What Do You Tip A Photographer

By | 02/11/2022

The do’s and don’ts of tipping photographers is a topic that tin be hard to cover. There are then many different photographers with all sorts of pricing structures, which makes it easy to feel overwhelmed by the subject. The practiced news is that there are some practice’s and don’ts that will help you out if you’re non sure how much (or what kind) to tip your lensman!


  • Tip your photographer if you feel they did a great job.
  • If yous have a friend or family member who is a lensman, consider giving them a gift rather than tipping (or do both!).
  • Give a cash tip if you’re happy with the service and want to ensure that your lensman remembers your hymeneals day.
  • Tell your wedding planner that they should tip the photographer. If they practise non, do so yourself.
  • Tip the photographer in greenbacks or check, rather than through a third party.
  • If yous’re unhappy with your lensman’due south work, do not tip them.


  • Treat a gift as an expected role of hiring a professional photographer (it shouldn’t be). If you want to give i, make sure information technology is something meaningful and not impersonal or generic.
  • Treat a cash tip as an expected office of hiring a professional lensman (information technology shouldn’t exist). If you want to requite one, make sure it is something meaningful and not impersonal or generic.
  • Use your general wedding budget for tipping the photographer.
  • Feel obligated to tip just because your friend is a photographer and shot your wedding (although yous can certainly do so if yous want!).

How Much Should You lot Tip Your Photographer?

The answer to this question depends on how happy you are with your piece of work. A good rule of thumb is to requite around 15%-20% of the full cost of the parcel.

When to Tip Your Hymeneals Photographer?

If you rent a professional, contracted photographer for your wedding, they will probable not expect or inquire for tips. Yet, if yous practise want to advantage them in some mode, here are some ways that could be washed:

  • A cash gift on the day off is always a nice gesture.
  • Write a thank you lot card or e-mail to your lensman after the nuptials with a gift, note of appreciation, and/or referral that may be appreciated every bit well.
  • Give them a gift if y’all feel they provided infrequent service throughout the whole feel (before and on the large day) so that they know their efforts do not go unnoticed.
  • Requite them a gift if you lot practise not experience they provided exceptional service.
  • Do what feels right for your relationship with the photographer and how happy you are with their services throughout your wedding experience!

Other Ways to Show Appreciation Without Tipping:

If yous practise non want or need to give additional compensation (and that’due south OK!), here are some other ways you tin show your appreciation:

  • Write an online review for the lensman. This is a groovy way to give thanks them, and information technology will do wonders as they build their business organisation! Plus, time to come clients who read your review may be more inclined to use that item vendor if they run across how happy y’all were with their services.
  • Invite them to your hymeneals reception or transport a “thank you” notation later on the event.
  • Give referrals, specially if information technology is someone who may exercise business concern with that photographer in the future! This can exist an incredibly rewarding experience for both parties involved and ofttimes leads to great things down the line.
  • Invite them to do a photo session with yous (and mayhap your friends and family unit) in the futurity so that they can get more photos of you! This is an excellent way for them to gain new clients without compromising their business.

The Knot’s Communication on Tipping Wedding ceremony Photographers

If you practise decide to requite a gratuity to your wedding lensman, The Knot recommends giving it in greenbacks and then that they tin can immediately put information technology to good utilise. They also advise tipping 15%-20% of the full cost of the photography package, regardless of whether you’re happy with the results or not.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns nearly tipping your photographer (or any other nuptials vendor for that matter), be sure to speak with your planner! They will likely have some great advice and can help to make sure everyone involved in your big day is taken care of.

What to Practise if You lot’re Unhappy With Your Wedding ceremony Photos?

If you’re unhappy with the results of your wedding ceremony photography, speak with your photographer every bit soon as possible. They may exist able to offer a revision or retake the session at a discounted rate. If that’s not possible or doesn’t meet your expectations, ask for a refund. It’s always best to address any issues earlier the hymeneals day itself, as it’s unlikely they’ll practise much (if anything) to assist you lot afterwards your big day.

Why is Tipping Important?

Tipping is an important function of the service industry, and it’s something that should not exist taken lightly – especially when information technology comes to those who helped make your wedding ceremony day unforgettable. Tipping your nuptials lensman is a great fashion to evidence your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Information technology’s also a tangible way of proverb “give thanks you” for a job well washed.

When NOT to Tip Your Wedding Photographer

There may exist a few circumstances in which you do not feel the need to give a gratuity to your wedding ceremony photographer. Here are a few examples:

  • If the photography package was included as part of the overall cost of the wedding, there is no need to tip.
  • If you were displeased with the quality of your photos, do not feel obligated to tip. If you do decide to give a gratuity, exist sure that information technology is just after you speak with them about what went wrong and how they can fix it for future clients!
  • If you lot exercise not have any contact at all with your wedding photographer (no one from the company came to do a walk-through with y’all or run across upward in person), do not feel obligated to give a gratuity.

All-time practices for tipping your wedding lensman

If you do decide that it’s necessary to tip your wedding photographer, there are some best practices when doing so:

  • Practise not wait until the end of the night to do it! Accept the tip in greenbacks and ready to get beforehand, so you don’t accept any issues when it comes time for your photographer to collect.
  • Go along a list of who gets what amount (in case at that place are multiple people working on your wedding day). This volition make things much easier for both parties involved – peculiarly if they’re working with a team of photographers.
  • Be sure to thank them for their hard piece of work! A unproblematic verbal “thank you” is always appreciated, simply write a handwritten notation expressing your gratitude if you desire to get the extra mile. This will be something they remember and appreciate long later your wedding solar day has passed.

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