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Scaling Your Photography Business in 2022

March 26th, 2022

Having sales inundation in can be a dandy feeling for whatever photographers, but the path to growing your photography business comes with information technology’s growing pains. The more than sales you get, the more than circuitous your arrangement and workflow gets. Our job is to help streamline your workflow so that as your photography business grows, you tin can focus on shooting beautiful photos.

With a portfolio website equally a foundation and tools to sell photos online, you tin can easily ability up your sales engine. We reached out to one of our Zenfolio customers, Mike Oliver of Oliver Photography, to pick his brain on how using Zenfolio helped scale his photography business concern from $5K to $80,000 in 1 year!

Tell united states almost your business organization.

Our studio, Oliver Photography, has been in business since 1996. We’re located in Louisville, Colorado, and specialize in schoolhouse, sports, and portrait photography. Nosotros photograph more than 150 clients per year, and our year-over-year sales were outstanding. Nosotros went from generating $2k – $5k in sales pre-2016 to $80,000 in 2022—a 1500% increase!

How did you achieve this growth?

We’ve been using Zenfolio for our customer proofing and east-commerce for years, merely it wasn’t until the fall of 2022 that we eliminated newspaper order forms and took our school and sports business organization completely online.

Using newspaper order forms was a clunky, painful process. Nosotros would bring the forms to the school function. Next, the office took them to the homeroom teachers, and the teachers passed them out to students. And so the students gave the forms to their parents who filled them out and gave them back to the students. Finally, the students brought the completed forms dorsum to school where we would collect them. A lot can get lost in that procedure.

With online ordering, we don’t have to worry about tardily forms or bounced checks. Plus, it’s a great convenience for our clients​. ​If a customer calls, nosotros can easily encounter who has placed an social club and what specific package and products they purchased.

Whatsoever challenges along the fashion?

Our biggest issues involved the backend work with teams and schools. It was overwhelming to manage that many schools, students, teams, and images. Since using Zenfolio we’ve been able to continually streamline our process, creating less piece of work and saving usa time.

Practice you take an example of how Zenfolio saved yous time?

We recently photographed an Army ROTC event and used cipher offline processes. The merely data we collected was each attendee’due south email address. That same night we were able to postal service all the images to Zenfolio and email a gallery link to each person. The email template in Zenfolio is customizable, so we were able to communicate that they had 24 hours to identify an gild. It was just brainless getting the word out. Once folks could come across their photos it was easy for them to choose products and check out.

We​ were amazed to see that our sales from that event tripled from the previous year​. I think the firsthand availability of the photos, plus the limited fourth dimension to order created a lot of excitement and fabricated a huge difference to our sales.

Source: https://zenfolio.com/blog/scaling-your-photography-business-in-2019/

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