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35+ Best Lightroom Wedding Presets 2022

Your wedding photos are the most important gift of your special 24-hour interval, and naturally, you want them to be perfect. Not simply should they look professional person, simply they should likewise truly capture that spark between you and your newlywed. This tin be difficult to achieve – non to mention it takes a lot of fourth dimension and patience.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is by using a purpose-built Lightroom preset, which will enhance your images perfectly and promises to requite you lot the wedding photos of your dreams. There are thousands of these brilliant filters out there, then we’ve saved you, even more, fourth dimension and attempt and rounded upward the best of the best. No matter what kind of weather, bride, setting, or season, every wedding is catered for.

Here are some of the most cute, romantic, and timeless Lightroom wedding presets for you to choose from.

Autumn Lightroom Wedding Preset

If you’re holding your wedding in the fall, then this amazing set of 15 Autumn themed Lightroom wedding presets volition help you lot to capture the stunning warm tones of yellow and orangish in the shadows and highlights of your precious photos. It looks especially effective on images shot in natural light.

Boho Lightroom Wedding Preset

The boho wedding ceremony aesthetic is all the rage at the moment, and for good reason – information technology looks astonishing! This set of xiii bohemian wedding Lightroom presets will raise the soft, moody tones and tanned, warm colors in your images, and can be used with Lightroom versions 4, 5, half-dozen, and seven (CC).

Wedding Day Lightroom Preset

The Wedding Day Lightroom preset drove is a set up of 20 beautiful and classic filters that will give your hymeneals photos a light and blusterous issue with brilliant whites and a chichi, elegant stop. It’due south divided into four styles – barefoot embankment, classically chic, evening elegance, and winter warmth.

Indie Lightroom Wedding Preset

The Indie wedding lightroom preset is a collection of cute, film-inspired filters that will give your photos a natural, relaxed, and professional person look. Information technology features 32 furnishings that are compatible with both Lightroom and Photoshop, and are all fully adjustable to arrange your individual photography style.

Beauty Helpmate Lightroom Hymeneals Preset

A balanced and natural looking set of filters, the Dazzler Bride preset is designed to just brand photos more than beautiful, giving you the ability to enhance your photos speedily, easily and professionally – and information technology’s actually brilliant for all kinds of photography, also as wedding ceremony shots!

Boho Wedding Free Lightroom Wedding Preset

Boho Wedding Free Lightroom Wedding Preset

This is a free Lightroom preset you can use to enhance your nuptials photos. Information technology features a boho-mode warm effect that works perfectly with outdoor photography. The issue tin can be hands adapted to your preference too.

Nuptials Smiles Free Lightroom Hymeneals Preset

Wedding Smiles Free Lightroom Wedding Preset

This free Lightroom preset adds a moody look to your wedding ceremony photos by adding more than contrast and brightness to the images. It’due south most suitable for portraits and dramatic shots.

Movie Emulation Lightroom Nuptials Preset

As the proper name suggests, the Flick Emulation preset makes your wedding photos look like they’ve come straight out of a Hollywood flick. From the lighting and colour enhancement to the dreamy, surreal atmosphere, your photos will be transformed into timeless souvenirs.

Sunny Mural Lightroom Wedding Preset

If your special day was held outdoors, merely the sun wasn’t shining, use this preset to create the result of warm, bright sunshine and bright blue skies, to really brand your wedding photos perfect! There are different settings for daylight, twilight, and sunset, and you can even choose to add or remove clouds, depending on your preference.

Wedding Day Lightroom Wedding ceremony Preset

Containing 20 cute filters, this gear up of Lightroom wedding presets is brilliant if you’re wanting to add together very subtle enhancements to your hymeneals photos, without changing the atmosphere or overall experience. It has dissimilar filters for different situations, depending on factors such as the weather, so there’s sure to be a perfect option for you lot.

Lomography Lightroom Wedding Preset

The Lomography preset contains 11 beautifully toned filters to give your nuptials photos a rich, vintage quality. Designed by a professional photographer and Lightroom expert, this preset is timeless, elegant, and can be applied to many different styles and settings.

Prestalgia Lightroom Hymeneals Preset

Prestalgia is the feeling of predicting the nostalgia that will come up in the future from something that’s happening right at present – like your wedding day! Capture this romantic quality with a retro-inspired Lightroom preset, to give your wedding photos a soft, nostalgic element that you’ll enjoy looking back on in the years to come.

Honeymoon Gratuitous Lightroom Wedding Preset

Honeymoon Free Lightroom Wedding Preset

Another smashing gratuitous Lightroom preset you can apply to raise your wedding ceremony photos instantly. Information technology lets you ameliorate exposure and lighting to speedily transform the photos shot in bad lighting conditions.

Elegant Nuptials Free Lightroom Wedding Preset

Elegant Wedding Free Lightroom Wedding Preset

Making your wedding portrait photos wait more professional won’t take long when y’all take this free preset at your side. It instantly improves your photos with brightness, contrast, and exposure adjustments.

Spring Lightroom Wedding ceremony Preset

Perfect for capturing the vivid colors and fresh air feeling of a springtime wedding, the Bound Lightroom preset is designed to enhance your photos and generate vibrant, high quality images, past using easily editable furnishings that can exist adapted to attain the wedding ceremony portraits of your dreams.

Lavender Lightroom Wedding Preset

A fun, indie-inspired manner to process your photos to either match or complement your wedding ceremony colors, the Lavander Lightroom preset volition requite your photos a subtle purple tone. It comes with skin tone protective features, as well as fully adjustable customization options, so y’all’re in full control.

Sakura Pink Lightroom Wedding Preset

Another beautifully demonstrated use of colour for wedding photo processing is the Sakura Pinkish preset, which gives your photos a romantic pink quality. Chichi and playful, this preset also comes with skin tone protection and adjustable customization filters.

Rustic Lightroom Wedding Preset

This stunning collection includes 50 individual filters and is compatible with both Lightroom and Photoshop. It features beautiful natural toning, giving your photos an accurate picture show-inspired quality, and pre-made preset variations to friction match different lighting conditions and shooting settings.

Honeymoon Lightroom Hymeneals Preset

This preset will add a stunning matte tone to your hymeneals photos. The soft, romantic color palette will enhance the atmosphere of your images, calculation richness and an onetime-school vintage moving-picture show quality. It comes with 12 variations to match different shooting weather condition and camera settings.

Archetype – Gratuitous Lightroom Wedding Preset

Classic - Free Lightroom Wedding Preset

This is a must-have Lightroom preset for transforming hymeneals photos with filters. It features a fantasy-themed effect that will make your photos expect even more than magical.

Sunny Solar day – Gratis Lightroom Nuptials Preset

Sunny Day - Free Lightroom Wedding Preset

Simply as the name suggests, this costless Lightroom preset is designed for improving the lighting conditions of your outdoor photos. The preset simply adds a brilliant sunshine await that works best with outdoor landscape photos.

Summerbliss Lightroom Wedding Preset

A soft, ethereal fix of 12 filters with names like “Serene” and “Ardour,” the Summerbliss preset is designed to add vibrant, natural tones to your photos. Equally well equally nuptials photography, it’south besides a pop pick for pregnancy photoshoots due to the glowing qualities information technology provides.

Traditional Lightroom Nuptials Preset

This collection of 50 presets is designed for weddings with vibrant, colorful attire. Information technology protects natural skin tones and enhances colour in a fashion that truly captures the magic of a couple’s special mean solar day. It besides provides full control over the customization settings, allowing y’all to suit each element to your heart’s desire.

Caramel Lightroom Wedding Preset

The Caramel Lightroom wedding ceremony preset enhances the color of your images to give them a soft dark-brown look with pastel tones. It’due south highly versatile and tin be used in a number of ways, from outdoor grouping shots to intimate hubby-and-married woman portraits, to create classic, elegant hymeneals photos.

Professional person Lightroom Wedding Preset

This preset pack promises to bring out incredible light and color tone in your photos without compromising the image quality. It’s highly versatile, offers a fully non-subversive workflow, and will be perfect if you’re later timeless, elegant photos.

Provence Lightroom Hymeneals Preset

This prepare of clean and creative filters is ideal if y’all’ve ever dreamt of a romantic wedding in the South of France, just couldn’t quite stretch the budget! Its unique vintage entreatment and artistic tones will make you feel as if you lot’ve escaped to a strange land every time you look back on your wedding ceremony photos.

Vintage Lightroom Wedding Preset

1 of the almost popular Lightroom nuptials presets nosotros’ve come beyond, the Vintage preset has been specifically designed for bridal and wedding photography, and is sure to make your photos as perfect every bit your hymeneals twenty-four hour period itself. Featuring warm romantic tones and soft nostalgic qualities, it’s sure to be a winner with brides everywhere.

Real Lightroom Nuptials Preset

This collection of 12 filters renders wedding photos in vivid, modernistic tones, utilizing a unique matte quality to help them stand out from the oversupply. Deep, rich colors and a soft, warm temper combine to create a subtle, natural, and creative preset that’s perfect for any setting.

Soft Light Wedding Lightroom Preset

This Lightroom wedding presets is called “Soft Light,” and that’s the verbal consequence you’ll see. Adding a fresh, early morning vibe to your photos, this preset offers a romantic and dreamy perspective, perfect to remember your special day past.

Azalea Lightroom Wedding ceremony Preset

For a stunning, floral-inspired vibe, await no further than the Azalea Lightroom hymeneals preset – a collection of dreamy, soft filters and effects that volition add a soft and romantic element to your precious memories. This collection of presets will add ethereal blueish tones for an airy and high-quality end, for a true fairytale wedding ceremony.

Summer Vibes Lightroom Wedding Preset

If your wedding is taking place in the summer months, or even if you simply want to add a splash of sunshine and warmth to your photos, the Summer Vibes Lightroom preset volition complement your pictures perfectly. It features smooth highlights, enhanced pare tones, and deep even so elegant contrasts.

Editorial Lightroom Wedding Preset

This serial of 13 easy to utilize Lightroom wedding ceremony presets is perfect if you’re looking for a sophisticated, loftier style inspired fix of photos. It will add a dramatic, elegant quality with deep, rich tones, and is all-time suited for an outdoor wedding ceremony, especially in autumn or winter.

Maverick Lightroom Wedding Preset

The Maverick collection of Lightroom wedding ceremony presets is a simplistic and chic choice if y’all’re looking for a summery, romantic experience. It includes 50 unique settings across five stunning themes, from hippie-inspired pastel tones to soft, moody elements. It’south as well available for utilize with both mobile and desktop devices.

Sepia Tone Lightroom Nuptials Presets

A true wedding photography classic, this set of Lightroom presets features various sepia tone filters, to give your images a warm, nostalgic experience. Information technology also includes a series of one-half-sepia filters, which can help you render effects that tin can otherwise be difficult to achieve in Lightroom.

Pastel Lightroom Wedding Presets

Lightroom Wedding Presets

Pastel Colors Presets gives you what you need to professionally enhance your photos. This collection includes 20 professional person and color-enhancing presets to bring cotton candy manner to your project with minimal endeavour. Perfect for style magazines, blogs, wedding and holiday albums.

Dazzler Bride Lightroom Nuptials Presets

Lightroom Wedding Presets

These filters take been advisedly crafted to create the expect and feel you want to achieve for each of your nuptials photographs in a few clicks. This collection is well-balanced and perfect for an array of settings, from hymeneals to travel photography, engagement, mode, portraits, architecture, food photography, lifestyle, and everything in between.

Lightroom Nuptials Presets

Lightroom Wedding Presets

Designed to bring consistency and efficiency to your workflow while emphasizing clean and authentic skin tones. Whether batch editing an entire wedding or needing a preset for a detailed shot, this set gives you the versatility to overcome any editing claiming a nuptials photographer may face.

Dearest Alchemy – Lightroom Wedding Presets

Lightroom Wedding Presets

Dearest Abracadabra nuptials preset collection features xx authentic toning presets for wedding, bridal, result and portrait photography. Great for both pros and amateurs, Love Alchemy presets work on desktop or mobile and provides an effortless workflow for your photography project.

And at present information technology’s over to you – these Lightroom nuptials presets are at your disposal, set to aid you transform your photos into masterpieces. With the help of these presets, your nuptials photos will truly laurels the incredible bond that you and your partner share, and permit you lot to reminisce for years to come.