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By | 25/10/2022
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Betwixt DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, budget compacts and impressive superzooms, Nikon has dozens of different options on the market, but the powerful D850 DSLR remains our pick for the best Nikon camera thanks to its alloy of image quality and functioning.

The D850 is a incomparably high-end camera and likewise isn’t right for anybody, but equally the camera industry has changed in the wake of the ascension of the smartphone, Nikon has adapted by shifting product abroad from lower-cost models to high-cease cameras and lenses. As a event, finding a good compact camera on a budget can be difficult, but Nikon offers a full range of DSLRs including some low-cost options. After reviewing nearly fifty Nikons, including most every major DSLR and mirrorless model, here are the best Nikon cameras yous tin can purchase.

At a glance

Best Nikon camera: Nikon D850

Nikon D850
Hillary Grigonis/Digital Trends

Why you should buy this:
Infrequent paradigm quality matched with top performance

Who’s it for:
Professional photographers and serious enthusiasts

Why we picked the Nikon D850:

The Nikon D850 isn’t Nikon’due south near expensive photographic camera, but the 45.7-megapixel full-frame DSLR is better in some ways than the heavier D5 that costs twice as much. While loftier-resolution cameras are typically slow, the D850 can shoot at 7 frames per second, or nine when paired with an optional battery grip. It as well offers strong 4K video performance, although video certainly isn’t its primary focus.

While you can discover the same sensor in the mirrorless Nikon Z vii, the D850 maintains a performance edge cheers to it’s 153-point autofocus organization that is more reliable than the Z 7’s, peculiarly in low light. Information technology also a beautiful optical viewfinder and incredible battery life.

The trunk brings even more to love with conditions-sealing and an intelligent control scheme. About settings have physical controls for easy access, while the torso houses both a tilting LCD screen and a secondary screen on the elevation of the camera for displaying shooting data. Although going on ii years old, the Nikon D850 remains the best DSLR on the marketplace, Nikon or otherwise.

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Best Mirrorless: Nikon Z 6

Nikon Z6 Hands-on
Hillary Grigonis/Digital Trends

Why yous should buy this:
Solid photos, fast performance, and an affordable price

Who’due south it for:
Serious enthusiasts, semi-pros, and professionals

Why we picked the Nikon Z 6:

The 24-megapixel Z 6 doesn’t have the resolution of the Z 7 or D850, merely it does take a much more than approachable toll. Its full-frame sensor notwithstanding captures excellent images, and the lower resolution even helps it produce cleaner images at high ISOs, making information technology amend in depression light. And unlike Nikon’south DSLRs, it has 5-centrality image stabilization congenital into the body.

All of that is paired with a 12-fps burst manner (or 5.5 fps with live view). The autofocus is likewise surprisingly good for being among Nikon’s first attempts at mirrorless with a phase-detection autofocus organisation, if not quite equally quick in low light as the D850 DSLR. The Z 6 has a big border over the D850 when it comes to video, however, with some of the most advanced video features on the market place.

As a mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z half-dozen has less room for controls however however manages to feel very much similar a Nikon, with a comfortable grip and familiar command scheme. Plus, the body includes an excellent electronic viewfinder, weather-sealing, and a tilt screen. While at that place aren’t many Z-mount lenses available still, F-mount lenses are uniform via an adapter without any detectable differences in performance.

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All-time Nikon DSLR for enthusiasts: Nikon D500

Nikon D500
Beak Roberson/Digital Trends

Why y’all should buy this:
Speedy operation and advanced features

Who’s it for:
Enthusiasts, action photographers and semi-pros

Why nosotros picked the Nikon D500:

Nikon’s most full-featured APS-C DSLR, the Nikon D500, sports a 10-fps burst mode that’s great for, well, sports. It too uses the aforementioned 153-point autofocus system as the D850, simply considering the frame is smaller, it really covers more of it — y’all can track a discipline form one border to the other without losing focus.

While the D500 is an APS-C DSLR, the camera’south paradigm quality fifty-fifty rivaled that of the company’due south entry-level full-frame options at launch. The photographic camera is getting a bit older, but however holds its own with good image quality and fast functioning.

As a loftier-end model, the Nikon D500 body offers splendid handling and features. It houses both a tilting LCD screen and a top data brandish, as well equally a control scheme that’s carried over from Nikon’due south pricier DSLRs. Available now for around $i,700, the D500 is Nikon’due south most expensive crop sensor DSLR, but has enough features to justify that price, peculiarly for the action photographer.

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All-time Nikon photographic camera for beginners: Nikon D3500

Canon and Nikon Black Friday deals

Why y’all should buy this:
Images way beyond smartphone quality on the cheap

Who’s it for:
Beginners and enthusiasts on a upkeep

Why we picked the Nikon D3500:

While the smartphone has almost eliminated the budget indicate-and-shoot, some of the category’s demise has to do with the fact that yous can buy a DSLR for merely $400. The Nikon D3500 may not be the virtually capable DSLR, just it’south one of the best cameras that yous can buy for under $500 right at present. That’s a low price for jumping to an interchangeable lens photographic camera with a relatively big APS-C sensor, which volition deliver much amend image quality than your phone.

The 24.2-megapixel sensor offers fantabulous image quality for the budget category, while the performance and five-fps flare-up charge per unit isn’t bad, either. The autofocus system has just eleven points, and video is limited to Full Hard disk drive 1080p, but few cameras offering the aforementioned level of paradigm quality at the same toll betoken.

While it’due south a DSLR, Nikon keeps the D3500 beginner-friendly. The control scheme is simpler than the more than avant-garde models and an in-camera Guide Mode helps teach new users how to use the camera. You can commonly find the D3500 for effectually $400 with a kit lens.

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All-time Nikon Betoken-And-Shoot: Nikon P1000

Nikon Coolpix P1000 review
Hillary Grigonis/Digital Trends

Why yous should purchase this:
Unmatched zoom capabilities

Who’due south information technology for:
Bird watchers, wildlife fans — and anyone who wants to snap photos upwardly close

Why we picked the Nikon P1000:

When Nikon launched the P1000, it finer fabricated other superzooms pale in comparison. With a 125x optical zoom lens, no other sub-$1,000 camera tin bring the craters of the moon upward close. The zoom is paired with an splendid image stabilization arrangement that really makes it possible to handhold such a large lens, at least in proficient light (those moon shots will require a tripod).

While the P1000 has the typical 1/2.3-inch sensor institute in most bones meaty cameras, it still captures solid photos in good light. That smaller sensor suffers more in depression low-cal (particularly compared to the cheaper Nikon D3500), only the lens captures details that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. While most photographers don’t need a 125x zoom, the P1000 is a solid choice for capturing wildlife and other furthermost subjects.

With the large lens on the front, the rest of the body feels more like a Nikon DSLR than a point-and-shoot, with a good-sized grip, manual controls, and a viewfinder. Getting upward that close, however, isn’t inexpensive — the Nikon P1000 sells for just nether $1,000.

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