What Questions Should I Ask When Pricing My Photography Job

By | 14/08/2022

It’southward a huge run a risk to not ask the correct questions before giving a prospective client a price. Not just does information technology brand you wait like an apprentice, but you could end upward agreeing to a job which actually isn’t worth the time or coin. Here’south what y’all should exist asking when someone wants to know how much it will cost to rent yous.

Yous would not believe how often I get asked to requite a price for piece of work based on ane sentence in an email. The sad matter is I know I’grand not the only lensman who gets this. Can yous imagine contacting a respected chef and saying: “Hey, I like your food, tin can you give me a toll to melt for my whole family unit?” Without a few more ingredients it’southward impossible to know what exactly you’re signing upward for. Fifty-fifty if you’re lucky enough to get a bit more one sentence describing the task, at that place is always a real danger that something hasn’t been mentioned that could dramatically alter the circumstances. The other event with not asking questions is that if the person who is doing the hiring is speaking to other photographers and you’re the only one not quizzing the client, you’ll look like you don’t know what you lot’re doing or just don’t care. Either way, it volition probably result in non getting the chore.

Hither are the questions that I e’er have in my caput when talking to a client near a chore.

1. What Exactly Is Needed Image Wise?

This might seem like an obvious one but unless you know exactly what the client wants you could end upward with a major headache further downwardly the line.

What Is the Style of the Shoot?

First things first I’ll ask what way they are looking for. Fifty-fifty though my piece of work is nighttime and moody I still go asked to exercise the complete opposite at times. Information technology’s best not to take anything for granted at this phase so I’ll get them to transport over some examples of how they want their photoshoot to wait. This serves a few purposes. Beginning, it shows me roughly how they desire the images to look stylistically. Second, it gives me a good indicator of the kit and squad of people I’ll demand. And lastly, I get a few clues on the size of the budget they accept.

Number of Final Shots Required?

This one might seem obvious, just y’all have to call back that the client may not have the same photographic vocabulary every bit y’all. The discussion “final” makes information technology articulate that what is beingness talked most is the stop product. Non only does this requite yous some clues on how long the shoot will take, but it is also crucial when working out the amount of retouch fourth dimension needed. I recently had a fashion client say they wanted 15-twenty shots when they actually meant 15-20 outfits. See how merely one give-and-take can dramatically modify everything? That half 24-hour interval yous initially priced for has now become a total day and the 15-20 shots is actually 60-eighty retouched images.

What Is the Intended Use for the Shots?

Regardless of the industry y’all piece of work in, you should always exist asking about usage. Non but because images for a worldwide ad campaign should be considerably more than a headshot for social media but likewise considering the reply to this question volition requite you lot additional details about the job at mitt.

In that location is always value to the images y’all create and depending on where and how they are being used you should be pricing appropriately. Clients really should be leading with this information only you’d exist surprised how frequently they don’t. Sometimes I think this is downward to inexperience and other times information technology’s down to them deliberately withholding this kind of information because they know it affects the price you quote, and then make certain you lot enquire.

Is Retouch Required?

As mentioned higher up, if a shot count balloons out of control and then it not only affects the twenty-four hours of the shoot just also the number of hours yous spend doing retouch. Some clients may have their own retoucher they like to utilize while others volition expect you to do it. It’southward e’er best to clear this i upwards straight away as it really does affect the hours involved on a project. If they do happen to insist on someone else doing the retouch yous should enquire who that person is as information technology could assistance you to understand what ballpark their budget is in.

When Are the Images Needed By?

Clients will ever say they need the images urgently but pin them down to a date as it will stop them hounding you lot later a shoot. If their requirements mean you have to drop everything or pull a few all-nighters to evangelize on time and then y’all should be pricing accordingly. Asking when the images are needed by can sometimes pb to a client divulging more additional data about the shoot or the business concern/individual themselves. I had someone recently say they needed images urgently for a very prestigious trade show which non only let me know how tight their time frame was but also how important the images were to them and how much they were likely to pay.

What Specification Practice Yous Need the Images to Exist?

This is some other way to get a improve idea of the usage of the piece of work. Also from a technical signal of view, it can affect the equipment you may exist using or need to be hiring. If the client needs 50-megapixel images and you merely give them 20-megapixel images considering you didn’t have that conversation, so you really only take yourself to blame. Knowing exactly what the client needs up front as well saves you having to reprocess images and waste valuable time sending them over again.

What Is the Best Manner to Evangelize the Final Images?

This one might seem trivial but information technology’s well worth getting to know how the final images will be delivered. Lots of clients are happy with digital transfer these days but it’s always worth checking they don’t have whatever strange requirements. I have had to transport a USB in the post a few times in the past. All these things take time and money and should be factored into the toll y’all give.

two. Who Else Is Being Used on the Shoot?

The answers you go to this question can dramatically modify your impression of the budget your client has. The world is a small place and you may very well know some of the names they mention to you. Even if you don’t, a quick Google could help reveal the ballpark your clients budget is.

Which Models Are Being Used?

Clients dear to brag about the quotient of the model they are using and so finding this out not only makes yous expect like y’all’re interested in the shoot but it besides helps you to empathise their budget. Alternatively, if they tell you lot they are not bothering with models it’southward probably a skillful indicator they may be trying to minimize what they spend. There are legitimate reasons non to utilize a model in some circumstances but the customer needs to know that this can affect the efficiency of a shoot. Knowing who yous volition be photographing beforehand tin can really change how you lot approach and toll the job.

Who Are the Other Creatives Being Used?

Similar to which models are being used, what stylists, fine art director, or hair and makeup artist being used can change everything. If the client is open up to suggestions I would much prefer to use the creatives I know and trust. If they don’t see the importance of hiring such people, again information technology’s a skillful indicator of how much they are willing to spend.

3. Where Volition the Shoot Accept Place?

As crazy as it sounds, sometimes a client might not initially tell y’all where the shoot volition happen or get out things pretty vague. Obviously this is a problem every bit it tin can dramatically change how much fourth dimension and effort will exist going into the shoot. If the location is outdoors I would also ask if they have a wet conditions program in identify as you need to be prepared for all eventualities.

If the location is some amazing former building information technology’s always worth asking if you have access to electricity, and even in more modern places being able to plug into the mains shouldn’t exist taken for granted. Electricity can be easily overlooked by a customer but will dramatically affect how the photographer works and what kit they need to bring along. If things like generators need to exist hired then patently they need to be factored into your price.

The last affair I would inquire regarding the location of a shoot is if we actually have permits to shoot there. Clients may think you can get away without such things, merely it’south really non worth the risk. Information technology’southward as well a expert indicator of the kind of person and the budget y’all’re working with if they are happy to break the rules. I was once on a task at an airport where I was told we had permission to shoot there. Non long afterward we started we were joined by the airport police who made us stop shooting. Turns out the client had one time had flying lessons there and presumed that gave him access all areas!

4. Can I Just Inquire?

Last but not to the lowest degree hither are a few general questions I will always ask earlier I give a cost to a customer.

Is My Ain Kit Needed?

Sometimes you lot may exist hired to shoot in a studio where they already have their ain equipment set up. Finding out if it will be your kit or theirs used on the job should affect how much y’all charge.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Getting confirmation in black and white when you will be paid will not just give you something to quote to a customer when they are tardily to pay, just information technology will besides save a lot of time chasing them. If they are a fiddling vague almost payment terms information technology might likewise suggest you may have trouble getting paid after the job. If you become whatever bad vibes surrounding the answers you get information technology might exist a sign they may not be worth working for.

Have They Done This Kind of Shoot Before?

This is a proficient question to ask every bit it can help betoken what sort of budget and overall expectations they have. Clients volition be more likely to open up up about a previous shoot than the electric current one they want you to price for. The data they tell you lot can aid you grade a better picture of the situation as a whole. At the very least it will give you lot some reassurance they have some experience when information technology comes to organizing a photoshoot.

How Did You Find Me?

This one isn’t but for an ego boost only is a great manner to piece of work out what marketing you lot are doing is actually working. Where they found yous can also be a good indicator what ballpark their budget may exist. If y’all were recommended to them past a mutual friend you tin can reach out to that person for additional information which volition help you better empathize who you will be working for.

Then there you accept information technology, a whole agglomeration of questions you lot should really be trying to get the answers to before giving a cost out. Depending on your industry there may be a few areas not covered to a higher place but I hope the list is a skilful starting signal for you to build your own checklist. The principal affair I wanted to stress was that the more data you can arm yourself with at the beginning the better prepared yous’ll be to give an accurate price and be more likely to actually become the task.

Any questions you call back I missed off the listing? Do you accept any horror stories of questions you wish you’d asked before you quoted a job? Exit a bulletin below I’d love to hear them.

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