What Are The Different Adobe Products

By | 22/11/2022

Did you know at that place are more than 50 Adobe apps, products and software packages available here in 2022?

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If you’re wondering what all these Adobe software programs actually do (and whether they might be useful to you lot) read on.

Here’s an up-to-date explanation and list of all the Adobe products, as well as who they’re best suited to.

What are all the Adobe Software Apps?

Anyone who’s e’er used a estimator has encounter at least one of these Adobe apps. We’ve all used Adobe Acrobat to open a PDF document, for example.

And of class, we all know Photoshop. Fifty-fifty if you’re not a lensman, I’m sure you’ve heard nearly ‘photoshopping’ an prototype… Yes, information technology’due south so popular that it became a verb.

So yous might exist thinking, why practise I demand to know about all of these Adobe software apps?!

Well, you might notice out that one of them is exactly what you need and that information technology tin make your life so much simpler. Believe me, it happens.

Fair alert: many Adobe apps have similar functions or overlapping features. This ways that you can do ane particular thing with several different Adobe Creative Cloud apps, but this doesn’t mean they’re the same.

For example, you can make a second illustration with Photoshop, but Illustrator is especially designed for vector art, then you’ll accept more tools and the workflow will be easier if yous do information technology there.

(See also: what is Adobe Creative Cloud and do I demand it?)

So, without any further ado, hither’s an Adobe software list, edifice on the video in a higher place to include new additions and to remove those that accept been discontinued, to endeavor and clarify things for you.

I’ve organised all the Adobe software into 4 categories, which y’all’ll encounter beneath.

  • For Creatives

This covers the biggest part of Adobe’south offer. All these apps are for visual creators using different media.

You can purchase them as a bundle, or singularly co-ordinate to your needs. Some of them are merely bachelor for your desktop and some take a version for mobile devices or browser use.

1. Adobe Aero

This is an app for mobile devices where you tin create and share AR (augmented reality) experiences without coding.

2. Adobe Subsequently Effects

You tin utilise this tool to create all types of visual effects and move graphics, from animative movie titles to creating VR (virtual reality) videos.

three. Adobe Air

This app is used by developers to create games and apps for several operating systems.

four. Adobe Animate

Just like the name suggests, this app is used to animate all sorts of designs to use in games, web, e-learning and then much more. It came to existence to replace the very critiqued Flash. With it, you tin as well export into many more formats like HTML 5.

v. Adobe Audition

This app is specially built to work with sound. It has a professional toolset to tape, edit, mix, and restore audio files for videos, podcasts, and sound effects.

six. Adobe Behance


This is a social media site/app dedicated to all creators that want to share and sell their piece of work.

vii. Adobe Bridge

This is a media management software program. You lot can visually encounter and organize all of your media files to categorize them and edit them in collaboration with other Adobe apps like Camera Raw. It too lets y’all publish directly to Adobe Stock.

8. Adobe Capture

Capture is a mobile app that allows you to create vectors, fonts, and patterns correct on your telephone that you lot tin so use in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and other Adobe apps.

9. Adobe Grapheme Animation

This app simplifies the animation of 2D designs. Using your webcam, the software animates your characters with your movements. This mode you don’t have to practice the piece of work frame past frame.

10. Adobe Content Server

Safely publish and sell your own e-books with this app.

11. Adobe Dimension

If you need to work with 3D models and 2nd images in the same file, this is the app yous need. It also makes 3D blueprint more accessible.

12. Adobe Dreamweaver

Edifice websites without the need for coding is a dream come true with this app. Of class, it also supports coding if you lot know it, or facilitates your learning with code hints.

13/14. Adobe Wink Builder and Flash Professional

You might have run into some websites or online games that crave y’all to install Adobe Flash. This software was used for many years for developing interactive content for the Internet.

For some time information technology has been severely criticized and has become outdated which is why Adobe announced that they will stop updating and distributing Flash at the cease of 2020.

xv/16. Adobe Fonts and Adobe Typekit

The Adobe Typekit includes packs of Adobe Fonts that you lot tin use in your designs. These are included in the membership fee for you to utilise in commercial or personal projects without licensing bug.

17. Adobe Fresco

There are costless and premium versions available for this astonishing drawing and painting app for the artist on the become.

eighteen. Adobe Fuse

This 3D model cosmos app is specialized in human models. You tin modify the physical looks of your model as well equally the wearing apparel and many other features.

nineteen/xx. Adobe Illustrator and Illustrator Draw

Adobe makes a range of desktop applications for creatives.

The almost famous software for graphic pattern is Adobe Illustrator (see alternatives). Information technology’due south used to create vector fine art, web design, 2d illustrations, and all sorts of graphic projects. In that location is a mobile version called Illustrator for iPad where you tin can sketch and layer images and drawings.

Encounter how to buy Adobe Illustrator.

21. Adobe InCopy

This is a text editor that works together with InDesign. When you’re doing a magazine or whatever kind of publication, this tool is used by the writers to edit the text office while the designers continue to use InDesign for the graphics and layout.

22. Adobe InDesign

InDesign is publishing software especially developed for multipage layouts. Here, editorial designers can create everything from flyers to books.

23/24/25. Adobe Lightroom

Like Span, Adobe Lightroom is a management software – just this time it’s mainly focused on photography. You cannot piece of work with other media files. On the plus side, you can exercise virtually of your minor editing adjustments and utilise them to large collections.

There’s Lightroom to piece of work more often than not in the cloud for the photographers who work on multiple devices and on the become.
Lightroom Classic
instead is focused on desktop work for creatives who need a more than robust set of tools and prefer local storage.

Then there is a
Lightroom Mobile
version that you can download on your phone for gratuitous with express capabilities, or y’all tin download the full app if you have the membership for the desktop version.

26. Adobe Media Encoder

If you’re a user of Premiere Pro or Later on Effects then you’ll demand to apply Media Encoder to render the videos done in those other apps. In other words, it compresses and converts formats of videos for universal use.

27/28/29/thirty/31. Adobe Photoshop

aadobe photoshop 2020This one probably doesn’t need much introduction as information technology’south one of the most famous Adobe products. But you might not know nearly the various versions.

Adobe Photoshop
has become an industry standard for photo manipulation from pocket-size edits to circuitous composites.

Information technology includes some tools for graphics and video, therefore covering some of the basic needs that photographers may take in their mail service-production piece of work without them having to buy or learn other specialized apps.

In that location are different free versions bachelor for browsers and mobile devices. The most famous is
Photoshop Express
which you can apply online or download to your phone.

Also available for smartphones are
Photoshop Camera,
Photoshop Fix, and Photoshop Mix.

32. Adobe Portfolio

This application allows photographers to create simple websites to showcase their work without any coding noesis. See some great Adobe Portfolio examples hither.

33. Adobe Prelude

This video editing app works as a starting time step for editing large amounts of video. You can do some rough cut and batch editing before sending information technology to other specific software.

34/35/36. Adobe Premiere

Another professional video editing tool. With
Premiere Pro
y’all can cut and edit videos to exist arranged later on the timeline where you tin add effects like audio or text – it’southward what virtually YouTubers use to edit their videos.

There is an amateur version of this app called
Premiere Elements
where yous tin do basic video editing similar removing noise or creating a fourth dimension-lapse video out of a series of photographs.

Some other version is the 1 for mobile devices called
Premiere Blitz.

37. Adobe Scout

Scout analyses and profiles Adobe Flash content.

38/39/forty. Adobe Limited (Formerly, Spark)

This app allows you to create multiple designs right on your mobile for like shooting fish in a barrel social sharing. Yous tin can observe three unlike apps to meet the needs of every social media creator and manager. Here’s how to apply Adobe Express.

41. Adobe Stock

This is Adobe’s stock media platform for the users of the Artistic Deject to buy or sell royalty-free images.

42. Adobe Substance

A toolbox designed specifically for texture creation used in 3D projects.

43. Adobe XD

This allows developers to make prototypes for apps so the interfaces can be tested earlier they lawmaking them.

  • For Marketers

Even if Adobe is nearly famous for all the creative tools they’ve developed over the years, the Creative Cloud is not the only area of expertise. They have some other specializations that cover all the marketing needs from advertising to analytics.

44. Adobe Feel Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud is useful for marketers and businesses.

Dedicated to customer experience, this app offers a series of tools for online marketing. It came to replace the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Here you tin can manage the content of your campaigns as well as automate deportment like launching live content or sending emails.

45. Adobe Advert

Adobe Advertizement allows full management of multimedia content from a unmarried platform.

46. Adobe Analytics

This toolkit allows for web traffic analysis.

47. Adobe Target

This tool works together with Adobe Analytics to personalize marketing content.

  • For Businesses

48. Adobe Captivate

Ideal for creating e-learning courses, this app allows y’all to create software demonstrations, quizzes, and more than, and afterwards catechumen your content to MP4 or PowerPoint and other universal formats.

49. Adobe Connect

This is a platform built for video-conferencing, online courses, webinars, etc. that can be used from desktop or mobile.

fifty. Adobe FrameMaker

adobe framemaker

This is a word processor but it’s adult specifically for long technical documents.

51. Adobe Presenter

As you tin can imagine past the name, this app is designed for creating and displaying presentations and slideshows.

52. Adobe RoboHelp

This software is for creating and publishing knowledge databases such as the Help or Policy pages of websites.

53. Adobe Sign

Manage your documents with electronic signing in a reliable and legal mode with this app which is also available as a mobile version.

  • For Everyone Else

Some tools are useful for anyone – from students to professionals, creators to users – and Adobe has thought of that as well.

54. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC


I’m certain you’re familiar with this app because at some indicate in life y’all’ve probably received or downloaded a document in PDF format. This free software allows you to view, print, or comment on these types of files.

55. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

If you want to create a PDF file, so yous need the Pro version of Adobe Acrobat.

56. Adobe Scan

This is a mobile application that allows you to scan documents with your phone and salvage them every bit PDF or JPEG. Information technology’south free and information technology has OCR (optical character recognition) which means it automatically detects and reads text.

Adobe Apps FAQs

How many Adobe apps are there?

There are currently 56 Adobe apps.

Are Adobe apps gratis?

No, near Adobe apps are not free – they require payment via a subscription model. That said, Adobe does have a pocket-size number of applications that are free or have free versions – like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Scan, and the mobile versions of Photoshop and Lightroom.

Is information technology worth paying for Adobe?

That completely depends on your needs and how much use you’d exit of the apps. For professionals in the fields of blueprint, photography, filmography and others, the Adobe apps are the gold standard and generally considered well worth the price.

All the Adobe Products: Terminal Words

As you tin can see from this mammoth Adobe software list, Adobe has a solution for many unlike profiles and their multiple needs.

It’s no wonder the Adobe Stock price continues to go from strength to forcefulness!

Depending on your profession, it’s likely that more than 1 of these Adobe software apps would be useful for your piece of work.

Hopefully, you find this guide helpful in the quest to find the correct tool that will make your workflow more efficient.


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