What Do Hard Drive Colors Mean

By | 07/08/2022

If you have ever shopped for
Western Digital Hard Disk Drives
(WD HDD), you have seen that they are bachelor in dissimilar color codes. This might create confusion in your mind about which blazon of WD HDD y’all have to buy. The different color WD HDDs are manufactured for unlike purposes. In this commodity, we will run across what is the deviation betwixt the dissimilar color WD HDDs.

Different WD Hard Drive Colors

WD Hard Drive colors comparison

Yous are well enlightened of Western Digital. It is amidst the best hard disk bulldoze manufacturers. At that place are six color codes for WD HDDs, blue, red, black, green, purple, and gold. Let’southward have a deeper look into the meaning of different colour codes of WD hd drives.

1] WD Blueish HDD


Allow’s begin our give-and-take with the Western Digital Blue HDD. It is a full general-purpose difficult drive that is manufactured for basic desktop and long-term usage. People can use these hard drives for daily activities like storing different types of files and coincidental gaming. The storage capacity of these difficult drives varies from 250 GB to 6 TB.

WD Blue HDDs are available in two models, 5400 RPM with a maximum storage capacity of 6 TB and 7200 RPM with a maximum storage capacity of two TB.

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ii] WD Red HDD


WD Red HDD is designed for NAS and RAID systems. Hence, these difficult drives are most usually used past small businesses. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. Information technology is a storage media that is connected to a particular network. The purpose of using a NAS system in an system is to form a cardinal location to shop data. Yous can consider NAS as a individual deject network for pocket-sized businesses. On the other manus, RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a organization that lets you shop the data on multiple hard drives. All the configured hard drives act as a single storage system under the RAID organization.

Today, many organizations operate 24×7 with employees working in rotational shifts. Such organizations need 24×seven admission to the storage media. Hence, in such circumstances, the WD Bluish HDDs do not withstand as they are designed only for general purposes. The pro version of WD Red hard drive is bachelor with a storage chapters of as high as 18 TB.

3] WD Dark-green HDD

WD Green HDD

WD Green hard drives were manufactured for low power consumption. If a user requires a hard drive for backup storage, or simply for storing his files, he can apply WD Green HDD. Because people started giving more preference to WD Blue hard drives, Green HDD started losing their popularity. Due to this reason, Western Digital stopped manufacturing the Green HDD.

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4] WD Black HDD

WD Black HDD

Western Digital articles the black color HDD serial for those who want an external storage medium with loftier operation. Due to the loftier performance, WD Black difficult drives are much popular among photo editors and high-end gamers. If we compare WD Black HDD with WD Blue HDD, the quondam one offers 128 MB of enshroud, whereas, the latter one offers only 64 MB of cache. Besides, all the versions of WD Black HDD come with 720 RPM which is far ameliorate than the RPM offered by WD Bluish HDD. In curt, if you are looking for a hard disk drive that lasts longer, offers high speed and reliability, WD Blackness HDD volition be the right choice.

5] WD Purple HDD

WD Purple HDD

WD Imperial HDD serial is specially designed for surveillance systems. The surveillance systems require storage media on which data can be written 24×seven. Apart from this, the storage media should take a high capacity where the loftier definition videos can exist stored. WD Purple HDD perfectly fits these requirements. You may have a question here, “WD Crimson HDD serial also offer 24×vii information storage facility, so, why these difficult drives cannot be used for CCTV surveillance systems?” This is because the surveillance videos are required to be accessed when someone commits a crime in a particular surface area. This ways that the hard disks in surveillance systems are used more for writing than reading the data. This is not the case with WD Ruby-red HDD. Considering Red hard drives are used in organizations, employees need them frequently to access the data. This ways these hard drives are used equally for both writing and reading the data. Like Scarlet hard drives, Imperial difficult drives tin also be configured for NAS and RAID storage systems.

vi] WD Gold HDD


The WD Gold HDD provides a long-term cold storage medium. Therefore, this series of Western Digital difficult drives is suitable for data centers. These hard drives tin handle many sophisticated systems simultaneously and piece of work well with different servers. The gold edition of WD hard drives comes with a maximum storage capacity of 10 TB and offers 7200 RPM with 128 MB or 256 MB cache. Gold difficult drives are as well suitable for 24×seven applications and can handle a workload of 550 TB per yr.

Let’due south summarize what we accept discussed in this article.

  • WD Blue HDD: Information technology is a general-purpose, reliable, and power-efficient storage medium.
  • WD Red HDD: It is manufactured for NAS and RAID systems.
  • WD Light-green HDD: It consumes less power and is similar to the blue series hard drives. The Green edition is not pop present.
  • WD Black HDD: It is a high-performance hard bulldoze and is designed for high-cease gaming and content creation applications.
  • WD Purple HDD: It is a surveillance system storage device.
  • WD Gold HDD: It is a premium version of WD hard drives and is designed for data centers and other similar applications.

We promise, this article helped you sympathize the divergence between the dissimilar WD difficult drive colors.

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Different WD Hard Drive Colors

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