What Should I Charge For Photography Sessions

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Are y’all but starting out in the realm of photography and trying to figure out, WHAT DO I Charge?! I’m going to exist talking about all of this pricing goodness today. I’ve pulled some amazing ideas from: How To Price Your Photography When Starting Out.

When Should I start Charging in My Photography Business

I hate coming up with pricing. I am constantly blog stalking different photogs to see what they accuse. My idea process: “Oh. They are in the same area and they sort of shoot like me. I think I should charge exactly what they are charging.” Sounds like a peachy idea, right?

Here’s what I want you to keep in heed if you’re being tempted by other photographers’ pricing: Are they in the same area as me? Literally one house down? No? Then it’southward non the aforementioned area.

You go fifteen minutes away from me and you are suddenly in rich people country where everyone drives a Mercedes. Here I idea I was close and that I could charge $250 for i 8×10 impress, but sadly, that is non the case. Ah! Fail. Perhaps you’re on the contrary end of the spectrum and just commencement your photography concern. When I was get-go starting out, my friends would exist like, “Hey! I need a new MySpace photo.” Totally. Rockin’. I’one thousand your gal. (I’thou actually showing my age here…eek!) That was fun until it seemed similar everyone on campus knew me as the MySpace profile and suddenly my in one case empty schedule was FILLED to chapters.

That got me thinking. “Wait a minute. If this person wants me, I shoot them, and five of their friends now want photos, this has to mean that… I tin’t suck that badly!” Woohoo for not sucking! When you notice your schedule filling up with a bunch of gratis sessions for anybody yous know and their tertiary cousin – and their tertiary cousin’south friend whose kids go to the aforementioned daycare equally their kids – information technology’s time to back that freaking train upwardly. Y’all demand to beginning CHARGING.

Your time is worth something, if you are shooting a ton of FREE sessions and filling up your schedule, you need to offset charging. If you already have your portfolio established, you need to offset charging. The neat thing about pricing, information technology can be gradual or you can perfect your craft and come out of the gate at top prices. It’s all upwardly to you!

Now, I want to add in a disclaimer here. This mail service is for beginners. It is going to help yous transform your hobby into an fine art that you get PAID for. This is not a post on pricing for photographers who take been doing this for years and years. So delight, delight, please don’t e-mail me if yous’ve been in this industry for several years and are wondering why I’g giving the advice I’m giving. Information technology worked for me as a photographer in a small town where contest was violent. I practice not ain and operate a bazaar portrait business; that’s not what I do. However, I do own and operate a successful photography business organisation.

If you know the average family where you alive can’t afford $300 for a family session with everything else being purchased at a la bill of fare prices, reduce your session fee. Some other disclaimer, this is general pricing. If yous take a style into a niche that volition pay tiptop dollar – DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT.

Now, listen carefully. Do non – I repeat, do not get below that price always again. You take to make money here. I understand that y’all’re really excited because y’all’re actually getting paid to do something you love and you lot want to make your clients happy, but you need to make yourself and your family happy, showtime.

That ways yous need to provide an income. You lot’re becoming a pro, now, not a hobbyist. Proceed telling yourself that.

Over again, you are the merely person in control of how much you make. You can give yourself a enhance whenever you feel like information technology based on how much yous put into your career equally a lensman. How exciting!

What if you said to yourself,

I want to bring in $x,000 this month for photography.”
You could do it. And I guarantee you lot could practice it even if you lot’re but starting out. I was bringing in that kind of coin inside my first year and a half of shooting – per calendar month – and it would  have been a lot sooner had I just listened to my father’s advice and not waited and then long to change how I run my business concern. You can do this.

OK, and then we know you’re going to increase your prices, right? Correct. Do it. Just now you feel bad because y’all’ve been doing these free sessions for your family unit and friends for so long and now information technology’s awkward to tell them that it’s going to cost them coin if they desire to volume you over again. Been there, done that. I hated giving them a reality cheque, but the truth is that your time is money. The gratis session you do with them could be time you spend shooting  a paying customer. It’s time to have the training wheels off and dive into a concern where you’re going to do what you beloved and brand money doing information technology. That’s the ultimate goal and that goal is in sight correct now.

You exercise not wait until they ask you to do another session for them to let people know you’re increasing your prices. Get to your Facebook page and say,
“Prices are increasing next month. Want to book your session at the lower rates? Electronic mail the states to get on the calendar.”
Or say,
“Only 10 sessions left before prices enhance!”

OK, so if I hear anyone saying,
“I don’t think I’m worth $75 to $125 an hour… “
“No one will pay me that…”
“I just don’t recall I can practise it…”
then I volition never write  again. This may be farthermost, only you lot need to understand this mail service is non the
“I’m going to go along complaining about how much I desire to do this, only I don’t call up I tin can practice this” mail. This is the
“I tin exercise it” postal service. And y’all, my friend, are gonna practise it.

Psst. I’thou looking at the person who’s currently charging $0 for their sessions. I want to accept a moment to accept a middle to heart with you. First, whip out a notebook and respond these questions.

  • How long have I been shooting?

  • How much have I spent on camera

    equipment, software, props, computers and camera bags

  • How much fourth dimension am I spending doing

    photography related things?

  • What is my ultimate goal for my

    photography business organisation?

Now, I know information technology’s tempting, but
exercise not
skip over those questions. For existent, go get yourself a pen and paper and figure out the answers. Bottom line: nosotros tin can’t movement on nigh pricing until we accost some

bug going on when it comes to your business.

When I say “existent life problems,” I’m talking nigh how you’ve been a lensman for an extended menstruum of time and aren’t charging. Honey, what is the problem here? I mean that with the utmost sincerity. Don’t cut yourself brusk. Y’all are worth it. Everyone starts somewhere. Practise non let your insecurities go along yous from your dreams. The only issue regarding why you aren’t selling, booking or making money off of this is, well, you.

Do Not Compare Yourself To Other Photographers






tin brand this






do this.

Do not compare yourself to other photographers. That’s the aureate rule of photography. For real. Don’t do information technology; it is a death trap. I know some of the best photographers and they have successful businesses and I look up to them and call up they are pretty much the best of the best, but become this: they even so don’t think they are the best.
Is this for real?!
This is like that girl who wears a size 0 and is similar,
“Oh my gosh. I have to lose five pounds.”
Dude, you lot are skinny. When you have a kid and proceeds 75 pounds, you lot’re gonna wish y’all were that size 0 again. Moral of the story: We can’t see what’south right in forepart of us sometimes.

We need to look in the mirror and accept ourselves for where we are in our journey. We need to comprehend the states at the point we are at. We tin can’t compare our road to someone else’due south path because it’s merely non the same.

Photography Pricing for Beginners

OK, at present we’re getting to the good stuff.

I’m going to give you a pricing sheet and and then I’k going to explain my logic behind the numbers. Just to remind you once more, these prices are for photographers starting out and are nervous to beginning charging. You need to be charging for your fourth dimension and effort and this volition help get you going. These are
pricing sheets, then experience gratuitous to customize according to your business organization’ pricing construction.

If a client inquires about portrait sessions and you send her the above pricing, here’s what she’ll automatically do: First, she’ll add together up how much the bundle is actually worth, and then she’ll base of operations her conclusion off what seems the most bang for her cadet.

Keep in mind that the in a higher place is an instance of a simple pricing setup. You’re not offering all the bells and whistles, but information technology’s a good kickoff- ing bespeak. And so, if your customer added upwards Package A, she’d discover it was worth $100, only that you’re offering it for $75.

Discover that I added

“Delight note this package may merely exist bachelor certain dates. Delight contact united states for more details”

at the bottom of Packet A. That disclaimer was intended to deter people from choosing that package because nosotros don’t desire to really sell that one. The more work people accept to do (ex. call you), the less likely they are to choose that package.

If y’all start to offer mini sessions, I would increment your prices based off the price point of your mini sessions. You just want them to be able to become that mini session price at the time of the mini session. That’due south the intrigue behind the mini session. So if you’re session toll starting out for mini sessions is $75, increase all of these packages by $25 and adjust the a la carte pricing accordingly.

Also notice that I did not provide the online web gallery in Package A, which means your customer will never go to run into all the images. Additionally, they will receive 5 images of the photographer’due south option, creating added value to Packages B and C since those packages permit the client to have a say in the images they choose.

If you’re annihilation similar me, I ordinarily always put the images in an online web gallery, so it’southward not actually a big deal for me to offer this service. However, the client doesn’t know this. In the second and third package, you requite them more than control over what they become past letting them select the edited images. (For this, I suggest editing the images y’all would like your clients to come across, loading them to the gallery and have them give you an paradigm number for the ones they would similar.)

When we motion to the third packet, just the time lonely is worth the bundle and they feel like they are getting the rest of the stuff for free. Everyone loves the feeling of getting stuff for

Now, likewise discover how we added on all edited loftier resolution images to the a la carte for $100. We did that considering it’s possible the client will see all 50 images yous added to the gallery and want them all. If you’re lucky, they won’t be able to determine which of the fifteen images they want included in their parcel. In this case, they can either pay for 10 photos, or pay the $100 to get the residue of the images. You are setting them upwardly to purchase the entire collection of images from you lot because it’s a improve deal. If you wouldn’t take had that in the a la carte pricing, they would have never known it was an choice.


Let’southward say you accept someone book the $75 package. Afterward the session, yous want your

customer to run into all the images because they are adorable and you lot remember y’all could sell them. In this instance, I’d send them an email worded like this:

This works great because if you use an online spider web gallery system like Pass  where they can order prints online, information technology adds another opportunity for revenue stream. The idea is to create as many revenue opportunities as possible. So maybe they couldn’t beget to go up in the package, but you’re calculation value to their package equally a cheers. This is not bad customer service and information technology allows them the opportunity to want to purchase items either off the online Web gallery or even the selection to buy all the images for the $100.

I have so many more tips and tricks for photographers that are starting to accuse for their work. Want them all?

Click hither for all access laissez passer to my Pricing For Beginners.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Beginner Photographer Pricing

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“Ok… Just starting out… I’1000 still learning:) I’ve been getting a lot of emails regarding prices!! I have no clue!!!!! I’1000 now charging $50 for shoot and edited CD… Am I being unreasonable?!? Should I offer packages?!? I’yard lost & confused… Please help!!! 🙂 SN: I take your business concern guide just I don’t retrieve I tin go $125 for a package here in my surface area :(“

Jennifer:Yeah I need ideas for pricing as well

practice a fifty session fee and cost your prints depression. Call it portfolio building pricing and move upwards from there. Yous can fifty-fifty offer low priced collections on prints. Please, delight take it from me, you lot will injure your business in the long run if you lot give it all away early and make up one’s mind you desire to brand money in this business.

I would worry more nigh what your time (shooting & editing) is worth rather than market rates. I provide packages because each type of job requires different resource. Good luck!

 Keep in mind that your prices reflect the value of your work- if you’re proverb all your fourth dimension you spend on shooting, editing, toll of running your business concern etc is only worth $50 they’re not going to value your time and what y’all practice. Yous’ll be surprised what people who value what yous do volition pay for your services- $50 is zilch! My basic 1-2 hr session is $225, a CD of images isn’t included with that nor are prints. Look effectually at what other photogs in your surface area are charging and take an honest look at what it costs you to run your business organization and how much you’d similar to pay yourself (per hour or salary) and charge what y’all’re worth!

totally agree with Julie – If you start out really low and give away the discs of all the images it will be VERY hard to get away from doing that. If y’all demand to build your portfolio then charge a lower rate to starting time, but make sure those clients know that they are getting a bargain and that those rates are non doing to be the standard. Where are y’all located?

Yeah, you tin get $125 for a package in your area…. a common theme with photographers is that y’all should not price yourself then low, you injure the other photogs in your surface area. Maybe kickoff @$75 for 45 min (a very wise woman taught me that LOL) Brooke is a smashing resources for this, only thought I would add my 2 cents. Recollect you lot are non competing with the big box stores that offer sessions and prints for $9.99 – you are an artist, y’all think of each client as a close friend and want to assistance create a lasting retention. Big box doesn’t care. There will exist trial and error for sure, merely don’t forget you need to actually brand $ as well 🙂 Expert Luck!

I’chiliad in the aforementioned situation! {minus the guide} I feel similar I’m also new to charge more.

if you lot charge that, annunciate information technology as a special!!! then go upward one time you feel confident plenty. that is my plan… I do family unit and close friends for costless and promise for referrals

Also, if you don’t think that yous are worth $125 a package than you will never go anyone else to believe it either! I haven’t seen your work, but similar Tammy said you’re not the big box stores. You’re providing custom photography and that costs more than photos that you get at Wal-Mart that look the same every bit everyone else. I know that if I walk into a boutique store I can expect to pay more for an article of wearable than I would if I walked in to Target because information technology’s more than custom and not anybody and their blood brother are going to have the same look… Sometimes information technology’s just about educating clients on the value of your work

People accept forever sometimes to order & they sometimes book yous Because you don’t accept a sitting fee. Simply we don’t wanna work for free… Then I have started out charging a $30 “sitting fee” that goes towards your print gild Just IF they order inside a month of the proofs being posted. Solves both problems 😉

 A professional photographer earns a professional fee. Clients cannot become the fine art that a professional creates for $9.99 @ Walmart or Sears.

 I’m having a VERY difficult time trying to come upwardly with a toll for a newborn-one year package or maternity-1 twelvemonth bundle!!! Whatever suggestions? I simply had someone email me an hour ago asking specifically for this and I have been sitting on this for a while trying to figure it out and at present I actually need to since someone has asked me for it! Please help!

I did this and big mistake. I put a lot of time in each session and even gave out a lot of free ones just to build my portfolio. Now non simply did I loose out on a lot of time it takes to edit and the session fourth dimension. But props and equipment costs a lot of coin and if you lot have a $50 session fee your never going to make enough to cover upgrades, props or workshops so you will basically sitting in the same spot.

There is no magic # for what your price should be. Yous need to effigy out your Toll of Doing Business organization. What do yous want to make in a year? How many sessions do yous desire to do? Practice you have a studio that you pay rent for? Taxes, insurance, equipment etc. Are yous full fourth dimension? Are you part time? All that factors into what you lot need to charge to make a profit and be successful – any anybody is different.

Becky: Hither a proficient link to a a CODB calculator 🙂 oh the joys of running your ain business haha…http://world wide web.nppa.org/professional_development/business_practices/cdb/cdbcalc.cfm

🙂 I’m full of random information haha

 Thank you Becky!!! Like I said, I’thou new to this… Withal learning… Doing shoots maybe 1-ii days a calendar month!!! I work full time as an xray tech, but want to devote more fourth dimension to photography! I love it so much!!! 🙂 I just received an email asking fir pricing and was rejected for saying $50!!!! 🙁 Bummer!!! Thanks for ALL the responses, I actually appreciate it!! I do think I’m worth more, only again don’t think lil ole boondocks in VA has more!! All these immature people want is a CD to mail service to Facebook!!! LOL!!! And that’s my market!!! 🙂

I include a CD of web sized images with watermark for people to mail service to Facebook (without cropping or altering in any mode) and they’re non print quality so people still order prints or high-res images so that I don’t lose coin 🙂

exactly what kendall said – so many ppl desire the disc simply for FB and so I requite them images with my logo to post but they can’t impress from them…. and it’south complimentary advertising for you that your name is on all the images

 Someone once told me this (unfortunately it was as well belatedly), to accuse nix while you are learning. Soak up everything. Have everyone you can and larn,learn,acquire! Figure out what you love the all-time and begin your business organization. And then accuse. It’s very difficult to charge $50 for a Cd and session, then try to increase your prices. It volition take y’all So long to get where you want to exist. You lot can’t have a assisting business organization off of $50 a session, information technology’s incommunicable.

I wish I had heard that when I was ‘starting out’.

 Pricing is very hard for me too. When I gear up my prices I think of what I would be happy with if I were the customer and what others in my area are charging. And so I look at what the prints will cost me and near how much time I would spend on an average session including editing time – placing in a gallery – etc. Then I set my prices. You also want to set up your prices and stick to them (by that I hateful not irresolute them 5 times a year). Good luck!!

Feel free to keep responding to this question using our annotate section below.

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