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Division, Formatting, and Mounting a Hard Bulldoze in Linux Ubuntu eighteen.04 (2020)

(Not this kind of mounting. lol)

I have a make new 4-TB harddisk to add to my computer recently. So I demand to mount it in Linux. (Sik-Ho Tsang @ Medium)

To practise this, I need to do the following:

  • A. Sectionalisation Using Parted (for > 2GB Harddisk) (New) (Updated on 18 Jan 2022)
  • B. Formatting
  • C. Mounting (including auto mountain after reboot)
  • D. Checking whether the hard drive is mounted
  • E. Unmounting (Updated on 05 May 2022)
  • F. Partition Using fdisk (for < 2GB Harddisk) (Quondam)

To division a
Harddisk larger than 2GB, GPT is needed, A > B > C > D.

To partition a
Harddisk smaller than 2GB, fdisk already tin assist, Eastward > B > C > D.

A. Partition (for >2GB Harddisk) (New) (Updated on 18 Jan 2022)

  1. Starting time, subsequently connecting the harddisk to the reckoner by SATA and power cables, nosotros tin check the new 4-TB harddisk by:
              sudo fdisk -50

is the new harddisk

Annotation: You lot may take a different name other than sdb!!! The proper noun sdb needs to exist changed in the following steps!!!

2. Simply nosotros cannot mount it right now, if we mountain information technology at present, errors will come out. We need to partition it first, we use parted to division:

              sudo parted /dev/sdb

iii. Within the parted, type the following to take gpt partition, gpt can allow partition larger than 2GB:

              mklabel gpt

4. Gear up the size for division, I here segmentation from 0GB to 4GB:

              mkpart primary 0GB 4GB

5. So quit the parted:


B. Formatting

  1. Format the newly partitioned harddisk:
              sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb

C. Mounting
(including auto mountain subsequently reboot)

  1. Usually drive is mounted in
    /mnt/. Create a new directory in
              sudo mkdir /mnt/sdb

ii. Then nosotros can mount it past:

              sudo mountain /dev/sdb /mnt/sdb

3. Merely nosotros need to mount it for every time we reboot. To mount information technology automatically subsequently each reboot, I employ
to modify the file

              nano /etc/fstab

4. Enter following at the end of file:

              /dev/sdb     /mnt/sdb      ext4        defaults      0       0

The showtime item is the path for the hard drive. The 2d one is the destination for the mounted drive, where we want to mount. The tertiary i is the format type. The forth to sixth ane I just kept as defaults, 0 and 0.

D. Checking whether the difficult drive is mounted

To check if the drive
sdb, is mounted? Use



  • mountain
              mount | grep sdb

Unmounting (Updated on 05 May 2022)

To unmount, merely using the

              sudo umount /dev/sdb

Simply sometimes, the mounted harddisk maybe still in employ which makes you cannot unmount. To unmount under this status, in that location is a
lazy mode:

              sudo umount -l /dev/sdb

F. Division Using fdisk (for <2GB Harddisk) (Old)

  1. Get-go, after connecting the harddisk to the computer past SATA and power cables, we tin can check the new 4-TB harddisk by:
              sudo fdisk -fifty

is the new harddisk

ii. But nosotros cannot mount it right now, if we mountain it now, errors will come out. We need to partition it first:

              sudo fdisk /dev/sdb

iii. If we enter
for assistance, nosotros can see the command listing.

4. To check the sectionalization table,
enter p.

5. To partiton,
enter northward. I and then merely cull master past
entering p. And
enter 1
for but i segmentation number.

half dozen.
Enter w

to write the partitioning tabular array to disk.

Source: https://sh-tsang.medium.com/partitioning-formatting-and-mounting-a-hard-drive-in-linux-ubuntu-18-04-324b7634d1e0

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