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Switzerland is spectacular. Whenever anyone asks us where take we seen the most cute mountains in the world, we always reply “The Swiss Alps.” After our latest visit to Switzerland, we loved it even more! With every turn in every destination, we looked on in awe equally nosotros remarked how we felt nosotros were walking through a piece of work of art. Every bit one person put information technology when writing in a journal sitting on a bench at the summit of Grindelwald-Beginning “I feel similar I am looking at a Bob Ross painting.”

All-time Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland has more cute places than only in the Alps, there’s the enchanting Lake Lugano sharing its edge with Italy, beautiful Basel which we savage in beloved with, and the sophisticated city of Zurich. It tin be hard deciding where to get when planning a trip, so we are going to break down the nigh beautiful places to visit in Switzerland to assistance you choose.
Or better yet, do as we did and see them all!

Swiss Alps

I know nosotros said at that place is more than to Switzerland than the Swiss Alps, but they truly business firm the most spectacularly beautiful places in Switzerland, so we must showtime in the mountains. The Tall Region is incommunicable to beat when it comes to beautiful landscapes in the country. Plus, the Swiss have washed an outstanding job making their mountain peaks accessible and piece of cake for everyone to see. From Grindelwald to Jungfrau in the Bernese Oberland Region to St. Moritz and Zermatt-Matterhorn, these mountain destinations should be put at the meridian of your listing of places to visit in Switzerland.

1. Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

Jungfraujoch – Tiptop of Europe is a once-in-a-lifetime feel and information technology truly lives up to the hype. Located in the Bernese Alps of the Jungfrau Region, a trip to Switzerland’s well-nigh exciting UNESCO World Heritage Sites takes you upwardly a gondola to the highest train ride in Europe on a cogwheel train to an elevation of 3454 meters (11,332 feet). This viewpoint offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains including the 4000-meter peaks of Jungfrau four,158 meters (13,642 ft), Eiger 3,967-metre (13,015 ft), and Mönch four,110 meters (13,480 ft).

  • For more information on traveling the Jungfrau Region visit the tourism website.
  • To purchase tickets up to Jungfraujoch via Jungfrau Railways hither.

Aletsch Glacier

Ice Palace About Jungfraujoch top of Europe

After you lot have taken in the gorgeous scenery, take a walk under the Aletsch Glacier to explore the ice palace, a labyrinth of tunnels spanning 1000 meters under the sea of ice. We enjoyed our time at Jungfraujoch and then much, we put it at the top of our most cute places to visit in Switzerland, not only for the beauty merely for the feel. There are so many things to do at Jungfraujoch, your senses will be overwhelmed with fun and excitement.
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2. Gornergrat

We didn’t think it was possible to peak Jungfraujoch, but when we hopped on a train ride to Gornergrat in Zermatt nosotros couldn’t believe our eyes equally we looked out the window. Located at an summit of  3,089 m, Gornergrat has been one of Switzerland’s top places to visit for more than a century. The panoramic views of the surrounding mountains include the Matterhorn in all its glory, but it is the sea of glaciers that actually took our breath away. Reaching the tiptop takes you to a view of 29 mountains reaching more than than 4000 meters. With every plough, it is ane dazzling view after another.

The best way to get around the mountains and to explore all the things to do in Zermatt is to buy an spread-out lift package, you can search for the right one for you at the Zermatt tourism website.

Zermatt Blacknose Sheep

Make sure to hike downward to the Toblerone viewpoint in search of the cute black nose sheep that roam the hills. This is i of the nigh cute walks we’ve e’er washed in our lives.
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3. Grindelwald-First

Grindelwald-First is one of the nearly popular places to visit in Switzerland and with good reason. Located in the Jungfrau Region of the Swiss Alps, Grindelwald first has 1 of the most photographed places in Switzerland. Bachalpsee (Lake Alpsee) is a beautiful alpine lake that reflects the surrounding mountains when the weather is only right. Visit the Grindelwald Tourism website for more information on traveling to Grindelwald.

Cliffwalk and Adventures

Things to do at Grindelwald First

There is a reason Grindelwald-Beginning is so popular besides its stunning scenery. It has some of the all-time tourist attractions in the Jungfrau Region. From the unique adventures like Trottibiking and mount carting to the Outset Flyer and Kickoff Glider, there’s enough of hiking, a heart-racing cliff walk, and beautiful marmots squeaking in the altitude.
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4. Zermatt Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is one of Switzerland’s most recognizable landmarks, and hiking out to Lake Stellisee at sunrise is one of the most beautiful places to see it. Have the train ride upward the Sunnegga-Rothorn valley station for sunrise and and then hike out to Stellisee for the most cute view of the Matterhorn. After you have enjoyed the forenoon, proceed on to the 5 Lakes hikes for extraordinary views of the Matterhorn and the surrounding mountains of Zermatt.
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5. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is another amazing destination in Zermatt. When you reach the pinnacle of the world’s highest cableway, y’all are treated to a view of 38 four-thousand-meter peaks (thirteen,000 feet) and 14 glaciers across Italy, Switzerland, and French republic. There is as well an awesome maze of tunnels to visit under the second largest glacier in Europe. This is one of the virtually beautiful places in Switzerland to ski where y’all can ski all year long.

six. St. Moritz

St. Moritz is the original winter tourist destination and with good reason. This cute Switzerland destination has been welcoming tourists to its slopes since the 1800s. Abode to two Wintertime Olympics, St. Moritz is an all-flavor mountain destination with spectacular hikes, earth-class hotels and dining, and more than 250 km of ski trails and 580 km of hiking trails, it is an outdoor lover’south dream. Read our full article on What to do in St. Moritz.
Visit St. Moritz tourism to assistance program your trip.

7. Harder Kulm Interlaken

Interlaken is one of the top places to visit in Switzerland making for a great base to explore the Jungfrau Region of the Bernese Oberland. This beautiful lake destination has a gorgeous lookout. Take the cogwheel train up to the spectacular Harder Kulm, 1322 meters to a higher place sea level. The view lets y’all see, Lake Brienz and Lake Thun and the striking peaks of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

Cities of Switzerland


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and should not be missed. Located on Lake Zurich and the Limmat River, Zurich is cute as the steeples from its old town churches line the waterfront. The financial capital of Switzerland combines the perfect alloy of old city charm with a modern urban vibe. Every bit the fiscal capital of Switzerland, Zurich has its share of upscale attractions including one of the nigh expensive shopping streets in the world. Read More: Amazing Zurich – Discover the Best of Switzerland’southward Largest City

How to get to Zurich

Zurich is a place you lot can spend days exploring, at that place are plenty of cultural attractions, and outdoor adventures from taking the train to Uetliberg Mountain for panoramic views of the metropolis to stand up up paddleboarding through the marinas of Lake Zurich. Don’t forget to visit the chocolate museum at Lindt Home of Chocolate.
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Basel on the Rhine River

Basel is a mannerly city located directly on the Rhine River. Sharing a border with France and Germany, it is an platonic location to brand a base and explore the countryside. Known as the cultural upper-case letter of Switzerland, Basel boasts some of the land’s most unique and beautiful architecture. Its modern structures blend seamlessly with the Altstadt (Old Town) spanning across the Rhine every bit Basel Minster, the largest cathedral in Basel, stands like a sentry looking over from Grossbasel (Left Side of the River Bank) toward Klein Basel (Right Side of the River Bank)

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  • For more information on travel to Basel, visit the Basel Tourism website.

Ticino Region

The Mediterranean feel of the Ticino Region of Switzerland will transport you to Italy. In fact, it is almost entirely surrounded past Italy. Ticino has a singled-out feel from the remainder of Switzerland. The warm atmospheric condition and colorful buildings lining the likes of Lake Lugano and Maggiore experience as if you are on the Italian Riviera and the Cinque Terra. When looking for something unlike, make certain to put Ticino at the top of your places to visit in Switzerland.

Lugano in Ticino

The town of Lugano is the star attraction of Ticino with mountains framing its long embankment and waterfront path along Lake Lugano. Known as the “Little Rio of Switzerland”, Lugano is a identify to slow downwardly and take in the sunshine. (It really did remind us of Rio de Janeiro) Information technology rivals nearby Lake Como for beauty and luxury.
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Verzasca Valley

The Verzasca Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland that isn’t quite as famous as other places in the country but not for long! It is known for its electric emerald greenish waters flowing through polished layers of rocks, it is a gorgeous way to spend a day. Swim in the waters, go for a hike or marvel at the cliff jumpers leaping from the double arches of the Ponte dei Salti. (A lovely medieval footbridge crossing the river)

Castles of Bellinzona

The upper-case letter of Ticino is not to be missed for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites – The Castles of Bellinzona. The castles consist of three well-preserved castles and fortified walls, Castelgrande, Montebello, and Sasso Corbaro are not to exist missed when visiting Southern Switzerland.
For more data on traveling to Ticino – visit the Ticino Switzerland website.

Spas of Switzerland


Switzerland is known for its spa experiences and one of the most beautiful spa retreats is in Leukerbad. The thermal baths date back to Roman times. This wellness retreat attracts tourists to its 65 natural springs containing three.9 meg liters of hot water to relax in the healing pools of Valais valley. It is one of the largest and most popular spa resorts in Switzerland.
For more information on traveling to Leukerbad, visit the tourism website.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The Thou Resort Bad Ragaz is the granddaddy of spas in Switzerland. Located but 1 hr from Zurich, this is the ultimate luxury spa retreat. The hot springs were discovered in the 1200s and people have been seeking their healing properties for centuries. The hotel opened in 1869 and in 1872 it housed the first thermal h2o indoor pool in Europe. Today it is a five-star hotel that sits in the Rhine Valley. Visit Tamina Therme for more data on visiting the spa.

Chateau de Chillon Montreaux

Montreux is famous for the Montreux music festival. We loved walking forth the waterfront of this cute metropolis set up amongst the backdrop of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva. I of the pinnacle historical places to visit in Switzerland is the picturesque Chateau de Chillon. Dating back to the 12th century, the historic castle stands like a fairytale on the shores of Lake Geneva.
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Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is one of the almost beautiful places to visit in Switzerland and one would argue that it is one of the most romantic places in Switzerland. Surrounded past the Alps on one side and terraced vineyards on the other, information technology’s a romantic escape in Switzerland. As the largest torso of water in Switzerland, and so information technology’s also pretty hard to miss. Straddling the border of French republic and Switzerland, Lake Geneva is also the largest alpine lake in Europe. It is

Bern – The Capital Urban center

We only spent a day in the Capital Metropolis of Switzerland but I wish nosotros spent more. Bern’s erstwhile town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting the world’s longest-covered shopping promenades with half dozen km (3.7 miles) of arcades. It is the gateway to the Alps, houses the highest cathedral in Switzerland, and is the seat of parliament. The Sometime boondocks snakes alongside the Aare River creating a picture-perfect setting.


Similar many cities in Switzerland, Lucerne has a gorgeous old town on a picturesque torso of water. Lake Lucerne is the focal point of visiting the city with the gorgeous Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) spanning the River Reuss. Lucerne’s nearly popular landmark dates back to the 14th century and is the oldest covered bridge in Europe. With the Swiss Alps nearby, we ventured off the spa taking the Rigi Bahn cogwheel train for a ride on Europe’s beginning railway. It’s a wonderful place to spend a few days.

Best Manner to Get Around Switzerland

Switzerland had an extensive rail organization and you can easily travel to Ticino via runway with a Swiss Travel Pass.

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In that location are so many beautiful places in Switzerland and nosotros have non seen them all just we certainly look forrad to visiting once more. We have had the good fortune of visiting Switzerland 3 times and each time we visit, we notice it to be more beautiful than the next. We tin can’t await to visit once more! Have you been to Switzerland? What are you favourite places to visit in Switzerland?

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