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What Does Aspect Ratio Mean In Photography

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Understanding aspect ratios

An aspect ratio is a proportional relationship between an image’s width and superlative. Essentially, information technology describes an image’southward shape.

Aspect ratios are written as a formula of width to height, similar this:

For example, a foursquare image has an aspect ratio of 1:i, since the height and width are the aforementioned. The image could be 500px × 500px, or 1500px × 1500px, and the attribute ratio would still exist 1:1.

Equally some other example, a portrait-style image might have a ratio of 2:three. With this attribute ratio, the summit is 1.v times longer than the width. And then the image could be 500px × 750px, 1500px × 2250px, etc.

Attribute ratios and Squarespace

Many style options let y’all choose aspect ratios for different types of images, such equally blog post featured images, gallery images, or products.

  • For example, if you lot choose an aspect ratio of three:ii for web log post featured images, all blog mail featured images on your blog page will exist cropped to this shape.
  • Because images scale up or downwardly to fit different browser widths, they don’t have exact dimensions (like 750px × 500px), but will always be the same shape.
  • Starting with images that have the same attribute ratio helps you predict how they’ll crop.
  • You can alter the pinnacle of some image blocks using the cropping handle. To larn more near cropping your images, visit Troubleshooting cropping issues.

The exact attribute ratio options available depend on your version and template. Here’southward an case of the blog folio in the Brine template:

Some fashion tweaks give you the option to ignore aspect ratios. In these instances, your images volition keep their original shapes. For example, in the Skye template’due south blog page, you can choose
Image Cropping: None.


Cropping to an aspect ratio

Aside from using built-in fashion options, y’all may desire to manually crop an paradigm to a certain aspect ratio. For instance, if you utilize product images that have aforementioned aspect ratio, they’ll all crop the same way on your site.

Option ane – Crop to a pre-set shape

Apply the born image editor to crop images to a specific shape. After opening the editor, utilise the Crop tool to choose from preset aspect ratios.

Tip: If y’all’d prefer to practice this before uploading the prototype, some third-party tools have pre-set aspect ratio options.

Pick two – Custom dimensions

To crop images to a custom attribute ratio not offered by our built-in image editor, use a third-political party editor.

Since images don’t need to have the same dimensions to take the same aspect ratio, it’s better to crop them to a specific ratio than to attempt to friction match their exact dimensions. For best results, crop the shorter side based on the longer side.

  • For case, if your epitome is 1500px × 1200px, and yous want an aspect ratio of 3:1, crop the shorter side to brand the image 1500px × 500px.
  • Don’t calibration up the longer side; this tin make your image blurry.

To figure out how long the shorter side needs to be, use an aspect ratio calculator like this i. Note that this is a third-party application that falls out of the telescopic of Squarespace back up.

  1. Notice the dimensions of the image on your figurer.
  2. In the aspect ratio calculator, enter the W1 and H1 on the left to identify the current aspect ratio.
  3. Adjust the shorter side until you observe the ratio you want.

Page banners

Page banners don’t have preset aspect ratios or dimensions. This is because they stretch and change shape to fit a diverseness of browsers. Go on in mind:

  • Earlier yous upload images to your banners, follow our imprint prototype formatting tips.
  • You may desire to utilise our born epitome editor to crop the paradigm. For help cropping banners, visit Troubleshooting cropping issues.
  • Nigh templates give you the pick to alter your banner size, including the top.
  • For banners with a fixed height, such equally in the Montauk or Skye templates, ensuring all your banner images accept the same aspect ratio volition create a uniform await.

Aspect ratios for production images

It’s important to make your product images highly-seasoned to potential customers. To help with this, yous tin can prepare the attribute ratio for your product images on store pages and production details pages. To larn how to style your product images, visit Production images.

If your production images announced cropped, visit Troubleshooting cropping issues.

Aspect ratios for videos

The thumbnail image from your video hosting service determines the aspect ratio of your video. If you lot identify video blocks in rows or utilise grid galleries, the rows may be uneven. For video blocks, it’s not possible to change this.

If you employ gallery blocks and gallery pages
(version 7.0 but)
and the videos don’t appear correctly, change the site styles:

  • For gallery blocks, enable
    Crop Images
    to requite the videos a uniform aspect ratio.
  • For gallery pages, set the
    Aspect Ratio
    to any setting except

Attribute ratios as percentages

For Index grid galleries in the Alkali template family, the aspect ratio tweak is shown as a percentage that you tin adjust with a slider.

  • The slider shows values from 0-160.
  • Setting it to 100 creates square images.
  • Values under 100 are landscape-oriented.
  • Values over 100 are portrait-oriented.

To create an exact aspect ratio, dissever the
by the
width. For case:

  • 2:3 aspect ratio:
    3 ÷ 2 = i.five, so yous’d drag the slider to
  • iii:two aspect ratio:
    two ÷ 3 = .667, so you’d type in
    next to the slider.

Examples of attribute ratios

Hither are some common aspect ratios and what they look like.






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