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What If You Don’t Have A Permit Photography

By | 14/09/2022

No, you don’t need a $100 permit to accept snapshots in Laguna Beach

Photo past Don Graham. Licensed under CC two.0

The city of Laguna Beach has cleared up some confusion nigh its photography permit policy. A wide estimation of one of its two photography permits created a minor uproar recently, equally many people took information technology to hateful that the city was requiring a $100 permit for
taking photos. It seems at present that this wasn’t the intention.

As it stands, the metropolis has two permits for two different types of photography: commercial and ‘non-commercial’; the latter has a $fifty/hr rate with a minimum of two hours required. This meant, as the policy was interpreted, that anyone taking photos – including personal photos – in Laguna Beach were required to buy a $100 allow.

The non-commercial permit category’s vague description resulted in quite a fleck of public complaint, and the city has called to rename it as a result, leaving just talk virtually true commercial photography on its website’s related let page. The category was never intended to cover casual personal photography, according to a city official speaking to
OC Weekly. Rather, the ‘non-commercial’ permit category was created as a cheaper alternative to the principal commercial let, giving photographers an pick for ‘less complicated photo shoots such every bit engagement photos.’

The city’s website yet specifies two different photography permits, simply one with a new name: commercial and ‘professional person even so photograph.’ The latter carries the same $100/2hr minimum as the old ‘not-commercial’ category, explaining that this option is for ‘single photographic camera shoots such as engagement photos, wedding photos, family portraits, holiday cards, etc.’ Zippo about the let policy except the ‘non-commercial’ verbiage has changed. Still, information technology is now clear that personal, non-compensated photography doesn’t crave a permit.

Via: OC Weekly

Source: https://www.dpreview.com/news/7103465432/no-you-don-t-need-a-100-permit-to-take-snapshots-at-laguna-beach

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Originally posted 2022-02-12 16:20:01.