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By | 18/10/2022

  • Impact of heat exposure price Great britain vi meg potential working hours

    Industries with ‘exposed’ workers lost an estimated £94m in 2021, according to the 2022 Lancet Countdown

    A combine harvester cuts wheat during a harvest in Chelmsford


  • Tremors of dissent as Jacob Rees-Mogg fails to milk shake fracking ‘Luddites’

    Wall-to-wall disapproval shows that everyone loves the idea of cheaper energy, simply non in their back yards

    video: Tremors of dissent as Jacob Rees-Mogg fails to shake fracking ‘Luddites’

  • Sewage is no joke – my wild swim put me in hospital

    Subsequently a river dip left me seriously unwell, I have i simple question: what is being washed to clean our waterways?

    Doctors told Abigail Butcher that she was exposed to harmful bacteria whilst swimming in the River Avon

  • Soviet-style bureaucracy is ruining the countryside

    The tiniest details of rural life are now managed by London officials who know cypher about nature

     Environment Secretary George Eustice arrives at Downing Street for a cabinet meeting

  • True cat-loving Brits are blind to the cruel truth almost their ‘pets’

    These soft-pawed assassins leave utter carnage in their wake, not because they are hungry simply because they tin can

    Silver tabby maine coon walking towards the camera

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  • Some people really are more attractive to mosquitoes, and scientists now know why

    Concentration of chemicals in our peel determines the chances of being bitten or not, co-ordinate to new research

    Some people really are more susceptible than other to mosquito bites

  • One of Britain’s biggest air shows cancelled considering of net zero targets

    Council who subsidise the air show accused of ‘incredibly woke’ thinking for scrapping popular attraction

    The Sunderland Air Show, which has not take place since 2019, attracts around a million people each year

  • Free energy giants to miss smart meter installation targets for this year

    Companies ready to autumn brusque of goal to fit three million devices past end of 2022 as supply chain and staffing bug blamed

    Smart meters

  • My hubby has suddenly go the hot ticket at dinner parties

    Previously my spouse’s job felt somewhat niche, but of a sudden everyone is interested in what Alain has to say

    Claire and Alain at home

  • Chicken owners told to register with Authorities after bird flu outbreak

    New rules for animals kept in gardens and backyards in attempt to control disease’s spread

    Owners of chickens kept in gardens and backyards will now have to register the birds and keep them fenced in

  • Lord Lilley warned that net zero is being used as an excuse by 'those who love bossing people about'

  • Water meters should be compulsory and bills should ascent, says new Surroundings Agency chairman

    Alan Lovell says households eat too much water and metering is needed to encourage them to cutting utilise by around a quarter

    Alan Lovell

  • Church building of England’s net-zero programme in peril due to high costs

    In February 2020 the General Synod voted in favour of setting a target for the institution to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

    St Mary’s in Oxted, Surrey

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/environment/