Two Things That Don’t Go Together

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Sometimes, it’south nice to run into how two things simply practise non go together! This article will explore some funny examples of two things that should non exist paired. So, let’s have a bit of fun, shall nosotros?

What Are Funny Examples Of Two Things Don’t Become Together?

  • Ice cream and bacon
  • Meditation in a decorated neighborhood
  • Gym and pizza
  • Excessive alcohol and weight loss
  • Credit menu bills and budgeting
  • Mexican food and tight jeans
  • Religion and science
  • Politicians and answering questions
  • Cats and dogs
  • Diarrhea and being stuck in an elevator
  • Booze and phones
  • Work and relationships
  • Drugs and good health
  • Sarcasm and Sheldon Cooper
  • Knowledge and Jon Snow
  • Fad diets and success stories
  • Introverts and extroverts
  • Breakups and maturity
  • Cheese and mayonnaise
  • Pineapple and pizza
  • Vegetarians and dark-out nutrient
  • Telephone and bathroom

The preferred version is “ice cream and bacon” because it’s a ridiculous concept, and you would be crazy to endeavour information technology! Of course, you’re welcome to give information technology a go, but you might notice that the gustation and texture merely aren’t all they’re croaky upward to be!

Ice Cream And Bacon

Water ice cream and salary don’t go together. If you’ve ever tried it, yous’re very brave. Yet, the mix of sweet water ice cream and salty or crispy bacon isn’t something you should e’er consider doing! Y’all tin can have them 1 after the other, but never at the same time!

When it comes to telling people what they can and tin can’t eat, we empathize that everyone has different preferences. Remember, this article is merely to highlight certain things that usually do not mix!

Meditation In A Busy Neighborhood

Meditation is something that requires peace and tranquility. Of form, you lot’re not going to accept much luck finding that if yous live in a busy neighborhood. You will constantly be blasted with shouting neighbors and car horns, and y’all’ll never find a way to close off.

Of grade, if you do meditation, sometimes you can’t avoid where y’all do it! If your only option is a busy neighborhood, it might simply take to be something that y’all learn how to cope with! Over time, you might go one of the virtually mindful people in the world!

Gym And Pizza

You lot go to the gym to go fit and look skillful. However, yous likewise need to be on peak of your nutrition if you want to stick to this goal! That’s why pizza is so detrimental when it comes to working out. Y’all can take them both, but information technology’s definitely not something you should make a addiction of!

As a quick side note, if you do go to the gym, y’all are immune pizza! It’south non a complete no-become! You can consume as much pizza every bit you want to make you happy. It’s only not going to help yous to achieve your goal body as quickly equally you might want (if that’s what y’all’re working toward).

Excessive Booze And Weight Loss

Excessive alcohol is an like shooting fish in a barrel way to become extra calories into your 24-hour interval. Many people overlook information technology because they don’t call back that liquids have calories (spoiler alert; they practise!) That’southward why it’s so bad to drink so much while trying to lose weight! It merely doesn’t happen!

Credit Carte Bills And Budgeting

Credit bill of fare bills are something that everyone has to face up. You have to pay them whenever they’re prepare, which can make budgeting your months difficult if you’re not beingness strict on yourself! That’s why these things don’t mix all that well!

Mexican Food And Tight Jeans

Mexican food is notorious for the effect information technology has on your stomach. If yous’ve never eaten it before, you might not know, but if you accept, y’all can probably already relate to this one! Tight jeans are only not your friends later on a heavy Mexican meal! Proficient luck if you try it!

Religion And Scientific discipline

Faith and science are some of the oldest conundrums in the book. The thought is that you tin can’t be religious if y’all are a scientist, merely you can’t be scientific if you lot believe in a religion. The two things are far too contradicting, which is why they can’t coexist!

Politicians And Answering Questions

Politicians brand a addiction of fugitive answering questions. If you lot’ve always seen a journalist enquire them a question, you might detect that it makes them very uncomfortable. They would much rather dance around the question with subterfuge than reply it honestly.

Cats And Dogs

Cats and dogs are fun ones. There are enough of cats and dogs that are best friends (specially if you raised them together). However, the age-old stereotype is that cats detest dogs, and dogs desire to eat cats! That’s why they never piece of work together (fifty-fifty when they exercise).

Diarrhea And Being Stuck In An Elevator

This i is pretty grim, but bear with us! Imagine if you had a sudden bout of diarrhea fix, but your elevator gets stuck, and you can’t arrive to the bathroom in time. Nosotros shouldn’t need to say anymore to explain why this would be a nightmare state of affairs!

Alcohol And Phones

Alcohol plays tricks on our inhibitions. Imagine if you actually fancied someone yous work with, but you never dared tell them. Now imagine you had a few drinks and have their number saved on your phone. It’s time for them to receive a pretty hilarious drunk text from you!

Work And Relationships

This ane kind of follows on from the previous ane. If yous are at piece of work, you lot typically don’t want to cross the boundaries of getting into whatsoever serious relationships. It’s all-time to endeavour and avoid them considering a breakup could turn things pretty nasty for you!

Drugs And Practiced Health

Drugs are not good for you, and they should never be taken. However, some people retrieve that drugs frequently help them with their health (medicinal drugs do, merely recreational ones do not). You should be conscientious mixing these two things, as one cannot exist alongside the other!

Sarcasm And Sheldon Cooper

This one is related to popular culture. If you know anything nearly The Large Bang Theory Television set sitcom, you lot’ll know that Sheldon Cooper does not empathise sarcasm. It is completely lost on him, which is why it works well when talking well-nigh two things that don’t mix.

Knowledge And Jon Snow

Another pop culture reference comes from A Game Of Thrones. The famous quote “you know nothing, Jon Snow” is from that show. Therefore, it stands to reason that knowledge cannot be something that can accompany Jon Snowfall since he knows “zippo.”

Fad Diets And Success Stories

Fad diets are a great way to lose weight quickly. Still, once you lot’ve finished information technology, you lot tend to put all the weight back on again. That’s why it’due south so rare for success stories to stick around afterward someone has been on a fad diet! It’s best to acquire how to diet properly!

Introverts And Extroverts

While there are plenty of proven examples of introverts and extroverts being best friends, the theory backside both types of people makes it seem similar they are incompatible.

Subsequently all, introverts hate socializing and doing things that put them outside of their comfort zones. On the reverse, extroverts dearest socializing and doing things that would often embarrass introverts. They seem like completely opposite people!

Breakups And Maturity

Breakups don’t usually happen in a nice way. Unless yous’re already in a very mature human relationship and know how to handle yourself with your partner, information technology’s probable that things will go sour.

Of class, this one is still merely a joke! There are enough of couples who tin handle breakups with maturity. The thought is simply that it’s not something you hear of all that oft.

Cheese And Mayonnaise

While some people seem to enjoy the cheese and mayonnaise combination (namely folks from America), information technology is not something that should e’er exist eaten! The two foods do not mix, and they should never be consumed! Information technology’s elementary!

Pineapple And Pizza

This ane might trigger a few people, only we thought we’d jump in on the trend. Of course, if y’all savour pineapple on pizza, there’south zero incorrect with that! Even so, it could just as hands exist said that the ii things do NOT mix!

Vegetarians And Nighttime-Out Nutrient

Vegetarians volition have a difficult time on nigh nights out. After all, most of their friends will get hungry toward the end of the night, but the simply places open that serve food tend to be the kebab houses.

Since kebab houses’ principal selling point is meat, you can see why vegetarians might take a tricky time out in that location!

Phone And Bathroom

The last one nosotros want to go over is to never accept your telephone into the bathroom! While it tin be all too tempting to browse social media while sitting on the toilet, you lot’ll be wasting valuable time!

Seriously, you could turn a thirty-2d bathroom trip into a thirty-minute ane if yous’re non conscientious! That would lead to a lot of rather awkward questions from anyone who saw you enter, as well!