

Stride one

Open iMovie, create a new project and choose “Flick” on the project blazon selection screen.

Create New Project iMovie

Create New Project iMovie

Footstep 2

Click on the iMovie icon (in the upper left of your screen) and click “Preferences” , and it volition bring yous to a new window, go to “Photo Placement”, and change the pick to “Ingather to fill”, and so set the Photo Duration as “0,1 seconds”.

Set iMovie Preferences

Prepare iMovie Preferences

Footstep iii

Press the “Import media” button and import all your series of photos, and drag them into the timeline.

Now, your even so photos volition slice together as a video that plays at 10 frames per second. Normal videos oftentimes brandish at 25 or 30 FPS. If you lot see that the video is non playing smoothly, click on the “Ingather” icon and choose the pick “Crop to fill” again.

Step 4

Now the process gets a little weird. We will need to export the file, then import it once more and speed the video upwards.

Step 5

Once you imported your saved file once more into iMovie and dragged it into the timeline, you can click on the little speed meter icon on the lesser of the screen to speed information technology up to timelapse speed.

Speed up to Time Lapse

Speed up to Time Lapse

Function 3 How to Make a Time Lapse Video from a Normal Video

You tin also create a time lapse with normal video file. Converting a video to time-lapse is an easy ane! Simply add together it to a video editing app, similar the iMovie app, and speed it upward, and then end up with a video that looks just like a time-lapse!

Speed up to Time Lapse

Speed upwards to Time Lapse

Y’all tin can also use iMovie to adjust the speed of your fourth dimension lapse video on an iPhone. You lot can hands alter the time lapse video to slow down or increase its speed.

Final Words

In this post, nosotros’ve shown yous some great methods to make a time lapse video on an iPhone: shooting a timelapse on iPhone directly, making a timelapse video from yet photos, or a normal video. We hope you’re at present skilled enough to start creating amazing time-lapses!

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