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By | 03/11/2022

These two somewhat obscure bristles lengths are ofttimes on the minds of men in the military machine. Information technology’s no undercover that many a bearded human has had to reluctantly reach for a razor in order to serve their land.

In general, beards are strictly prohibited in the The states war machine. But why practice we often hear nigh
⅛ inch to ¼ inch beards
allowed? Is in that location any truth behind it?

In short, for most men, clean-shaven is their only option. Exceptions for this are usually merely made for
religious accommodation, or if required for
medical reasons.


skin conditions

can exist made
much worse
if the face is shaved regularly, and it’south in this remit where our ⅛ inch to ¼ inch beards come into play.

If a “shaving waiver” is obtained for medical reasons or annihilation else, strict


still apply. These include the prohibition of styling and shaping, equally well equally a brake on



Yep. The length range of ⅛ inch to ¼ inch is considered the standard for these men.

Dare to venture outside of this range without a valid reason and risk
past superiors.

I’ve ofttimes wondered what the big deal was with beards in the military machine. Afterward doing a load of enquiry I wanted to requite yous the cliff notes.

Also, as an avid bristles training enthusiast, I wanted to provide some
training tips
for men looking to prefer these bristles lengths (whether they were in the war machine or not).

I’ll go through what these lengths actually await like, what you could use to trim information technology, and also give you lot some interesting details on beards in the military. Let’s do it.

If you’re interested, check out this article list my most recommended stubble trimming and training products of the year.

What Does A ⅛ Inch Military Beard Look Similar

If y’all’re a war machine man and happen to get granted a shaving waiver for whatever reason, y’all may have been given this length range brake. A ⅛ inch to ¼ inch – it can be
hard to visualize
if you haven’t seen it.

A ⅛ inch armed forces beard looks like this.

1/8 inch military beard - this is what it looks like

It amounts to approximately 3mm stubble. Information technology’s simple, sleek, and can expect pretty darn stylish. The length falls within the medium stubble range.

3mm stubble tin can be
incredibly versatile
and I genuinely dear it.

In that location are very few contexts in which information technology wouldn’t expect smart, and the beauty of it is that it doesn’t draw likewise much attention to itself.

Stubble has a fashion of contouring the jaw and adding an air of masculinity that’s subtle nonetheless striking.

Plus information technology’south relatively piece of cake to maintain stubble, the length range proven by scientific discipline to be the nigh attractive.

What Does A ¼ Inch Military Beard Await Like

This length is


on the border between heavy stubble and “short bristles”. Information technology’s such a fine line that you could very reasonably phone call it either.

The 1/4 inch armed forces beard looks like this.

This is what a 1/4 inch military beard looks like

It amounts to approximately 6mm in length. Although information technology may not seem similar much, the 3mm departure betwixt a ⅛ inch and a ¼ inch is quite obvious.

A 6mm beard is nonetheless versatile merely does require some extra grooming to keep it looking not bad. If yous are in fact a military machine man, information technology’s important to brand certain these grooming habits aren’t in breach of whatever
in place.

Overall, if you can keep it looking sleek, it’s still a ruggedly professional-looking beard.

A ¼ Inch And ⅛ Inch Trimmer I Tin can Recommend

When asked to strictly work within the ⅛ inch to ¼ inch beard range, it’s important to ensure y’all aren’t crossing those lines. It just isn’t worth the take a chance. Those rules exist for a reason.

There are some not bad beard trimmers out at that place, merely buying a

stubble trimmer

will ensure you intricate control over these


curt lengths.

If you are indeed a military human, delight practise ensure that if you need to use an


trimmer, yous do.

You may exist looking for a
1/four inch bristles trimmer, or a
i/viii inch beard trimmer. Why non choose one that can do both?


Philips Norelco



is a phenomenal stubble trimmer that does one thing and does information technology well; trim stubble.

Yous can check it out on
past clicking here.

The maximum length you’ll be able to trim with this trimmer is
10mm. This is perfect for when you’re looking to trim within the one/viii inch to ane/4 inch range.

Why Are Beards Generally Not Allowed In The Military?

The Army, Marines, and the Air Strength all
strictly prohibit beards
except for the allowances outlined to a higher place. But why?

This 1 has 2 primary answers. The get-go is practical, and the 2d is more abstract. Both, however, brand sense when you actually recall most it.

For hygiene and mask fittings

In harsh environments, personal intendance can sometimes have a backseat. Information technology’s for this reason that shaving facial hair is seen as a method of minimizing the collection of
dirt, crud, and germs.

It’s simply a lot easier to wash a make clean-shaven face than a full-on beard.

Protective masks
could hateful the difference betwixt life and death on the frontline. The chance of a poor seal caused past a beard is one that a military machine human simply cannot have.

This is the reason that although facial hair may be allowed in certain circumstances, at that place will certainly be
restrictions on length. ⅛ inch and ¼ inch aren’t only lengths plucked out of the air. Y’all can be sure that some testing has taken place.

Ultimately, it’south about

two. It instills a sense of uniformity and field of study

This one is a little more abstract. Non allowing beards is a simple, straightforward mode to instill discipline. Information technology’s hard to know where to draw the line otherwise; at what point would a beard be “too long”?

Ensuring a man shaves becomes just as of import every bit make clean shoes and attire.

Rules and routines are essential when forming a tightly-knit, well-oiled unit.

Are Mustaches Allowed In The Military?

This one is less black-and-white. It’south important to check the verbal regulations for the specific armed services strength you may belong to.

In full general, yes, mustaches are allowed in the military as long every bit they are well-groomed. It’s quite interesting when y’all expect into it. The rules surrounding them are strict, to say the least.

Take the U.s. army as an example. They require that


of the mustache hair crosses the line of the upper lip.

This rule should be universal, in my stance. There’s nix more unsightly than a mustache crawling its way into a mouth.

You must also ensure that none of the mustache goes sideways past vertical lines fatigued upwards from the corners of your mouth.

As well, depict a parallel line at the level of the everyman portion of the nose, and ensure that
of the mustache hairs cross it.

Strict, but at least the rules are clear.

Extra Tips For ¼ Inch To ⅛ Inch Beards

If y’all’ve opted to adopt a facial hair length within this range, good for you. It’s difficult to become wrong.

There are some tips you lot could follow to have it to the next level. Ultimately, we’re talking about grooming stubble. Yeah, there are things that tin can transform

boilerplate stubble


great stubble


Again, if you are a military man, do exist sure that anything you do choose to do with any facial hair yous may accept doesn’t breach any rules.

1. Brand it as soft as you tin can

Softening stubble is an art in and of itself. I’ve written a whole commodity on it if you want the ins and outs.

But tools such equally beard oil, beard wash, and adept ole’ fashioned moisturizers can brand all the departure.


Try and minimize patchiness

Patchy stubble tin be the bain of a man’southward beingness. Overall, there isn’t a whole lot that tin can exist done biologically to have information technology grow out thicker.

Don’t let anyone with a magic production fool you into thinking otherwise.

But there are some tips and tricks you tin can use to make it look less obvious. Read this to find out more.

iii. Try and prevent stubble rash

By stubble rash, I mean the rash your stubble tin crusade around the oral cavity of whoever yous choose to kiss.

It’s important to remember that stubble is


. Sure, trying to soften it up will reduce the take a chance of causing stubble rash. But ultimately, the shorter facial pilus is,
the sharper it feels.

If you practise happen to give someone stubble rash, treat it well and effort and reduce the risk of it happening again. You guessed it, I’ve written another commodity on the topic here.

  1. Beard oil is withal useful at these lengths

Beard oil is a magical, ultra-manly substance that has get extremely popular with this growing beard tendency.

Many men believe that at such brusk bristles lengths it wouldn’t exist of much use. I
disagree. Using beard oil on stubble has many benefits that are hands overlooked.

It tin make information technology softer, make it neater, and make it look thicker. Plus, it thoroughly moisturizes the facial skin underneath which is crucial when dealing with such short lengths.

The dazzler of it is that with ⅛ inch to ¼ inch worth of facial hair, yous’ll only need to use a drop of beard oil each time. A single bottle of bristles oil could concluding you a very, very long time.


Every bit y’all’ve hopefully gathered from this article, whether you’re in the military machine or not, ⅛ inch to ¼ inch beards are great.

They’re versatile, easy to maintain, and stylish. The fact that they happen to comply with nearly war machine regulations (if you lot’ve got a shaving waiver) is fantastic.

Keep it corking and well-clean-cut and y’all could get an unstoppable forcefulness.

I’ll cease off with another reminder to ever exist certain you’re complying with the rules if you’re a war machine man. Beards are awesome, but not worth risking your professional reputation over.

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