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By | 02/10/2022

Businesses around the world are communicating beyond mediums and need images to buttress their letters. Non all business can beget to commission a photographer to shoot pictures exclusively for them. That’south where selling stock photos online is becoming popular equally it enables businesses to access generic stock images at a fraction of the cost.

With stock photography booming and stock photograph websites go popular, more and more professional photographers are now because this question – How to sell stock photos?

As a photographer, you lot need to sell stock photos to earn a decent stream of passive income. All the same, condign successful at selling photos online requires discipline and strategy. That’south why we accept put together this comprehensive guide that explores all facets of how to sell stock photos online.

How to sell stock photos – Guide for Photographers:

What is Stock Photography?

Stock photos are but photographs that a lensman has fabricated bachelor for sale for commercial purposes and are subject to usage license. In virtually cases, stock images are sold through Stock photo websites that are massive databases of images that clients tin expect through when they need a moving-picture show for a blog post, a social media post, a mag commodity, a pamphlet, book comprehend or annihilation else.

Photographers can set different price points for each image they upload to the site, depending on how it will be used, the medium it will exist published in, the commercial purpose of the image and other factors. In most cases, the images aren’t technically being sold. Instead, they are being licensed for particular uses, and the photographer retains the copyrights.  Here is an example of photo gallery example for website  you can check.

Stock photo licenses tin can be worth hundreds (or fifty-fifty thousands) of dollars depending on the photographer, the usage license and where information technology is sold (Gettyimages.com sells expensive stock photo licenses).

On the other mitt, there are microstock websites (such as shutterstock.com and istockphoto.com), where royalty free stock images are sold between $5-$ten and even bottom with epitome subscriptions. You can avail a disbelieve on image subscriptions with this Shutterstock coupon code. If you want to sell your stock photography images on a subscription ground, do checkout Pabbly Subscriptions Billing.

With stock photo websites taking up to 50-85% commission and photographers getting simply fifteen-l% payouts, making large money past selling stock photos online is indeed a tough suggestion.

The brighter side is that since stock images tin exist licensed multiple times to multiple buyers, then there is indeed great potential for photographers to sell stock photos and earn residual income over time. The more loftier-quality images you take on stock photograph sites, the more potential income you can make every bit the months and years go by.

Getting started with stock photography:

Since in that location are millions of different buyers out there effectually the world who are looking for different types of images, there is a vast diversity of discipline matter and paradigm styles that buyers are looking for. Then in that location are endless possibilities for the kinds of images that you tin create and sell stock photography to these clients.

That existence said, you can’t wait every image to sell. If you seriously want to sell stock images, and then y’all will desire to study specific markets and create images that are likely to exist in demand past those detail clients.

There are millions of slap-up photos out there on stock photograph websites. The fundamental is to stand out from the crowd in some style and then that your images will attract the attention of buyers. You might think that the fashion to sell stock photos, then, is to take a unique, radical, artistic style that makes your images stand out. While this can aid in some cases, the secret to making a lot of sales usually has nothing to do with the images themselves.

There are tons of stock photo sites out in that location where y’all can upload your images where you put your stock photos for sale. Some of them charge yous a fee to upload your pictures, while others might permit you upload for free.

These stock websites so attempt to help you concenter photo buyers. The more photos you have on the site, the better your chances of making sales. Some of these stock photography websites get a lot of traffic and sells stock photos in thousands per mean solar day, so the volume of quality piece of work that you produce and upload volition be a critical factor in your success.

Don’t just upload a few hundred images and sit down back, waiting for the cash to curl in. You will need to be prolific if y’all wait to brand a living at this.

Hither are some of the unlike factors yous demand to consider when determining how to sell stock photos.

What Are the Different Kinds of Licensing?

Stock photos aren’t typically sold in the traditional sense. As intellectual property, they are generally licensed to customers for item, limited uses. Simply the photographer keeps the copyrights to themselves. Keeping the copyright allows photographers to reuse the stock images and make multiple sales of the same image, generating recurring income over time.

While in that location might exist some exceptions, this is how it usually works. Generally speaking, the more sectional the terms of the license, the more money you lot tin charge the client.

Sell Stock Photos Online

And so if a client wants to be the only company on the planet that can use the prototype, then they will accept to pay extra for that. If the client wants to be able to use the image over and over across multiple websites and social platforms and even in print media without any limitations, and so they will have to pay extra for that.

Remember, as the creator of the image; you go to call the shots. If a stock bureau requires that you surrender all rights to the customer for a price that you think is unfair, then yous have the freedom to accept your work elsewhere and sell it on terms that you feel are more reasonable.

Stock photo licensing can be extremely complicated, and in some cases, different stock agencies might use the same terminology but with diverse restrictions. Always read the fine print before agreeing to the terms of apply, and be sure to ask questions when you are unsure about what limitations each license is offer.

At that place are two main categories of photo license: royalty-gratis and rights-managed. Both of them take limitations and exceptions, but there is no 1-size-fits-all clarification one can give. Check each photo bureau for what restrictions they provide on all their licenses.

Hither are some simple definitions of these licenses, forth with some other mutual licensing terminology y’all will come across when you are because where to sell stock photos.

Royalty-Costless Images

This license is prevalent with microstock agencies that connect minor-time photographers with pocket-sized-time clients. The prices are commonly meager, making them a popular selection for blogs, magazines with small print runs, indie publishers, and modest businesses.

This license allows the clients to utilize images notwithstanding they want and every bit many times as they desire with merely a few exceptions. Most clients will desire to buy this license since information technology gives them so much freedom at a low price.

However, royalty-gratuitous images are non exclusive, significant that multiple clients tin purchase and use the image. The lack of exclusivity explains why y’all volition often run into the same pictures showing up all over the place, on various articles, blog posts, and ebooks across multiple websites. Recall these points when you are wondering well-nigh how to sell stock photography through royalty complimentary images.

Rights-Managed License

Rights-managed content is usually more expensive and has more limitations in place. Larger commercial clients are more than likely to purchase licensing rights that fall into this category, as they will desire to have more than exclusive use of the images and might desire to use them on commercial products and advertising campaigns.

Standard License Vs. Extended License

Most stock websites offering clients a standard license understanding or an extended license understanding. Having an agreement is like when you lot get to the car wash and can get either the basic wash or the premium service that includes waxing and tire polish and everything else.

As mentioned, the specifics might vary from 1 bureau to another, just near standard agreements permit clients to employ the content even so they want as long equally they aren’t using them for pornography, political campaigns, ads for tobacco and alcohol and things like that. They also cannot put the images on products for resale. And they cannot use them for massive distribution campaigns that involve more than 500,000 copies or page views.

When clients want more rights than those offered in the standard agreement, they will have to buy the extended agreement, which will typically requite them most unlimited use.

Editorial Utilise Vs. Commercial Utilise

When a lensman wants to sell stock photos, there is often a lot of confusion equally to what constitutes editorial and commercial apply. Images used for advisory purposes in newspapers, magazines, books, and blogs are generally considered editorial use. The fact that there are commercial advertisements on the pages of these publications and websites does non mean that the images are being used commercially. That is a huge myth that has been perpetuated for decades and refuses to die. These images practise not legally crave model releases or property releases.

Commercial use, on the other hand, involves profit-seeking ventures such as advertisements, products, and product packaging. Images used on products and for advertising purposes are commercial and will require releases from models and belongings owners. And they will take to be sold under licensing agreements that permit for commercial utilise — which usually means more profit for you as the photographer.

The confusion arises considering many photograph agencies and clients require their contributors to provide model and property releases for all images they submit, fifty-fifty those that are being sold for editorial use only. So while the law might not crave releases, these businesses choose to take releases anyway merely because they are scared to death of litigation and want to cover themselves equally much as possible. It can be frustrating for photographers, but it is what information technology is.

Exclusive vs. non-sectional stock images

You can decide to sell stock images through merely one stock photo agency exclusively. Exclusive contracts typically volition pay you more as the stock photo agency volition share a more than significant percentage of the revenue with you.

All the same, using the non-exclusive method lets you sell your stock images through multiple agencies and websites. While you will earn less per image sold, only at that place would exist higher chances of selling more than images.

Take Model Releases

And so whenever you are shooting images that have faces of an individual(s) or when shooting private property that might exist recognizable, yous have to get model releases from the concerned individuals and belongings owners. Most stock photograph agencies will not let you distribute images through their platforms without a model release wherever required.

Tip: Employ Releases, a photography app that includes well-nigh every industry standard template that you may demand, including Snapwire, ASMP, Getty Images, and Shutterstock. Releases makes creating, saving and organizing model releases uncomplicated on-the-become.

Cheque out more helpful photo apps for photographers.

What kinds of stock photos should you shoot?

What kinds of stock photos should you shoot?

In that location is an former statement that has been going on for centuries — long before the advent of photography. Some artists insist that you should only create art for yourself and let the right clients come to you lot.

Others, however, believe that you tin create art specifically for paying clients and maintain your artistic integrity at the aforementioned time.

food photography

With a focus to sell stock photos, y’all need to study the need of the various genres of stock photography and and then create images like those that clients will desire to purchase for their commercial projects.

To sell stock photos with high commercial value, you might want to starting time with your end client in mind. Pick up some magazines at the bookstore or spend the day looking at popular blogs online. What kind of photos practise you see on every page or every blog postal service? Those are the kinds of pictures that sell. So those are the types of images you want to create when producing new stock photos to sell online.

Look for the overlap between your interests as a photographer and your clients’ needs as photo buyers. That common ground is your sweet spot. That is where you want to focus your efforts. That is where you will make your money.

Utilise a good camera and lens

Quality matters in stock photography. Make certain that you apply a practiced DSLR camera and lens that gives you high-quality, sharp results. Since you get paid for the size of images that go sold, it pays to shoot high-resolution photos.

A Quick Discussion Near Paradigm Edits

Y’all generally shouldn’t use a lot of post-processing techniques on your stock photos, because almost clients don’t want over-saturated images, cropped to weird proportions or photoshopped to expiry.

They want bright, clean, full-color images that are well-lit, in sharp focus, and that has mass appeal. If they’re going to crop or edit the image in some way, they can do that themselves. So go on your pictures neutral so that you lot don’t turn abroad buyers who don’t share your detail artistic quirks.

Using keywords to brand your stock photos searchable

There are a agglomeration of strategies you lot will demand to apply to get more sales on stock agency sites before you programme to sell stock photos. You should create images with high commercial value. You should upload tons of pictures in general. And you should focus on a specific niche or niches in terms of the subject area matter.

Simply fifty-fifty with those elements in place, none of it will matter if you don’t optimize those images to make them highly searchable.

To get your images in forepart of more buyers at photo agencies, you need to know how to describe the photos using keywords, titles, and tags that represent your pictures in such a mode that your target buyers will exist able to observe them. Using keywords is the primary way that your photos volition exist seen. This is similar to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that bloggers and content marketers use to make their website content ascension to the top of the search rankings in Google and Bing. Learn to apply these same techniques to your photograph uploads, and your sales can amend significantly.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are words and phrases that people search for to find what they are looking for online.

When an affiliate marketing client searches a stock photograph site for a specific image for her concern blog, she might utilise keywords like “executives, men in suits, greyness suit, and ruby tie, negotiation, director, handshake, interview, ambition” etc. The site will and so brandish photos that are tagged with these keywords for the heir-apparent to wait through.

Use conceptual tags also

For example, for an epitome of a kid playing, you can add tags such as happiness, joy, childhood, playtime and like tags that describe the character, emotions, and activity existence depicted in the photo.

So you might have the perfect epitome for this customer — one that is better than everything else that comes up in that search. But if your photo doesn’t have whatsoever of those keyword tags on it, then that customer volition never run across it. Keyword research and constructive tagging are significant for making your stock images highly searchable.

Exercise Non Spam

You demand to avoid beingness spammy when information technology comes to keywords and tags on these photograph sites. Practice non use tags unnecessarily, if your photo does not fit in well with them. Stock photo agencies are very detail about showing just the relevant images in the searches, and our account might be penalized if you abuse the tag feature when uploading images.

What does that mean?

Here is an instance of tag spamming. Allow’south say yous upload an image of two business executives shaking hands at a desk-bound in an office, but then yous use a bunch of tags that accept nothing at all to do with that image – such every bit “manufacturing, warehouse, weight loss, online dating, love, hate, coin” etc. Adding unnecessary tags is abrasive, information technology’southward not honest, and it is considered spam. Abusing the system like this will likely get yous kicked out and banned permanently.

Where Can Yous Sell Stock Photos?

There are dozens of stock photo sites out there where you tin upload your images for sale. Some of them are the best sites to sell photos, and some of them are not. Some get tons of traffic, and others don’t. All of them have pros and cons — all of them. So do your due diligence when deciding where to sell your photos.

Here are the elevation 6 near pop stock websites for photographers:

1. Getty Images

Getty Images has been around forever, as they were 1 of the first stock photo websites to hit the spider web back in 1995. If you take a beloved for photojournalism and recall you lot have what it takes to join the photography elite, then you need to keep Getty on your radar. For a photojournalist, information technology is ane of the best sites to sell photos.

They carve up their contributor opportunities into three categories:

  1. Creative/advertising
  2. News, sports, and entertainment
  3. Historical/archival

Getty doesn’t just accept every photographer who comes its way. If yous don’t get accustomed the first fourth dimension, and so meliorate your arts and crafts and try over again.

ii. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is 1 of the most popular stock photo agencies today. You volition come across their images all over the place. They offer a lot of exposure and sales potential for photographers due to the massive traffic they receive online. Sign up is free. New contributors earn anywhere from $0.25 to $80 per download, depending on the client blazon and license type. The top earners there tin can brand upward to $120 per download.

iii. YayImages

YayImages stands out from the other stock photograph agencies offering a 50% committee since their founding in 2008. Photographers have more opportunity to stand out with a smaller collection than the bigger agencies. The boilerplate auction is $0.five per paradigm and $8.00 per video, in most cases you lot will start to come across sales inside 30 days after your files are canonical and the sales volume at YayImages more than than makes upwards for the moderate price per prototype. Sales are reported on a monthly basis and not in existent time, so some patience is required.

Signup as a contributor for free and start making coin from your photos, vectors, and videos.

4. iStock


Endemic past Getty, iStock is a not bad get-go for many new photographers. You still need to apply and submit loftier-quality images to go accepted, though. Commissions range from 15 percent to 45 percent, and iStock is arguably the most well-known agency on this list. So getting accepted hither is a big deal. Here is their sign-up page for new contributors.

5. ElephantStock

ElephantStock.com helps photographers sell their artworks online.

Thanks to their unique technology, ElephantStock.com can turn whatsoever photograph into a stunning canvas wall art in countless layouts, shapes, and sizes, making it easier for interior designers and private customers to discover photography artwork that matches their home decor.

ElephantStock.com’s professional-looking canvas prints rely on their top quality high-res Giclee press that is processed on poly-cotton alloy sheet material. Each artwork is advisedly stretched over crafted North-American pine frames and protected with a UV resistant, waterproof, and scratch-proof laminates ensuring long-lasting durability.

ElephantStock photographers community enjoys:

• Complimentary of accuse account setup

• High conversion rates and sale commissions

• Aircraft and treatment is taken care of by ElepahntStock.com

To Bring together the ElephantStock.com artist community click here >>

6.  Dreamstime


You tin can choose to submit images to Dreamstime either every bit a non-sectional contributor or as an exclusive correspondent. You lot can likewise mix-and-match the ii depending on images that you have submitted. For non-exclusive images, Dreamstime pays 25-fifty% of the net sales of an image’s downloads. However, for exclusive photos, your share is much higher at 60% of the net sales of an image’south downloads, plus a $0.20 commission per accepted image.

7. Pixabay

If y’all are starting out and are having a hard time getting accustomed at the other photography sites, you might want to give Pixabay a try. At present technically, Pixabay is different because all of the images at that place are available for gratuitous download and unlimited employ without attribution — fifty-fifty for commercial apply! Then why would a working photographer consider uploading images in that location? And tin you also brand coin on Pixabay?

Yep, y’all actually can make some money on Pixabay through the donate — or “coffee coin” — button on your account. Visitors or users who download your images can donate a tip to yous through the site, so there is some potential for income and exposure.

1 thing is for sure — those images won’t make a single penny if they’re sitting on your hard bulldoze. And then if y’all have a lot of good photos that are existence rejected at the other sites, then y’all might consider placing them on Pixabay for a chance at some extra income and find a solution to your question on how to sell photos.

eight. Scopio


Scopio is building the most extensive library of high quality, fresh and relevant photos. Scopio is powering the four billion photo creators on social media to sell their accurate photos to creatives looking to use them. Today, creatives are having a difficult time finding authentic photos they can use, and when they do notice them on social media and don’t have the legal permission to utilize them outside of social. Scopio pays content creators and sells them to creatives looking to use fresh and existent photos beyond their storytelling.


Making a full fourth dimension living as a stock photographer isn’t easy as its a very crowded, competitive market. To be successful equally a stock photographer, you demand both quality and quantity.

However, yous tin can build upward a steady stream of extra income over time. You can besides expect at stock photography as an outlet for images that yous have shot without any specific purpose, or images shot for client assignments that were not used and you have the rights for. In some cases, you lot might even gain a direct client through your stock photography piece of work.

To get your outset in this business concern and make some coin, sign up at some of these stock agencies and start submitting your all-time piece of work – and only your best work. Follow the tips above which have given y’all information on how to sell stock photos.  Piece of work on improving your skills, always be patient, and never requite upwardly on your dreams!

Oft Asked Questions

How much tin can you lot make selling stock photos?
According to ziprecruiter stock photographers tin can earn an income of around $36,991 per year, on boilerplate.

Is selling stock photos profitable?
Stock photographers make coin through commissions each time someone downloads their epitome from a stock photo site. This means that profits in stock photography depend largely on how pop your images are and how often they get downloaded. Commissions can vary from site to site. Shutterstock, for example, pays around $0.25 to $80 per download. Other sites will give you a percent of net sales, around 25% to 60%.

How do I sell stock photos?
Yous can sign up as a lensman on a stock photography website and upload your photos to information technology. You will get commissions based on how many times your photos go downloaded. Keep in mind that stock photography sites accept certain rules for submissions and they are stricter on some sites than on others.

What is the best stock photograph selling site?
Getty Images and Shutterstock are the two most pop stock photograph websites and they command the lion’s share of the market when it comes to stock photography. Getty is also the most popular site for photojournalism and celebrity photographs.

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