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What Is The Naics Code For Photography

By | 21/09/2022

CSK Creative’south NAICS Codes

NAISC Codes for Government ContractingNAICS, or The North American Manufacture Classification Organisation Codes, identify lines of business that companies and organizations can use to rapidly identify vendors who tin fill up a business concern need. While we at CSK Creative wear a lot of hats, our principal lines of business deal with video production and photography because those are the fields we have been involved in the longest. NAICS codes are prioritized like this because companies tin can get overwhelmed looking at a capabilities statement that has a long list of cadre competencies. So instead, nosotros focus on the skills we have 10,000+ hours in and get out the copywriting and web design for some other conversation. CSK Artistic’due south primary NAICS codes are:

  • 512110 — Moving-picture show and Video Product
  • 711510 — Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers
  • 541922 — Commercial Photography
  • 541921 — Photography Studios, Portrait

Limitations of NAISC Codes

The NAICS codes, in general, are not updated very often, and then these are wide strokes of the work we practise on a daily ground. For case, in that location is no NAICS code for interactive video because information technology is on the cutting edge of video engineering science and many video vendors don’t even know nigh information technology. And if video product companies are slow to comprehend the technology that means the federal government can take significantly longer to adopt the new applied science. Our clients love interactive video because it takes a passive video and makes it agile, engaging the viewer with elements like clickable links, quizzes, branches that let them choose their own path through the video and much more.

Our photography capabilities include a vast skillset that includes everything from portraits to activity shots. Nosotros accept shot headshots for some massive companies and switched gears to shoot action shots for boat companies the next day. Production shots are another pop category among businesses and governmental organizations, and we can evangelize an ideal final product whether we are shooting in the confines of a studio or more than challenging shots on location.

Additional Government Certifications

Nosotros are too a woman-owned small business, certified at the land and federal levels. This variety not only adds a unique component of creativity to our process, merely tin can also be very helpful to our clients. Many government contracts have multifariousness requirements, and having a partner similar CSK Creative tin can provide real advantages. And even when there is not a “requirement” within a federal or state contract, at that place are often times preferential advantages when teaming with a WOSB.

Additionally, we are a HUB Zone certified business, certified by the Small Business Assistants. This is and boosted certification held by CSK Creative, offer some additional competitive advantages to consider during the very competitive government contracting process. Equally of import to these certifications, CSK Artistic is a true partner in your concern’s goals and objectives. When nosotros take on a new project, we make a very personal commitment to the success of the project. So whether it’south a video product, drone video production, or other specialty, nosotros fully commit to your projection’s success.

If you would like to know more about CSK Creative’s capabilities, delight visit our services folio or fifty-fifty better, just give us a call or inquire by email today. Nosotros have a creative squad that works closely with our clients to produce powerful results. These results volition be a gamechanger for your business!

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