What To Do With Iphone 6

By | 28/10/2022

Few things experience ameliorate than finally upgrading to a new iPhone after hanging on to your sometime one for iii or four years. The photos are then good! It’s and then fast! You finally accept storage space! That battery lasts and then much longer!

Assuming yous didn’t trade in your erstwhile iPhone when you purchased your new one (which isn’t a bad idea), you’re left with a puzzler: What do you do with a several-yr-old iPhone?

Here are some ideas to continue your old friend out of your junk drawer.

Sell or donate it

Just because you didn’t trade in your erstwhile iPhone when you got a new one doesn’t mean it has no value. Check out our guide for all the steps to take earlier you sell or trade in your iPhone, besides as some ideas of where to list it.

Perhaps you should consider donating your old telephone to a worthy crusade? Cell Phones for Soldiers recycles and refurbishes phones then uses the proceeds to buy prepaid international phone cards for active service members overseas. Secure the Call refurbishes old phones equally 911 emergency-but devices for Domestic Violence Centers, Senior Citizen Centers, Police, and Sheriff departments. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence works with Cellular Recycler to plow your one-time phone into greenbacks that it uses to help forestall, and aid victims of, domestic abuse.

If y’all just don’t want to utilize your old telephone, don’t let information technology go into a landfill or sit in a drawer when it could do some good in the world. These and many other charities have phone donation programs, and a quick spider web search will surely find a cause that appeals to you.

Make information technology a defended music player

You don’t demand an active cell connection to make employ of your old iPhone. Merely connect to Wi-Fi and utilize it as a dedicated music streamer for Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, or any else yous like. Typical “onetime phone” problems like poor battery life, a disappointing camera, or a less-than-stunning display matter a lot less when your phone is plugged in at dwelling house, pumping out tunes over a Bluetooth speaker.

fix apple music primary
Jason Cross/IDG

Pop your SIM card out of your old iPhone and you’ve got a really squeamish iPod touch.

Plough it into a kid’s entertainment device

Similarly, kids are forgiving about not having the latest gadget. Download some child-friendly games or episodes of their favorite shows or movies, and use it to keep your toddler transfixed. Without an active cell connection, you’ll desire to brand sure yous pre-download anything y’all need to, and be certain to use Screen Time to set appropriate limits.

Make it an Apple Television remote

If you lot’ve got an Apple tree TV, you lot may adopt using the TV remote (either via the Control Center, or Apple tree Idiot box Remote app) over the physical remote that came with the Apple TV. The larger swipe surface and expanded controls are preferred by some, and of course, it’s sometimes easier to find content on your phone and employ AirPlay thanks to a proper keyboard.

tv remote app
Apple tree

Some people prefer the TV Remote app to the concrete Apple tree Television remote.

Consider leaving your iPhone in your living room as a permanent Apple TV remote. But make sure you lot have an easy way to charge information technology—the bombardment won’t last for months like the Apple Television set remote volition.

Make information technology a permanent car, cycle, or kitchen fixture

Lots of people mountain their phone in the car to use map navigation or stream music. It can be a pain to mountain and unmount information technology all the time, or plug and unplug information technology. An one-time phone can exist left in the automobile as a permanent car infotainment device (just be sure you can easily hide it when you park somewhere public, so equally not to entice thieves).

iOttie wireless charging mount

If you always mount your phone in your car, maybe you should leaving your old ane in there permanently.

The same goes for mounting it to your bicycle handlebars, or making it an impromptu GoPro recorder for your cycle helmet. You’d be a lot less squeamish about risking your onetime telephone in situations where information technology might bet banged up.

Your phone tin be a great kitchen companion, too. Timers, recipes, using Siri for conversions… just it’s not easy to keep it clean. Your old phone tin can exist your permanent “kitchen” telephone, ane y’all won’t mind getting a little sauce on.

For the phone or bike applications, you might want to consider getting a data-only SIM for up-to-engagement mapping data and streaming music while y’all’re on the get. Downloading everything alee of time on your home Wi-Fi will but get yous so far.

Employ it every bit a infant monitor

You could spend lots of coin on a dedicated baby monitor, or y’all can use your old iPhone. Apps similar Deject Baby Monitor are specialized to the job, providing excellent live video, 2-manner communication, boosted audio, move alerts, and more.

cloud baby monitor

Cloud Babe Monitor

Deject Babe Monitor works with all your Apple tree devices.

Plough information technology into your bedside buddy

Your onetime iPhone might find perch as a permanent resident of your nightstand. At that place are enough of good nightstand-oriented clock apps on the App Store. Add in Siri’south simple alarm-setting capabilities and a noise generator app, and you’ve got a great bedside companion. Of course you lot can do all of this stuff with your new iPhone, simply why clutter it with apps, constantly plug and unplug it, and fix it up every single night when your old iPhone volition do everything you need?

The iPhone yous keep on your bedside tabular array won’t require a SIM card, but Wi-Fi access. And since it’south plugged in all the time, y’all don’t need to worry about battery life, either.

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