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After 20 years of military machine occupation and combat, the U.s. is planning to pull out of Afghanistan. This decision grows more controversial by the solar day. It might feel like
everyonehas a hot take on it right at present. Looking at the two decades of U.Due south. involvement and the decades of diplomatic disarray, there is and then much to take in. Cable news, documentaries, and teachers can aid yous acquire more near this. Sometimes, however, information technology’s best to plough off all your screens and open up a volume (or turn on your due east-reader or hit “play” on your audiobook).

To help, nosotros’ve compiled a list of books that provide a range of context and first-person insights into what was (and is) really going on in Afghanistan. Afterwards all, Afghanistan is a country with a heritage that predates the U.S., so learning about the country outside of the “War on Terror” is important. Whether y’all’re for or against the Transitional islamic state of afghanistan War — or y’all’re still developing your thoughts — these books can assistance guide you to a more than thoughtful, well-rounded opinion.

ane. ‘Ghost Wars: The Cloak-and-dagger History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden — From the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001’ past Steve Coll

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You may be wondering, “how did the U.S. stop upward having enemies in Afghanistan in the commencement place?”
Ghost Wars past Steve Coll answers that and and so much more. This Pulitzer-winning text outlines the U.S.’s human relationship with Afghanistan, including the CIA’s lesser-discussed piece of work in the 1970s.

Covering most everything prior to September 11, 2001, this work of journalism has become required reading for those looking to understand the conflict in Afghanistan. This field of study wasn’t being taught in schools while it was happening, and is inappreciably a focal point of American History today, and then at that place’s a lot to take in here. Simply it’south a great identify to start to understand the conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East at-large.

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Rashid Ahmed’s
Taliban: Islam, Oil and the Dandy New Game in Primal Asiacovers the group that’s dominating a lot of the discussion surrounding Afghanistan. The Taliban’s beliefs middle around a strict interpretation of Sharia Constabulary, which is office of the Islamic tradition. (Don’t worry, the book will dive deeper into that topic if you’re unsure of what that means.)

The group was not a political force until the mid-1990s, but Ahmed covers more than than that. Connecting the Taliban to the oil and gas industries, this book shines a low-cal on how the Taliban affects the world beyond Afghanistan.

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When the Taliban are in power, a main business concern remains how the women in Transitional islamic state of afghanistan will be afflicted by their reign. Under Taliban rule, women can not get out the dwelling house unaccompanied by men and cannot cull whether or non they want to wear burqas, garments that cover nigh of their bodies at all times.

Moreover, during the Taliban’s past rule women and girls were non allowed to attend school and receive an didactics.
A Woman Amongst Warlords: The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Enhance Her Phonationby Malalai Joya tells the personal business relationship of one woman who dared to acquire despite the oppressive authorities she was living under.

4. ‘Alone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team ten’ past Marcus Luttrell with Patrick Robinson

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Survivoris one of the first primary sources from the war in Afghanistan to break into the cultural consciousnesses. The book details the training process ane goes through to become a Navy SEAL. It was a team of SEALs that somewhen captured Osama bin Laden, so there’due south a lot of insight into the American military contained within this work’southward pages.

The volume goes on to tell of a mission where Marcus Luttrell’s entire team was slain in boxing — except for him. With unfiltered honesty, Luttrell’due south story is i that will remind yous to never give up.

5. ‘My Life with the Taliban’ by Abdul Salam Zaeef

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We wanted to include some other volume about the Taliban because reading nigh multiple perspectives tin can assistance one develop a more than thorough understanding of the topic at large. Abdul Salam Zaeef was a founding member of the Taliban, and
My Life With the Taliban is a memoir well-nigh the group’s germination and evolution.

Ghost Wars, Zaeef starts in the late 1970s, simply gives a dissimilar perspective on the Taliban’south rise to power through the 1990s. Zaeef was somewhen captured and turned over to U.Due south. forces, who, in plow, detained Zaeef at Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo does non always get brought up in the conversation surrounding conflicts that involve the U.Due south., only we’re glad Zaeef brings that into the fold.

6. ‘Overcoming: Alone Confronting the World’ by Hamid Zaher

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At that place are a lot of people talking nigh Afghanistan right at present. Few of these voices are from queer people who know firsthand what it’s like to grow up there. InOvercoming: Lonely Against the Globe, Hamid Zaher shares a queer perspective on life in Afganistan.

Zaher was essentially exiled from Afghanistan and experienced Islamophobia in addition to bigotry for being queer. Yous don’t demand to similar memoirs or books off the beaten path to be informed past this ane.

7. ‘Eagle Downward: The Final Special Forces Fighting the Forever State of war’ by Jessica Donati

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In 2022, the Afghanistan War became the longest-running foreign conflict in American history. While its end seems unclear,
Eagle Down: The Terminal Special Forces of the Forever War by Jessica Donati grapples with just how long the state of war in Afghanistan has been and spotlights the stories of the people still fighting it.

Former General David Patraeus, who spent a lot of time overseeing the war in Afghanistan, called the book “powerful, of import, and searing.” There hasn’t been enough time for a book to be released that covers today’s most current events, merely this one focuses on the Obama and Trump eras, which significantly impacted what’s happening now.

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