What Is A Photography Major Called

By | 09/11/2022

If y’all are creative, patient, and enjoy capturing that perfect image, studying photography in college may be for you lot. With the right combination of artistic ability and technical skills, photography majors can seek professional careers in industries, such as fine arts, photojournalism, commercial photography, and more.

Even meliorate, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that photographer careers are increasing at a charge per unit of 17%, much faster than average.

You may be wondering, “What are the best degrees for becoming a lensman?” Await no further—we will give yous not but acme bachelor’southward in photography only everything else you need to know most this exciting field.

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What is a Bachelor’s in Photography?

A high-value bachelor’s in photography is a solid footstep toward your future every bit a professional lensman. While a bachelor’due south degree is not always a requirement for this field, earning one volition put you at an advantage over competitors.

Undergraduate photography programs offer Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and Available of Science (BS) degrees. BFA and BS photography programs are professional degrees, while BA photography degrees are more academic.

Once accepted into a bachelor’s in photography program, you lot volition have general education courses, major courses, and electives like the following:

  • Fine art History
  • Color Photography
  • Black-and-White Photography
  • Digital Editing
  • Darkroom Techniques
  • Lighting Basics

However, since a photography program is a studio degree, the majority of your fourth dimension will be spent in labs and studios, practicing the skills you learn. The best available’s degrees in photography too require an internship, normally during your senior year. A bachelor’s degree entails at least 120 credit hours and approximately 4 years to consummate as a total-time educatee.

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Careers for Photography Majors

Studying photography in college provides you with a combination of unique skills, which translate into an array of career options. Specifically, photography majors gain expertise in:

  • Technical skills
  • Creativity
  • Computer skills
  • Communication
  • Business

Likewise, many top photography programs offer concentration options, so you can customize your program to friction match your future career goals. Some pop photography careers include:

  • Commercial photographers
  • Portrait photographers
  • Graphic designers
  • Fine artists
  • Multimedia artist/animator
  • Photo editors
  • Photographic camera operator/technician

Many photography graduates also become freelance photographers and take pictures for clients, businesses, or publications. They may besides kickoff their own businesses and have employees who work for them, which is why business concern classes are oft required in photography programs.

Some photography majors go on their education with a principal’s caste, and these students aim to become postsecondary photography teachers. A master’due south degree in photography can open up doors to other careers in academia, simply it is not necessary for near photography jobs.

Bachelor’s in Photography Salary Potential

You may be wondering about a photography degree salary. Your bacon potential with a bachelor’s in photography will largely depend on what specific chore you take. The Agency of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary for photographers is $41,280. Broken down, the hourly wage averages to be $nineteen.85, although those who piece of work in broadcasting and newspaper make around $24.00 an 60 minutes.

BLS also reports the salary potential in other areas of photography, including:

  • Craft and fine artists: $49,120
  • Moving-picture show and video editors and camera operators: $61,900
  • Graphic designers: $53,380
  • Industrial designers: $71,640
  • Art directors: $97,270

In improver, Indeed Career Guide published an article that gives 12 photography jobs and their salaries, which may be useful to expect into.

Salary potential among photography degrees varies depending on your credentials, career,  employer, and geographic location. Because a bachelor’s in photography is not required to become a successful photographer, earning this degree will give you an advantage in the job industry.

What are the All-time Bachelor’s Degrees in Photography?

CollegeRank, we strive to do our best to guide you and your family toward a fruitful bookish career. The pursuit of knowledge is a noble one, and we want to aid you reach your goals. Delight experience complimentary to visit our dedicated
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Purchase College

A member of the State University of New York organization, Buy College is known every bit the “dreamers” and the “DIYers” and “the futurity of arts and culture.” Purchase Higher is known equally one of the Superlative 20 All-time Values in the Nation (Fiske Guide to Higher Best Buys of 2022) and is our top bachelor’s degree in photography.

Through Buy College, you can earn a high-value Available of Fine Arts in photography that focuses on both traditional film and new digital processes. To complete this photography program, you volition take:

  • Foundational courses: 16-17 credits
  • Art history courses: 12 credits
  • Photography studio courses: 24 credits
  • Visual arts studio electives: fifteen-16 credits
  • Synthesis courses: 18 credits

You lot will enjoy in-depth, hands-on courses in the School of Fine art + Design’s 160,000 square feet visual arts building, 1 of the largest of its kind! Your senior yr will be devoted to creating and sharing your photography projects. If you are looking for inspiration from past students,  bank check out the online showcase here.


Rochester Constitute of Engineering

Founded in 1829, Rochester Found of Technology boasts a rich history of creativity and innovation. RIT is incredibly diverse, too, with nearly 19,000 students and more than 135,000 graduates. Students come to RIT from all 50 states and 100 countries, and yous may be i of those students afterwards you check out the BFA in photographic and imaging arts.

Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT’s photographic and imaging arts degree will prepare y’all for careers as:

  • Visual artists
  • Photo educators
  • Editorial photographers
  • Multimedia specialists
  • Freelance artists

The programme includes an interdisciplinary curriculum, meaning yous will explore related fields like painting, graphic design, and computer graphics. You will also study both fine art theory and develop practical skills to create “thought-provoking and meaningful images.”

An exciting part of RIT’s photography caste is that yous proceeds hands-on experience through internships in some of the land’s virtually respected art galleries and museums. If you are interested in all RIT offers, check out the admissions and financial assistance data here.


Since 1881, Spelman College has served as a historically Black women’due south college dedicated to academic excellence, leadership, and creativity. Today more than than 2,1000 students from 43 states and ten nations phone call Spelman home. Spelman’s bachelor’s in photography focuses on how photography is both an art and a reflection of civilization.

Equally a photography major at Spelman, y’all will begin by taking courses in digital and photographic foundations. During your 2nd twelvemonth, you will explore the history of fine art and photography while also learning techniques. Your third and fourth years will be spent practicing what you have learned through internships and edifice your portfolio.

Naturally, photography intersects with other subjects, like history, civilisation, and society. This is why Spelman allows you to combine this degree with others, such equally creative writing, social justice, or education, to proper name a few. You may besides consider customizing your caste by adding a minor in:

  • art history
  • curatorial studies
  • documentary moving picture-making


Rhode Isle School of Pattern

Founded in 1977, Rhode Island School of Design is i of the country’due south very kickoff arts and blueprint schools! RISD (pronounced “RIZ-dee”) is a private, nonprofit school with more than than 22 majors to cull from, including one of the best bachelor’s degree in photography. RISD’southward photography plan provides an inspiring community where you will work alongside both undergraduate and graduate students.

The goal of RISD’s BFA in photography is to teach its students how to “engage with, translate and stand for the world in meaningful ways.” Y’all volition written report the history of photography, the fundamentals, and take courses that focus on:

  • Picture-based media
  • Camera formats
  • Darkroom techniques
  • Exposure and development controls
  • Lighting basics
  • Image and film scanning

Every bit a junior, you will study more advanced photography techniques while working toward your final portfolio project. If you are interested in applying to RISD, you can do and so through the Common Application. You will need to provide academic transcripts, an admission essay, recommendation messages, and a portfolio of your electric current photography.


University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

The University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign is 1 of the about impactful universities in the state regarding research, innovation, and academics. Creations are always emerging from this school, and UIUC’southward Schoolhouse of Art & Design is i of the best places to earn a BFA in studio fine art with a photography emphasis.

The goal of this plan is to help serious photographers become “cultural leaders of the 21st
century” through studios and seminars that explore historical traditions besides as mod techniques and innovations. While you will proceeds knowledge of history and culture, you volition also practice what yous larn through resources in cutting-edge facilities.

UIUC photography faculty are internationally recognized professionals who have won awards, national reviews, and grants. Graduates are well-prepared to apply their expertise to various art careers, such as photographers, designers, gallery and museum professionals, and more. Click on this link to review the requirements to utilize for UIUC’s photography plan.


University of California-Los Angeles


“A Century of Optimism” is what sets the Academy of California – Los Angeles apart. UCLA has produced Nobel Prizes winners, faculty MacArthur Fellows, NCAA titles, and currently 261 Olympics medals. Some of the about talented artists in the globe come through UCLA’southward Department of Fine art, and y’all may be ane of them!

UCLA’southward Section of Art features many creative degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in photography. Through this degree, you lot volition gain expertise in various forms of art like:

  • Painting and drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Art theory
  • Ceramics
  • Performance art
  • Video

And, of course, photography. While UCLA’due south degree is a multidisciplinary program, you will focus on photography and acquire through both coursework and studio piece of work.

UCLA kinesthesia are internationally known professional artists who have their work showcased in museums and galleries in Los Angeles, New York, and worldwide. UCLA’southward photography program is competitive, so yous must exist proactive if you lot are interested in applying. The application period for the fall semester takes place the previous November ane-30. See all the details here.

Ohio University

Ohio’due south start public university opened in 1804 and is thriving over 200 years later. Ohio University is described every bit “unique” and “transformative,” with nearly 30,000 students enrolled across eight campuses. Through OHIO, you will find a remarkable photography degree—a Available of Science in visual communication-commercial photography.

Specifically, a commercial photography degree programme focuses on ad photography. Yous will study areas like:

  • Nonetheless-life photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Architecture and interior design photography
  • Business aspects

In addition to coursework and studio piece of work, you will complete a paid 400 hour internship to graduate. However, many students accept more than than ane internship and graduate with photography feel in various settings.

OHIO’southward commercial photography graduates have a unique advantage and detect careers as studio owners, magazine photograph editors, and advertising photographers. For inspiration, check out OHIO’s commercial photography online gallery here. Also, if you’re interested in condign an OHIO Bobcat, check out admissions details here.


Bowling Green Country University

Bowling Green State University

Some other splendid school in Ohio is Bowling Green Land University. In fact, the
U.S. News & Earth Study
awards BGSU among the elevation public universities with stiff commitments to commencement-year programs that open doors to success. For case, BGSU’due south Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography is a well-rounded caste that focuses on analog and digital production.

Equally a photography major at BGSU, you volition study printing fundamentals and photographic history during your outset year. And so you will increase technical skills through areas like:

  • Colour film
  • Digital output
  • Medium and large format moving-picture show cameras
  • Alternative processes
  • Contemporary photography

You lot will get involved right away through weekly discussions, critiques, lectures, and field trips. Associations such every bit the 2-DAA and Society for Photographic Education are also ways to strengthen your experiences.

Your time at BGSU will all lead to a capstone project, the BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition. Graduates are fix to get professional photographers in the commercial market, pursue careers in higher education, or apply to graduate schoolhouse.


Virginia Republic University

Founded in 1838, Virginia Democracy University is known for its inventiveness, innovation, and rich history. Among 200 bookish programs is one yous won’t want to miss—a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography and filmmaking with a concentration in photography. VCU’s photography program, which focuses on both theory and hands-on experience, is filled with exciting opportunities.

VCU’s BFA in photography besides focuses on filmmaking. Y’all can look to take classes like:

  • Digital Imaging
  • Darkroom
  • Audio and Color
  • Writing for the Screen
  • Professional Practice
  • Visual Communication

In addition, you lot will have 24/vii access to cutting-edge engineering, including the largest darkroom in the Mid-Atlantic area.

VCU photography and filmmaking graduates are ready to take their expertise anywhere! With this caste, you lot may become:

  • Commercial lensman
  • Video and branded content producer
  • Fine art educator
  • Fine art administrator
  • Independent artist or filmmaker
  • Motion-picture show editor or technician

Whether y’all would like to proceeds more details about VCU’s photography program or if you’re prepare to apply, you will detect all the information on this link.


Arizona State University

Arizona State University

For the by six years, Arizona State University has held a unique stardom of #i in the U.Southward. for innovation (U.S. News & World Study). At ASU, you will find prestigious kinesthesia, elite programs, and an average of 27,000 graduates each year. Additionally, ASU’due south Herberger Institute School of Arts offers photography degrees that are ranked #vi in the nation
by U.South. News.

At ASU, you can choose a BFA in either digital or traditional photography. The digital photography plan is actually the first online program from a research 1 academy that offers a studio-based degree. The BFA in traditional photography is offered from the Tempe location and focuses on a wide range of areas similar:

  • 19th-century processes
  • Traditional black-and-white photography
  • State-of-the-art digital output

Both photography programs lead to successful careers in galleries, museums, studios, nonprofit organizations, or university teaching. ASU is besides known for its affordability, so if you lot’re wondering how you will pay for college, be assured that you have financial aid options. ASU states that “anybody, regardless of income, can authorize for some sort of fiscal aid.”


Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University is a private research university that prepares students for lifelong learning and service. The
Wall Street Journal
ranks BYU #one College in the Due west for Pupil Engagement every bit well as #1 among Colleges Worth the Cost. BYU’southward Bachelor of Fine Arts in photograph and lens-based design emphasizes history, theory, trends, and technical expertise.

This BFA requires 71-72 credit hours of courses like:

  • Introduction to Photography and Digital Workflow
  • Moving Prototype
  • Interdisciplinary Motion
  • Photographic Linguistic communication
  • Visual Storytelling

Y’all will also take courses in history, theory, and entrepreneurship. BYU photography students are also required to complete an internship and a capstone project earlier graduation.

BYU graduates spring into careers both nationally and internationally. Some go into advertising, while others begin freelance photography careers. Potential BYU photography students should complete the pre-major awarding and take prerequisite courses. Application deadlines are April xiii, June 10, and December viii, and applications are open 1 calendar month prior to these dates.

New York Academy’s Tisch School of Arts is truly one of a kind. Founded in 1965, Tisch has evolved into a world-renowned higher that offers bachelor’south, master’s, and doctoral degrees in the arts. At Tisch, you volition notice a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography and imaging that teaches its students how to “encounter, think, and have risks while finding their own creative vocalization.”

Tisch’southward diverse photography and imaging program focuses on creating and understanding images from multiple perspectives. Specifically, you will take both traditional and studio-based courses similar the following:

  • Photograph-based imagery
  • Personal and cultural expression
  • Analog and digital-based prototype making
  • Multimedia
  • New media
  • 3D simulation technologies
  • Darkroom and digital press
  • Visual literacy

During your senior twelvemonth, yous will consummate an internship as you lot piece of work on your final portfolio. Many seniors also take a Business organisation of Fine art class and an Avant-garde History seminar. Tisch photography and imaging graduates have a professional person advantage because of the infrequent school and the fact that it is in New York City—an excellent combination!


State University of New York at New Paltz

The Country Academy of New York at New Paltz is a artistic, various, and affordable institution with an ideal location in New York Metropolis! SUNY New Paltz is ranked as ane of the nation’s “Best Value” colleges/universities by
The Princeton Review
Kiplinger’due south Personal Finance.
If you lot are looking for an affordable BFA in photography, cheque this ane out.

SUNY New Paltz’southward photography program is rigorous and easily-on. Yous volition study fine art history and contemporary photography through courses like:

  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Advanced Digital Color Photography
  • The Large Format Image
  • Digital Video
  • Contemporary Issues in Photography

Yous volition take two Senior Seminar courses during your senior year. The program entails 120 credits with 45 upper-division credits.

SUNY New Paltz’s low-cost Available of Fine Arts in photography is supplemented through guest lectures, professional person conferences, and field trips. Some graduates decide to stay at SUNY New Paltz for 2 more years to earn a Primary of Fine Arts in photography and related media. If you’re interested in SUNY New Paltz, you can utilize for the BFA in photography afterwards completing the required foundation courses and submitting a portfolio.


Massachusetts College of Art and Pattern


Massachusetts College of Art and Design, AKA MassArt, opened its doors in 1873 with a mission to provide an “inclusive, academically first-class, rigorous curriculum” that leads students professionals in their field. Today, MassArt stands past its mission and offers a globe-form educational activity in fine art and blueprint. MassArt’s BFA in photography is worth checking out!

At MassArt, you lot will learn in collaborative workspaces with a new lighting studio, darkrooms, and three digital labs with the latest photographic technology. You will gain extensive skills in:

  • Visual and aesthetics
  • Composition
  • Black and white printing
  • Colour theory
  • Digital media
  • Contemporary trends
  • Professional person do
  • Critical assay

MassArt’s programme includes a combination of credits in liberal arts, fine art history, foundation courses, and studio electives. Yous will complete a senior thesis project during your final year. In addition to coursework, you lot will learn from guest artists, historians, editors, and curators. MassArt graduates are innovators, educators, industrial designers, entrepreneurs, and much more. For more data on how to apply, cheque out this link.

Bard College

Bard College is a private liberal arts college with a mission to inspire curiosity and a love of learning. Bard College is committed to providing “the link betwixt college education and civic participation” through multidisciplinary programs like the Bachelor of Arts in photography. Bard College’s BA in photography emphasizes visual language, technique, and developing the student’south sense of cocky.

Each semester Bard College photography students have a combination of photography history and studio courses. Specific coursework includes:

  • Photographic Seeing
  • The View Camera
  • Colour Photography
  • Avant-garde Photography
  • Digital Imaging

During your sophomore year, you will undergo what Bard College calls the Moderation, where you lot transition from the lower higher to the upper higher.

You will brainstorm working on a Senior Project during your junior year, which involves seminars, studio work, research, or field/laboratory work. You lot will take access to cut-edge facilities such as the Wood Studio Edifice, darkrooms, and digital imaging labs. If yous’re interested in Bard, bank check out admission details here. Don’t miss the perks that Bard is test-optional, and there are no application fees!

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona boasts a scattering of rankings, including a Tiptop 40 Public University (U.S. News & World Written report) and the Best Value University (Forbes). Amid the 300+ majors at Arizona is a Bachelor of Fine Arts: photography, video, and imaging emphasis. This multidisciplinary program combines business, communication, culture, and photography.

Arizona’southward School of Art is i of the height in the nation and accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Blueprint (NASAD). As an Arizona photography student, yous will written report areas similar:

  • Traditional blackness-and-white darkroom
  • Digital/epitome-forming technologies
  • Color processes
  • Large-scale photography
  • Video and functioning

Arizona graduates are ready to spring into careers in photography, videography, motion picture, marketing, and more. To apply to Arizona’southward BFA in studio art, you should first utilise to the Higher of Fine Arts and include a portfolio of eight examples of your studio piece of work. See more details on the admission webpage.

Drexel University

Founded in 1891, Drexel Academy is a comprehensive global research institution with nearly 24,000 students and 200+ degree programs. Drexel’s Westphal College of Media Arts and Pattern is where you lot will notice one of the all-time photography programs in the nation. Drexel graduates have won Pulitzer Prizes and had their work featured in notable publications like
New York Times Magazine
Fourth dimension.

Drexel’s BFA in photography entails 181 total credits, which is more than than near programs. Y’all volition complete photography courses such as:

  • Digital Photographic Post Production
  • Color Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Advanced Studio Photography
  • Print and Web Portfolio Development

You lot will besides consummate nine credits in Senior Thesis in Photography during your senior year.

Drexel’s photography major is unique considering it blends rigorous courses in visual literacy with applied science. Students are required to consummate a half dozen-calendar month Co-op in the photography industry which adds hands-on learning to the curriculum. Drexel graduates are known for having a high placement charge per unit after graduation. For more information on applying to Drexel, cheque out this link.


Columbia College of Chicago

Columbia College of Chicago is a individual, nonprofit higher to find more than than 60 creative, media arts, liberal arts, and business programs. Columbia is incredibly diverse, with more than than seven,000 students from all 50 states and over lx countries. Additionally, Columbia is known for being among the near affordable all private arts and media colleges in the U.s..

Columbia’s Bachelor of Arts in photography is taught by faculty who are award-winning photographers. Y’all will either choose a concentration in way, commercial, fine art photography, or general. The general concentration is a multi-disciplinary track that allows you to report courses in all three emphasis areas.

Along with coursework in history and techniques, you will work on a capstone project that will be displayed at Manifest, Columbia’s urban arts festival. Columbia’s location in Chicago is ideal since you will accept admission to some of the world’southward well-nigh innovative fine art in the Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP). You will as well complete an internship and take access to study abroad opportunities.

Syracuse University

Another best bachelor’southward degree in photography comes from Syracuse University, a top-ranking private research university in Syracuse, New York. Nearly 22,000 students from all over the globe call Syracuse dwelling and take part in clubs, athletics, and of course, dynamic learning experiences. The photography major comes with two concentration options: commercial and ad photography or photojournalism.

Syracuse’southward Bachelor of Science in photography is rooted in a strong liberal arts background. Sample courses include:

  • Advice and Society
  • Multimedia Storytelling
  • Introduction to Photography for Multimedia
  • Video and Photography
  • Avant-garde Projects

Both tracks develop expertise in video and creative utilise of lighting. You volition likewise consummate courses in communications, entrepreneurship, and graphic blueprint.

Your time as a photography educatee at Syracuse is non all about coursework. You volition have access to the latest digital tools and state-of-the-fine art photography methods. Additionally, there are xviii pupil-run campus publications that photography majors frequently contribute to. Many students too take advantage of Syracuse Abroad—more than 100 programs in 60 countries!


Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis is a private inquiry academy that was founded in 1853. Amongst WashU’southward ten colleges and divisions is Sam Flim-flam School of Blueprint & Visual Arts, a leader in art and pattern education. From Sam Trick, you will discover a customizable BFA in studio art with a photography emphasis.

While your emphasis area is photography, you can also add together a second major in another fine art like printmaking, sculpture, painting, or new media. You can also choose a small in i of the following:

  • Creative practice for social change
  • Design
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Studio art

While Sam Play tricks’s BFA is customizable, this programme includes 65 credits of studio credits, which is approximately half of the coursework total. Expect to study topics like:

  • Collage: History and Practice
  • Visualizing Otherness: Race, Gender, and Course
  • Compages through the Photographic Lens
  • Contemporary Portraiture
  • Digital Technology

All students will consummate a capstone feel and an annual thesis exhibition. If you lot are interested in joining Sam Fox’s customs, check out the details on undergraduate admissions here.


University of New United mexican states

Founded in 1889, the University of New United mexican states is the country’s flagship institution with more than than 200 degree programs to choose from. Through UNM’southward Fine Arts department, you will find a Bachelor of Arts in fine art studio with a concentration in photography. This program could lead to the MFA in photography, which is ranked #five in the country by
U.Due south. News & World Report!

While UMN’s studio art bachelor’s caste focuses on photography, you volition receive training in a variety of other media like:

  • Cartoon
  • Ceramics
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Electronic arts

You lot will consummate 27 credit hours in photography courses similar Black and White Photography, Visualizing Ideas, and Digital Imaging Techniques.

UMN fine art studio graduates typically notice careers in art or blueprint organizations. Some go fine art educators, while others utilise this program as a pathway to graduate school. If yous’re interested in UMN’s art studio plan, you need at to the lowest degree 26 credits of earned credits, including the prerequisite courses Art Practices I and 2. Likewise, you should take at least a 2.50 GPA.


California Constitute of the Arts

California Institute of the Arts

Here’s an interesting fact: California Constitute of the Arts was founded in 1961 by Walt Disney! CalArts is known internationally every bit “a game-changer in the education of professional artists” and offers more than seventy visual, performing, media, and literary arts degrees. CalArts’ Available of Fine Arts in photography and media is one you won’t want to miss.

While Cal Arts’ BFA program centers on photography, you volition also learn a broad range of media, including:

  • Still and moving images
  • Installation
  • New media
  • Sound
  • Performance
  • Publication

You can also cull an optional minor in digital arts to further customize the degree. Faculty and mentors provide guidance throughout the BFA program and assist students gain the creative skills they need to excel.

CalArts alumni generally become successful photographers, artists, and filmmakers. Some go educators, editorial and commercial photographers, or entrepreneurs. Others keep their education. CalArts holds a selective admissions procedure, so if y’all’re interested, be proactive! Bank check out the admission details here.


School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The Schoolhouse of the Art Establish of Chicago embraces “proactive thinking and making,” earning it the title of one of the most influential art colleges in the nation. Betwixt the award-winning kinesthesia and the fact that it is in one of the world’s most vibrant cities, you will see why SAIC’southward BFA in photography fabricated our listing!

SAIC’s BFA in photography holds many perks. For case, you will:

  • Larn from award-winning artists
  • Collaborate with graduate students
  • Participate in a half-dozen-credit senior seminar
  • Develop an outstanding photography portfolio

What makes SAIC’due south photography program unique is its multifaceted approach to image-making. You will take the freedom to sharpen your talents while working alongside classmates with state-of-the-fine art equipment.

Some SAIC graduates use this bachelor’s degree every bit a pathway to graduate school. We also must mention that SAIC’s master’south in photography is ranked #ii in the nation by
U.South. News & World Report!
If you’re interested in seeing all that SAIC has to offer, you can attend an online info session, take a campus tour, or use to the higher here.

Yale University

Surely you have heard of Yale—a private Ivy league research academy that has been effectually since 1701! With over three centuries of history and traditions, Yale University has perfected its academic programs. Equally you can run across from the 6% acceptance rate, Yale is also highly selective. Yale offers a Bachelor of Arts in art with a photography emphasis.

Yale’s BA in art is truly well-rounded. You lot will take 14 credits of required courses, including Disquisitional Theory in the Studio and Visual Thinking and Basic Drawing. You then volition cull from an assortment of undergraduate studio courses to either work towards a photography emphasis or gain interdisciplinary expertise.

Wait to take courses such equally:

  • Capturing Light with Black-and-White Photography
  • Modeling for Creative Practise
  • Digital Photography
  • Critical Theory In and Out of the Studio

Undergraduate art students participate in the thesis evidence during their senior year. If you’re interested in Yale, check out the admission details hither. Too notation that Yale fiscal help awards “meet 100% of demonstrated financial need without any loans!”


Maryland Institute Higher of Arts

Located in Baltimore, Maryland Constitute College of Art is known every bit a leading establish in art and design instruction. Founded in 1826, MICA (pronounced “my-ka”) is also the oldest degree-seeking higher of art and design in the nation. MICA’s photography major provides students with expertise in traditional and digital photography.

Forth with photography history courses, yous volition explore topics like:

  • Blackness-and-white printing
  • Non-traditional processes
  • Large format cameras
  • Digital photography
  • Contemporary photography

All students will take Gimmicky Directions in Photography, the seminar that examines photo media in the past fifty years. Also, all students will consummate an internship to gain real-world experience in the photography field.

MICA photography graduates thrive in media arts careers! They take landed competitive careers with the following companies:

  • Apple
  • DC Comics
  • Dreamworks Animation
  • Google
  • National Geographic
  • The
    New York Times
  • Pixar

MICA tells hereafter students, “ ‘Someday’ is not a twenty-four hours of the week. Motion picture yourself at MICA today.” You volition find all the information you lot need to utilise to MICA here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a bachelor’s caste to get a photographer?

Generally speaking, you do not need a available’south degree to get a photographer. Although, some employers will require some sort of formal education, whether it is a certificate, an acquaintance’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree.

Is photography a good career?

Many photography majors become commercial photographers who piece of work for a company or business to help sell their products or services. Photography majors may also be interested in becoming photojournalists—professional person photographers who capture news events.

Portrait photographers take photos for unlike clients and frequently specialize in weddings, family, school, or sports. Fashion photographers piece of work with designers and advertisers and take photos for manner shows and editorial projects.

What is the best degree in photography?

You may be wondering what is the best degree in photography since in this ranking, we preview degrees that are bachelors in both scientific discipline and fine arts. So, should you become for a BS or BFA in photography?

While a BS and a BFA in photography include similar requirements, there are some fundamental differences. A Bachelor of Scientific discipline in photography is for students who would like a broad understanding of technical and aesthetic skills. A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree focuses on intensive visual arts courses and generally more photography credits. The meridian bachelor’southward degrees in photography offer both BS and BFA options.

The all-time role about photography degrees is that in that location are many first-class ones out there. Whether you are looking for a best-value bachelor’s of fine arts in commercial photography or a top bachelor’s caste in photojournalism, you lot tin find what you are looking for.

Where tin can I observe an inexpensive online photography degree?

Most of the top photography degrees are offered in studio classes on campus, merely finding an inexpensive online photography caste can be done.  From our ranking, Arizona Land University offers the all-time BFA in photography online that is also affordable.

How long does it take to become a bachelor’s degree in photography?

A bachelor’s degree in photography typically requires 120 credit hours volition accept a full-time educatee approximately four years to consummate.

How do you become a degree in photography?

Photography bachelor’s programs typically require applicants to submit high school transcripts or the equivalent. The best photography programs require that applicants hold at least a 3.0 GPA and qualifying examination scores. When applying for a photography program, you need to submit:

  • Standardized test scores (sometimes these are optional!)
  • Recommendation letters
  • A photography portfolio
  • An admission essay or statement

Once accepted into a photography program, students will need to maintain a certain GPA while they consummate approximately 60 general education credits and 60 photography-related credits. Since photography is a hands-on field, much of the coursework will be in studio labs. The top photography bachelor’s programs also require capstone projects, final portfolios, and internships.

Top Searched Colleges

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University offers a user-friendly online Bachelor of Arts in digital photography. SNHU is known for its affordability by regularly freezing tuition and granting scholarships and fiscal aid to students who qualify. SNHU’s affordable B.A. in photography is worth checking out.

Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison Land Academy

At Thomas Edison Country University, you volition observe a Bachelor of Arts in photography that provides a traditional liberal arts background with the ability to explore concentrations. Areas of emphasis include fine arts photography, professional photography, and motion-picture show production.

New York Moving-picture show Academy

New York Motion picture University features several photography degrees including a Available of Fine Arts in photography. This BFA is an intensive, hands-on programme that emphasizes commercial, fine fine art, and documentary photography.

Academy of the Arts

With a mission to accelerate human inventiveness, University of the Arts offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography with a handful of concentration areas. UArts photography students find their niches in fine art, editorial, manner, documentary, commercial, or another studio focus.


Temple University

Temple University is the largest university in Philadelphia, known as an “international powerhouse in higher educational activity.” Temple University’south Tyler School of Art and Compages offers both a BFA in photography and a BFA in photography with entrepreneurial studies.

SCAD: the Academy for Creative Careers

SCAD: the University for Creative Careers

The Savannah Higher of Art and Pattern is known as the university for creative careers.  SCAD’s BFA in photography can be completed on campus or online. Students tin concentrate in commercial photography, documentary photography, or fine art photography.

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