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When I was in journalism school (in both the tardily 1990s and mid 2000s), the AP Stylebook was our bible. Nosotros didn’t get to form without it and frequently had quizzes and assignments built around it.

I recently wrote a blog postal service almost the future of journalism and how astonished I was to learn that my undergraduate journalism students were never fabricated to even purchase their own copy of the AP Stylebook, let lone use it.

If you are going to write for a paper (even some magazines) yous demand to have your AP Fashion Guide handy. And the more current the style guide the improve. So when I found this article at Ragan.com about frequently botched AP fashion points, I thought I’d share them.

More than than vs. Over

more than than
when referring to numbers.

  • Right: He had to walk more than 10 miles to detect the nearest gas station.
  • Wrong: He had to walk over ten miles to observe the nearest gas station.

State Abbreviations

These are tricky because you don’t abbreviate all states. The ones you lot do not shorten are Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas, and Utah. Every other state has its own abbreviation, and they don’t always brand sense. Some states are abbreviated with 2 letters, iii letters, four letters, or initials. Here are a few examples:

  • Ariz.
  • Tenn.
  • Colo.
  • Fla.
  • Ind.
  • Ga.
  • Ky.
  • Physician.
  • R.I.
  • N.D.

When in doubt, expect it up!


These constantly stump me, and I look up the rules for titles all the time. For some reason, the titles dominion is hard for me to recollect. And to exist honest, this rule may change depending on who you lot are writing for. The rule states that you capitalize formal titles when they precede an individual’southward name.

  • Right: Mayor Birdie Googins attended the press briefing.
  • Wrong: Birdie Googins, Mayor of Springfield, attended the press conference.


Write out the numbers ane through ix and employ numerals for numbers 10 and college.

  • Right: My mother has six siblings and my father has 13.
  • Wrong: My female parent has vi siblings and my father has thirteen.


Write out the word “percent” instead of using the “%” sign.

Months and Seasons

But abbreviate January., February., Aug., Sept., Oct., November., and Dec. when using it with a specific date.

  • Example: Jan. 1, 2022

Spell out the months when they stand up alone or are combined with a twelvemonth.

  • Example: January 2022 was a very common cold month.


This give-and-take DOES NOT terminate in an “s”. Neither does forward, backward, upward, etc…

That vs. Which

This is another tricky rule. Use “that” and “which” when referring to inanimate objects or animals without names. Information technology gets a trivial trickier when using with clauses. Use “that” for essential clauses that are of import to the meaning of the judgement.

  • Example: I remember the twenty-four hour period that I met my future married woman.

Utilise “which” for nonessential clauses where the pronoun is less necessary.

  • Example: The team, which won the title last year, begins their 2022 flavour next calendar month.

Farther vs. Further

When referring to a physical distance, use “farther”.

  • Example: I walked farther today than I did yesterday.

When referring to an extension of time or degree, use “further”.

  • Example: I promise to look further into this problem.

Street Addresses

The words “street”, “avenue”, and “boulevard” are only abbreviated when they are a part of a numbered address. The words “court”, “drive”, “lane”, and “way” are non abbreviated.

  • Instance: Jane lives at 3 Sylvan Road.
  • Example: Josh lives at 123 Constitution Ave.

Composition Titles

Magazines and newspapers are non italicized, only capitalized. Books, films, TV shows, works of fine art, etc., use quotation marks around them.

  • Example: She read The New York Times before she turned on the television to watch “Survivor”.

English is a catchy language—and how you write it can exist even trickier. Before yous start in on a writing project for a client, be certain to ask them what style guide they apply. They may even accept one of their own.

Source: https://business.tutsplus.com/articles/11-ap-style-guide-rules-that-are-easy-to-mess-up–fsw-27489

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