What Type Of Photography Is A 100mm Lens For

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Camera lens for Canon

The Canon EF 100 mm lenses are used for Canon DSLR cameras. There are four different types of EF 100 mm lens for Canon. Certain lenses are best for macro photos, whereas other lenses are good for taking pictures of subjects from a distance.

EF 100 mm
f/two.8 Macro USM lens


The Canon EF 100 mm
f/ii.viii Macro USM lens

EF 100 mm
f/2.8 Macro USM lens

is a prime lens made by Canon Inc. It is of the EF lens mountain that fits the EOS camera system. At that place are 3 versions, the original, a 2nd that adds a USM autofocus motor, and a recently released L series version that incorporates Image Stabilization (IS).

Information technology is a macro lens, significant that information technology is capable of reproducing an object the size of the image sensor, known as 1:one magnification. Despite the macro designation, the lens can focus to infinity like regular lenses. As such, it is advisable for use as a portrait lens.

This lens can be used with an extension tube, which increases the maximum magnification to 1.19× (EF 12 II) or 1.39× (EF 25 Two). In these cases, focusing at infinity is sacrificed, with maximum distance reduced to 1002 mm (three.3 ft) and 606 mm (ii.0 ft) respectively.[1]

EF 100 mm
f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens


EF 100 mm
f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens

is the 2nd macro lens in the Canon Fifty series. It incorporates IS, improved build quality, weather sealing, and a new lens configuration resulting in improved MTF plots. This is the get-go lens on the market to incorporate Canon’due south new Hybrid Paradigm Stabilization Technology. Hybrid IS finer compensates for both angular and shift camera shake during close-upwards shooting.

This lens requires the Macro Lite Adapter 67 to be used with the MR-14EX and MT-24EX macro flashes.[two]

EF 100 mm
f/2.0 USM lens


EF 100 mm
f/2.0 USM lens

is a compact medium telephoto lens with a large discontinuity. Its physical and optical characteristics are similar to the Catechism EF 85 mm
f/i.8 lens.

Since this lens is not a macro lens, it is lighter and smaller than the macro lenses. Information technology is also a stop faster. Therefore, it can deed as an splendid full general-purpose lens. It can be used for candids, street photography, and other situations where a somewhat narrower field of view compared to the standard 50 mm lens is useful. Its fast maximum aperture lends itself to depression-calorie-free photography similar standard lenses, with fantabulous performance wide open.

The addition of EF Extension Tubes allows close-up and partial macro-like photography using this lens.



Attribute f/2.8 Macro f/two.8 Macro USM f/2.8L Macro IS USM f/2.0 USM
Paradigm Canon 100mm Macro Lens non-USM.jpg Canon EF 100mm f2.8 Macro USM.jpg Canon EF 100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM front angled.jpg Canon EF 100mm f2 USM 3814.jpg
Cardinal features
Full-frame compatible Yes
Image stabilizer No Yep No
Ultrasonic Motor No Yes
Fifty-series No Yep No
Diffractive Optics No
Macro Aye No
Technical data
Aperture (max-min) f/2.eight-f/32 f/2.0-f/22
Construction 9 groups / 10 elements 8 groups / 12 elements 12 groups / 15 elements half-dozen groups / 8 elements
# of diaphragm blades eight ix eight
Closest focusing distance 12″ / 310 mm 11.88″ / 302 mm 35.43″ / 900 mm
Max. magnification 1:1 0.14×
Diagonal viewing angle 24° 23.iv° 24°
Concrete data
Weight ane.43 lbs / 650 g 1.32 lbs / 600 g 1.38 lbs / 625 g 1.01 lbs / 460 g
Maximum diameter 2.95″ / 75 mm three.1″ / 79 mm 2.95″ / 75 mm
Length 4.15″ / 105.5 mm four.7″ / 119 mm 4.viii” / 122 mm 2.89″ / 73.5 mm
Filter bore 52 mm 58 mm 67 mm 58 mm
Lens hood ET-67 ET-73 ET-65 III
Case LP816 LP1219
Retail information
Release engagement 1990 2000 2009 1991
Currently in production? No No No Yes No No[iv]
MSRP $ 72,200 yen $599.99 $1049.00 $479.99



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