What Is App Cloud On Android

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Bloatware and Samsung, How to get rid of them for practiced

Samsung’s TouchWiz

Samsung Experience, the predecessor to I UI

“The Trap” — User cannot become to the home screen without accepting to have the bloatware installed.

Moj, Snapchat, MX Takatak, Josh, Dailyhunt and more than. Bloatware that merely won’t go.

Getting rid of the bloatware for good

        pm uninstall --user 0 

Uninstalling the Appcloud, Onedrive and Samsung content suggestions
        AppCloud -> com.aura.oobe.samsung
Samsung Max -> com.opera.max.oem
Microsoft Onedrive -> com.microsoft.skydrive
Samsung MyGalaxy -> com.mygalaxy
Facebook -> com.facebook.katana , com.facebook.organisation
Samsung Content Suggestions-> samsung.android.alive.service, samsung.android.aliveprivacy
        pm install-existing --user 0 

Source: https://medium.com/@athul-kris/bloatware-and-samsung-how-to-get-rid-of-them-for-good-775a44c73752