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Ask any lensman, and they’ll tell you that the most important piece of equipment you tin buy is the all-time LED Light kit you can find. Bluntly, aside from the camera, lighting is the most important consideration in photography. Whether you’re inside in a studio or outside in the sunshine, the right lighting will make or pause your photography project. Inside lighting is the easiest to control, which is why photographers need the right light kit to adjust their needs.

We accept a variety of light kits here that friction match all kinds of budgets and situations. Whether y’all’re shooting a product on a table meridian, or models for a fashion shoot, or fifty-fifty selfies for the influencer crowd, we’ve got lights for yous. These lights volition keep your photographs well lit and looking great.

What We Like

  • Variable color

  • Battery or Ac power

  • Included accessories

  • Super affordable

  • Comes with a carrying case

What We Don’t Like

  • Questionable knob assembly

Our offset contender is arguably the all-time overall pick because it comes from a reputable company. Neewer makes all kinds of photography accessories that fit all budgets, and the Dimmable Bi-Color 660 LED Video Light set is superlative notch. It has basically everything. You’ve got ii lights, two stands, four batteries, a battery charger, two ability adapters, and a carrying purse. All that’s missing is someone to actually set them up for you. These lights work via bombardment or Ac power, making them super portable and versatile.

The simply question marking on this setup is in the knob that connects the light to the stand up. Knobs are a bit of an Achilles heel for Neewer equipment, as they’re not the best. Some users reported that using a elementary hex bolt is a good workaround; your mileage may vary, of form. But, overall, this is a great deal on two versatile lights that can upwards your photography game by quite a chip.

Lights/Brightness: 660 LED bulbs |
Colour Temperature Range: 3200K to 5600K |
Ability Options: AC adapter or bombardment |
Adjustable: Yes

GVM 2-Pack LED Video Lighting Kit with App Control

What We Like

  • Wide range of adjustable color temperature

  • App control

  • Easy-to-use controls

  • Included carrying example

What We Don’t Like

  • Batteries not included

This setup is a shut second in our top option for lighting rigs. Great Video Maker (GVM) is not simply appropriately named—you get 2 bright variable control lights, stands, software filters, and more. The lights are also very slim. Ane of the cooler aspects to this light rig is that information technology’southward app controlled. While the controls on the back of the lights are easy to utilize, controlling them via app lets you more hands set your scene from a distance.

Yous tin can control light brightness and temperature to get just the shot you’re looking for. The color temperature goes from 2300K to 6800K, meaning you tin discover just the right lighting for your conditions. The lights can be battery powered, but batteries are not included, which is disappointing. Y’all do get AC adapters for the lights, just we’d like to see more portability built in from the jump.

Lights/Brightness: 480 LED beads |
Color Temperature Range: 2300K to 6800K |
Power Options: Ac adapter or bombardment |
Adjustable: Aye

Ikan IB508 3-Point LED Studio Light Kit

What We Like

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Batteries included

  • Included filters

What We Don’t Like

  • Hard to read brandish

  • Fixed colour temperature

If y’all predominantly shoot inside a studio, so the Ikan IB508 light kit may be for you lot. The lights are controlled with a knob and readout on the dorsum, which tin be difficult to run into in direct sunlight. That’due south why this low-cal kit gets our recommendation for inside studio work. This is a iii-piece prepare with a stock-still color temperature at 5600K. That’s skillful for well-nigh photography, and if you desire to change the color, you can use one of 2 included filters. The first filter changes the light to about 300K, while the other just softens the lite at 5600K so information technology’s not as intense.

The kit comes with everything yous need to become started, including stands, batteries, chargers, and a carrying case. It’south very lightweight, which ways information technology’south prepare to go out in the field with you, only it’s more suited for indoor piece of work. Nonetheless, photographers tin can appreciate that kind of versatility when they need to get on location to shoot.

Lights/Brightness: 508 LED beads |
Color Temperature Range: 3200-5600K (300K) |
Ability Options: Battery |
Adjustable: Yes

Ikan LB10 3-Point Soft Panel LED Light Kit

What Nosotros Like

  • Swappable battery plates

  • Ane knob control

  • Included carrying case

  • thirty degree yoke

What Nosotros Don’t Similar

  • Expensive

  • Bulky

If you are looking for some of the best soft-calorie-free lighting effectually, look no further than the Ikan Lyra ane x one LED Lighting Kit.  This is a 3-pack of lighting that is peachy for your standard three-point lighting system for an interview subject field or model. This is a versatile organization that can be set to either 3200K or 5600K with adjustable brightness. Information technology’s all controlled by a unmarried large knob that switches betwixt brightness and temperature. This makes information technology easy to locate when it’south up on a stand and easy to control.

One key feature for these lights is the 30-degree mounting yoke. This allows the light to come off from the stand a bit and gives yous more mobility in focusing and aiming the light and barn doors. The stands and example are included in this package, which is practiced considering it as well costs a pretty penny. These are also all 1 x 1 panels, which makes them pretty large and beefy to travel with. You’re going to want to stick with the studio if you’re picking up these lights.

Lights/Brightness: 900 LEDs |
Color Temperature Range: 3200K to 5600K |
Power Options: Bombardment |
Adaptable: Yes


What We Like

  • 3-pack

  • Remote control

  • Hot shoe adapters included

What Nosotros Don’t Like

  • Batteries not included

  • Does non include diffuser

If you lot’re on a budget only want to have a remote command to conform your lighting, the Viltrox VL-200 3-Pack of lights is a pretty swell bargain. You get three LED panels, stands, and power adapters in an easy-access conveying bag. In add-on to the remote control, one nice actress accessory is hot shoe adapters for the lights. This allows you to use any number of other hot shoe accessories forth with the lights, including mounting them directly to a photographic camera.

Unfortunately, if you mountain a light to the camera, you’ll need to buy a bombardment separately, as these lights don’t come with them. Nor practise the lights come up with a diffuser to get a softer lite. Withal, in that location’s some great value here and it tin make a dandy mobile lighting studio when you’re on the get.  The remote allows you to control one or all of the lights as needed from a altitude, then you tin can accept in the scene as yous make adjustments.

Lights/Brightness: 192 LED chaplet |
Color Temperature Range: 3300K to 5600K |
Power Options: Adapter or battery |
Adjustable: Yes

Emart LED Video Light

What We Like

  • Tabletop mountain included

  • USB plug

  • Iv color filters included

  • Very inexpensive

What We Don’t Like

  • Simply i ball head

  • Not powerful

This Emart ready of two LED lights is great for close-up photography and tabletop photography. You get a complete kit including two lights, two stands, and ii small tabletop stands. The lights aren’t terribly powerful; you won’t fill a room with them, but they’ll do very nicely for close upwards photography. If you desire to add a fiddling color to your shots, each low-cal has four color filters you tin put in to adapt the lighting.

If you want to use the included stands, they extend from 21 inches all the manner up to 54 inches in length. An included ball head lets you aim the lights anywhere you need them. The lights are powered by USB, which means you can plug them into any USB port or wall charger or even a portable battery pack. For the toll, this is a nice set of lights that can aid you up your product photography game.

Lights/Brightness: 66 LED bulbs |
Colour Temperature Range: 5600K merely |
Ability Options: USB |
Adjustable: Yes

Emart 6'' LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

What Nosotros Like

  • Clever stand design

  • Built-in stand

  • In-line remote

  • Two-pack

What We Don’t Like

  • Built-in stand seems flimsy

If yous’re working on the Instagram or TikTok excursion, have a expect at these ring lights from Emart. They come in a two-pack, so you lot can actually calorie-free upward the scene. Ring lights are all the rage on social media, and then if that’s your aim, this is the right tool for the chore. You can conform the lights with the in-line remote to any of the three low-cal modes and xi brightness levels.

The neatest part nigh these lights are the stands, which are built into the base of the ring light.  Iii spring-loaded feet extend down out of the light’s bottom to form a squeamish little tripod. You tin rotate the points of the tripod downwards to go a bit more top and/or stability. It’southward a bully design that nosotros’re fans of here, even if some reviewers suggested that the born stand is a chip on the flimsy side. While that is concerning, we however honey the design.

Lights/Brightness: 11 brightness levels |
Color Temperature Range: N/A |
Power Options: USB |
Adjustable: Yes

Final Verdict

Information technology’south hard to find a amend value than the Neewer 660 LED Calorie-free Kit (view at Amazon). You lot’ve got two large LED panels with all the accessories you could ask for. Barn doors, batteries, power adapters, conveying cases, and more all come in this squeamish niggling package. If you’re just starting out in photography or videography, or you want to add together to your studio, this is a groovy pick.

The GVM LED Video Lighting Kit (view at Amazon) is also a not bad solution for your video lighting needs. While this setup does not include batteries, it does allow you to connect to the lights via an app and then y’all tin can command them from your phone.

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What to Expect For in an LED Lite Kit

Light Temperature

Lite temperature is measured in Kelvins. Typically photographers adopt to apply lights in the v,600 Kelvin range, as they give an appearance similar to daylight. Other color temperatures are possible, and their main purpose is to change the look of the subject for more creative shots. For a sense of realism, you lot’ll have to look for a lite in the five,000 Kelvin range. If yous want warmer tones, wait for lower Kelvin temperatures.


Lights typically need to be mounted on something, so you’ll want to wait for lighting rigs that have their ain stands. Not only will this give you lot a more complete lighting setup, but it makes your lights an all-in-one solution. Of form, if you lot already have a way to mount lights, this is less important.


Powering your lights is also quite important. How your lights are powered will make up one’s mind where and how you tin apply them. Batteries provide a more portable solution, but of form, they’ll be limited in duration. Air-conditioning-powered lights volition not run out of juice, but of course you’ll exist more than limited in where you tin use them.


  • Why do yous need lighting for photography?

    Lighting is disquisitional for taking great photos and shooting video. Without proper lighting, your subject could be besides dark to come across, or grainy. Harsh lighting like straight sunlight is no better since it tends to accident out highlights and leave your bailiwick overexposed. Quality lighting rigs will aid you get the right remainder of light and shadow.

  • What is the best way to use lighting?

    The virtually common mode to calorie-free a subject is by using the three-point method. A principal lite, or key light, is placed at a 45-degree angle from your subject, with a secondary fill calorie-free placed 45 degrees the other direction. A third, optional backlight is placed high behind the discipline, often contrary the key light. This fills out the background backside the subject and provides a sense of depth.

  • What does bi-color mean?

    Some lights can change their light temperature between two unlike settings, giving yous more options on how to light your subject. Bi-colour lights usually flip betwixt 5,600 Kelvin (comparable to daylight) and three,200 Kelvin (comparable to incandescent lights). This is handy because it can give you unlike looks on your subject, and allows your low-cal to conform to calorie-free already present in the room.

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