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By | 09/11/2022

Tom’s Hardware Verdict

WD’s My Passport is slimmer than ever and affordably priced. With a 3-year warranty and hardware encryption, it’s a well-backed and secure option for those looking for dense portable storage


  • +

    Competitively priced

  • +

    AES 256-bit hardware encryption

  • +

    Solid software suite

  • +

    3-yr warranty


  • Dated Micro USB connection

  • Slides effectually on your desk

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If you’re on the hunt for a new external hard bulldoze, WD’s My Passport is a well-rounded pick. With a solid track record, countersign protection, and capacities of up to 5TB, it’south prepared to store a lot — if not all — of your information and keep it safe.

WD’s My Passport is a popular seller and for good reason. Information technology’s priced competitively and offers up a pretty expert value if you are looking for a lot of portable storage on the cheap compared to SSDs. These portable hard disk drive drives (HDDs) aren’t the flashiest or fastest of storage devices, but having had quite a few pass through my hands over the years for diverse backup or data migration purposes, they always get the job done.


The new My Passport has been slimmed down a flake compared to its predecessors, but packs some decent density. WD’s My Passport comes in capacities of 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB. All are backed past a iii-year express warranty and priced to movement. Our 5TB review unit sold for $127 on Amazon and Newegg when we wrote this. The company doesn’t provide operation ratings on these portable HDDs, but operation can hit upwards of 120-140 MBps, depending on the capacity.

Out of the box, the drive comes formatted as NTFS for use in Windows. There is a Mac model that comes preformatted for Macs, too. Plus, WD’s My Passport comes secured with AES 256-scrap hardware encryption to keep your data from slipping into the wrong hands if it ever leaves yours.

On the go, WD’south My Passport is rated to operate in temperatures of 5-35 degrees Celsius (41-95 degrees Fahrenheit). And different SSDs, information technology isn’t rated to well for shocks. The visitor even warns cease-users to not drop or jolt the drive, nor movement the drive during whatever activity.

That, aside from slower speeds, is the principal downside of opting for a hard drive over an SSD. If you drop it, particularly while it’south running, and the read/write head doesn’t have a chance to safely park offset, yous could damage the drive and lose your data. And then be extra careful with your fill-in drive if information technology’south an HDD rather than an SSD.

Software and Accessories

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WD’s My Passport comes with an 18-inch USB A to Micro USB B cable, which is about the perfect length — not too short, nor besides long. Additionally, the company provides users with WD Discovery software, which enables you to manage virtually everything about your drive.

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With WD Discovery, you lot can enable the My Passport’s AES 256-bit hardware encryption-based countersign protection via WD security software. The software also provides download links for WD’south Drive Utilities to configure and cheque upwardly on your bulldoze’s health, equally well as WD’s Backup software. The fill-in software lets you chop-chop and conveniently schedule automated backups. WD Discovery software even lets you fill-in media from social media and cloud services like Facebook, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

A Closer Look

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Encased within its plastic enclosure, WD opted to utilize a Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR, a engineering science that overlaps data tracks to increase density)-based 2.5” HDD, model: WD50NDZW-11MR8S1 on our 5TB sample. It comes with a 128MB DRAM cache and has the USB bridge and connector built-in rather than using a standard SATA connection. Of form, information technology is a SED or self-encrypting drive, every bit it comes with AES 256-bit hardware encryption.

WD’s My Passport comes in two sizes depending on the chapters you go. The 1TB and 2TB models measure 4.22 x two.95 x 0.44 inches and weigh 120 grams (4.2 ounces). Due to the increased number of platters that WD’s My Passport needs to accomplish 4TB and 5TB, the larger capacities are bit bulkier. Rather than your standard 7mm SSD or 9.5mm HDD, the HDD in this models measures 15mm thick, which besides adds to the weight. The 4TB and 5TB models mensurate in at 4.22 x 2.95 x 0.75 inches and 210g/7.4 ounces.

Along with a redesign to slim down a chip, the My Passport is besides available in three colors: black, red, and bluish. Information technology features a small white power indicator light that only appears visible when the device is powered on.

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